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Since 1953 the King and Queen Historical Society has been acquiring and preserving artifacts related to the county. The Museum has a collection of over 4000 items in its archive. These include letters, genealogical charts, church records, school records, pictures, diaries, documents, maps, account books, deeds, and other papers as well as objects related to the daily lives of county residents as represented in the Museum exhibits.

The contents of the Archives are available for research at the Museum whenever the Museum is open. Docents are available to assist in viewing an object. Pictures may be taken. Copying service is available for a small fee.

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Object IDDescriptionHome LocationContainer
2000.01.01Chimney cupboard (built-in), c. 1820, from Liberty Hall, Indian NeckDining Room
2000.02.01Table –35”x77 ½”longDining Room
2000.02.02Table –33 ½”x9’2” longDining Room
2000.02.03Chair- spindle-round back, labelled under seat: Bagby Furniture Co. Manufacturers Baltimore MarylandDining Room
2000.02.04Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.02.05Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.02.06Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.02.07Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.02.08Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.02.09Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.02.10Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.02.11Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.02.12Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.02.13Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.02.14Chair- spindle-round backDining Room
2000.03.01Portrait photo of Nancy Pollard and Allen Roane, Tom Fary’s grandparents, framed20th Century Bedroom
2000.03.02Pleasant Hill Teachers Register- 1946-7;Jane LittlepageCan't find!
2000.04.01chair, oak “woven” bottom ladder backKitchen
2000.04.02chair, oak “woven” bottom ladder backKitchen
2000.04.03chair, oak “woven” bottom ladder backKitchen
2000.04.04chair, oak “woven” bottom ladder backKitchen
2000.04.05chair, oak – side office(no arm)Dining Room
2000.04.06chair, oak – side office(no arm)Kitchen
2000.04.07chair, oak – side office(no arm)Office
2000.04.08chair, oak – side office(no arm)Storage
2000.04.09chair, oak foldingDining Room (under stairs storage)
2000.04.10chair, oak foldingDining Room (under stairs storage)
2000.04.11chair, oak foldingDining Room (under stairs storage)
2000.04.12chair, oak foldingDining Room (under stairs storage)
2000.04.15Chair, swivel officeArchival Storage
2000.04.18Chair, oak, armStorage
2000.04.19Chair, oak, arm- dark mission style, marked WPA-VADining Room
2000.04.27Table, Oak, drawer, 60”x32”Kitchen
2000.04.28Hall Tree, Dark WoodKitchen
2000.04.29Chair, Oak with Green upholstery, 20”wideLibrary
2000.04.30Chair, Oak with Green upholstery, 20”wideLibrary
2000.04.31Chair, Oak with Green upholstery, 20”wideLibrary
2000.04.32Chair, Oak with Green upholstery, 20”wideLibrary
2000.04.33Chair, Oak with Green upholstery, 20”wideLibrary
2000.04.34Chair, Oak with Green upholstery, 20”wideChanging Exhibits Room
2000.04.35Shelves – 6ft long, open gray, woodArchival Storage
2000.04.36Shelves, open green book- 3’9”long, woodArchival Storage
2000.04.37Bookcase, glass front oak 35”longLibrary
2000.04.38Bookcase, oak-movable shelves-3’wideLibrary
2000.04.39Bookcase, oak-movable shelves-3’wideLibrary
2000.04.41Hall tree, oakLibrary
2000.04.42Table, wooden 60”long x31”wide school bdLibrary
2000.04.43Bench, Wooden oak,65” longPorch
2000.04.44Bench, Wooden oak,65” longPorch
2000.04.45Telephones, old (3)Storage
2000.04.46Shelves, open green book- 3’9”long, woodArchival Storage
2000.04.47Shelves, metal, grayArchival Storage
2000.04.48Shelves, metal, grayArchival Storage
2000.04.49Shelves, metal, grayArchival Storage
2000.04.50Cabinet,metal, tall with doorsArchival Storage
2000.04.51Chair,wood and metal,folding deskArchival Storage
2000.04.52Lights(2) from Courtroom,school globe,largeArchival Storage
2000.04.53Lights(2) from Courtroom,school globe,smallArchival Storage
2000.04.54Lights(1) from Courtroom, school globe,small,no globeArchival Storage
2000.05.01Table, Walnut Drop Leaf, 47.5”x46”Dining Room
2000.05.02Love Seat, purchased from Miller and Rhoads in 1967, pale green amber mahogany finish with one-piece cushionParlor
2000.05.03Desk, Chippendale slant top,4 drawerParlor
2000.05.04Chair, Empire sideParlor
2000.05.05Chair, Upholstered Wing, Miller & Rhoads reproLibrary
2000.06.01One Large exhibit caseDining Room
2000.06.02Exhibit case, smallParlor
2000.06.03Exhibit case, smallChanging Exhibits Room
2000.06.04Exhibit case, smallArchival Storage
2000.07.01Platter, White China 10”x15”rectan.-Bunker HillDining Room
2000.07.02AndironsDining Room
2000.07.03Bed, Walnut Double, high headboard19th Century Bedroom
2000.07.04Mirror, white frameBathrm-Top Floor
2000.07.05Dress Form(half)(cardboard)20th Century Bedroom
2000.08.01Picture of New Courts BuildingHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.08.02Picture of Central High SchoolHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.09.01School bell-Marriott School (small)History Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.09.02Bottle, Whiskey saddle bagDining Room
2000.09.03Chamber Pot with lid20th Century Bedroom
2000.10.01Chimney Crane, hand made wrought iron, reproduction by Brownie Bevan. Also called a hearth rack or pot hanger.Dining Room
2000.10.02Fainting couch20th Century Bedroom
2000.10.03Wrought – iron “gates” for steps(2)Porch
2000.11.01AndironsDining Room
2000.11.02Photograph, Framed, Louise and Elm City (framed)Dining Room
2000.11.02Photograph, Louise and Elm City (copy)History Exhibit
2000.11.06Card table. Jessie Pollard HaynesParlor
2000.11.07Table, walnut Sheraton tapered leg with drawerParlor
2000.11.08Candle standParlor
2000.11.09Display case, glass top- 5ft longChanging Exhibits Room
2000.11.10Card catalogueLibrary
2000.11.11Throw, History of King and QueenArchival Storage
2000.11.12Cup, pewter with lamplighters19th Century Bedroom
2000.12.01Westinghouse Turnover Toaster, c1923Dining Room
2000.12.02Fan, Electric, Western Electric,c1928-2920th Century Bedroom
2000.12.03Round Heater, Electric, c 192520th Century Bedroom
2000.12.04Heater, Electric Hearth , c. 1920s-30s20th Century Bedroom
2000.12.05Fan, Electric, Poweraire,c.1940s20th Century Bedroom
2000.12.06Hot Plate,Universal, c. 192520th Century Bedroom
2000.13.01Pot, BrassDining Room
2000.13.02Sampler, Catherine Walden,1828 K&QParlor
2000.13.03Dishes, China Dresser, set19th Century Bedroom
2000.13.04Glove StretcherParlor
2000.13.05Chair, Potty19th Century Bedroom
2000.13.06Pillow Cases, hand crocheted by Louise Eubank Gray's mother19th Century Bedroom
2000.13.07Handwoven Throw (made in King and Queen), blue & white, cotton & wool20th Century Bedroom
2000.14.01Lamp, Green keroseneDining Room
2000.14.02Sconce, keroseneArchival Storage
2000.14.03Fan, MourningHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.14.05Reticule PurseParlor
2000.15.01Pitcher, AirvilleDining Room
2000.15.02Bowl, metal, blue agate;used by BlandsDining Room
2000.15.03Plate, cup & saucer, Molly FarinholtParlor
2000.15.04Hymnbook, Laura ShackelfordHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.15.05Photograph Album;5”x6”x2” thickParlor
2000.16.01Bottles, Salem Dairy Milk Bottles (2)Dining Room
2000.16.02Salem Dairy Milk Bottle (1)History Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.16.03Salem Dairy Milk Bottle (1)Dining Room
2000.17.01Jars, Green Canning (3) & Salem Dairy milk bottle (1)Dining Room
2000.17.02Quilt, Baby19th Century Bedroom
2000.17.03Umbrella19th Century Bedroom
2000.17.04Shoes20th Century Bedroom
2000.17.05Hat20th Century Bedroom
2000.17.06Kid gloves, one pair, floral embroidery20th Century Bedroom
2000.18.01Ballast Rock from BellevueDining Room
2000.18.01Ballast Rock from Bellevue,second pieceDining Room
2000.18.01Ballast Rock from BellevueHistory Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.18.02Linen Pocket FileParlor
2000.19.01Pitcher, Blue & White Milk,c10”tallDining Room
2000.20.01Sconce, kerosene, convertedDining Room
2000.20.02Wash tub for bathing19th Century Bedroom
2000.21.01TelescopeHistory Exhibit, Panel #04
2000.21.02Pipe, clayHistory Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.21.03Arrowheads(2)History Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.21.04Celt and scraper(2)History Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.21.05axes (2)History Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.21.06Pot, Cast IronDining Room
2000.21.07Bed, Sears, Roebuck20th Century Bedroom
2000.21.08Shaving Stand19th Century Bedroom
2000.21.09Washstand19th Century Bedroom
2000.21.10Pillow, needlepoint sofa,Life,Liberty&PursuitParlor
2000.21.11Box, Inlaid,from Israel rectangular,gift from E. BurkeParlor
2000.21.12Box, Inlaid,from Peru, round from E.BurkeParlor
2000.21.13Two DeguerreotypesParlor
2000.21.14Springs and Mattress for Sears, Roebuck Bed20th Century Bedroom
2000.21.15Mattress, feather for Betty’s bed19th Century Bedroom
2000.21.16Pillows, 2 bed20th Century Bedroom
2000.21.16Pillows, 2 bed19th Century Bedroom
2000.21.17Blouse, white (displayed on half form)20th Century Bedroom
2000.21.18suitcase, black19th Century Bedroom
2000.21.19valise19th Century Bedroom
2000.21.20collar bag (men’s) (collars are Minor’s)19th Century Bedroom
2000.21.21razor in case19th Century Bedroom
2000.21.22keys in key basket: one big and 6 littleHistory Exhibit, Panel #08 - Pursuit 1800s
2000.22.01Mortar & Pestle Grinding Stone,Rosa Stigall EstateDining Room
2000.22.02Print, Framed, “The Baptism”Library
2000.22.03Print, Currier and Ives (framed)1850-1900,RSE19th Century Bedroom
2000.22.04Print, Currier and Ives (framed)1850-1900,RSE19th Century Bedroom
2000.22.05Lamp, glass Kerosene table –1874 patent,RSE19th Century Bedroom
2000.22.06Chamber pot,RSE19th Century Bedroom
2000.23.02Display case-4 ft longChanging Exhibits Room
2000.23.03Display case-4 ft longChanging Exhibits Room
2000.23.04Display case-4 ft longChanging Exhibits Room
2000.23.05Carrel, ComputerLibrary
2000.23.06Carrel, ComputerLibrary
2000.23.09Frames for pictures (oak)Hall Top Floor
2000.24.01Sconce, kerosene(no chimney)Archival Storage
2000.24.02Rug, Karastan Oriental 9’x12’Library
2000.24.03Treadle sewing machine, Foley and Williams Mfg. Co., model Goodrich B., owned by Vera Trevilian Lambeth20th Century Bedroom
2000.24.04Trunk20th Century Bedroom
2000.24.05Dress Form, Full20th Century Bedroom
2000.25.01Mantel-Dragon FarmParlor
2000.25.02Spoon, Silver ApostleParlor
2000.25.03Microphone and RecorderLibrary Closet
2000.26.01Rug, Oriental, 6’x7’Parlor
2000.27.01Walker Calendar PlateHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.27.02Chair, small cane bottom rocker20th Century Bedroom
2000.27.03Chair,light maple plank bottom20th Century Bedroom
2000.27.04Chair,child shuck bottom19th Century Bedroom
2000.27.05Two lace ruffled petticoats19th Century Bedroom
2000.27.06Picture of Hay BattleHall Top Floor
2000.28.01Curtain, LaceParlor
2000.29.01Picture, Lee Roy Boulware of White HallLibrary
2000.29.02Picture, WhitehallLibrary
2000.29.03Picture, Tudor HallLibrary
2000.30.01Cradle19th Century Bedroom
2000.31.01Quilt, red and white19th Century Bedroom
2000.32.01Bedspread, knitted, made by Olive Bagby c. 1935, wedding gift for Louise Eubank Gray20th Century Bedroom
2000.33.01Paper Weight, Mattaponi Pickling Factory,Walkerton,VAHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.34.18blacksmith tool-tongsHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.34.27hilling hoe – no handleHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.35.01broad axeHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.35.02cross-cut sawBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.03cross-cut sawStorage
2000.35.04adzHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.35.05froeBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.06chop hatchetBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.07augerBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.08wood plane(big one)Storage
2000.35.09wood plane(medium one)Back Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.10wood plane(small one)History Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.35.11compassBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.12key hole sawBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.13scribing toolBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.14weatherboarding markerStorage
2000.35.15t-square angle markerBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.16buggy wrenchBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.17corn shucking pin-handmadeBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.18corn shucking pin-commercialBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.19blacksmith tools hammer, used to cut hot ironBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.20blacksmith tongs, used to hold hot ironBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.21horse brushBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.22curry combBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.23spurBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2000.35.24Firkin (sugar bucket)Dining Room
2000.36.01Cabinet, 3 drawer file metal –21 ½” wideArchives Bldg
2000.36.02Coat Rack, gray metal with 3 shelvesArchives Bldg
2000.36.04Large Sheraton library bookcaseArchives Bldg
2000.36.05Post deskArchives Bldg
2000.36.06Shelves, double faced library ,metalVault
2000.36.07Shelves, large wood shelves with account booksVault
2000.36.08Shelves, Metal book - 5 shelves-3ft wideVault
2000.36.09Table, folding , 6 ft longVault
2000.36.10Table, trestleArchives Bldg
2000.36.11Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.12Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.13Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.14Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.15Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.16Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.17Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.18Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.19Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.20Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.21Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.22Windsor chair- with donor name on brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.23Windsor chair- without brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.24Windsor chair- without brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.36.25Picture “Burial of Latane”, Confederate casualty. Framed Print.Archives Bldg
2000.36.26Stepstool (2-steps)Kitchen
2000.36.27Windsor chair- without brass plateArchives Bldg
2000.37.05Old graterKitchen
2000.37.06Old Meat chopperDining Room
2000.37.15lemon squeezerDining Room
2000.37.16keyDining Room
2000.37.20pencil sharpenerOffice
2000.37.21pop corn popperDining Room
2000.37.22Lunch pailDining Room
2000.39.01andirons by Walter ReynoldsChanging Exhibits Room
2000.39.02Spotless CatalogueChanging Exhibits Room
2000.40.01river shoving pole for sora huntingChanging Exhibits Room
2000.40.03engraving of horse in old wooden frameParlor
2000.40.08mug, copperDining Room
2000.40.09candlesticks, brass (2, unmatched)Dining Room
2000.41.01Croze-used to make grooves in barrelChanging Exhibits Room
2000.41.02Plow Plane – used to make tongue and groove boardsChanging Exhibits Room
2000.42.01Cherry PitterDining Room
2000.42.02Apple CorerDining Room
2000.42.03Scale, Small (no pan)Dining Room
2000.42.04Bottle capperDining Room
2000.43.01a.Freedman’s Bureau Contract, 1-1-1866; b Oath of Allegiance, 6-25-1865; copied and returnedHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.43.024-H Bracelet and CharmsHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.43.03Heart Shaped Hair OrnamentsHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.44.01R.D. Allen House (at Courthouse)VaultBox #64; Folder #09
2000.44.02Picture, Bob Snead with fishHall Top Floor
2000.45.01BelleVue papers: M. W. Corr account with J.T. Bland & Brother (1892) (original ledger page)VaultBox #45; Folder #94
2000.45.01BelleVue papers: estate of Charles A. Roane (1776 – 1858), father of Warner Pickerton Roane (1827 – 1904)VaultBox #45; Folder #93
2000.45.01BelleVue papers: Accounts – M. W. Corr with J.T. Bland (1886-87) (original ledger page)VaultBox #45; Folder #94
2000.45.01BelleVue papers: Accounts – Mrs. Frances Bland and R. Williams 1859 (original ledger page)VaultBox #45; Folder #94
2000.45.01BelleVue papers: Accounts – Mrs. Frances Bland and Richmond Williams 1855-1861 (photocopy 3 ledger pages)VaultBox #45; Folder #94
2000.45.01BelleVue papers: 1833 Indenture from R. Bland to J. ClaytonCan't find!
