King and Queen Museum and Historical Society on the Internet. (June 2006)

The King and Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum and the King and Queen County Historical Society have established a website on the Internet. Its call letters are or The Website provides information on the Museum, its exhibits and activities, information on the activities of the Historical Society and applications for membership, as well as information and on the Courthouse Green Historic District located at King and Queen Courthouse. The website features an “online store” that offers for sale the books published by the Historical Society, which had previously only been available at the Museum and by mail. Researchers will find information on the history of King and Queen County, an index of King and Queen Historical Society’s semi-annual Bulletins, as well as a searchable index of the archives at the Museum. Maps on the website show the location of the Museum, its hours, and directions. The information and pictures on the website were prepared by the Museum and the site was designed by Page One History Publications of Richmond. The Museum is a joint enterprise of the Historical Society and King and Queen County.