King and Queen County is one of the earliest areas in the United States to be settled by Europeans, beginning in the last half of the 17th century. Baylor, Hill, Fleet, Walker, Roane, Braxton, Temple, Todd, Taylor, Bagby, Robertson, Madison, Semple, Henley, Ryland and Pollard are some, but by no means all, of the early family names. The descendents of many of these early settlers became well known in American history.

Since 1953, the King and Queen Historical Society has been compiling information and artifacts about the county and its citizens. Letters, genealogical charts, maps, school records, church records, pictures and diaries are included in its archives and are available to visitors to the Courthouse Tavern Museum. Books written about the county and local family lines can also be found in the Museum library, including many anecdotal stories of human interest. Books on families in other Virginia counties are available, since there was often a strong relationship with other families, whether family or friend, outside the county. The Historical Society Bulletins are researched and written by individuals with a connection to the county and record histories of families, places they lived, and events affecting them as well as general county history. They also contain cemetery data.

Although the Museum does not provide a research service, many of the docents are familiar with the county and its families and can often provide some direction in your search for information. The search feature on this site will access the library, Historical Society Bulletin, DVD, and archive inventory lists. The research section of this site will also direct you to a more general description of what is available.