2000.45.01BelleVue papers: Letter to Father from B.F. Bowden 1866VaultBox #49; Folder #76
2000.45.01BelleVue papers: List of Slaves from Roane estate (copy)History Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.45.02Price List – Farm Produce and EquipmentVaultBox #43; Folder #48
2000.45.02Irongate plow adVaultBox #43; Folder #49
2000.45.02Charter – Nat’l. Farmers Alliance and Co-Operative Union – 1889VaultBox #43; Folder #50
2000.45.03Bowling Green Female Seminary – 1895-1896 prospectus (photocopy) and 1894 certificate awarded to Mary Lizzie Corr (original)Map CabinetBox #42;Folder #124
2000.45.03aWest Point Female Seminary, A.T Broaddus, Principle - Report of Miss Etna Corr, First Quarter (no year, photocopy)VaultBox #42;Folder #24
2000.45.04Pensions – funds authorized for disabled soldiers & sailors in Virginia;K&Q order to pay widows, 1864VaultBox #54; Folder #12
2000.45.04“Attention to Order”; Headquarters 14th Brigade VA. Militia – and other notes; Handwritten ledger, Roderick Bland, Agent for K& Q Co, 1864VaultBox #54; Folder #14
2000.46.01Share Certificates – Walkerton & Mattaponi Bridge CompanyVaultBox #43; Folder #35
2000.46.02Pamphlet: K&Q. County Information for the Homeseeker and Investor, 1906; 2 original pamphletsVaultBox #43; Folder #11
2000.47.01African-American Educational Photographs (photo copies), Jackson-Davis of K&Q FestivalVaultBox #43; Folder #36
2000.47.021892 – Deed – Tavern 1921 – Deed – Tavern 1911 – Deed – William Haskins, wife, and R. Garnett FleetVaultBox #64; Folder #01
2000.47.02Richmond Times Dispatch QuoteHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.47.03Ad for Baltimore, West Point & Richmond Steamship “Louise”History Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.47.041915 Suffrage Voting ButtonHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.47.05Copy of John White Watercolor of VillageHistory Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.47.06Copy of John White Watercolor of PalisadesHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.47.07Hening Statute on Walkerton-copyHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.47.08DeBry Print of Cooking-copyHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.47.0918th Century Wine GlassHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.47.10Map of Hampton Teachers-copyHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.47.11John Smith Map-copyHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.47.12Fry-Jefferson Map-copyHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.47.13TobaccoHistory Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.47.14Manumission Act-copyHistory Exhibit, Panel #04
2000.47.15Picture of Canoe at ValentineHistory Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.48.01King & Queen County, Virginia; Its Churches and Religious Life (1691-1791) by John RylandVaultBox #41; Folder #20
2000.49.01Bleeding Cup originally owned by Dr. Lemuel Edwards of ‘Rose Cottage’, Lanesville, VA (King William Co.)History Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.49.02Snuff Can with snuff19th Century Bedroom
2000.50.01stone from NewingtonHistory Exhibit, Panel #04
2000.51.01Indenture – John Muire against Richard Moore – 1836VaultBox #46; Folder #12
2000.51.01Nov. 1868 – Plat – Roderick Bland, Sr. (near Centreville)VaultBox #59; Folder #31
2000.51.01Deed - Sept. 1850 – Articles of Agreement between Beverly Anderson & R.H. CoxVaultBox #59; Folder #32
2000.51.01Summons to William H. Anderson, April 26, 1868VaultBox #66; Folder #07
2000.51.02Application – Erect a Wharf at Shepherd’s Warehouse from owners of Steamship Louise, 1909VaultBox #43; Folder #01
2000.51.02U.VA Record Extension Series - An Economic and Social Survey of K&Q County – by Joseph Ryland Mundie, 1925, copy 1VaultBox #43; Folder #44
2000.51.02Times-Dispatch Article on Edward Bagby – 1912 by Henry PollardVaultBox #54; Folder #38
2000.52.011792 Plat,146 acres to Spencer Bland,VaultBox #59; Folder #29
2000.52.02Newspaper article (July 1915) - Company C, 24th Va. Cavalry – 1862 at Vaughan homeplace, Cedar Row, Cologne,1915VaultBox #54; Folder #11
2000.53.01Photograph (copy) of King and Queen Training SchoolHistory Exhibit, Panel #09Box #15; Folder #48
2000.54.01Photo of Judge John Douglas Mitchell K&Q Commonwealth Attorney – Douglas S. MitchellVaultBox #65; Folder #02
2000.54.01Photo and writeup: Riverside Hotel, Walkerton; Photo of Alma Walker & Louise TuckerVaultBox #65; Folder #01
2000.54.01Resolution eulogizing J.D. Mitchell; obituary J.D. MitchellVaultBox #65; Folder #02
2000.54.02Tray,silver, engraved Mae Dillard, Mizpah ChurchArchival Storage
2000.54.04Scottish Rite Memorial to Henry P. Taylor - 1942VaultBox #65; Folder #04
2000.54.05Deed of Trust – Southside Bank to P.P. Dillard – Deeds – 1892, 1903, 1905 Receipts – 1896 – D. Gregory, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #05
2000.55.01Citizens & Farmers Bank Calendar, 1934 with photo of 'Old Church'VaultBox 43; Folder #137
2000.56.01Southside Bank (Walkerton) Savings Book of Thomas Gardner, 1912VaultBox #65; Folder #08
2000.56.02Amos White (Ambrose) - picture, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #07
2000.57.01Chair, child’s rocker, whiteHall Top Floor
2000.57.02Pill Boxes(2)History Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.57.03BasketHall Top Floor
2000.57.04Cookbooks(2)History Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.57.05Sealing wax; box jar rubbersHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.57.06Lady’s Pocket Watch, Waltham, second handHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.57.07Schoolbooks, (4)-elementaryHall Top Floor
2000.57.08SlateHall Top Floor
2000.57.09Apron, woman’s cotton –193020th Century Bedroom
2000.57.10baby’s shirtwaist with embroidery19th Century Bedroom
2000.57.11tea kettleKitchen
2000.57.12Skirts, two long, on peg19th Century Bedroom
2000.57.13Bonnet, woman’s work20th Century Bedroom
2000.57.14button hookHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.57.15Touring Card Game(box)-1920Hall Top Floor
2000.57.16Braided Rag Rug (3ft)Hall Top Floor
2000.57.17Fabric20th Century Bedroom
2000.57.18Feather Pillow & Pillow Case for baby cradle19th Century Bedroom
2000.57.20Mattress,Cradle(straw from Buena Vista)19th Century Bedroom
2000.58.01Photographs of School Classes (c. 1920-1940) and Black Churches in King & Queen County (photocopies): New Morning Star (St. Stephens); New Mt. Zion (Walkerton);Bethlehem Baptist, BruingtonVaultBox #41; Folder #29
2000.58.01Photograph of Green Briar (or Brier) and Church Hill one-room schools (photocopy)VaultBox #42; Folder #102
2000.58.01Photograph, J.C. Graves Museum, formerly Church Hill School (copy)History Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.58.01King and Queen County Black MidwivesVaultBox #43; Folder #88
2000.58.01Elijah Pollard, photo and biography (copy)VaultBox #58; Folder #193
2000.58.01First Mt Olive Baptist Church, Newtown (copy)History Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.58.02William Franklin Taylor – Collage (copy)History Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.58.03Photograph Escobrook Church, Mattaponi (copy)History Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.58.04Photograph Black Baseball Team (copy)History Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.59.01Picture of Hillsboro StorehouseHistory Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.59.01Picture of Slaves Quarters, Belle VueHistory Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.59.01Picture of Oxen, horse and tractorHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.59.01Picture of Taylor and Caldwell Plant, WalkertonHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.59.01Picture of Walkerton Bridge from King WilliamHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.59.01Picture of Old ChurchHistory Exhibit, Panel #04
2000.59.01Picture of Belle VueHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.59.01Picture of Mattaponi Baptist ChurchHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.59.01Picture of Prince HouseHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.59.01Picture of Croton CollegeHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.59.01Picture of Courthouse SchoolHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.59.01Junior Woman’s Club Project(1953): 4 albums and slides in metal box (Old Homes)Library Closet
2000.59.02Miscellaneous Duplicate Pictures of Junior Woman’s Club Project and scriptOffice Filing Cabinet
2000.59.03W.Tyler Haynes Project: Pictures for Old Houses of King and Queen _ 3 albumsLibrary Closet
2000.60.01Stevensville School PictureVaultBox #40; Folder #
2000.61.01Platter, large blue willow(not old)Dining Room
2000.61.02Ladies compacts(3);silver pencil, file in silver caseParlor
2000.61.04planter, brass (inexpensive)Parlor
2000.61.05candlesticks, pr. Brass (inexpensive)Parlor
2000.61.06planter, brass ivy(inexpensive)Parlor
2000.61.07candlestick, pewter, low19th Century Bedroom
2000.61.07candlestick, pewter, lowParlor
2000.61.08Telephone insulatorHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.61.09Post Cards(3),two in exhibit, one with photo copyHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.61.10Bottle Seal- RG(partial)History Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.62.01Shark’s ToothHistory Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.63.01Candle MoldHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.63.02Bruington Institute School Picture(copy)History Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.63.03Shoe Last (newspaper article and Newtown-15.57)History Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.63.04Receipt for Goods- Baltimore(Irving Sale)(copy)History Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.63.05slate, schoolHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.63.06Photo on people in boat at Northbank(copy)History Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.63.07Photo of Stevensville School Class(copy)History Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.63.08Chess pieces made at PetersburgHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.63.09Post card(original), calling card(copy) and Letter of Sale(copy)History Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.63.10Picture of Tennis Club(copy)History Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.63.11Picture of Mill at Canterbury(copy)History Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.63.12Cumnor School Class Picture(copy)History Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.63.13Jar,glass canning (pint),second oneDining Room
2000.63.13Jar,glass canning (pint)History Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.63.14Photograph of Aberdeen AcademyHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.63.14cPhotograph of Aberdeen Academy (photocopy)VaultBox #42; Folder #03
2000.63.15Canning jar with glass lidDining Room
2000.64.01Pictures;ship,rolling road,storage,tobacco transportation (facsimile)VaultBox #40; Folder #01
2000.64.01Pictures of ship, rolling road,storage and shipping (facsimile)History Exhibit, Panel #01
2000.64.02Picture of miniature of John Robinson (facsimile)History Exhibit, Panel #04
2000.64.05Pages from Don Robertson Account Book (facsimile)
2000.64.07Photo of Carpetbag (facsimile)History Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.65.01Covers of Sheet Music-Over ThereHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.65.02Color reproductions of Covers to Sheet Music-Over There by Geo. M. Cohan - 3 hard copiesMap CabinetBox #54; Folder #74
2000.66.01Communion Service: chalice and flagonHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.67.01Pages(2,48,49) from journal of John WalkerHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.67.01Pages(2,48,49) from journal of John Walker with transcripVaultBox #57; Folder #07
2000.68.01Flour sackHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.68.02model of mud and daub chimneyHall Top Floor
2000.68.02Extra chimneyStorage
2000.68.03model of Gresham churchHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.69.01Portrait of Alex Dudley in CourtroomHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.69.02Picture of Tom Robinson, MascotHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.69.03Portrait of Robert Baylor SempleHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.69.04Marriage CertificateHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.70.01Ad for stage to Lester ManorHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.70.02picture of Ben H.Walker in corn fieldHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.70.04Fans from St. Stephens & Bruington ChurchesVaultBox #41; Folder #30
2000.71.01Walkerton photo albumLibrary Closet
2000.72.01Picture of Truck (copy)History Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.72.02Picture of Ruffin Academy; copy and returnHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.73.01Measuring deviceHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.73.02Sharpening ToolHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.74.01Model of BoatHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.74.02Powder HornHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.74.03Powder measureHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.74.04Photos of Latane Trice on combine-oldHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.75.01model of Ford model T (plastic)History Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.75.02cigarette lighter made from shellsHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.75.03WWII knife, bullet case & tank oper. GogglesHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.76.01piece of Mattaponi CanonHistory Exhibit, Panel #04
2000.76.03Indian adze (hatchet)Archival Storage
2000.77.01Picture of West Point Factory (photocopy)History Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.78.01Picture of ReenactmentHistory Exhibit, Panel #04
2000.78.02Harpers pictures of Dahlgren and RaidHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.78.03colonial capHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.78.04Photograph (1900) of Bruington Church, built 1851History Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.78.05School picturesCan't find!
2000.79.01Flag-“colonial colors”History Exhibit, Panel #04
2000.79.01cPhotograph of Stevensville SchoolVaultBox #42; Folder #73
2000.79.02Copy of transfer of membership of slave in Bruington ChurchHistory Exhibit, Panel #05 - Liberty 1800s
2000.79.03Virginia buckleHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.79.04Broaddus medalsHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.79.05Clark medals boxes (3)Archives Bldg
2000.79.05Clark medals (three)History Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.79.06Voting bookHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.79.07Soap, Trice HotelHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.79.08Glass BottleHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2000.79.09Picture of Lot School (framed)Archives Bldg
2000.79.09Picture of Lot SchoolHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.79.10Croton College(also Landon) nailHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.79.11Wares-York River yesterdaysHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.79.12Uberwasser diary and other clippingsHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.79.13Cup and SaucerHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.79.14napkin ringHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.79.15tooth and ear pickHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.79.16WPA brickHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.79.17Poor house scalesHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.79.18anniversary license tag for autoHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.79.19envelope for 250th anniversaryHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.79.20electric light bulbHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2000.79.21photo of cutting ice at mill at WalkertonHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.79.21cPhotograph of cutting ice at the Walkerton Millpond (copy)VaultBox #65; Folder #28
2000.79.22picture of courthouse 1931History Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.79.23pecking hammerHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2000.79.24Bird, William platsCan't find!
2000.80.01pictures of Latane Trice on combine, newHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2000.81.01Bible records - Births, Marriages, Deaths, Porters and VaughansVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #24
2000.81.01Bagby Bible, Births & DeathsVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #25
2000.81.01K&Q Printed Note Payable to John Bagby – 1866VaultBox #54; Folder #62
2000.81.01King and Queen Promise to payHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2000.81.01Letters (2) from J. Council, Aberdeen Academy, to Maj. Bagby - 1887VaultBox #42; Folder #30
2000.81.02One lot of 10 handwritten notes and accounts
2000.81.02Bill and Envelope for Aberdeen AcademyHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2000.81.03Porter & Vaughan GenealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #112
2000.82.01Bumper StickerHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.82.02Pictures(2) of Pow-wow and Cultural CenterHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2000.83.01Beeswax candles made by Dianne GillHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2001.01.01Colt pistolHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2001.01.02boot pistolArchival Storage
2001.02.01Framed Map, King and Queen showing housesDining Room
2001.02.02Ballot Box, Wooden Colored VotersHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2001.02.03Shells & coral/Dennis Creek now London swampHistory Exhibit, Panel #01
2001.02.04Bowl and pitcher set, Riverside Hotel, Walkerton19th Century Bedroom
2001.02.05BathtubBathrm-Top Floor
2001.02.06Rug,loom woven(1 of 2)19th Century Bedroom
2001.02.06Rugs, loom woven(2 of 2))Hall Top Floor
2001.02.07Clock-Wooden case,mantle, does not work20th Century Bedroom
2001.02.08Photographs: Bell – First Walkerton BridgeVaultBox #65; Folder #03
2001.02.08Booklet: Guernsey Cattle – Raised in K&QVaultBox #43; Folder #39
2001.02.08Booklet: VA Highway Historical Markers 1930VaultBox #43; Folder #45
2001.02.08Booklet: The Southern Planter – 1905VaultBox #43; Folder #46
2001.02.08Booklet: Home Comfort Cook BookVaultBox #43; Folder #52
2001.02.08Program: County – Coat of Arms – 1976, 2 copies with black 7 white facsimileVaultBox #61; Folder #18
2001.02.09Serving spoons (6)Kitchen
2001.02.10Coffee maker (10 cup)Kitchen
2001.02.11Pitchers, Plastic (2)Kitchen
2001.02.12Baskets (2)Kitchen
2001.02.13Tray, plasticKitchen
2001.02.14Coffee Mugs (4)Kitchen
2001.02.16Banner, Newtown High School 1914Hall Top Floor
2001.02.17Banner, Stevensville High School, c.1915Hall Top Floor
2001.02.18Picture, Newtown School, Class c.1917 (photocopy, framed)Archival Storage
2001.02.19Picture, Newtown School, Class c. 1919 (photocopy, framed)Archival Storage
2001.02.20Platter, small white oval (Maggie Powers’ estate)Dining Room
2001.02.21Collection of K&Q County Coat of Arms Tapes & SlidesArchival Storage
2001.03.01School bell-Buena Vista School(big)Dining Room
2001.03.02Lunch PailHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2001.03.03Painting, Belle Vue, 31”x24.5”,Nancy R.JadatzLibrary
2001.03.06Picture- child and dog-Baker Art Gallery-189719th Century Bedroom
2001.03.07Stove, Iron heating coal19th Century Bedroom
2001.03.08Rug19th Century Bedroom
2001.03.09Trunk(small)Hall Top Floor
2001.03.10Stone from Corbin ChurchDining Room
2001.03.13Blouse, unfinished hem, displayed on dress form20th Century Bedroom
2001.03.14Picture, small,Miss Mary Lizzie Corr feeding chickens at MontereyHall Top Floor
2001.04.01Photo Cutting grain by hand (with scythes)VaultBox #40; Folder #07
2001.04.01Picture of harvesting with scythes (copy)History Exhibit, Panel #02
2001.04.02Nail and horseshoesHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2001.04.03Picture of inside of millHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2001.04.04Picture of portable sawmillHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2001.04.05Picture of sloopHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2001.04.06Fair RibbonsHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.04.07K&Q County 1929, 1946 – 2 Pictures of Fair ExhibitsVaultBox #43; Folder #42
2001.04.07Fair book cover 1946History Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.04.08Picture of 1936 bridge from 1997 bridgeHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.04.09Currency-Confederate Note- VirginiaHistory Exhibit, Panel #05
2001.04.10Pictures of Mud Daub PicturesHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2001.04.11Horseshoe, painted goldHistory Exhibit, Panel #07
2001.04.12Picture of Stevensville SchoolHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2001.04.12cPhotograph of Stevensville School, circa 1935VaultBox #42; Folder #73
2001.04.13Bowl, Crockery,large tan with blue bandDining Room
2001.04.14Bowl, Crockery, small tan with blue bandDining Room
2001.04.15Gloves, pr white kid glovesParlor
2001.04.16Towels, 3 finger19th Century Bedroom
2001.04.17pillow cases, 2 “feed bag”20th Century Bedroom
2001.04.18nails, 2 old hand wroughtCarriage House
2001.04.21picture, Rosewood (framed copy)Hall Top Floor
2001.04.22picture, Rosewood after it was moved to Wmsburg(framed copy)Hall Top Floor
2001.04.23picture, J.D.Hutchinson sawmill (copy & framed)Hall Top Floor
2001.04.23Photo Sawmills, J.D. HutchinsonVaultBox #40; Folder #09
2001.04.24Picture, Liberty Hall(copy & framed drawing)Dining Room
2001.04.25Pictures, highway signs (group)Archival Storage
2001.04.26Receipts, Thalhimers and MeyersArchival Storage
2001.04.27Postcard, Sears and RoebuckArchival Storage
2001.04.28Bicentennial Farms materials (1976-1981)Archival Storage
2001.04.29Farmers Magazine (August, 1939)Archival Storage
2001.04.30Razor sharpenerArchival Storage
2001.05.01Transportation Pictures; BelleVue in early 1900’s and Capt. and Mrs. Garret Post, 1885VaultBox #40; Folder #12
2001.05.02King & Queen – 1941 Bicentennial (articles and script) and County Fair, 1946VaultBox #43; Folder #07
2001.05.02K & Q County Fair, 1946VaultBox #43; Folder #42
2001.05.02K & Q 250th anniv ticketHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2001.05.03Jamestown Festival – 1955-1957, Heritage Homecoming Day – 1957VaultBox #43; Folder #37
2001.05.04K&Q Coat of Arms-clippingsVaultBox #61; Folder #18
2001.05.05Pamphlet, Official Program of Yorktown Sesquicentennial Oct. 16-19, 1931/ clippingsVaultBox #56; Folder #21
2001.05.06Education – Buena Vista and Gressitt School, pictures, report cardsVaultBox #42; Folder #21
2001.05.07Red Cross swimming badgeHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2001.05.07Red Cross Swimming – 1955VaultBox #43; Folder #31
2001.05.08John F. Davis – Oath of Post Office, Gressitt; Richard Grump- Oath of Post Office Mail Carrier – 1913; 1883 contractVaultBox #43; Folder #34
2001.05.09Dairy Picture of Mr. Jeffries Milk Truck, driving for Sunnyside DairyHistory Exhibit, Panel #03 - Life 1900s
2001.05.10King & Queen People – Newspaper Clippings,stores, farms,c.b.fleetVaultBox #43; Folder #33
2001.05.11Photo Centerville LodgeVaultBox #40; Folder #14
2001.05.12Shackelfords Chapel picture of goblets, programVaultBox #41; Folder #28
2001.05.12Sunday School Picture, Shackelford’s ChapelHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2001.05.13Dr. Garrett Anderson (2 pictures)VaultBox #40; Folder #06
2001.05.13Dr. Anderson’s pictureHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2001.05.14Chain Ferry (picture s & information)VaultBox #40; Folder #10
2001.05.14Chain Ferry, pictureHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2001.05.15Scrapbook of Kathleen Bland Cottle-oversizeVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #19
2001.05.16Old CataloguesCan't find!
