King and Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum’s New Website

The King and Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum Council invites you to visit our new interactive website at As a local newspaper once stated, "The King and Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum is a Real Gem...located in a Middle Peninsula county with a lot of rural charm. The out-of-the-way location easily evokes the past that the Museum is preserving.” Using images, the website presents an overview of the Museum’s 11 exhibits and also offers informative online exhibits. The Museum Library, Archives, Historical Society Bulletins, and DVD collections can be searched. Recent Newsletters and Press Releases are available. Online tools assist with membership, donation, and volunteer support for the Museum and the King and Queen Historical Society. The Museum Shop offers books and maps of King and Queen County for sale online. Planning a visit is easy with the website information, including a link to Google Maps for directions and a street or satellite view of the location. The website is linked to the Courthouse Tavern Museum on Facebook at Follow us to receive the latest information about exhibits, activities and events.

The Courthouse Tavern Museum is sponsored by the King and Queen Historical Society. The website was designed and developed by Jen Shelor of Shelor Interactive in cooperation with Tavern Museum Council members Jack Spain, Page McLemore, Susan Richardson, Sylvia Hutt and Biddie Shelor. Visit the website and then visit the Museum for a History-Filled, informative experience.