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Video History

The Museum has on DVD over 60 video histories of county senior citizens relating their experiences in the early-to-mid-1900s in King and Queen County. Each person interviewed provides family, education, and occupation background, sometimes including childhood and family anecdotes and pictures. In addition, they share their knowledge of various subjects: Church, Civil Rights, the Civil War, World War II (WWII), the Great Depression, Health, School, Recreational Activities, Holidays, Teaching, Transportation, Volunteering and many others. There are also video histories about county schools, both black and white, and the experiences of the local Native Americans of The Mattaponi and Rappahannock Indian Tribes. These DVDs may be viewed in the Museum Library or purchased online or at the Museum.

Use the search box below on the right to locate the DVD(s) of interest by entering the name of the individual or subject of interest. Once the DVD is found, be sure to note the DVD Number as it will assist in locating the DVD in the Library or purchasing it on the Shop page.

EV001Native AmericansIndian Education, Indian Customer, Tribal Government, Tribal Occupations
EV002Black SchoolsSchools, Teaching
EV003White SchoolsSchools, Teaching
AL001Ollie AlsopFarming, King an Queen Training School, WWII, Mt. Olive Baptish Church, Recreation, FAB, Rescue Squad
BA002Mary BanksKing & Queen Training School, Farming, Lumber/Pulp Mills, Gardening and Preserving, Health, Rev. Lawson, Recreation
BA003Wilhemina BaughanExtension Agent, Teaching, Recreation, Churches
BA004Ethel BaylorFarming, Miller and Rhoads,Teaching, Home Remedies, Civil Rights, New Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Cooking, Clubs, Civil Rights, Holidays
BE057Brownie BevansFarming, Horses, Army, Horse & Carriage Business, Hunting and Preserving Game, Fishing, Guns
BR005Elizabeth BrooksChurchview School, Recreation, Health, Wares Church, The Dragon, Grist Mill, Holidays, Traveling
BR006Billy BrownTeaching, Pleasant Hill School, Stevensville School, Gardening and Preserving, Farming, Waylon Church, Providence Methodist Church, Recreation, Rod and Gun Club, Hunting, Stevensvile, Olive Bagby
BU056Evelyn BuschenWWII
BU055David ButlerCannery, Eleanor Mitchel, Judge Mitchell, Wine Making
CA007Thomas CampbellWWII, Steamboats, Depression
CA008Alyce CandiaTeaching, Farming, Horses, Cannery, Health, Recreation, Walkerton, Depression, Traveling
CL009Anna "Rose" ClarkComing to K&Q Queen, WWII, Volunteering, German War Bride, Stores
CO010Edmonia ColemanCannery, Volunteering, Health, Segregation, Thalhimers, New Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Recreation, Walkerton, WWII, Gardening and Preserving, Transportation
CO011Abigail CollinsVirginia Union University, Civil Rights, Teaching, Essex High School, New Mt. Zion Baptist Church,WWII, Traveling
CR013James CroxtonWalkerton School, Marriot School, Coming Back to K&Q, Mr. Reynolds, Cannery, Health, Bruington Baptist Church, Recreation, WWII, Walkerton, Holidays, Depression, Volunteering
Min-ne-ha-ha CustaloIndian Education, Tribal Occupations, Mattaponi River, Fishing, Indian Customs, Fish Hatchery, Treaty of 1677, Tribal Government, Holidays
DA014Jacob DabneyCentral High School, Rappahannock Industrial Academy, Farming, Gardening & Perserving, WWII, Church
DA015Martha DavisArdmore, Church Hill School, King & Queen Training School, Woodberry Farm, Farming, Cannery, Civil Rights, WWII, Recreation, Clubs, Extension Agent, Depression
GR016Louise GrayTeaching, Health, WWII, Writing Histories, Eno, Volunteering, Stevensville School, 1828 Sampler and Blanket
GW018Betty GwathmeyStevensville School, Marriot School, MWC, York Academy,Tteaching, Smyrna Church, Bruington Baptist Church, K&Q Cty 250th Anniversary Celebration, Extension Agent
GW019William GwathmeyVirginia Tech, WWII, Teaching, Farming,
HA020Carey HallCounty Clerk, Recreation, Cannery, Court House Community