2001.05.171) Newspaper Articles – Robert E. Lee 2) Pamphlet – Robert E. LeeVaultBox #54; Folder #16
2001.05.18Pocketbooks, one from Blands, one from PostStorage
2001.05.19Parties – Magazine of Decorations, Games, Costumes, Refreshments, etc.VaultBox #43; Folder #53
2001.05.19Munsey’s Magazine – 1898VaultBox #56; Folder #25
2001.05.19Pamphlet, Progress, 1896 – Issued by University AssociationVaultBox #56; Folder #26
2001.05.19Pamphlet, Horse Troubles & Stable HintsVaultBox #56; Folder #30
2001.05.201897 – Delineator Magazine – FashionsVaultBox #43; Folder #38
2001.05.21One Year – The Ryukyus in War and PeaceVaultBox #54; Folder #10
2001.05.22Ladies Fashions and a PatternVaultBox #43; Folder #49
2001.05.23K&Q Bicentennial Clipping (History of County)VaultBox #43; Folder #47
2001.05.23Article – A Prisoner of War at Point Lookout – 1863VaultBox #54; Folder #13
2001.05.24Indenture – Edward Conklin & wife – Henry Adams – 1835VaultBox #46; Folder #18
2001.05.25Photo Bell Rock Lighthouse,York RiverVaultBox #40; Folder #02
2001.05.25Photo K&Q Ruritan Club, 1945VaultBox #40; Folder #03
2001.05.25Confederate Monument – Courthouse GreenVaultBox #64; Folder #07
2001.05.26Pamphlet, Party Book-Kathleen Bland CottleVaultBox #56; Folder #28
2001.05.27(a)WWII Ration Book,(b)Local Reg Board card,(c)War Savings stampsHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2001.05.27cPostal Savings Plan for the Purchase of United States Defense Savings BondsVaultBox #54; Folder #73
2001.05.28Fary Family and Hotel Fary Family Pictures Tavern used by County 1941 – 1996VaultBox #64; Folder #02
2001.05.29burlap grain sack, handmadeHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.06.01MarlHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2001.06.02Bland ledgerHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2001.06.03Boat HornHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2001.06.04Picture of blacksmith shopHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.06.05picture of H.S.Bland, CologneHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.06.06model of cord wood truckHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.06.07Photograph of Shackelford’s Chapel United Methodist ChurchVaultBox #41; Folder #07
2001.06.07Ellis Olson letter to Thomas M. Burton, subject growth of timber, 1937History Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.06.08oyster glove and shellHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.06.09oyster receipts, card, etc.History Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.06.10picture of Gresham BridgeHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.06.11tickets to Gresham bridgeHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.06.12picture of mulberry tree in West PointHistory Exhibit, Panel #04
2001.06.13dress, black and white checked, 2-piece20th Century Bedroom
2001.06.14Temperance ButtonHistory Exhibit, Panel #06
2001.06.15Buttons, tape measureHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2001.06.16Butter paddleHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2001.06.17Recipe for keeping butterHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2001.06.18Bone-handled flatware (4 knives, 4 forks)History Exhibit, Panel #08
2001.06.19Ice SkateHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2001.06.20Dress PatternHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2001.06.21Baby shoeHistory Exhibit, Panel #09
2001.06.22Fertilizer BookHistory Exhibit, Panel #03
2001.06.23Shaving Brush w/silver handle c. 190019th Century Bedroom
2001.06.23Francis Asbury Pictures, etc.History Exhibit, Panel #07
2001.06.24Bath towel, white w/ blue stitching;19th Century Bedroom
2001.06.24School book, cloth sewn coverHistory Exhibit, Panel #08
2001.06.25China vase w/ figures early 1900s20th Century Bedroom
2001.06.26Quilt, made by Ladies at Shackelford’s Chapel in early 1900s, log cabin pattern20th Century Bedroom
2001.06.28Picture of Newington (copy)Hall Top Floor
2001.06.29Toys, 5 metal, 1 jack-on-a-string, stamped Made in AustriaHall Top Floor
2001.06.39Picture, Buena Vista garden house,framedBathrm-Top Floor
2001.06.40Bone-handled knives (4) & forks (4) from Bland family, late 1800sDining Room
2001.06.41Rolling pin from “Bunker Hill” (handmade)Dining Room
2001.06.43Baskets (2)Kitchen
2001.06.44Folding fanParlor
2001.06.45Black collarParlor
2001.06.46Lace collarParlor
2001.06.47Beige collar with dickieParlor
2001.06.48Mourning beadsParlor
2001.06.49Red earringsParlor
2001.06.50Eyeglasses, 2 pairs; one with caseParlor
2001.06.52Pictures, Baby (2) in closet20th Century Bedroom
2001.06.53Baskets (2)Kitchen
2001.06.54Fuel Ration Book with stampsTavHist Exh
2001.07.01Vacuum Cleaner, c. 193020th Century Bedroom
2001.08.01Cider and Vinegar PumpDining Room
2001.08.02Stevensville High School – Picture of StudentsVaultBox #42; Folder #23
2001.08.03Ledger/Account Book1906-1911,”Favor”store and post office:W.T.Barefoot,wife Susan Ann Griggs, PostmistressMetal Cabinet
2001.08.04Shaving Mirror and rack(what-not)-1900s19th Century Bedroom
2001.09.02andironsChanging Exhibits Room
2001.09.03Cabinet, oak china (used for store/gift items)Office
2001.09.04Plates, set of 10Kitchen
2001.09.05China, 20 piecesKitchen
2001.09.06Bowls, Serving (2)Kitchen
2001.09.07Rifle, World War Iparlor
2001.10.01Tobacco cutter, metal, Standard brandArchival Storage
2001.11.01Picture, Courting CoupleHall Top Floor
2001.11.02Picture, Men with String of FishHall Top Floor
2001.11.03Punch Cups (35 – 40)Kitchen
2001.11.04Punch Bowl on stand w/ ladleKitchen
2001.11.05Glasses (8)Kitchen
2001.11.06Flatware (knives and forks)Kitchen
2001.11.07Dresser scarf on trunk20th Century Bedroom
2001.11.09Baskets, bread (2)Kitchen
2001.11.10Coffee mugs, (6)Kitchen
2001.11.11Misc.Walker picturesCan't find!
2001.12.01Silver perfume bottleParlor
2001.12.02Crocheted Bib, initials PET, made by Laura ShackelfordParlor
2001.12.03Green glass bud vaseParlor
2001.12.04Christmas greeting cardParlor
2001.12.05Hatpin, SilverParlor
2001.13.01Model of Church Hill SchoolHall Top Floor
2001.13.02Plate, communion silverplateArchival Storage
2001.14.01Picture, Tunstall/Pollard/Taylor House (copy)CtGreen Exh
2001.15.01Soda Fountain Spoon from Allen and Oliver Store used in soda fountain in storeCtGreen Exh
2001.16.01Hanging Rope (section) from last hanging in countyCtGreen Exh
2001.17.01Picture , framed story of Fleet familyLibrary
2001.17.02Picture of Fleet family after move to StevensvilleLibrary
2001.18.01Map of old houses in King and Queen CountyArchives Bldg
2001.18.02Ink well, greenParlor
2001.18.03Tablecloth, Peach colored cotton20th Century Bedroom (dresser)
2001.18.04Large punch bowlKitchen
2001.18.05Chairs, folding metal (24)Dining Room
2001.18.08Telephone, cordless w answering machineOffice
2001.18.09Slide ProjectorLibrary Closet
2001.18.10Screen, ProjectionStorage
2001.18.11Step ladderStorage
2001.18.12Pamphlet easelArchival Storage
2001.18.13Extension cordStorage
2001.18.14Trash can, whiteKitchen
2001.18.15Picture framesHall Top Floor
2001.18.16Sign, metal outsidePorch
2001.18.18Rugs, small (3)Dining Room
2001.18.19Picture, The MountHall Top Floor
2001.18.20Picture, EdgehillHall Top Floor
2001.18.21Picture, Level GreenHall Top Floor
2001.18.22Picture, The Glebe HouseHall Top Floor
2001.18.23Picture, Plain Dealing. 1933VaultBox #40; Folder #92
2001.18.24Picture, Rock SpringHall Top Floor
2001.18.25Picture, Dewsville FarmHall Top Floor
2001.18.26Picture, AftonHall Top Floor
2001.18.27Picture, The OaksHall Top Floor
2001.18.28Picture, The Old Inn at ShacklefordsHall Top Floor
2001.18.29Picture, MordingtonHall Top Floor
2001.18.30Picture, river scenes (3)Hall Top Floor
2001.18.32Picture, Wood Landing at Locust GroveHall Top Floor
2001.18.34Cabinet, metal filing 4-drawerLibrary
2001.18.35Doily, crocheted19th Century Bedroom
2001.18.36Towel, Bath (new) on tubBathrm-Top Floor
2001.18.37Dolls, small (4)Hall Top Floor
2001.18.38Toy trainHall Top Floor
2001.18.39Toy hammerHall Top Floor
2001.18.40King and Queen History Exhibit on 3 CDsVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2001.18.41Book holder,metal (Dover)Dining Room
2001.18.42Exhibit, County History-3 panelsDining Room
2001.18.43Exhibit County History-6 panelsParlor
2001.18.44Exhibit,Tavern History-1 panelDining Room
2001.18.45Exhibit, Courthouse Green-1 panelDining Room
2001.18.47Stepstool,metalArchival Storage
2001.18.48Security gatesLibrary
2001.18.49Waffle IronCan't find!
2001.18.50Painting of Samuel TunstallArchives Bldg
2001.18.51Framed Picture of CorbinArchives Bldg
2001.18.52Framed Picture of Family,Broaddus/Chennault at Lot SchoolArchives Bldg
2001.18.53Framed Needlepoint/samplerArchives Bldg
2001.18.54Wooden single coat rackArchives Bldg
2001.18.55Table Lamp, one of a matching pair, brass; printed paper lable: Property V.P.I. Extension Service 50310-- (last character is illegible); with a glass globe.Archives Building
2001.18.55aTable Lamp, one of a matching pair, brass; hand-written paper label: 503101 (Extension Service label); without a globeArchives Building
2001.18.56Flags, two (American &Amer Revol Bicen-1976)Archives Bldg
2001.18.57Wooden Table, small, tallArchives Bldg
2001.18.58Lap Desk, owned by Edward Bagby Pollard of Bunker Hill of StevensvilleParlor
2001.18.59Woolen Coverlet: the wool was raised, carded, spun, dyed and woven into this coverlet early in the 19th century, Wyatt family.19th Century Bedroom
2001.18.60Framed Photo-Walkerton Mill Pond-cutting iceArchives Bldg
2001.18.61Framed Print Walkerton DrawbridgeArchives Bldg
2001.18.62Framed Plat, Land Henry Garnett's House 1825, made by Robert HillDining Room
2001.18.63Framed Map, Tudor Hall and Property, House drawn by Lee Roy Boulware, Map drawn by Andrew BroaddusArchives Bldg
2001.18.64Shelves, Metal book - 5 shelves-3ft wideArchives Bldg
2001.18.65Medals, Emma Broaddus Harris(other)Archives Building, in Secretary desk
2001.18.66HumidifierArchives Bldg
2001.18.67Broken pieces of plates found in TavernArchival Storage
2001.18.68Broken pieces of plates found in TavernTavHist Exh
2001.18.69Mantle, green termite damage; bill for restoration in accessions folder 2001.18Archives Bldg
2001.18.70WainscotingArchives Bldg
2001.18.71Andirons, with log dogsArchives Bldg
2001.18.72Picture of Baptismal Font of Fork Church, framedArchives Bldg
2001.18.73Corey Award, FramedArchives Bldg
2001.18.74Electric Fan, PattonStorage
2001.18.75Electric Fan, DominionStorage
2001.18.76DaguerreotypeArchives Bldg
2001.18.77Uberwasser (box and other materials-diary in 16)Archives Bldg
2001.18.78Framed Photo of James Anthony HaynesArchives Bldg
2001.18.79Artifacts (small)from Belle VueArchives Bldg
2001.18.80Framed Photo of Sarah Brown Fleet,m HaynesArchives Bldg
2001.18.81Framed Photo of Thomas HaynesArchives Bldg
2001.18.82Framed Photo of John PollardArchives Bldg
2001.18.83Dr. Bland’s scalesArchives Bldg
2001.18.84Nail from Croton SeminaryArchives Bldg
2001.18.85Nails from Exol ChurchArchives Bldg
2001.18.86Roane buttonArchives Bldg
2001.18.87Framed Photo, Men, Civil War Memorial, 1917Archives Bldg
2001.18.88Cotton pieces(2), grown, corded and spun in King and Queen County before Civil War, gift of Mrs. P.H. Burton, belonged to Mrs. James Yarrington20th Century Bedroom (dresser)
2001.18.89Pin Cushion, owned by Emma Broaddus Harris20th Century Bedroom
2001.18.90Projector Screen(older of two)Archives Bldg
2001.18.91Small table, 18”x 18”Archives Bldg
2001.18.92Wooden Measure (1/2 bushel) (Todd)Dining Room
2001.18.93Punch cups (10)Kitchen
2001.19.01Bedside table, walnut with 2 drawers19th Century Bedroom
2001.20.01Mirror, oldArchival Storage
2001.20.022 Gill Net licenses, 1975 - VA, #4781 and #4782Storage
2001.20.03Belt with leather strapArchival Storage
2001.20.04Powder hornArchival Storage
2001.21.01Purbeckian stone (2 pieces)CtGreen Exh
2001.22.01Apple Butter PaddleDining Room
2001.23.01Bottle, wine (bottom) from NewingtonChanging Exhibits Room
2001.23.02Shards, Native American Pottery (small box) from NewingtonArchival Storage
2001.23.03Pipe, clay (small box of pipe pieces) Mari-BenArchival Storage
2001.23.03Arrowheads (small box) from Mari-BenArchival Storage
2001.23.04Bottle seal of George Braxton, c.1726Changing Exhibits Room
2001.24.01Glasses in metal case, Dr. J.E. BlandArchival Storage
2001.24.02Razor, straight in paper/cardboard case, Dr. J.E. BlandArchival Storage
2001.25.01Portrait lightArchival Storage
2001.26.01Coin collection, 13 coins 17/18 centuryArchival Storage
2001.26.02Currency (in envelope) 5 billsArchival Storage
2001.26.03Throw, King and Queen County (new)Archival Storage
2001.26.04China, Flow Blue, set of 19 piecesDining Room
2001.26.05China, Flow Blue, plate 10” KhyberDining Room
2001.26.06China, platter, blue and white 16”x12”Dining Room
2001.26.07Jug, crock 12 inches high, brown topKitchen
2001.26.08Arrowheads, group of 19 in caseArchival Storage
2001.26.09Jug, crock 8 inches high, brown topKitchen
2001.27.01Candy Jar (used in Museum Store)Storage
2001.27.02Basket (used in Museum Store for cards)Storage
2001.27.03Cedar BoxArchival Storage
2001.27.04Pottery BasketStorage
2001.27.05Map holder, black wrought iron (hand made)Dining Room
2001.28.01Chair, Rose velvet seat (Dew family)Parlor
2001.28.02Photograph album (Burleson-Dew family); first two photos in book are Rebecca Henley and Robert Saunders DewParlor
2001.29.01Wood, pieces from lighter barge,w 2 spikesArchival Storage
2001.30.01Mattress, old (on Betty’s bed)19th Century Bedroom
2001.31.01Sconces, kerosene (2)Archival Storage
2001.32.01Portrait, Mary Macon Pendleton Gatewood BoulwareParlor
2001.33.01Taylor and Caldwell corporate seals (2)Archival Storage
2001.33.02Taylor and Caldwell , 4 small and 5 larger printing cuts of plant and farmingArchival Storage
2001.33.03Taylor and Caldwell, vegetable can labels (2)VaultBox #65; Folder #27
2001.33.04Verse (written for Olive Bagby) by H.P. TaylorArchival Storage
2001.33.05History, Woman’s Club of King and Queen (Vaughan)VaultBox #43; Folder #102
2001.33.06Mattaponi Pickling Factory, book of stock certificatesVaultBox #65; Folder #21
2001.33.07Pictures, Walkerton scenes (5); Taylor and Caldwell fields (16), Taylor and Caldwell Cannery (29); Marriott High School class 1939, class 1941; Negro lady, envelop of negatives of Taylor and CaldwellMetal Cabinet
2001.33.08Historical Sketch of Smyrna Christian Church, 125th anniversary (David Nelson Sutton,1957)VaultBox #41; Folder #42
2001.33.09A Bird Straight Line (Branch Bird)VaultBox #58; Folder #95
2001.33.10King and Queen County, Its Churches and Religious Life 1691-1791 (John A. Ryland, 2 cc)VaultBox #41; Folder #20
2001.33.11History of Bruington Church by Dr. Garnett Ryland
2001.34.01Magazine, Vogue Dec. 15, 192220th Century Bedroom
2001.35.01“History of Rise & Progress of Baptists in Virginia” by Robert B. Semple – 1810VaultBox #53; Folder #03
2001.36.01Collection of all Acts of Assembly now in force, in Colony of Virginia – 1727 printed by William Parks – 1733VaultBox #53; Folder #01
2001.37.01Photographs (photocopies) of Stevensville School & studentsVaultBox #40; Folder #64
2001.37.02Stevensville High School photographs, of building (2) and students (2) (photocopies)VaultBox #42; Folder #72
2001.37.03photographs of Officers and Deacons, Mattaponi Baptist Church, 1828 (photocopy)VaultBox #41; Folder #03
2001.38.01Photographs – C.H. Oliver’s Store at K&Q Courthouse, 1973 – one exterior, one interiorVaultBox #40; Folder #32
2001.39.01Photo of student body of the 2-room public school at King & Queen Courthouse September 1916VaultBox #42; Folder #40
2001.40.01Photo of Claiborne Oliver Home at K&Q Courthouse and his home on the farmVaultBox #40; Folder #16
2001.40.02Photo of Deacons at Mattaponi ChurchVaultBox #41; Folder #03
2001.40.03Article on first telephone in K&Q CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #26
2002.01.01Monitor,Sony 20”,NeurologicDining Room
2002.01.02Monitor,Sony 20”,NeurologicParlor
2002.01.03Monitor,Sony 20”,NeurologicHall Top Floor
2002.01.04Pioneer DVD PlayerDining Room
2002.01.05Pioneer DVD PlayerParlor
2002.01.06Pioneer DVD PlayerHall Top Floor
2002.01.07AV Cart, metalDining Room
2002.01.08AV Cart, metalParlor
2002.01.09AV Cart, metalHall Top Floor
2002.01.10DVD Disc-video tourDining Room
2002.01.11DVD Disc-video tourParlor
2002.01.12DVD Disc-video tourHall Top Floor
2002.01.13County History Exhibit 9 casesDining Room
2002.01.14Tavern History Exhibit 1 caseDining Room
2002.01.15Courthouse Green Exhibit 1 caseDining Room
2002.01.16Surgemaster, OfficemaxOffice
2002.01.17Surgemaster, OfficemaxLibrary
2002.01.18Surgemaster, OfficemaxLibrary
2002.02.01Table,small white plasticDining Room
2002.03.01Kettle, Large coffeeKitchen
2002.03.01Scenes in King & Queen County, sketches by Sidney King, coloring bookVaultBox #43; Folder #81
2002.03.025 poems by Rev. Watson R. Harvey, Newtown, VAVaultBox #43; Folder #82
2002.03.03Planter, 8” Diam, 8” tallParlor
2002.03.11Plastic PitchersKitchen
2002.03.12Coffee MakerKitchen
2002.03.13Serving Spoons (6)Kitchen
2002.03.14Mugs (4-5)Kitchen
2002.03.15Baskets (2), smallKitchen
2002.03.16Tray - plasticKitchen
2002.03.20Early school songbook. The School Singer or Young Choir's Companion by William B. Bradbury and W. Sanders, 1844, 5th ed., previously owned by M.H. Bagby.Archives Building, in Secretary desk
2002.03.23Five Delicious Southern Vegetables, Taylor and Caldwell, Inc. Advertisment book from Taylor & Caldwell Cannery, Walkerton, VA, for canned black eye peas, turnip greens, salsify, sweet potato dessert, midget limas.VaultBox #65; Folder #30
