County History

1691 King and Queen County is created from part of New Kent County. William Leigh and Joshua Storey are elected as King and Queen"s first representatives in the House of Burgesses. Edmund Tunstall deeds land to the county for a Court House.
The population of King and Queen County is approximately 4,306 making it the second most populous county in Virginia. It is also one of the wealthiest due to its tobacco production.
1702 The Virginia General Assembly authorizes the King and Queen County Court to purchase land for another town. John Walker deeds 40 acres for a town, which is named Walkerton.
The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe expedition, mounted by Gov. Spotswood to explore the area west of the Allegheny Mountains, travels through King and Queen County.
1758 Donald Robertson opens a private school in Newtown, which he operates until his death in 1773. His students are some of the future leaders of the Virginia and the United States of America
The King and Queen County militia join other Virginia militia units at Yorktown and are present through the siege of the town and surrender of General Cornwallis.
1787 William Fleet and John Roane attend the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.
The King and Queen County militia support the Essex County and Caroline County militias in the defense of Tappahannock from the British.
1828 The County Clerk"s Office burns, and many public records with it. 1864 Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren is killed in a skirmish with the 9th Virginia Cavalry and Home Guard. In retaliation, Union soldiers burn many public buildings and records at King and Queen Court House.

Black churches begin to form in King and Queen County.
John Garland Pollard becomes the first King and Queen County native to be elected governor of Virginia.
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