HA021Elizabeth HarveyLawson School, King and Queen Training School, Farming, Domestic Worker, Cafeteria Worker, Dr. Bates, Home Remedies, Undertakers, Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Revivals, Recreation, Newtown, Stores, Holidays, Volunteering, Transportation
HO022Fred Holmes, Sr. Farming, Walkerton, Cannery, Recreation
JO024Caroline JonesTemple Cup, St. Margaret's School, Teaching, WWII, Bruington Baptist Church, Horses, Steamboats, Gwathmey, Volunteering, Family Quilt
JO026John JonesComing to K&Q, Canterbury, Penn State, State Agriculture Dept., Transportation, WWII, Volunteering, Changes in County
JO027Rittenhouse JonesUnion Prospect School, Rappahannock Industrial Academy, Teaching, WWII, Arthur Roane, Transportation
KI028Alexander KingPlainview School, Union Prospect Schools, Lumber/Pulp Mill, WWII, Health, Churches, Hunting & Preserving Game, Bootlegging, Horses, Naval Depot, Potank Creek
Nokomis LemonsLawson Marriot School, RCC, Indian Education, Indian Customs, Tribal Occupations, Civil Rights, Rappahannock Indian Church, WWII, Col. Piecker, Depression
MI029Martha MichauxLumber/Pulp Mills, Teaching, Recreation, Civil War, Steamboats, Court Days, Transportation, Cannery, Newington, Women's Suffrage, Depression, Holidays, WW!, Transportation, Arnella Purcell, Stevensville School, Church, Courthouse School
MI031Elizabeth MinorTeaching, Dr. Bates, Beverly Park Church, Civil War
MO032Mary P. Monroe Midwives, Civil War, Civil Rights
PA053Diane ParsonsStevensville School, Dr. Latane, Church, Home Remedies, Recreation, Fishing, Fish Hatchery, Mill, Stores
PE060Lynn Perry Disc ASchooner, Texas Oil Col, Barges, Met Life, Military Sealift command, 1933 Hurricane
PE061Lynn Perry Disc B
PR033Mary PrinceFarming, Health, Church, Recreation
PU034Rev. PuffenbargerComing to K&Q, Bricklaying, Beekeeping, Recreation, Holidays
RA059Elizabeth RamseyFish Hatchery, Recreation, Stevensville, Clubs
RA035Ann RansoneMarriott School, John Marshall High School, Farming, White Marsh, Recreation, Church, Courthouse Tavern, K&Q Cty 250th Anniversary Celebration, Walkerton, Judge Mitchell
Ann RichardsonIndian Education, Indian Customs, Tribal Occupations, Doctors, Colonel Piecker, Rappahannock Indian Church, Rappahannock Tribe History, Tribal Government,
RI036William RileeDr. Cox, Civil War, Lumber/Pulp Mills, Schooner,
RU038Virginia RuffinFarming, Health, Recreation, Stevensville, Traveling
RY039Temple RylandLinden House, Farmington, Ingleside, Farnham High School, University of Richmond, MIT, WWII, Civil War, Church, K&Q Cty 250th Anniversary Celebration, Walkerton, Volunteering, Bruington Baptist Church
SE041Dickie SewardPleasant Hill School, WWII
SH042Winifred ShacklefordTeaching, Civil Rights
SH058Katherine ShowalterCedar Row Academy, Annie Fleet, Farming, Civil War, WWI
TR043Minor TrevilianBlackstone College, Farm Bureau, Dairy Business, Lumber/Pulp Mills, Family Store, Civil Rights, Church, Recreation, Civil War, Volunteering, Transportation
TR054Latane TriceFarming, Cannery, Lumber/Pulp Mill, K&Q Industries, Recreation, Auctioneering
VA044Porter VaughanSociety Hill, Stevensville School, Clive & Porter Lumber business, Church, Recreation, Fish Hatchery, Rod & Gun Club
WA045Howard WalkerWalkerton, Home Remedies, Recreation, WWII, Transportation
WA046Bernard WaltonWWII, Carpentry, Sheriff's office, Hunting, The Dragon
WA047Joe WaltonRecreation, Roy Neck Farm, Lumber/Pulp Mill, Church, Volunteering, Hunting, Farming,Fishing, York River, Civil Rights, Transportation
WH048Lily WhiteRainbow Acres, Working in Philadelphis, Teaching, Lawson School, Lawson-Marriot School, Segregation, Traveling, WWII, Volunteering, Depression, Emancipation Day
WI050Charles WilliamsVirginia Union University, Integration, Teaching
WI051Russell WilliamsPleasant Hill School, Farming, Lumber/Pulp Mill, WWII
WY052William WyattStevensville School, Farming, Lumber/Pulp Mill, WWII, Moving to Richmond, Grocery Business