2002.03.24Blue metal enamel cake panKitchen
2002.04.01Pictures of Fary Tavern and Mrs. Fary 1938 or 1939VaultBox #64; Folder #12
2002.04.01Magazine, “Master Detective”, Dec. 1955, Article about King & Queen, p. 48VaultBox #43; Folder #80
2002.05.01Board from Shipping Crate sent to Walkerton via steamer.R.E.LeeArchival Storage
2002.06.01Framed Picture (hung at Buena Vista): “The Greatest Moments in a Girl’s Life”19th Century Bedroom
2002.06.02Ash wood Toilet seat and lid from Klamath Falls, OregonBathrm-Top Floor
2002.06.03Baby Picture (# 1), framed20th Century Bedroom
2002.06.04Baby Picture (# 2), framed20th Century Bedroom
2002.06.05Oystering – 1)Bill to Glass&Davis on West Point Railway stationery – Capt John Wright 1860 2) Names& Amt given to Capt EdwardBush 3) Six Receipts from Garrett Wright (2), John Wright (4)VaultBox #43; Folder #28
2002.06.06Slavery – copies of bills from Captain Wright, Mr. Stubblefield for work & purchase, & permission for Aleck to visit wife in GloucesterVaultBox #43; Folder #27
2002.06.07Copies of Letters regarding John Wright accounts 1853-1860VaultBox #49; Folder #10
2002.06.08Receipt to Willing Workers of Shackelfords Methodist Chapel to Industrial Farm for Women’s Chapel 1939VaultBox #41; Folder #39
2002.06.08Receipt to Willing Workers of Shacklefords Methodist Chapel to Industrial Farm for Women’s Chapel 1939Vault, Shelf #11Box #41; Folder #39
2002.06.09Dragon Run (newspaper clipping) by Louise GrayVaultBox #43; Folder #83
2002.06.10King & Queen County (newspaper clipping)VaultBox #43; Folder #84
2002.06.11nine clippings of Shacklefords, etc. from Tidewater Review 1940 – 1943VaultBox #55; Folder #18
2002.07.01Article from 1955 “Master Detective”, subject Tom Cluverius & 1885 K&Q murderVaultBox #43; Folder #80
2002.09.01Nine Bottles 1800’s to early 1900Storage
2002.09.02Virginia Button 1850-1860 (found at Rosemount)Storage
2002.09.03Case of Pewter Buttons, Shoe Buckle, Key EscutchionStorage
2002.09.04Plastic Bag of Bullets, Spencer Bullet Casing, Thimble, KeyStorage
2002.10.01Child’s lace and cotton dress, belonged to Willianna Winn Irby 1847-1884 (Mrs. James T. Bland)20th Century Bedroom (storage)
2002.10.02Gold Bracelet inscribed AB Bland20th Century Bedroom (storage)
2002.11.01Three Bird and Allen TokensStorage
2002.12.01J.R. Kidd Account Book 1921-1930 Tudor HallVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #99
2002.13.01Accounts relating to Thomas R. Gresham with Bagby & Gresham (1830, 1845, 1846)VaultBox #45; Folder #103
2002.14.01Deed to Tavern 1921 from Lloyd T. Moore to T.P. FaryVaultBox #59; Folder #91
2002.15.01Descendants of Ida Russell Diggs and Leslie Levi ClintsmanVaultBox #58; Folder #120
2002.16.01Tom D. Lewis – Greeting Cards – 1884VaultBox #43; Folder #90
2002.17.01Rocking Chair - dark green, all weatherPorch
2002.17.02Rocking Chair - dark green, all weatherPorch
2002.18.01Ivory Pyralin dresser set (9 pieces) used in Post home on York River20th Century Bedroom
2002.19.01Shackford lettersVaultBox #49; Folder #83
2002.20.01Newtown High School: Invitation to Graduation, 1916VaultBox #42; Folder #32
2002.20.02Newtown High School – 2 photos: Anna Hutchinson, math class;student picture – 1917VaultBox #42; Folder #32
2002.21.01Louise Palmer Jefferson Fleming DAR certificates (thru John Pendleton)VaultBox #58; Folder #118
2002.21.02Genealogy: Pollard, Taylor, Temple, Harrison, Turner, Samuel, Sales, Pendleton, StacyVaultBox #58; Folder #119
2002.22.013 photographs (copies), Frank Bland (Va. Senate 1875-78) with Gov. WiseVaultBox #40; Folder #41
2002.23.01“North Carolina” (framed print by Dr. Van Name)Back Hall, 2nd Fl
2002.23.01Schooner “Blackbird” (framed print by Dr. Van Name)Back Hall, 2nd Fl
2002.23.01Schooner “Chas T. Joyce” (framed print by Dr. Van Name)Back Hall, 2nd Fl
2002.23.01“Capt. Tom Henry Ruark’s Maggie” (framed print by Dr. Van Name)Back Hall, 2nd Fl
2002.23.01Schooner “Lula M. Phillips” (unframed print by Dr. Van Name)Map CabinetBox #40; Folder #49
2002.23.01Schooner “W.J. Matthews” (unframed print by Dr. Van Name)Map CabinetBox #40; Folder #52
2002.23.01Ram “Kinkora” 1987 (unframed print by Dr. Van Name)Map CabinetBox #40; Folder #55
2002.23.01“Minnie T. Phillips” (unframed print by Dr. Van Name)Map CabinetBox #40; Folder #56
2002.23.02Framed collage of 5 photographs: Schooners “North Carolina”, “Blackbird”, and “Josephine Wimstatt”, Rams “Victory Chimes”, and “Clarence A Holland”Back Hall, 2nd Fl
2002.23.02Framed collage of 7 photographs: Schooners “Bill Nye”, “Maggie”, “Minnie T. Phillips”, “Charles G. Joyce”, “Maine”, “Lula M. Phillps” and “W.J. Matthews”Back Hall, 2nd Fl
2002.23.02Unframed photograph of Schooner “Josephine Winstead” formerly “May and Anna Beswick”VaultBox #40; Folder #45
2002.23.02Unframed photograph of Schooner “Bohemia”VaultBox #40; Folder #46
2002.23.02Unframed photograph of prow of “W.P. Ward” and another ship in the background in shipyardVaultBox #40; Folder #47
2002.23.02Unframed photograph of Ram “Victory Chimes” formerly “Edwin & Maud”VaultBox #40; Folder #48
2002.23.02Unframed print of Ship “Esther Melbourne” loading Pit-Props (matted) by Dr. Van NameMap CabinetBox #40; Folder #53
2002.23.02Unframed print of schooner “Charlie & Willie” ’73 (matted) by Dr. Van NameMap CabinetBox #40; Folder #54
2002.23.05Lynn Perry Video tapesVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawerBox #63; Folder #
2002.23.06Unframed print of Ship “Sparton” by Dr. Van NameMap CabinetBox #40; Folder #50
2002.23.06Unframed print of “B.P. Gravenor”, formerly “James H. Hargrove” 1989 by Dr. Van NameMap CabinetBox #40; Folder #51
2002.23.06Unframed print of Schooner “Bohemia” 58/60 by Dr. Van NameMap CabinetBox #40; Folder #57
2002.23.06Unframed print of Ram “Ivy Blades” later “Corapeake” 1984, by Dr. Van NameMap CabinetBox #40; Folder #58
2002.23.06Unframed print of “Gracie May” 1986 by Dr. Van NameMap CabinetBox #40; Folder #59
2002.23.06Unframed print of Ship “Levi B. Phillips” by Dr. Van NameMap CabinetBox #40; Folder #60
2002.23.07Lynn Perry Exhibition Artifacts: photocopies of his 3 scrapbooks.VaultBox #72; Folder #21
2002.23.082 pictures L.E. WilliamsStorageBox #40; Folder #
2002.23.09Picture of Southern Transportation BargeStorageBox #40; Folder #
2002.23.10Photo, "Furled Sails" by A. Aubrey BodineMap CabinetBox #40; Folder #87
2002.24.01Walden/Hart Family BibleVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #23
2002.25.01Corey Award MaterialVaultBox #61; Folder #01
2002.25.02Bicentennial CertificateVaultBox #61; Folder #02
2002.25.03Role of Attendance at Meetings 1969-1975VaultBox #61; Folder #03
2002.25.04Bicentennial Certificate of Recognition Pgm Oct 12, 1975VaultBox #61; Folder #04
2002.25.05New County History Book Presented to SchoolsVaultBox #61; Folder #05
2002.25.061776-81 Bicentennial BulletinsVaultBox #61; Folder #06
2002.25.07Auction of ‘Burial of Latane’VaultBox #61; Folder #07
2002.25.08Letter regarding ‘Old Houses of King & Queen County’VaultBox #61; Folder #08
2002.25.09King & Queen County Historical Society Programs and SpeechesVaultBox #61; Folder #09
2002.25.10King & Queen County Historical Society Membership July 23, 1963VaultBox #61; Folder #10
2002.25.11King & Queen County Historical Society Members giving Windsor Chairs for HeadquartersVaultBox #61; Folder #11
2002.25.12King & Queen County Historical Society Committee Reports – 1974-75;1963-65. Annual Meeting – 1961VaultBox #61; Folder #12
2002.25.13King & Queen County Historical Society ResolutionsVaultBox #61; Folder #13
2002.25.14Piano – picture & informationVaultBox #61; Folder #14
2002.25.15King & Queen County Historical Society , Julia Henley –Pres. 1985 at ‘Belle Vue’VaultBox #61; Folder #15
2002.25.16Samuel Tunstall – Portrait 1964VaultBox #61; Folder #16
2002.25.17Newspaper Articles regarding King & Queen County Historical Society MeetingsVaultBox #61; Folder #17
2002.25.19King & Queen County Historical Society, Letters – Henry P. TaylorVaultBox #61; Folder #19
2002.25.20King & Queen County Historical Society Roll of Members 1953, 1956-57VaultBox #61; Folder #20
2002.25.21King & Queen County Historical Society, Accessions – 1960-61; 1964-65; 1971;1973VaultBox #61; Folder #21
2002.25.22King & Queen County Historical Society Letters&Certificates of Henry P. Taylor (Civil War Centennial)VaultBox #61; Folder #22
2002.25.23Lease of Old Clerk’s Office by King & Queen County Historical SocietyVaultBox #61; Folder #23
2002.25.24King & Queen County Historical Society – Clerk’s Office ProjectVaultBox #61; Folder #24
2002.25.25Original Constitution of King & Queen County Historical SocietyVaultBox #61; Folder #25
2002.25.26King & Queen County Historical Society, Preservation – Old Clerk’s OfficeVaultBox #61; Folder #26
2002.25.27King & Queen County Historical Society Talk: Newtown Historic District 10/27/85VaultBox #61; Folder #27
2002.25.28Second Stonewall Brigade Certificate of Membership – July 4, 1965VaultBox #61; Folder #28
2002.25.29Speech by Dr. G.G. Shackleford at Holly Hill (1st Annual Meeting K&Q Historical Soc.) 1954VaultBox #61; Folder #29
2002.25.30Speeches delivered at 20th Anniversary Meeting of K&Q Hist. Soc. At ‘Green Mount’ July 24, 1973VaultBox #61; Folder #30
2002.25.31“Virginia’s Heritage” by Henry P. TaylorVaultBox #61; Folder #31
2002.25.32“Reminiscences of a County Clerk” by Carey C. Hall – 1973VaultBox #61; Folder #32
2002.25.33Copy of paper read before K&Q Hist. Soc. By Mrs. Charles Beatty Moore, April 28, 1959VaultBox #61; Folder #33
2002.25.34History of Piano – in Archive BuildingVaultBox #61; Folder #34
2002.25.35History of Bookcase – in Archive BuildingVaultBox #61; Folder #35
2002.25.36King & Queen County Historical Society Donors of Historical PublicationsVaultBox #61; Folder #36
2002.25.371964 – King & Queen County Historical Society Meeting at Bel Air Farm (map) – home of Dr. & Mrs. John G. PollardVaultBox #61; Folder #37
2002.25.38Old Church Receives DuPont GrantVaultBox #61; Folder #38
2002.25.39King & Queen County Historical Society 1. Program – 50th Anniversary celebration July 27, 2003 at Bruington Church 2. Invitation to Anniversary MeetingVaultBox #61; Folder #39
2002.26.01Photograph of Bruington Baptist Church 1790-VaultBox #41; Folder #01
2002.26.02Copy – Transfer of Membership from Bruington to 2 slaves from J.Smith Estate – Jan. 1863VaultBox #41; Folder #02
2002.26.03Mattaponi Baptist Church History;Deacons – Mattaponi Church;PictureVaultBox #41; Folder #03
2002.26.04South Farnham ParishVaultBox #41; Folder #04
2002.26.05Archaeological Testing at ‘Old Church’;Old Church History;PictureVaultBox #41; Folder #05
2002.26.06Biography of an Old County Church; St. Paul’s 1838-1971VaultBox #41; Folder #06
2002.26.08Exol Church – TombstonesVaultBox #41; Folder #08
2002.26.09Smyrna Christian Church PhotoVaultBox #41; Folder #09
2002.26.10Poroporone Baptist Church PhotoVaultBox #41; Folder #10
2002.26.11Upper King and Queen Baptist Church photoVaultBox #41; Folder #11
2002.26.12Churches of King and Queen CountyVaultBox #41; Folder #12
2002.26.13Beulah Baptist Church – King William County, photoVaultBox #41; Folder #13
2002.26.14Guide to Colonial Churches – Virginia, Maryland, & NCVaultBox #41; Folder #14
2002.26.15Ephesus Baptist Church photoVaultBox #41; Folder #15
2002.26.16St. Peter’s Episcopal Church – New Kent County, photoVaultBox #41; Folder #16
2002.26.17Beale Memorial Baptist Church – First Hundred Years, 1875-1975VaultBox #41; Folder #17
2002.26.18Lower King & Queen Baptist Church 150th AnniversaryVaultBox #41; Folder #18
2002.26.19Memory Verses from the BibleVaultBox #41; Folder #19
2002.26.21Petitions to House of Burgesses (1600’s-1700’s) Concerning Churches and Parishes in K&Q CountyVaultBox #41; Folder #21
2002.26.22Two gravestones at Old Church 1686 & 1699 (Col. R. Johnson), photoVaultBox #41; Folder #22
2002.26.23Baptismal Font from Mattaponi Church now at Fork Church, photoVaultBox #41; Folder #23
2002.26.24Bruington Church Cemetery BookVaultBox #41; Folder #24
2002.26.25Colonial Church System in K&QVaultBox #41; Folder #25
2002.26.26Salem Church, photoVaultBox #41; Folder #26
2002.26.27Centennial PoroporoneVaultBox #41; Folder #27
2002.26.31Monument to Civil War Soldiers (1912) – Bruington ChurchVaultBox #41; Folder #31
2002.26.32Luther Rice & Columbian CollegeVaultBox #41; Folder #32
2002.26.33Pictures: a)Sites of Corbin’s Church in Goliath’s Old Field – Church Completed in 1768 b) Key found on Site of Corbin’s Church in Goliath’s Old FieldVaultBox #41; Folder #33
2002.26.34Rev. John W. Ryland – 1875-1905 – Preached at Olivet Baptist ChurchVaultBox #41; Folder #34
2002.26.3525 letters – Communications from Exol Church, Mr. Robert Todd, ClerkVaultBox #41; Folder #35
2002.26.36Mrs. Nettie Oliver Smith – ObituaryVaultBox #41; Folder #36
2002.26.37Shackelfords Chapel – Recorded deed Sept. 14, 1871VaultBox #41; Folder #37
2002.26.38Chapel Fund, State Industrial Farm for WomenVaultBox #41; Folder #39
2002.26.39Church Education of BlacksVaultBox #41; Folder #40
2002.26.40Upper King and Queen Baptist Church Bicentennial Celebration, by William A. Wall, PastorVaultBox #41; Folder #11
2002.26.41History of Upper King & Queen Church, by John Muscoe Garnett, article included in the Bulletin of the Rappahannock Baptist Association, photocopyVaultBox #41; Folder #11
2002.26.42"Bruington Observes 175th Anniversary", August 29, 1965. Newspaper article by Kathleen AllenVaultBox #41; Folder #68
2002.26.43Centennial Address of Bruington Woman's Missionary Society, delivered by Rev. B.C. Hening, D.D., July 22, 1915VaultBox #41; Folder #68
2002.26.44Calendar photograph, in color, of Bruington Baptist ChurchVaultBox #41; Folder #68
2002.26.45"History of Bruington Baptist Church", December 16, 1937 article by Albert G. Gresham from the Religious HeraldVaultBox #41; Folder #68
2002.26.46History of Bruington Baptist Church 1790-1940 by Dr. Garnett RylandVaultBox #41; Folder #68
2002.27.01Photograph Stevensville Academy – 1859VaultBox #42; Folder #01
2002.27.02Brochure advertising ‘Green Mount’ Home School for Young Ladies 1884VaultBox #42; Folder #02
2002.27.03Col. J.C. Council – Obituary; Aberdeen Academy – Brochures & Ad.VaultBox #42; Folder #03
2002.27.04Rappahannock Female Institute – Maria Fleet’s report cardVaultBox #42; Folder #04
2002.27.05Richmond Female Institute – 1854-1894;Woman’s College of Richmond – 1894-1916VaultBox #42; Folder #05
2002.27.06Fleetwood Academy – 1850VaultBox #42; Folder #06
2002.27.07Picture of Carter Braxton (Dept. of Ed. Magazine)VaultBox #42; Folder #07
2002.27.08German Fairy Tale BookVaultBox #42; Folder #08
2002.27.09English Literature Flash CardsVaultBox #42; Folder #09
2002.27.10‘Institute’ – Bruington - ink drawing of the house (before fire); blank report for Bruington Female Institute (188-), a history, a letter from Garnett Ryland (UR) to Sue Todd Moseley, cites 1851 ad in Religious Herald for Bruington Female Academy with his personal anecdote; partial list of students and teachers1880-1891 (undated, compiled from memory by several of the former pupils)VaultBox #42; Folder #10
2002.27.11List of Schools & Academies of K&Q County – DatesVaultBox #42; Folder #11
2002.27.12Centerville School: Miss Bessie Vaughan, teacherVaultBox #42; Folder #12
2002.27.13List of Contributions to Marriott School – 1923-‘24VaultBox #42; Folder #13
2002.27.14Bruington Female Institute; Peach Grove InstituteVaultBox #42; Folder #14
2002.27.15Buena Vista School LeagueVaultBox #42; Folder #15
2002.27.16Senior League – Centerville SchoolVaultBox #42; Folder #16
2002.27.17Stevensville High SchoolVaultBox #42; Folder #17
2002.27.18Drawing – old Marriott High School, 1936 – Marriott Highlights – school paper, Sept. 1956VaultBox #42; Folder #18
2002.27.19Early Education & Schools in K&Q County, paper by Russell GillVaultBox #42; Folder #19
2002.27.20Aylett Country Day SchoolVaultBox #42; Folder #20
2002.27.22Ruffin School, Line Pine School, Baseball Team – early 1900’sVaultBox #42; Folder #22
2002.27.25Arithmetic Book – 1846 – Wm J. Watkins (William Jackson), drawings by Charles S. Chilton, Instructor of Youth, School Oak, King & Queen County, cloth-boundVaultBox #42; Folder #25
2002.27.26Musical Program – GreenmountVaultBox #42; Folder #26
2002.27.27Days of Yesteryear – Central K&Q High School, 1910-1940VaultBox #42; Folder #27
2002.27.28Copy of Records Relating to Col. J.C. CouncillVaultBox #42; Folder #28
2002.27.29History of Pleasant Hill SchoolVaultBox #42; Folder #29
2002.27.31Bills to R.L.Bates from Council – Aberdeen AcademyVaultBox #42; Folder #31
2002.27.34Buena Vista School Board Acc’tsVault (oversized)Box #42; Folder #34
2002.27.35K&Q School Board Minutes 1914-1926Vault (oversized)Box #42; Folder #35
2002.27.36K&Q School Board Minutes 1872-1921Vault (oversized)Box #42; Folder #36
2002.27.37Buena Vista School Dist Acc’ts 1915-1929Vault (oversized)Box #42; Folder #37
2002.27.38Stevensville District School Acc'ts, 1918-1922Vault (oversized)Box #42; Folder #38
2002.27.39Daily Records of Students in Newtown and Stevensville Districts (1902-1905)Vault (oversized)Box #42; Folder #41
2002.28.01Newspaper clipping, Address – T. Newton Walker – July 4, 1884 – Reunion of Civil War Veterans at Bruington ChurchVaultBox #55; Folder #01
2002.28.02Newspaper clipping, U.S./State – BicentennialVaultBox #55; Folder #02
2002.28.03Newspaper clipping, Confederate Monument – Essex County (Names of Soldiers)VaultBox #55; Folder #03
2002.28.04Newspaper clipping, J.R. Bland to Courtney (letter 1849)VaultBox #55; Folder #04
2002.28.05Richmond's Fifth Columnist 'Crazy Bet', Elizabeth Van Lew, published 1941, Richmond Times DispatchVaultBox #55; Folder #05
2002.28.06Newspaper clipping, K&Q Dog Warden CaseVaultBox #55; Folder #06
2002.28.07Newspaper clipping, Jack Jouett’s RideVaultBox #55; Folder #07
2002.28.08Newspaper clipping, Ox TeamVaultBox #55; Folder #08
2002.28.09Newspaper clipping, Mrs. Grace Lumpkin, Ex-Communist AideVaultBox #55; Folder #09
2002.28.10Newspaper clipping, Walkerton Fire Department ‘Queen’ (Jean Ann Longest)VaultBox #55; Folder #10
2002.28.11Newspaper clipping, Advertisements – TappahannockVaultBox #55; Folder #11
2002.28.12Newspaper clipping, Judge Fleet’s Speech & Hon. H.R. Pollard’s Speech – Unveiling of Court House PortraitsVaultBox #55; Folder #12
2002.28.13Newspaper clipping, Steamboat ‘Louise’VaultBox #55; Folder #13
2002.28.14Newspaper clipping, Allen and Oliver StoreVaultBox #55; Folder #14
2002.28.15Newspaper clipping, Cauthornville Post OfficeVaultBox #55; Folder #15
2002.28.16Newspaper clipping, Philadelphia Inquirer (History)VaultBox #55; Folder #16
2002.28.17Newspaper clipping, J.L. Bland – ObituaryVaultBox #55; Folder #17
2002.28.18Newspaper clipping, news Items from Shacklefords, VAVaultBox #55; Folder #18
2002.28.19Newspaper clipping, Philip Courtney’s Obituary - oversizedMap CabinetBox #55; Folder #19
2002.28.20Newspaper clipping, NY Times book reviwVaultBox #55; Folder #20
2002.29.01Henley Letters – donated by Dorothy HillVaultBox #49; Folder #01
2002.29.02Dr. A.A. Rice (letters 1860’s – 1880’s)VaultBox #49; Folder #02
2002.29.03Correspondence - Turner & Sale – Business in Walkerton, 1836-1859VaultBox #49; Folder #03
2002.29.04Business Papers of Garnett’s of Newtown, including William Skelton will, 1804VaultBox #49; Folder #04
2002.29.05Certificate – 10 shares of stock in Hudspeth Trans-Atlantic Line (donated by C.H. Ryland)VaultBox #49; Folder #05
2002.29.06Bates-LettersVaultBox #49; Folder #06
2002.29.07Letters of Mickelborough Daniel (donated by W. Abrams)VaultBox #49; Folder #07
2002.29.08Letters to N.B. Street (donated by Willie Abrams)VaultBox #49; Folder #08
2002.29.09Letter to Mrs. Hart (1862) from C.H. RylandVaultBox #49; Folder #09
2002.29.10Capt. John Wright – Business Letters, 1853-1860VaultBox #49; Folder #10
2002.29.11Letter – Robert Harris to R. BlandVaultBox #49; Folder #11
2002.29.12Tunstall Letters, Misc. Papers, etc.VaultBox #49; Folder #12
2002.29.138 personal letters to John McGill – from his motherVaultBox #49; Folder #13
2002.29.14Correspondence - To Capt. John McGill from Mather Kemp (1836)VaultBox #49; Folder #14
2002.29.15Mr. Smith to John McGill, 1843 (2 letters)VaultBox #49; Folder #15
2002.29.16Correspondence - J.H.Henry to Thomas Ferguson (1838)VaultBox #49; Folder #16
2002.29.17Correspondence - John McGill – from Jordan (April 1838)VaultBox #49; Folder #17
2002.29.18Correspondence - Gullman & Crook – McGill (Feb. 1843)VaultBox #49; Folder #18
2002.29.19Correspondence - John McGill – from R.B. Smith (1839, 1842, 1844)VaultBox #49; Folder #19
2002.29.20Correspondence - John McGill – from Phileman Woodward (1839) of Baptist SeminaryVaultBox #49; Folder #20
2002.29.21Correspondence - James Corbin to John McGill (1835)VaultBox #49; Folder #21
2002.29.22Correspondence - John G. Smith to John McGill (1839)VaultBox #49; Folder #22
2002.29.23Correspondence - R.F.Stubbs to John McGill (1842)VaultBox #49; Folder #23
2002.29.24A. Broaddus to John McGill (1849) 2 lettersVaultBox #49; Folder #24
2002.29.25Letter from Samuel Tunstall to John McGill (1844)VaultBox #49; Folder #25
2002.29.26Correspondence between John McGill and J.B.Taylor (Bapt. Educational Fund 1837-38VaultBox #49; Folder #26
2002.29.27Correspondence - W.H. & A.G. Sale to John McGill (1840 & 1843)VaultBox #49; Folder #27
2002.29.28Correspondence - John A. Fleet to John McGill (1854)VaultBox #49; Folder #28
2002.29.30Correspondence - Priscilla Pollard to John McGill (1851)VaultBox #49; Folder #30
2002.29.31Letter written by Sarah H. Pollard (Mrs. Robert Pollard, Jr.)VaultBox #49; Folder #31
2002.29.32Correspondence - Thomas B. Booth – to Capt. John McGill (1838)VaultBox #49; Folder #32
2002.29.33Correspondence - Spence Roane to J. McGill (1831)VaultBox #49; Folder #33
2002.29.34Letters from “Clifton”, 1848, to ‘Brother Broaddus’VaultBox #49; Folder #34
2002.29.35Letter to Mrs. Julia Todd from Geo. Kessler & Co.VaultBox #49; Folder #35
2002.29.36Letter to M.P. ToddVaultBox #49; Folder #36
2002.29.37Letter – M.P. Todd from J.N.Jefferies – 1856VaultBox #49; Folder #37
2002.29.38Receipts – County taxes for Slaves, Horses, Land, House & Furniture (M.P. Todd)VaultBox #49; Folder #38
2002.29.39Letter – Walker Hawes from G.B. Talliaferro – 1846VaultBox #49; Folder #39
2002.29.40Misc. papers of Samuel TunstallVaultBox #49; Folder #40
2002.29.41Correspondence - Elizabeth Coleman from brother Robert, 1863VaultBox #49; Folder #41
2002.29.42Correspondence - John Washington to Marius P. Todd – 1863 donor – R.G.ToddVaultBox #49; Folder #42
2002.29.43Correspondence - To: Mr. Collins (from R.E. Lee, jr., 1862) of Romancoke, King Wm. Co. – re: buying a negro slave boy. Donor: Miss Tommy CollinsVaultBox #49; Folder #43
2002.29.44Correspondence - Younger Longest to members of his family from Petersburg – 1864. Donor: Mrs. John BallVaultBox #49; Folder #44
2002.29.45Correspondence - Melville Walker to his cousin, Lucy D. Turner, from Orange Co. 1963. Donor: J.H. WalkerVaultBox #49; Folder #45
2002.29.46Correspondence - Lt. Col. Wm. H. Richardson to Marius P. Todd June 1860 re: plans for encampment in Richmond. Donor: R.G. ToddVaultBox #49; Folder #46
2002.29.47Correspondence - David H. Strother to Lt. Marius Todd, 1865, re appointment to 1st Lieutenance. Donor: R.G.ToddVaultBox #49; Folder #47
2002.29.48Correspondence - James Moore to Marius P. Todd, 1861, re financial matters. Donor: R.G. ToddVaultBox #49; Folder #48
2002.29.49Correspondence - C.B.Fleet of Columbian College (Wash. D.C.) to A. Fred Fleet (Univ. of VA) 1861, describing inauguration of Abraham Lincoln.VaultBox #49; Folder #49
2002.29.50Correspondence - Rev. Charles H. Ryland to Mrs. R.V. Hart, 1862, re the death of her husband. Donor: Mrs. Ralph CottleVaultBox #49; Folder #50
2002.29.51Correspondence - John Robert Bland to Robert E. Harris July 31, 1849 . Donor: S. M. RichardsonVaultBox #49; Folder #51
2002.29.52Correspondence - Sale Brothers to the “North Bank” family during the Civil War period. a. Father, A.G. Sale to son Ben, 1864 b. Irving Sale to mother – Johnston Island, 1863 c. Irving Sale to mother – Johnston Island, 1864 d. Irving Sale to Willie – Chaffins Bluff, 1863 e. Jon. C. Sale to mother – Chaffins Bluff, 1863 f. Invitation to Sales’ to attend picnic…Bridge g. Warning & Punishment of soldiers destroying property by Col. Chas. Hill of 28th Reg. Donor: M.C. BurkeVaultBox #49; Folder #52
2002.29.53Letter to Bruington Church announcing withdrawal from membership – 1832. Donor: Mrs. J.D. HutchinsonVaultBox #49; Folder #53
2002.29.54Correspondence between Mrs. C.B. Jones and Miss Alma Bland 1904, erecting Confederate Monument at King & Queen Courthouse (erected in 1913). Dedication by Gov. Andrew Montague.VaultBox #64; Folder #07
2002.29.55Correspondence - Gen. Edwin Cox of Holly Hill re the finding of an Indian canoe in Mattaponi River – 1930 (Now in Valentine Museum, Richmond, VA)VaultBox #49; Folder #55
2002.29.56Correspondence - Thomas Newland Walker to Rev. Robert Land – 1862VaultBox #49; Folder #56
2002.29.57Letters of Josephine Lumpkin Gresham 1847VaultBox #49; Folder #57
2002.29.58Correspondence - Leland S. Wyatt to Dr. R.M. Garrett 1875VaultBox #49; Folder #58
2002.29.59Letter, 1861, Muscoe Brooks to cousinVaultBox #49; Folder #59
2002.29.60Letters, June, July, Sept. 1794 to Humphrey Hill from his father, Robert Hill and 2 letters, 1795VaultBox #49; Folder #60
2002.29.61Letter, torn and unidentifiedVaultBox #49; Folder #61
2002.29.62Letter, 1773, from George Wythe regarding land George Washington had in King & Queen Co. (received from Custis family)VaultBox #49; Folder #62
2002.29.63Letter, 1862 to Marius Todd from John WashingtonVaultBox #49; Folder #63
2002.29.64Letter, 1956, to Bessie Walker from her brother, Henley Walker, regarding burning of the courthouse.VaultBox #49; Folder #64
2002.29.65Letter from Robert Coleman to SisterVaultBox #49; Folder #65
2002.29.661833 – Letter from Herbert Claiborne to Robin (?)VaultBox #49; Folder #66
2002.29.67Letter, 1802, to Mr. Redd from Thomas GarnettVaultBox #49; Folder #67
2002.29.68Letter, 1828, to Mary Eleanor Stout from Martha P. DabneyVaultBox #49; Folder #68
2002.29.69Seven letters (1860) to Lucy D. Turner from Mr. George Stacy (whom she later married)VaultBox #49; Folder #69
2002.29.70Letter, 1862, from Muscoe BrooksVaultBox #49; Folder #70
2002.29.71Letter, 1860, from John Griggs to wifeVaultBox #49; Folder #71
2002.29.72Letters to Dr. R.M. Garrett, Williamsburg, VA from S. Wyatt regarding post-war conditions (1875) and family connections (note: S. Wyatt lived at “Arlington Plantation”, Waynesboro, GA.VaultBox #49; Folder #72
2002.29.73Letter, 1864, Younger Longest to BrotherVaultBox #49; Folder #73
2002.29.74Misc. letters to Willie BagbyVaultBox #49; Folder #74
2002.29.75Letters – R.Y. Henley Transactions – R.Y. HenleyVaultBox #49; Folder #75
2002.29.77Letter to Brother Jimmie from Jane ,1869VaultBox #49; Folder #77
2002.29.78Letter, from Thomas J. Bates to Brother, 1870VaultBox #49; Folder #78
2002.29.79Letter to Thomas Bates from Sallie Crawford (niece)VaultBox #49; Folder #79
2002.29.80Letter to Thomas Bates from T.F. Samuel, 1847VaultBox #49; Folder #80
2002.29.81Correspondence - James Webb, Business Papers with Bingey and Carter WoodVaultBox #49; Folder #81
2002.29.82Letters written & received from Thomas M. Henley’s family, 1849-1885VaultBox #49; Folder #85
2002.29.83Poem to Mrs. Rebecca Pendleton “on death of a little child”VaultBox #49; Folder #86
2002.29.84Letter of Sympathy to Henley on death of Nelte from Betty Layne 1863VaultBox #49; Folder #87
2002.30.02Newtown – Post OfficeVaultBox #43; Folder #02
2002.30.03Stevensville StoreVaultBox #43; Folder #03
2002.30.04Proposed Golf Course Development – AylettVaultBox #43; Folder #04
2002.30.05King William ReservoirVaultBox #43; Folder #05
2002.30.06Portraits at K&Q Courthouse – 1897-1959VaultBox #43; Folder #06
2002.30.08Washington Post Article – Nov. 29, 1964 "Ties in the Shoestring County" by Peggy ThompsonVaultBox #43; Folder #08
2002.30.08OSWashington Post Article – Nov. 29, 1964 "Ties in the Shoestring County" by Peggy ThompsonMap CabinetBox #43; Folder #08OS
2002.30.09Dunkirk – Todd’s Bridge 1. Washington’s Route – maps 2. Misc. Letters – re. Todd’s Bridge 3. Story of Todd’s Bridge – Dunkirk (Judge Groves)VaultBox #43; Folder #09
2002.30.10Misc. Letters: 1). 1828 Tax List for Dunkirk 2). K&Q Petition – Relating to Drysdale Parrish & Dunkirk Bridge 3) Maps Relating to Todd’s Dunkirk 4) 1956 – Life Photo Essay re Dunkirk & Todd’sVaultBox #43; Folder #10
2002.30.12Book – 1850’s – 1860’s – Maintaining K&Q RoadsVaultBox #43; Folder #12
2002.30.13Acts of General Assembly – 1866, re K&Q CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #13
2002.30.141810 Census – K&Q County, VAVaultBox #43; Folder #14
2002.30.15King & Queen County Fairs – 1980-1981VaultBox #43; Folder #15
2002.30.16Historical Overview – to 1980VaultBox #43; Folder #16
2002.30.17Vepco – Economic Study – 1968-1972 in K&QVaultBox #43; Folder #17
2002.30.18Tidewater Review – ‘Looking Back, 1949-1998’VaultBox #43; Folder #18
2002.30.19Yearbooks – Cologne Home Demonstration Club, K&Q Home Demonstration Club, 1950VaultBox #43; Folder #19
2002.30.20Record from Poor House; Paupers list & billsVaultBox #43; Folder #20
2002.30.21Archeological Report of Newington, Mundy’s Bridge, and Ossuary – York RiverVaultBox #43; Folder #21
2002.30.22Specifications for Re-building Clerk’s Office – 1866-1867VaultBox #43; Folder #22
2002.30.23Copy – 1845 Process of Circuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery for K&Q CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #23
2002.30.24Phillip Sears – Discharged from PenitentiaryVaultBox #43; Folder #24
2002.30.25$10.00 Note to John Bagby – July 1, 1861VaultBox #43; Folder #25
2002.30.26Telephone Service to K&Q in 1920’s and Receipts – donated by A.T. BeaneVaultBox #43; Folder #26
2002.30.27Slavery: Reference to purchase, rental, and permission to visitVaultBox #43; Folder #27
2002.30.28Schooners and Oysters – Capt. WrightVaultBox #43; Folder #28
2002.30.29Gibsons – Fire in K&QVaultBox #43; Folder #29
2002.30.30Proceedings of Overseers of the Poor – 1850 by Major R. BlandVaultBox #43; Folder #30
2002.30.32Pamphlet – K&Q County Land Ownership (V.P.I. 1960), 2 copiesVaultBox #43; Folder #32
2002.30.404-H Club, 1981VaultBox #43; Folder #40
2002.30.41Cover: Five Delicious Southern Vegetables, advertising copy published by Taylor and Caldwell (photocopy)VaultBox #43; Folder #41
2002.30.43Guest Profiles by Ella Garrett AmmonsVaultBox #43; Folder #43
2002.30.511) Thomas Corr – Appointment – Post Master – 1907 2) Post Office Supplies – Little PlymouthVaultBox #43; Folder #51
2002.30.541955 – Poll ListVaultBox #43; Folder #54
2002.30.55Awards of General Edwin CoxVaultBox #43; Folder #55
2002.30.56Virginia’s Heritage and The Farmer’s Problem, 2 articles by Henry Taylor printed in one pamphlet (3 copies)VaultBox #43; Folder #56
2002.30.57‘Erin’, The Story of a House; by Lisa KrollVaultBox #43; Folder #57
2002.30.58Archeological Society of Virginia, see ‘Newington’ page 160VaultBox #43; Folder #58
2002.30.59VCU Magazine (Spring 1981) Walkerton, page 12VaultBox #43; Folder #59
2002.30.60Speech of Newton Walker to Grange at Bruington – July 15, 1871VaultBox #43; Folder #60
2002.30.61Invitation to Wedding of Dr. Bagby and Lucy Fleet at ‘Goshen’VaultBox #43; Folder #61
2002.30.62Salaries – Fiscal year ending June 30,1962VaultBox #43; Folder #62
2002.30.63“1770 – 1775 – As We Were”, K&Q County, VAVaultBox #43; Folder #63
2002.30.64Pages from old Medical Book – Dr. W.L.L. SmootVaultBox #43; Folder #64
2002.30.65Guardian Account of Robert B. Carter and James Carter – Aug. 1801VaultBox #43; Folder #65
2002.30.661) Travel Accident Policy – Mrs. Thelma Sutton 2) Certificate – mailing packageVaultBox #43; Folder #66
2002.30.67Invitation to Ball at Hodge’s Tavern Sept. 1, 1826VaultBox #43; Folder #67
2002.30.68Invitation and Program – dedication – new Courts and Administration BldgVaultBox #43; Folder #68
2002.30.69King and Queen CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #69
2002.30.70Landmarks in King & Queen County, VAVaultBox #43; Folder #70
2002.30.71Early Settlement of King & Queen County by M.H. Harris, M.D.VaultBox #43; Folder #71
2002.30.72Address regarding K. & Q. County – by Judge Leon Bazile – 1958VaultBox #43; Folder #72
2002.30.734-H Club Clippings; instructions for making rush stool, a 4-H camp project.VaultBox #43; Folder #73
2002.30.74Famous people buried in King & Queen County and neighboring countiesVaultBox #43; Folder #74
2002.30.75Petitions in King & Queen concerning sale of liquorVaultBox #43; Folder #75
2002.30.76Info: “Little Plymouth” HouseVaultBox #43; Folder #76
2002.30.77Shareholders of King & Queen and West Point Telephone Company, Inc.VaultBox #43; Folder #77
2002.30.78Copy - Abstract of Title to land at King & Queen C.H.VaultBox #43; Folder #78
2002.30.79Proceedings of the Business of the Poor, 1850, for Major Roderick BlandVaultBox #43; Folder #79
2002.30.83The Dragon Run (1984) by Louise GrayVaultBox #43; Folder #83
2002.30.84King & Queen County, the “Shoestring” CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #84
2002.30.85Tidewater Living Guide (newspaper)VaultBox #43; Folder #92
2002.30.86Bewdley, by Melvin Steadman, 1954VaultBox #43; Folder #93
2002.30.87“The Musician’s Guide” catalogueVaultBox #43; Folder #94
2002.30.88Hand-drawn map of Dunkirk area, in upper King & Queen County, Va., undatedMap CabinetBox #44; Folder #17
2002.30.98Surveyors of Roads Record Book 1851 - 1870 King and Queen CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #98
2002.31.01Donald Robertson 1) Speech – Elizabeth Gray at ‘North Bank’ 2) List of pupils 3) photo of Henry P. Taylor at the Donald Robertson School site, 1961VaultBox #60; Folder #01
2002.31.02Letters re Donald Robertson’s School by Henry Taylor. From the collection of Elizabeth H. Hutchinson of "Westwood", Walkerton, Virginia.VaultBox #60; Folder #02
2002.31.03Henry Taylor’s Letters to Scotland re Donald Robertson. From the collection of Elizabeth H. Hutchinson of "Westwood", Walkerton, Virginia.VaultBox #60; Folder #03
2002.31.04Lists of Scholars at Donald Robertson’s School – Jan, 1758 – Jan. 1765VaultBox #60; Folder #04
2002.31.05Editorial – Donald RobertsonVaultBox #60; Folder #05
2002.31.06Location – Donald Robertson’s GroveVaultBox #60; Folder #06
2002.31.07James Madison at D. Robertson’s SchoolVaultBox #60; Folder #07
2002.31.08Notes on Donald RobertsonVaultBox #60; Folder #08
2002.31.09Script for Donald Robertson’s School Scene, PlayVaultBox #60; Folder #09
2002.31.10The Scholars of Donald RobertsonVaultBox #60; Folder #10
2002.31.11Notes on Genealogy of Donald Robertson: photocopies of pages from his Bible, provided by Virginia Historical SocietyVaultBox #60; Folder #11
2002.32.01Indenture – Wm. Bland to Ralph Bland – 1794VaultBox #46; Folder #01
2002.32.02Indenture – Thomas Dudley and Ralph Bland – 1823VaultBox #46; Folder #02
2002.32.03Indenture – Thomas Dudley and John Bland – 1829VaultBox #46; Folder #03
2002.32.04Indenture – Mann to J. Bland – 1836VaultBox #46; Folder #04
2002.32.05Indenture – Summerson to Bland – April 1836VaultBox #46; Folder #05
2002.32.06Indenture – Richard Shackelford to Robert Bland – 1846VaultBox #46; Folder #06
2002.32.07Indenture – Fleming Padget to John Mann – 1833VaultBox #46; Folder #07
2002.32.08Indenture – Walden to Bland – 1829VaultBox #46; Folder #08
2002.32.09Indenture – Peter & Harriett Brooke – Henry Williams – 1848VaultBox #46; Folder #09
2002.32.10Indenture – Haywood – Bland – 1837VaultBox #46; Folder #10
2002.32.11Indenture – George Booker & Roderick Bland – 1830VaultBox #46; Folder #11
2002.32.13Indenture – Roderick Bland – Alec Gilliam – 1846VaultBox #46; Folder #13
2002.32.14Indenture – Blake – John Bland, 1823VaultBox #46; Folder #14
2002.32.15Indenture – Mann, Farinholt, & Dudley – John Bland, 1823VaultBox #46; Folder #15
2002.32.16Indenture – Crittenden to Bland – 1832VaultBox #46; Folder #16
2002.32.17Indenture – Sarah Spencer & other Spencers, Anderson, and Bristow – 1860VaultBox #46; Folder #17
2002.32.19Other Bland Indentures and Bland correspondence (includes Bland genealogy and references to Poroporone Church subscriptions 1848)VaultBox #46; Folder #19
2002.32.20Indenture – Giles & Charlotte Cook (1832) & William ToddVaultBox #46; Folder #20
2002.32.21Indenture – Terrol to Wm. BagbyVaultBox #46; Folder #21
2002.32.22Indenture – Roderick Bland and wife Julia and John BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #22
2002.32.23Indenture – George Lovern & wife and James Bates – 1837VaultBox #46; Folder #23
2002.32.24Indenture – John Garlick & John SmithVaultBox #46; Folder #24
2002.32.25Indenture – Dick Jones & Wm. Temple, 1870VaultBox #46; Folder #25
2002.32.26Indenture - 1858 – James Henry & John Wm. TaylorVaultBox #46; Folder #26
2002.32.271823 – Indenture – Ralph Bland and Thomas DudleyVaultBox #46; Folder #27
2002.32.28Indenture - 1849 – John Louen and James T. BatesVaultBox #46; Folder #28
2002.32.29Indenture - 1819 – Martha & Wm. Harrison and James Brander, Division of SlavesVaultBox #46; Folder #29
2002.32.301839 – Indenture – Samuel P. Clarke and Reuben M. GarnettVaultBox #46; Folder #30
2002.32.311831 – Indenture – Baldwin Mathews and Reuben M. GarnettVaultBox #46; Folder #31
2002.32.321839 – Indenture – Henry F. Broaddus and Reuben M. GarnettVaultBox #46; Folder #32
2002.32.33Indenture – Churchill Anderson & Joseph TempleVaultBox #46; Folder #33
2002.32.34Indenture - Robert & Elizabeth Bagby & John WalkerVaultBox #46; Folder #34
2002.32.35Indenture - Gouldman & Mary Smithey and Frances Broaddus with Robt. BagbyVaultBox #46; Folder #35
2002.32.36Indenture – Moses Nunn, Geo. Nunn, and Henry Dix – 1847VaultBox #46; Folder #36
2002.32.371817 – Indenture between Robert Pollard and son, Benjamin PollardVaultBox #46; Folder #37
2002.32.38Indenture - Elizabeth Broache and Frances Gatewood – 1834VaultBox #46; Folder #38
2002.32.39Indenture - 1837 – James Jefferies and George Carlton (one part) and Peter Brooke (second part)VaultBox #46; Folder #39
2002.32.40Indenture - Josiah and Catharine Ryland and John Walker, 1841VaultBox #46; Folder #40
2002.32.41Indentures 1) Ann Temple and John Walker 2) Samuel Harwood and John Walker – 1848 3) Thomas and Betty Smithy and Franklin Broaddus, etc. March 1834VaultBox #46; Folder #41
2002.32.42Indenture - Robert Smith & Susannah (wife) 1791VaultBox #46; Folder #42
2002.32.43Indenture - 1838 – Peter Brooks and Harriet (wife) and Mortimer SmithVaultBox #46; Folder #43
2002.32.44Indenture - 1843 – E.M. Ware & Catherine (wife) and Mortimer SmithVaultBox #46; Folder #44
2002.32.45Indenture - 1846 – Robert Smith to Mortimer Smith, Frances Gatewood, William SmithVaultBox #46; Folder #45
2002.32.46Indenture - 1834 – Benjamin Blake & Peter BrookeVaultBox #46; Folder #46
2002.32.47Indenture - 1845 – Frances Gatewood and Mortimer SmithVaultBox #46; Folder #47
2002.32.48Indenture - 1801 – James Hurt and Polly (wife) and William BrooksVaultBox #46; Folder #48
2002.32.49Indenture - 1808 – LeRoy Cole (Commissioner) for Betsey & LeRoy Downey (children) and William BroacheVaultBox #46; Folder #49
2002.32.501823 – Indenture between Mildred Blake and John BlandVault (oversized)Box #46; Folder #50
2002.32.51Indenture - 1829 – Caroline Dudley and John BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #51
2002.32.52Indenture - 1846 – Richard Shackelford and Roderick BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #52
2002.32.53Indenture - 1829 – James Walden & wife to Roderick BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #53
2002.32.54Indenture - John Summerson & John BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #54
2002.32.55Indenture - 1826 – Mann, Farinholt, & Dudley to John BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #55
2002.32.56Indenture - 1850 – George Booker to Roderick BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #56
2002.32.57Indenture - 1848 – Broache to WilliamsVaultBox #46; Folder #57
2002.32.58Indenture - 1832 – Crittenden to Roderick BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #58
2002.32.59Indenture - 1833 – Fleming Padget & John Mann, Jr.VaultBox #46; Folder #59
2002.32.60Indenture - 1848 – Samuel Harwood & John WalkerVaultBox #46; Folder #60
2002.32.61Indenture - 1858 – W.F. Bland & Samuel TunstallVaultBox #46; Folder #61
2002.32.62Indenture - 1857 – John Scott and John WalkerVaultBox #46; Folder #62
2002.32.63Indenture - 1767 – Moore to TempleVaultBox #46; Folder #63
2002.32.64Indenture - 1829 – Jacob Hart, Wm. Hart & wife to Thomas W. HartVaultBox #46; Folder #64
2002.32.65Indenture - 1833 – Hart & wife to SpencerVaultBox #46; Folder #65
2002.32.66Indenture - 1841 – Josiah Ryland to John WalkerVaultBox #46; Folder #66
2002.32.67Indenture - 1836 – Thomas Smithy to John WalkerVaultBox #46; Folder #67
2002.32.68Indenture - 1860 – Sarah Spencer to Wm. Spencer, John Spencer, James Bristow, etc.VaultBox #46; Folder #68
2002.32.69Indenture - 1837 – Mann to BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #69
2002.32.70Indenture - 1838 – Haywood to BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #70
2002.32.71Indenture - 1844 – Pollart & Spencer to BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #71
2002.32.72Indenture - 1838 – Hart & Lipscomb to BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #72
2002.32.73Indenture - 1858 – Robert Bland to Mary SavageVaultBox #46; Folder #73
2002.32.74Indenture - 1819 – Walker to Ann TempleVaultBox #46; Folder #74
2002.32.75Indenture - 1824 – Ann Temple to John WalkerVaultBox #46; Folder #75
2002.32.76Indenture - 1844 – Thomas & Joanna Walker to Volney WalkerVaultBox #46; Folder #76
2002.32.77Indenture - 1858 – Henry & wife to John Wm TaylorVaultBox #46; Folder #77
2002.32.78Indenture - 1870 – Roderick Bland & wife to Beverley AndersonVaultBox #46; Folder #78
2002.32.79Indenture - 1871 – Record of deed recorded – Bland and wife to BlandsVaultBox #46; Folder #79
2002.32.80Indenture - 1837 – Peter Albright to John Summerson, Roanes, Anderson, Shackelford, and others (Recorded in K&Q Clerk’s Office, 1840)VaultBox #46; Folder #80
2002.32.81Indenture - Two documents – cannot read them!VaultBox #46; Folder #81
2002.32.82Indenture - 1833 – Armistead & wife & Weston HartVaultBox #46; Folder #82
2002.32.83Indenture - 1844 – Pollard & Spencer and BlandVaultBox #46; Folder #83
2002.32.84Indenture - 1829 – Wm Hart, Elijah Walden, Jacob Hart, Bank Gipson to Thomas HartVaultBox #46; Folder #84
2002.32.85Indenture - 1833 – Weston Hart to Thomas SpencerVaultBox #46; Folder #85
2002.32.86Indenture - 1833 – Armistead & wife to Thomas SpencerVaultBox #46; Folder #86
2002.32.87Indenture - 1691 – Edmond Tunstall and wife, Mary, of St. “Stevens” [sic] ParishMap CabinetBox #46; Folder #87
2002.33.01Scrapbook, Sue Acree – 1959 – miscellaneousVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #01
2002.33.02Scrapbook, Sue Acree – 1956 – miscellaneousVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #02
2002.33.03Scrapbook, Sue Acree – 1961 – miscellaneousVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #03
2002.33.04Scrapbook, Sue Acree – 1962 – miscellaneousVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #04
2002.33.05Scrapbook, Sue Acree – 1963 – miscellaneousVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #05
2002.33.06Scrapbook, Dr. E.P. Pollard (1865-1927) Born at “Bunker Hill”Vault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #06
2002.33.07Scrapbook, Heritage Homecoming Day of King and Queen County June 1, 1957Vault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #07
2002.33.08Scrapbook, Newspaper Clippings & Data of the 250th Celebration of K&Q on Aug. 6, 1941Vault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #08 A
2002.33.09Scrapbook, King & Queen in old Newspapers 1736-1839Vault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #09
2002.33.10Scrapbook – Dedication of new Courts and Administration Building Sept. 20, 1997Vault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #10
2002.34.01John Garland Pollard – 1871 – 1937VaultBox #62; Folder #01
2002.34.02John Garland Pollard – Newspaper clippingsVaultBox #62; Folder #02
2002.34.03Portrait of J.G. Pollard – Speech – A.Bagby, Jr. 1938VaultBox #62; Folder #03
2002.34.04Portrait of J.G.Pollard – speech – Sen. H.F. Byrd 1944VaultBox #62; Folder #04
2002.34.05Inaugural Address – John G. Pollard – 1930VaultBox #62; Folder #05
2002.34.06Education Speeches – J.G. PollardVaultBox #62; Folder #06
2002.34.07John G. Pollard – Unveiling Bust of James Madison 1931VaultBox #62; Folder #07
2002.34.08John G. Pollard – by Fred Anderson – Ex. Dir. Virginia Baptist Historical SocityVaultBox #62; Folder #08
2002.35.01Copy – diary of Frances Baylor Hill – “Hillsboro”VaultBox #57; Folder #01
2002.35.02Diary of Dr. Archibald A. Rice – 1861 – 1867 – not completeVaultBox #57; Folder #02
2002.35.03Diary & Accounts – Napoleon StreetVaultBox #57; Folder #03
2002.35.04Diary of Owen Gwathmey (b 1775; d 1812)VaultBox #57; Folder #04
2002.35.05Diary of Cornelius Hart Carlton (1826-1887)VaultBox #57; Folder #05
2002.35.06Diary of Charles A. Roane – 1860-1876 (transcript)VaultBox #57; Folder #06
2002.36.03Tavern HistoryVaultBox #64; Folder #03
2002.36.04Insurance Policies on Tavern and Out-BuildingsVaultBox #64; Folder #04
2002.36.05Burning of K.&Q. Courthouse Area – 1864VaultBox #64; Folder #05
2002.36.06Virginia Historic CourthousesVaultBox #64; Folder #06
2002.36.08Pictures & Slides of Courthouse AreaVaultBox #64; Folder #08
2002.36.10Claiborne Oliver’s House at CourthouseVaultBox #64; Folder #10
2002.36.11Old Courthouse – K & Q. CountyVaultBox #64; Folder #11
2002.37.04Scottish Rite Memorial to Henry P. Taylor – 1942VaultBox #65; Folder #04
2002.37.06History – Mizpah Church (originally named Orange Grove Chapel), WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #06
2002.37.09Walkerton – Newspaper ClippingsVaultBox #65; Folder #09
2002.37.10Taylor & Caldwell – Petty Cash ReceiptsVaultBox #65; Folder #10
2002.37.11Henry Taylor’s letter to his FatherVaultBox #65; Folder #11
2002.37.12Land – for Sale, etc., WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #12
2002.37.13History, Dedication, etc. of WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #13
2002.37.14Rev. Thacker Muire of King & Queen, Walkerton,by Melvin Lee Steadman, jr.VaultBox #65; Folder #14
2002.37.15Postmasters at WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #15
2002.38.01Pamphlet, Our Town – 1749 – 1865 Gadsby’s Tavern, Alexandria, VAVaultBox #56; Folder #01
2002.38.02Pamphlet, America After Vietnam – by George KennanVaultBox #56; Folder #02
2002.38.03Pamphlet, Westmoreland Davis memorial Foundation Annual Report 1966VaultBox #56; Folder #03
2002.38.04Pamphlet, Botetourt Bicentennial – 1970VaultBox #56; Folder #04
2002.38.05Pamphlet, Six periods in the History of Gloucester CountyVaultBox #56; Folder #05
2002.38.06Pamphlet, Captain Edward Lewis (1667 – 1713) of K.&Q. County, VAVaultBox #56; Folder #06
2002.38.07Pamphlet, Essex County, VAVaultBox #56; Folder #07
2002.38.08Pamphlet, 250th Anniversary King William CountyVaultBox #56; Folder #08
2002.38.09Pamphlet, History of Tangier IslandVaultBox #56; Folder #09
2002.38.10Pamphlet, The Virginia Phoenix – VA. History FoundationVaultBox #56; Folder #10
2002.38.11Pamphlet, VA. Historic Landmarks Commission Va – Landmarks Register – 1970VaultBox #56; Folder #11
2002.38.12Pamphlet, “Kin to Old Ned Sizemore”VaultBox #56; Folder #12
2002.38.13Pamphlet, The Southland – Dec. 1904VaultBox #56; Folder #13
2002.38.14Pamphlets 1) Archeology and the Historical Society 2) Art & Archeology – Technical AbstractsVaultBox #56; Folder #14
2002.38.15Pamphlet, “Little ll’s Living Ace"VaultBox #56; Folder #15
2002.38.16Pamphlet, Pollard & Bagby, Inc. – RealtorsVaultBox #56; Folder #16
2002.38.17Pamphlet, Prince William CountyVaultBox #56; Folder #17
2002.38.18Pamphlet, Caroline CountyVaultBox #56; Folder #18
2002.38.19Pamphlet, “The Wood Worker” a monthly journal – 1890VaultBox #56; Folder #19
2002.38.20Pamphlet, FashionsVaultBox #56; Folder #20
2002.38.22Pamphlet, Notes on George WashingtonVaultBox #56; Folder #22
2002.38.23Pamphlet, Civil War Centennial – 1961-1965VaultBox #56; Folder #23
2002.38.24Pamphlet, Point of Honor – Past and PotentialVaultBox #56; Folder #24
2002.38.27Pamphlet, Victory GardenVaultBox #56; Folder #27
2002.38.29Pamphlet, Jessie Ball DuPont Religious, Charitable, and Educational FundVaultBox #56; Folder #29
2002.39.01Discourse – Delivered to Troops, Gloucester Pt. – 1862VaultBox #54; Folder #01
2002.39.02The Lee – Jackson Review – 1990VaultBox #54; Folder #02
2002.39.03Roll of Officers – 1815VaultBox #54; Folder #03
2002.39.04Reuben M. Garnett, Captain – 1814 1) Officers & pay scale 2) AmmunitionVaultBox #54; Folder #04
2002.39.05Muster Roll – company of Infantry under Capt. Reuben M. Garnett – 1814VaultBox #54; Folder #05
2002.39.06Register of Military Events in Virginia 1861 – 1864VaultBox #54; Folder #06
2002.39.07The Whole Jackson – published by Va. Civil War CommissionVaultBox #54; Folder #07
2002.39.15Picture – John D. Hutchinson, jr. in WWIVaultBox #54; Folder #15
2002.39.17Fredericksburg Artillery BoysVaultBox #54; Folder #17
2002.39.18Captain Robert Gaines Haile (unfinished diary about Civil War)VaultBox #54; Folder #18
2002.39.19Civil War letter from R. Pollard, jr. 1862VaultBox #54; Folder #19
2002.39.20Civil War Pictures – 1862VaultBox #54; Folder #20
2002.39.21April 13, 1861 – 2 Richmond and 1 Washington newspapersVaultBox #54; Folder #21
2002.39.22Stonewall JacksonVaultBox #54; Folder #22
2002.39.23Confederacy – 66 PatentsVaultBox #54; Folder #23
2002.39.24Newspaper Articles: 1) Dahlgren 2) Who Fired That First Shot 3) Scene of Civil War Imprisonment (1959 Gazette Journal)VaultBox #54; Folder #24
2002.39.25“Holding Chattanooga” – 30 Days War ExperienceVaultBox #54; Folder #25
2002.39.26Poem – “Music in Camp” – John R. ThompsonVaultBox #54; Folder #26
2002.39.27Spottswood Bird’s Record – 1865, 24th Regt. VA. CavalryVaultBox #54; Folder #27
2002.39.28Oath of Allegiance – Capt. J.M. MinorVaultBox #54; Folder #28
2002.39.29re: Col. Ulric Dahlgren – News ArticlesVaultBox #54; Folder #29
2002.39.30Post Civil War Treatment of The SouthVaultBox #54; Folder #30
2002.39.31Photostat Copy of Dr. A.A. Rice’s Commission as Surgeon in Confederate Army – 1864VaultBox #54; Folder #31
2002.39.32Muster Roll of Field and Staff – Artillery Regiment of 3rd Requisition – VA, 1813VaultBox #54; Folder #32
2002.39.33Muster Roll of Artillery Company under Capt. Richard Corbin – 1813VaultBox #54; Folder #33
2002.39.34Marius Todd’s Papers (Civil War)VaultBox #54; Folder #34
2002.39.35Reuben M. Garnett papers – listing Rank Lieutenant Colonel in Militia – 1822VaultBox #54; Folder #35
2002.39.36Gloucester in the Civil War (newspaper articles)VaultBox #54; Folder #36
2002.39.37W. D. Gresham – Pardon 1865VaultBox #54; Folder #37
2002.39.39Lee Rangers – Co. H, 9th Regt., Va Cav.VaultBox #54; Folder #39
2002.39.40Carl A. Broaddus, Jr., M.D. – 3 Articles: 1) Picture 2) Newspaper 3) Book – U.S. Naval Hospital, Portsmouth, VAVaultBox #54; Folder #40
2002.39.41WW II Honor List Dead & Missing – VAVaultBox #54; Folder #41
2002.39.42Pay Roll – Confederate Army – Capt. Bagby. From the collection of Elizabeth H. Hutchinson of "Westwood", Walkerton, VA (copy)VaultBox #54; Folder #42
2002.39.43Roll of Capt. Bagby’s Co. K – 34th VA Infantry Regt. – Gen. Wise’s Brigade. From the collection of Elizabeth H. Hutchinson of "Westwood", Walkerton, VA (copy)VaultBox #54; Folder #43
2002.39.44Capt. (C.S.A.) & Mrs. Alexander F. Bagby (anniv. article)VaultBox #54; Folder #44
2002.39.451) Lieut. Col. J.C. Council – Sword Presentation 2) Other War RecordsVaultBox #54; Folder #45
2002.39.46WW II Staff Sergeant Ivan Clark, Jr. Purple Heart, Victory Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Papers, Card (from burial flag) – died 12/20/43VaultBox #54; Folder #46
2002.39.46bWW II Staff Sergeant Ivan Clark, Jr. burial flag – died 12/20/43 WWIIStorage
2002.39.47Papers – David Valentine, Veteran, King William County – 1833VaultBox #54; Folder #47
2002.39.48Pamphlets 1) Va. Joins The Confederacy 2) Confederate Batteries along The Potomac 3) Camp JamestownVaultBox #54; Folder #48
2002.39.49Request From Widow for Money Due Deceased Husband for services in 1861VaultBox #54; Folder #49
2002.39.50Receipts – Capt. M.P. Todd – Uniform & Items for Himself & OfficersVaultBox #54; Folder #50
2002.39.51Letters – M.P. Todd to I. H. WatkinsVaultBox #54; Folder #51
2002.39.52Letters – M.P. Todd from John Washington during War (1861- )VaultBox #54; Folder #52
2002.39.53M.P. Todd – From James Moore (1861) Letter Regarding SecessionVaultBox #54; Folder #53
2002.39.54M. P. Todd’s Pardon by President Andrew Johnson – 1865VaultBox #54; Folder #54
2002.39.55Certificate – Loan C.S.A. 1863 - $1,000.00VaultBox #54; Folder #55
2002.39.56Receipts: M.P. Todd – Purchases For Confederate ArmyVaultBox #54; Folder #56
2002.39.57Letter regarding mapping county prior to Civil WarVaultBox #54; Folder #57
2002.39.58County Militia, Tobacco Inspectors at Mantapike, Sheriff’s appointment – 1781-1808VaultBox #54; Folder #58
2002.39.59“Holding Chattanooga” – 30 Days War Experience as Related by A.A. Rice, M.D.VaultBox #54; Folder #59
2002.39.60General Lee’s SwordVaultBox #54; Folder #60
2002.39.61Virginia Regimental Histories SeriesVaultBox #54; Folder #61
2002.39.63Grand Camp Confederate Veterans – 1896Map CabinetBox #54; Folder #63
2002.39.64Capt Bagby’s Acct of Battle of Seven Pines; reminescence of Civil WarVaultBox #54; Folder #64
2002.39.65Picture: Army of Shenandoah (Sheridan?)passes near NewtownVaultBox #54; Folder #65
2002.39.66WW II and your community-guidebookVaultBox #54; Folder #66
2002.40.01Court Order of Archbishop of Canterbury re: Brooke property settlement – England & VirginiaVaultBox #66; Folder #01
2002.40.02Document – American Legal Association – 1851 (Judge J.H.C. Jones, Esq. Of “Fleetwood” , Donor: Margaret Jones, granddaughter). From the collection of Elizabeth H. Hutchinson of "Westwood", Walkerton, VAVaultBox #66; Folder #02
2002.40.03Roy vs. Edwards (about Barbara Dickie) (will dated 1817?)VaultBox #66; Folder #03
2002.40.04Sale of slave; Expenses – slavesVaultBox #66; Folder #04
2002.40.05John D. McGill – personal bills – 1820-1840VaultBox #66; Folder #05
2002.40.06Murie vs. Murie – March 14, 1836VaultBox #66; Folder #06
2002.40.08Slaves hired out by John McGill (1837) from estate of Wm. ShepherdVaultBox #66; Folder #08
2002.40.09Col. Wm. Shepherd – fees, etc – to George WrightVaultBox #66; Folder #09
2002.40.10Bonds and other claims – R.B. Smith to J. McGillVaultBox #66; Folder #10
2002.40.11Estate of John Groves with Henry Cook, executor (1830)VaultBox #66; Folder #11
2002.40.12Carter Braxton – Deed of Trust, 1837, to Thomas HudginsVaultBox #66; Folder #12
2002.40.13R.H. & Frances Ware against Collier children (Courts decree carried out by Wm. Robinson & McGillVaultBox #66; Folder #13
2002.40.14Court Documents - Lucy Crittenden – Trustee of 5 childrenVaultBox #66; Folder #14
2002.40.1553 autographs of Citizens expressing loyalty to King William IIIVaultBox #66; Folder #15
2002.40.16Court Document: Fauntleroy vs. Wellford (1824)VaultBox #66; Folder #16
2002.40.17Court Document: Carter Braxton sold horse to Robert Curtis (1835)VaultBox #66; Folder #17
2002.40.18Wm. Carter Braxton & Harrow (1837) Suit – Caldwell & wife, G. Minor & Carter Braxton (attorney) 1815VaultBox #66; Folder #18
2002.40.19Suit: John Owen & W.H. Dandridge (Lancaster Co.)VaultBox #66; Folder #19
2002.40.20Sarah Roane – Col. Robinson, court documentVaultBox #66; Folder #20
2002.40.21Papers: Estate of James H. Henry by J. McGill (1840)VaultBox #66; Folder #21
2002.40.22Catharine Shackelford & other Shackelford, court documentVaultBox #66; Folder #22
2002.40.232 Shackleford vs. Backhouse – Chancery CourtVaultBox #66; Folder #23
2002.40.24Fitzhugh vs. Curtis (Sept. 1840) Chancery Court at King WilliamVaultBox #66; Folder #24
2002.40.25Samuel Guy & wife (1834) Chancery CourtVaultBox #66; Folder #25
2002.40.26Curry (William, Robert & James) Nov. 10, 1829 – Chancery CourtVaultBox #66; Folder #26
2002.40.27John McGill – Admin of Henry Cook, who was Executor of John Graves (1834)VaultBox #66; Folder #27
2002.40.28Moore vs. Moore court documentVaultBox #66; Folder #28
2002.40.29Sheriff’s Order – Bland Dillard (1836)VaultBox #66; Folder #29
2002.40.30Pitts vs. Pitts (1830) court documentVaultBox #66; Folder #30
2002.40.31Depositions of Mann, Corr, & Dillard (1838)VaultBox #66; Folder #31
2002.40.32Nancy Newcomb (1833) court documentVaultBox #66; Folder #32
2002.40.33E. Simcoe – R.B. Hill court documentVaultBox #66; Folder #33
2002.40.34John Albright (June 1822) – Notice of BankruptcyVaultBox #66; Folder #34
2002.40.35Estate of Sarah Roane, 1831VaultBox #66; Folder #35
2002.40.36Absolom Bland & Thomas Moore, 1831 court documentVaultBox #66; Folder #36
2002.40.37Acc’t of Eunice B. Shepherd to John D. McGill, guardian – 1839-1948VaultBox #66; Folder #37
2002.40.38King & Queen County Court, Chancery Docket 1826 – 1843VaultBox #66; Folder #38
2002.40.39Misc. Bills: Garrett, Roy, Shepherd, Kemp, Healey, Owen, Blake, Cook, & McGillVaultBox #66; Folder #39
2002.40.40Guardianship Accounts of Col. John Pollard 1827-43Vault (oversized)Box #66; Folder #40
2002.40.41Molly Hill, George Hill, William Hill against Louisa Hill, Elizabeth & Mary Garlick – 1813VaultBox #66; Folder #41
2002.40.42App’t Guardian for Childen ofVaultBox #66; Folder #42
2002.40.43Suit for Courtney children from Thomas Hill’s estateVaultBox #66; Folder #43
2002.40.44Suit – Bird vs Dunn 1800-1809 re: Dragon Lands Copies Follow re this: 14 deeds, 4 Wills, 2 Grants, 1 Deposition, 1 mapVaultBox #66; Folder #44
2002.40.45End of 1809 court case and Grant of Sir Wm. Berkley to Capt. Wm. Claiborne, 1609VaultBox #66; Folder #45
2002.40.46Grant, 1683 – Thomas, Lord Culpeper to Stephen Bambridge and Bambridge to Michael Rangberry and TatumVaultBox #66; Folder #46
2002.40.47Grant, 1670 – Sir Wm. Berkley to Wm. Coverton. Indenture – 1671 – Wm. Coverton & Richards, which ends on next deed ChickelyVaultBox #66; Folder #47
2002.40.48Grant, 1662 – Henry Chickely to John Richards & John RiggVaultBox #66; Folder #48
2002.40.491687 Grant – Sir Wm. Berkeley to Capt. Wm. Claiborne; Sir Wm. Chickely to Wm. Covington; 1696 – Wm. Covington to Richard Covington for 50 lbs sterling 1662 – Henry Chickely to John Richards 1704 to Alex. Spotswood Will, 1748, of Thomas ColemanVaultBox #66; Folder #49
2002.40.50Indenture – 1722 – John Tatum and Thomas ColemanVaultBox #66; Folder #50
2002.40.51Indenture, 1783 – James Wood, Esquire, to John Dunn (bearing dates 1792 & 1794) 1691 Stephen Bembridge & Thomas John 24 lbs sterling 1682 – True copy taken from record (see p. 25) original of Spotswood 1682 – Bembridge to James Newbill 1708 – will of Thomas MeriwetherVaultBox #66; Folder #51
2002.40.521708 – will of T. Meriwether 1708 – Indenture (Richard Covington and Thomas Meriwether)VaultBox #66; Folder #52
2002.40.531708 Indenture – T. Meriwether & Richard Covington (200 lbs lawful money) – 1758 – John Armisted & Richard Shackelford 1694 – Will of Robert Bird (beginning)VaultBox #66; Folder #53
2002.40.541694 – Will of Robert Bird 1710 – Will of Wm. Bird 1796 – Will of Robert Bird 1771 – Will of Armisted BirdVaultBox #66; Folder #54
2002.40.55Deposition – 1810 – Richard St. John, Reuben Shepherd, 1810 Thomas Fearo (?), 1810 John Carlton, 1810 Benjamin NewcombVaultBox #66; Folder #55
2002.40.56Surveyed lands, 1671, John Doe and Frances & Janet BirdVaultBox #66; Folder #56
2002.40.57Will of Robert Armisted Bird, 1768VaultBox #66; Folder #57
2002.40.58William Claiborne’s Patent, 4855 acres (map)VaultBox #66; Folder #58
2002.40.591859 – Debt Court Case, Richmond Williams vs. Samuel HarwoodVaultBox #66; Folder #59
2002.40.60? and Richard Moore placed under guardianship of John PollardVaultBox #66; Folder #60
2002.40.611855 Chancery Court – Sale of 236 acres, estate of Eliz. Richards by Eliz. Guthson, Penelope Richards, and J. RichardsVaultBox #66; Folder #61
2002.40.62Bonds of Robert Smith to Eliz. GuthsonVaultBox #66; Folder #62
2002.41.04Picture, water pump for home useVaultBox #40; Folder #04
2002.41.08Photo V.P.I. Farmers’ Institute, 1956 or 1957VaultBox #40; Folder #08
2002.41.112 Scrapbooks, Old Homes of K&Q, history and pictures, collected 1940-1941 by the Woman's Club, Committee of Homes and Markers, Mrs. R.D. Allen, Chairman (Folder A and Folder B)Vault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #20 A&B
2002.41.13Photo MordingtonVaultBox #40; Folder #13
2002.41.15Photo Site of ‘Laneville’, Richard Corbin’s homeVaultBox #40; Folder #15
2002.41.16Photo Claibourne Oliver HomeVaultBox #40; Folder #16
2002.41.17Photo Roy & Sallie Simpkins’ Store, St. Stephens ChurchVaultBox #40; Folder #17
2002.41.18Photo Dr. Latane, Sr. of King & QueenVaultBox #40; Folder #18
2002.41.19Picture Speaker John RobinsonVaultBox #40; Folder #19
2002.41.202) Dr. William Tunstall Banks 3) Clara Hawes (Fry) Banks (m. 1825) (check back of photos for info)VaultBox #40; Folder #20
2002.41.21Picture of Mud and Stick Chimney in K&QVaultBox #40; Folder #21
2002.41.22Photo of Samuel Tunstall portrait (original hangs in Society’s Archives Building)VaultBox #40; Folder #22
2002.41.23Photo ‘Lombardy Grove’VaultBox #40; Folder #23
2002.41.24Eighteen photographs of Rock House at Newington (1968)VaultBox #40; Folder #24
2002.41.25Pictures of Old King and Queen HomesVaultBox #40; Folder #25
2002.41.26Photo Orange GroveVaultBox #40; Folder #26
2002.41.27Print John Temple, 1768-1814VaultBox #40; Folder #27
2002.41.28Photo Nancy Gresham LumpkinVaultBox #40; Folder #28
2002.41.29Photo ‘Chapultepec’VaultBox #40; Folder #29
2002.41.30Photo ‘Farmville’, Roan HomeVaultBox #40; Folder #30
2002.41.31Photo ‘Clifton’ and ‘Gainesborough’VaultBox #40; Folder #31
2002.41.32Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson’s Original King & Queen MapDining Room
2002.42.01Bates & Lumpkin Bible recordsVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #01
2002.42.02Bible records Bates (m. Grizzard) 1900’sVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #02
2002.42.03Bible records Carlton, Noah, 1766 – 1809 and HartVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #03
2002.42.04Bible Record of John Camro Family, 1703-1767Vault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #04
2002.42.05Bible records Crow, Fielding S, 1855 – 1900Vault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #05
2002.42.06Bible records Griffith, Thomas & MillyVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #06
2002.42.07Bible records Henley, Thomas M.Vault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #07
2002.42.08Bible records Albert HillVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #08
2002.42.09Bible records William HillVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #09
2002.42.10Bible records John HutchinsonVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #10
2002.42.11Mattaponi Church BibleVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #11
2002.42.12Bible records Myrrick (Myrick), Diggs, and JefferiesVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #12
2002.42.13Bible records William ToddVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #13
2002.42.14Bible records Tyree, Smith, Garrett, & WrightVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #14
2002.42.15Bible records David Valentine, 1762 -Vault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #15
2002.42.16Bible records Edwards & BruceVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #16
2002.42.17Bible records George W. BrooksVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #17
2002.42.18Bible records BagbyVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #18
2002.42.19Bible records BarefootVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #19
2002.42.20Bible records - Slaves of John BagbyVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #20
2002.42.21Page from Bible of Joseph Pollard, II (1758-1836)Vault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #21
2002.42.22Minor Bible recordsVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #22
2002.42.26Items from Bible of Judge Edmund PendletonVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #26
2002.43.01Walkerton Bridge, VDOT videoVaultBox #63; Folder #01
2002.44.01Genealogy - Thomas Muse – 1810VaultBox #58; Folder #01
2002.44.02The Muse Family of VirginiaVaultBox #58; Folder #02
2002.44.03Ancestry and History of Moore LumpkinVaultBox #58; Folder #03
2002.44.04Genealogy - William Henry Lumpkin (b. 1801)VaultBox #58; Folder #04
2002.44.05A Virginia Family LumpkinVaultBox #58; Folder #05
2002.44.06Genealogy - William Henry LumpkinVaultBox #58; Folder #06
2002.44.07Pedigree Chart – LumpkinVaultBox #58; Folder #07
2002.44.08Lumpkin Family Historical ToursVaultBox #58; Folder #08
2002.44.09Genealogy - A Few of the Many Splendid RoanesVaultBox #58; Folder #09
2002.44.10Roan FamilyVaultBox #58; Folder #10
2002.44.11Roan GenealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #11
2002.44.12Genealogy - ‘Chapultepec’VaultBox #58; Folder #12
2002.44.13Genealogy - Judge Spencer RoaneVaultBox #58; Folder #13
2002.44.14Three hundred-fifty years of HarwoodsVaultBox #58; Folder #14
2002.44.15Genealogy - Bland & Boyd FamiliesVaultBox #58; Folder #15
2002.44.16Bland GenealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #16
2002.44.17Genealogy - Spencer, Muse, Bland, Murray, RoyVaultBox #58; Folder #17
2002.44.18Old Blandford ChurchVaultBox #58; Folder #18
2002.44.19Genealogy - George Lively – Deborah RoaneVaultBox #58; Folder #19
2002.44.20Hon. S. Otis Bland – Speech Wedding Invitation – J.R.Bland & Mary KercheralVaultBox #58; Folder #20
2002.44.21Genealogy – Boulware & Wood ChartsVaultBox #58; Folder #21
2002.44.22‘A Sketch of William Campbell’s Life’VaultBox #58; Folder #22
2002.44.23Genealogy - Townleys of King & QueenVaultBox #58; Folder #23
2002.44.24Crago FamilyVaultBox #58; Folder #24
2002.44.25Genealogy - Christopher Stedman, Sr.VaultBox #58; Folder #25
2002.44.26Genealogy - Motley – bookletsVaultBox #58; Folder #26
2002.44.27Henley GenealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #27
2002.44.28Layton Family ReunionVaultBox #58; Folder #28
2002.44.29Roan Family DataVaultBox #58; Folder #29
2002.44.30Dudley FamilyVaultBox #58; Folder #30
2002.44.31Land Tax for Robert Hill and His DescendantsVaultBox #58; Folder #31
2002.44.32Corbin Family of VirginiaVaultBox #58; Folder #32
2002.44.33Genealogy - Rosalie Wright Waring (Mrs. Wm.L.Waring)VaultBox #58; Folder #33
2002.44.34Herndon DescendantsVaultBox #58; Folder #34
2002.44.35Joseph Benjamin Garnett & descendantsVaultBox #58; Folder #35
2002.44.36Genealogy - Kerr, Eubank by Eloise Eubank LandVaultBox #58; Folder #36
2002.44.37Walden Family of King & QueenVaultBox #58; Folder #37
2002.44.38Ryland FamilyVaultBox #58; Folder #38
2002.44.39Ryland GenealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #39
2002.44.40VA Ancestors (study group with information & some names)VaultBox #58; Folder #40
2002.44.41Chart: Family Tree of Elizabeth Cox JohnsonVaultBox #58; Folder #41
2002.44.42Henley FamilyVaultBox #58; Folder #42
2002.44.43Genealogy - Courtney – HillVaultBox #58; Folder #43
2002.44.44Crawford FamilyVaultBox #58; Folder #44
2002.44.45Buerkle FamilyVaultBox #58; Folder #45
2002.44.46Early Virginia GuthriesVaultBox #58; Folder #46
2002.44.47Genealogy - Upshaw, Chilton, Harwood, Johes, HillVaultBox #58; Folder #47
2002.44.48Genealogy - Wilkins, Nottingham, TylerVaultBox #58; Folder #48
2002.44.49Earle FamilyVaultBox #58; Folder #49
2002.44.50Genealogy - McLellands of King&Queen County, VAVaultBox #58; Folder #50
2002.44.51Genealogy - Haynes – ChartVaultBox #58; Folder #51
2002.44.52Info about Richards FamilyVaultBox #58; Folder #52
2002.44.53Genealogy - Roy – ChartVaultBox #58; Folder #53
2002.44.54Genealogy - RogersVaultBox #58; Folder #54
2002.44.55Genealogy - Stieff, Yarrington & Muire FamiliesVaultBox #58; Folder #55
2002.44.56Genealogy - Phillips FamiliesVaultBox #58; Folder #56
2002.44.57Ware Family Tree, given by Wendell WareVaultBox #58; Folder #57
2002.44.58The Leftwich HeritageVaultBox #58; Folder #58
2002.44.59Genealogy - Thoms Moore HarwoodVaultBox #58; Folder #59
2002.44.60Genealogy - Hill, Canmock, Micou, & ThatcherVaultBox #58; Folder #60
2002.44.61Bland Family, D.A.R.VaultBox #58; Folder #61
2002.44.62Genealogy - Fleet, Brown, BrookeVaultBox #58; Folder #62
2002.44.63Genealogy - The Hoskins of ‘ Mt.Pleasant’, King & Queen County, VAVaultBox #58; Folder #63
2002.44.64Genealogy - Thomas ToddVaultBox #58; Folder #64
2002.44.65Genealogy of Samuel TunstallVaultBox #58; Folder #65
2002.44.66The Leftwich Heritage – Spring 2002VaultBox #58; Folder #66
2002.44.67Confederate Bonds (Roy; Bland)VaultBox #58; Folder #67
2002.44.68Genealogy - Bland LettersVaultBox #58; Folder #68
2002.44.69Genealogy - Collins, BlandVaultBox #58; Folder #69
2002.44.70Genealogy - Roy and Connected FamiliesVaultBox #58; Folder #70
2002.44.71Skipwith FamilyVaultBox #58; Folder #71
2002.44.72Genealogy - Robert Hunter Spencer; Harriet Muse Spencer, & LettersVaultBox #58; Folder #72
2002.44.73Genealogy - American LynesVaultBox #58; Folder #73
2002.44.74Genealogy - John Southgate of LondonVaultBox #58; Folder #74
2002.44.75Genealogy - Thomas Roderick Dew at William & Mary CollegeVaultBox #58; Folder #75
2002.44.76Biographical Sketch of J. Harvie Dew, M.D. (Book and Pamphlet)VaultBox #58; Folder #76
2002.44.771) Address of John G. Dew in K&Q Courthouse accepting Portraits 2) List of Portraits in K&Q CourthouseVaultBox #58; Folder #77
2002.44.781) John Garnett Dew, member SAE 2) Booklet by J.H. Dew, M.D. ‘Fox Hunting in Old Virginia in Days Gone By’ and ‘The Yankee & Rebel Yells’VaultBox #58; Folder #78
2002.44.79Obituaries 1) Benjamin Franklin Dew 2) Honorable John Garnett Dew 3) Mrs. Lelia Fauntleroy DewVaultBox #58; Folder #79
2002.44.80Genealogy of some descendants of Thomas Dew, ‘Colonial VA Pioneer Immigrant’VaultBox #58; Folder #80
2002.44.81Gresham GenealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #81
2002.44.82Genealogy - Major Thomas Walker, Corles T. Walker, Edward Walker, etc,VaultBox #58; Folder #82
2002.44.83Genealogy - Letter about William BankesVaultBox #58; Folder #83
2002.44.84Pace – Family of VirginiaVaultBox #58; Folder #84
2002.44.85Genealogy - Info about John Cook b. 1769VaultBox #58; Folder #85
2002.44.86Genealogy - VaughanVaultBox #58; Folder #86
2002.44.87Bagby Genealogy by Gillette Vaughan; Other Bagby GenealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #87
2002.44.88Fleet GenealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #88
2002.44.89Genealogy - Brooke and BrowneVaultBox #58; Folder #89
2002.44.90Bouleware Family ChartVaultBox #58; Folder #90
2002.44.91Fauntleroy Family ChartMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #91
2002.44.92Jordan Genealogy given by Stuart JordanVaultBox #58; Folder #92
2002.44.93Genealogy - John H. Minor & son, James Madison MinorVaultBox #58; Folder #93
2002.44.94Information about Major Thomas Hill’s will and his familyVaultBox #58; Folder #94
2002.44.95Bird GenealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #95
2002.44.96Genealogy - Edward Bland, Adam Bland, etc.Map CabinetBox #58; Folder #96
2002.44.97Bessie Pollard Cox GenealogyMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #97
2002.44.98History of CrusadesMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #98
2002.44.99Genealogy - Bernard, Storke, Newton & KeeneMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #99
2002.44.100Bagby Genealogy; Bagby Reunion 1947VaultBox #58; Folder #204
2002.44.101Bagby Genealogy: Bunker HillVaultBox #58; Folder #205
2002.44.102Bagby Genealogy: LettersVaultBox #58; Folder #206
2002.44.103Bagby Genealogy: John Bagby of Scotland; John Robert Bagby and Betsy Pollard Fleet; W.F. Bagby; and othersVaultBox #58; Folder #207
2002.44.104Bagby Genealogy: John Bagby of Bunker Hill, Stevensville, Va.Vault,Box #58; Folder #208
2002.45.01Genealogy - Col. John Pollard, 1803-1877Map CabinetBox #58; Folder #101
2002.45.02Pedigree of Price of Westmoreland & King George Counties, VAMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #102
2002.45.03Genealogy - Thomas Roy m. Jedieth Kenner chartMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #103
2002.45.04Pollard Genealogical Tree by Gov. J.G. PollardMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #104
2002.45.05Chart – Walker Family of K&Q, VAMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #105
2002.45.06Genealogy - Joseph Pollard m. Priscilla HolmesMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #106
2002.45.07Genealogy - J. Temple, 2 chartsMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #107
2002.45.08Leftwich Heritage, spring 2003VaultBox #58; Folder #108
2002.45.09Letter to John Mann (1856) from John Taliaferro. John Mann Genealogy, 1884VaultBox #58; Folder #109
2002.45.10Descendants of Robert RoaneVaultBox #58; Folder #110
2002.47.01James W. Craig – deed, giving land to Thomas Willis Jones of KYVaultBox #59; Folder #01
2002.47.02Deed – Phil. Bush to Woodward & McGillVaultBox #59; Folder #02
2002.47.03Deed - Courtney to Todd – 1825VaultBox #59; Folder #03
2002.47.04Deed – R. & J.L. Bland and Bill to C.L.Maskey 1912VaultBox #59; Folder #04
2002.47.05Deed of Trust: G.T. Green & wife to Annie Lee Bell, Feb. 19, 1920VaultBox #59; Folder #05
2002.47.06Deed: William Shackelford to R. & J.L. Bland & Bill (1906)VaultBox #59; Folder #06
2002.47.07Note: R. & J.L. Bland to Edward Stubbs (1911)VaultBox #59; Folder #07
2002.47.08Deeds - 1. An Abstract of Title: for Margaret Bingham (1906) 2. Margaret Bingham to J.F.D. Bingham (1924) 3. Margaret Bingham to J.F.D. Bingham (1915)VaultBox #59; Folder #08
2002.47.09Deed: Augustus Redmond & wife to M. Lee (1914)VaultBox #59; Folder #09
2002.47.10Abstract of Title: Tract of Land in K&Q called ‘Top-Knot’VaultBox #59; Folder #10
2002.47.11Deed – P.F.Hoffman & Wife to Phillip Harris (1927)VaultBox #59; Folder #11
2002.47.12Deed – land purchased by Cornelius Tunstal from Capt. N.B. StreetVaultBox #59; Folder #12
2002.47.13Deed - Reuben Pitts & wife and George Fogg – 1892VaultBox #59; Folder #13
2002.47.14Deed - Richardson Lumpkin – 1868VaultBox #59; Folder #14
2002.47.15Plat – Newbill to CorrVaultBox #59; Folder #15
2002.47.16Deed - C. Atkinson to J.B. Jesser – 1824VaultBox #59; Folder #16
2002.47.17Deed - Richard Smith to Roderick & Absalom BlandVaultBox #59; Folder #17
2002.47.18Plat of town of Dunkirk on Mattapony RiverVaultBox #59; Folder #18
2002.47.19Deed - 1782 – Edmond Randolph, Gov. of VA, issued to Alexander Kennedy 706 Ac. For VA warrentsVaultBox #59; Folder #19
2002.47.20Wm. Shelton leaves land to Rachel, Elizabeth, & Washington Shelton Division of land surveyed by Wm. JonesVaultBox #59; Folder #20
2002.47.21John Carlton & Christopher Carlton (Plat)VaultBox #59; Folder #21
2002.47.221858 – Deed – Wm. Bland & Samuel TunstallVaultBox #59; Folder #22
2002.47.231831 – Deed – Matthew Tunstall & Richard GarnettVaultBox #59; Folder #23
2002.47.241860 – Deed – Mathews & MassieVaultBox #59; Folder #24
2002.47.251850 – Deed – Roderick Bland & Thomas Fauntleroy (mentions Sarah Pitts & Pitt children)VaultBox #59; Folder #25
2002.47.261793 – Plat – Robert Smith 233 ¾ acresVaultBox #59; Folder #26
2002.47.27Division of Hillsboro by Joseph T. Henley – 1846VaultBox #59; Folder #27
2002.47.281832 – Plat – Nancy Haywood – 32 acresVaultBox #59; Folder #28
2002.47.30Plat – Michael Dickson to John BlandVaultBox #59; Folder #30
2002.47.331867 – Phillip B. Pendleton’s land between Dickie’s Bridge & Smyrna Meeting House – deeded by James Pendleton to Samuel S. HundleyVaultBox #59; Folder #33
2002.47.34Acc’t of Estate of Jessie Carter – and James Webb & Thomas MartinVaultBox #59; Folder #34
2002.47.351891 – Bland against Bland, estate of Roderick Bland & B.F. BlandVaultBox #59; Folder #35
2002.47.36Plat of land for Nancy Haywood surveyed by Jno. MannVaultBox #59; Folder #36
2002.47.37Deed – Muse to Temple, 1812VaultBox #59; Folder #37
2002.47.381835 – Plat - William Griffith to William CourtneyVaultBox #59; Folder #38
2002.47.39Deed - 1732 – Capt. Joseph Temple purchased from Richard CorbinVaultBox #59; Folder #39
2002.47.401690 – Location of land granted to Mr. Edward & Mr. John Lewis (also others which are not clear)VaultBox #59; Folder #40
2002.47.411792 – Survey – Mr. Robert Smith for Mr. James HurttVaultBox #59; Folder #41
2002.47.421667 – 1668 – Lands granted by Sir William Borkley (?)VaultBox #59; Folder #42
2002.47.431847 – Survey plat of land belonging to John W. StreetVaultBox #59; Folder #43
2002.47.44Four plats: 1. 1771 – surveyed for James Bates 2. 1775 – surveyed 3. surveyed for William Bates 4. 1793 surveyed & sold by Gatewood to W. CookeVaultBox #59; Folder #44
2002.47.45Plat for William Broach by John BrownVaultBox #59; Folder #45
2002.47.46Deed - 1832 – Smithy & wife & Broaddus to R.B. BagbyVaultBox #59; Folder #46
2002.47.47Deed - 1857 – John & Gabrielle Scott to John WalkerVaultBox #59; Folder #47
2002.47.48Deed - 1819 – Walker to Ann TempleVaultBox #59; Folder #48
2002.47.49a) Plat of Henry Garnett’s estate b) Plat of Mill Tract of Land c) 1858 – Plat of land – Miss Elizabeth GarnettVaultBox #59; Folder #49
2002.47.50Deed - 1820 – Estate of John WattsVaultBox #59; Folder #50
2002.47.51Deed - 1814 – John Smith & Susannah (wife) to R. H. GatewoodVaultBox #59; Folder #51
2002.47.52Deed - 1844 – John Richards to Richard GatewoodVaultBox #59; Folder #52
2002.47.53Deed - 1870 – James M. Jefferies to Walter R. CarltonVaultBox #59; Folder #53
2002.47.54Deed - 1818 – William Smith, Harriot Smith, & Mortimer SmithVaultBox #59; Folder #54
2002.47.55Deed - 1846 – James R. Hawer (?) & Absolom Couthan to Robert Shackleford & Hermitage ShacklefordVaultBox #59; Folder #55
2002.47.56Deed - 1856 – Hermitage Shackleford to Walter CouthanVaultBox #59; Folder #56
2002.47.57Deed - 1814 – Smith to William SmithVaultBox #59; Folder #57
2002.47.58Deed - 1859 – George & Mary Ellen Dillard, Gabriel & Emma Dillard, James Smith to Mortimer SmithVaultBox #59; Folder #58
2002.47.59Deed - 1874 – E.B. Montague, Dix & wife vs. Williams & wife, Walter CarltonVaultBox #59; Folder #59
2002.47.601873 – Deed, George Ramsey & othersVaultBox #59; Folder #60
2002.47.611856 – Deed, Charles H. & Georganna Williams and Mortimer SmithVaultBox #59; Folder #61
2002.47.62Deed - 1871 – William & Mary Dix to Walter CarltonVaultBox #59; Folder #62
2002.47.63Deed - 1867 – Bankruptcy James R. HowserVaultBox #59; Folder #63
2002.47.64Deed - 1814 – William Smith to Richard GatewoodVaultBox #59; Folder #64
2002.47.65Deed - 1838 – Peter Brooks and Harriet and Mortimer SmithVaultBox #59; Folder #65
2002.47.66Deed - 1824 – Charles Atkinson & wife, Louisa, to J.B. Lepe (?)VaultBox #59; Folder #66
2002.47.67Deed - 1857 – Sold by Christopher Newbill to Wm. H. Moody (in lg. Black tied folder on shelf)VaultBox #59; Folder #67
2002.47.68Deed - 1799 – Survey for Capt. Wm. Hoskins by John CarltonVaultBox #59; Folder #68
2002.47.69Deed - 1851 – Richard Smith to Roderick and Absalom BlandVaultBox #59; Folder #69
2002.47.70Deed - 1833 – William Armistead & Thomas SpencerVaultBox #59; Folder #70
2002.47.71Deed - 1833 – Wm. Armistead & Lucy, his wife, and Weston HartVaultBox #59; Folder #71
2002.47.72Deed - 1838 – Edward Hart to BlandVaultBox #59; Folder #72
2002.47.73Deed - 1858 – Robert Bland to Mary SavageVaultBox #59; Folder #73
2002.47.741830 & 1917 – Plats of ‘Hockley’ and ‘Griffiths’ or ‘Locust Grove’ by Ernest VaughanMap CabinetBox #59; Folder #74
2002.47.75Deed - Dickson, MichaelMap CabinetBox #59; Folder #75
2002.47.76Deed - Wm. H. MoodyMap CabinetBox #59; Folder #76
2002.47.77Deed - 1827 – Harwood Henry – ‘Woodbury’Map CabinetBox #59; Folder #77
2002.47.78Deed - 1829 – Phillip Walkers, William BrownMap CabinetBox #59; Folder #78
2002.47.79Deed - 1828 – Harewood – Temple WalkerMap CabinetBox #59; Folder #79
2002.47.80Deed - 1826 – James BatesMap CabinetBox #59; Folder #80
2002.47.81William Shelton’s – PlatMap CabinetBox #59; Folder #81
2002.47.821729 – Map of ‘Ring’s Neck’Map CabinetBox #59; Folder #82
2002.47.83Map of ‘Rosewood’ Home of Hutchinson family 1782 – 1850 Pollard – 1850 – 1897 Schools – 1897 -Map CabinetBox #59; Folder #83
2002.47.84June 2, 1800 – Plat of James Jones’ Tract (location unknown)Map CabinetBox #59; Folder #84
2002.47.851801 – Plat: John Smith & John GarlickMap CabinetBox #59; Folder #85
2002.47.861820 – 4 Plats ‘Milton’Map CabinetBox #59; Folder #86
2002.47.87Deed - Land sold to James Hart & Lewis Coleman by James DickersonVaultBox #59; Folder #87
2002.47.88Deed - 30 ¾ acres land sold to Elizabeth Watts by William WattsVaultBox #59; Folder #88
2002.47.891924 – Deed – Land under water of Mill Pond known as Walker & Coleman Mill Pond Deed J.T. Sutton & Thelma Sutton to B. H. Walker, Jr.VaultBox #59; Folder #89
2002.47.89Deed, 1902 Melvin from Thomas to W.C. WaltonVaultBox #59; Folder #90
2002.48.015 Early Bird Wills, Malcolm H. HarrisVaultBox #50; Folder #01
2002.48.02Elizabeth Longest’s Will (1836)VaultBox #50; Folder #02
2002.48.03Spencer Bland (rough will)VaultBox #50; Folder #03
2002.48.04William Newbill’s Will – 1805VaultBox #50; Folder #04
2002.48.05Will – Beverley Anderson – 1822VaultBox #50; Folder #05
2002.48.06Thomas Cooke’s WillVaultBox #50; Folder #06
2002.48.07Will of Thomas DewVaultBox #50; Folder #07
2002.48.08Will of S.G. Fauntleroy – Oct. 1884VaultBox #50; Folder #08
2002.48.09List of Wills, Indentures, & Deed of Gifts, 1731 – 1921 Found in Clerk’s Office/Hist. Soc. ArchivesVaultBox #50; Folder #09
2002.48.10James Bates – willVaultBox #50; Folder #10
2002.48.11William Bates – willVaultBox #50; Folder #11
2002.48.12Will of Richard Dozier (Hannah Muse, Granddaughter)VaultBox #50; Folder #12
2002.48.13Will – Nancy Newcomb – Oct. 1848VaultBox #50; Folder #13
2002.48.14Beverly Anderson – WillVaultBox #50; Folder #14
2002.48.15Will – Anne Booker (daughter of John Camm) 1774VaultBox #50; Folder #15
2002.48.16John Camm’s Will - 1767VaultBox #50; Folder #16
2002.48.17Will – James Robert Fleet – 1881VaultBox #50; Folder #17
2002.48.18Will – Benjamin Hoomes – 1811VaultBox #50; Folder #18
2002.48.19Will – Thomas Hoomes – 1821VaultBox #50; Folder #19
2002.48.20Will – John Lumpkin – 1826VaultBox #50; Folder #20
2002.48.21Will – Edwin Motley – 1808VaultBox #50; Folder #21
2002.48.22Will – Robert Pollard – 1757 (?)VaultBox #50; Folder #24
2002.48.23Will – Joseph Pollard of Goochland Co.VaultBox #50; Folder #23
2002.48.24Will – John Story - 1718VaultBox #50; Folder #24
2002.48.25Will – Thomas Walker - 1850VaultBox #50; Folder #25
2002.48.26Will – Bernard Todd – 1810VaultBox #50; Folder #26
2002.48.27Will – Temple Walker – 1865VaultBox #50; Folder #27
2002.48.28Will – Oliver White – 1863VaultBox #50; Folder #28
2002.48.29Will – Robert Bird – 1796VaultBox #50; Folder #29
2002.48.30Will – William Temple – 1835VaultBox #50; Folder #30
2002.48.31Will – John Clayton – 1773VaultBox #50; Folder #31
2002.48.32Will – William Taliaferro – 1760VaultBox #50; Folder #32
2002.48.33Jones & Crouch vs. Nunn – 1833, about a willVaultBox #50; Folder #33
2002.48.34Will – Armisted Bird – 1771VaultBox #50; Folder #34
2002.48.35Will – William D. Gresham – 1884VaultBox #50; Folder #35
2002.48.36Will – Phillip Pendleton – 1839VaultBox #50; Folder #36
2002.48.37Will – John Carlton – 1835VaultBox #50; Folder #37
2002.48.38Will – Robert Armisted Bird – 1767VaultBox #50; Folder #38
2002.48.39Will – Thomas Hill – 1795VaultBox #50; Folder #39
2002.48.40Will-William D. GreshamVaultBox #50; Folder #40
2002.48.41Will- Andrew Harrison, pp4,5,6VaultBox #50; Folder #41
2002.49.011577 – 3 maps of Virginia by Sir Francis DrakeVaultBox #44; Folder #01
2002.49.02Map – Karte von Der Bay ChesapeakVaultBox #44; Folder #02
2002.49.03Map of King & Queen and King William Counties, Primary and Secondary Highway System, 1959. Published by VDOTVaultBox #44; Folder #03
2002.49.04Map Richmond, VA – 1866Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #04
2002.49.05Map Caroline and Surrounding Counties 1863Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #05
2002.49.06Plan of Pageant Grounds – 1941 K&Q 250th Anniv. From the collection of Elizabeth H. Hutchinson of "Westwood", Walkerton, VAMap CabinetBox #44; Folder #06
2002.49.07Map 1781 – Carte de La Parlie de La VirginieMap CabinetBox #44; Folder #07
2002.49.08Map Pamunkey and Mattaponi RiversMap CabinetBox #44; Folder #08
2002.49.09Map Mattapony River – 1826Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #09
2002.49.10Map K&Q County – Homes mentioned in ‘Green Mount’ – 1966Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #10
2002.49.11Copy of 1840 Plat of King & Queen CourthouseMap CabinetBox #44; Folder #11
2002.49.12Maps (3) of King & Queen County - 1755, 1781, 1888Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #12
2002.50.01Bland – pages from ledgersVaultBox #45; Folder #01
2002.50.02John McGill – account pagesVaultBox #45; Folder #02
2002.50.03Ledger – found in John McGill’s PapersVaultBox #45; Folder #03
2002.50.04Account - M.P. Todd – Purchase of Clothing & CostsVaultBox #45; Folder #04
2002.50.05Accounts – Farm CropsVaultBox #45; Folder #05
2002.50.06Account Book – W.B. Todd, 1831 – 1833VaultBox #45; Folder #06
2002.50.07Account Book Pages – 1864 – 65 (M.P. Todd)VaultBox #45; Folder #07
2002.50.08Papers of N.B. StreetVaultBox #45; Folder #08
2002.50.09Account Book, 1852 (owner unknown)VaultBox #45; Folder #09
2002.50.10Unidentified, account book, 1822 – 1823, Aylett, VaVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #10
2002.50.11Unidentified, account book, 1834 – 1836, Dudley’s Ferry, VaVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #11
2002.50.12Unidentified, account book, 1858 – 1868, King & Queen County, VaVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #12
2002.50.13Allen, Rodney D., account book, 1907-1914, King & Queen Court House, VaVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #13
2002.50.14Allen & Oliver, account book, 1922-1931, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #14
2002.50.15Allen & Oliver, account book, 1923-1925, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #15
2002.50.16Allen & Oliver, account book, 1931-1948, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #16
2002.50.17Allen & Oliver, payroll, 1939-1943, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #17
2002.50.18Allen & Oliver, account book, 1941-1955, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #18
2002.50.19Bates, James T. account book, 1832 – 1871, Newtown, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #19
2002.50.20Bates, Thomas Jefferson, account book, 1836, 1860 – 1878, Newtown, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #20
2002.50.21Bates, Thomas Jefferson, account book, 1855 – 1859, Newtown, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #21
2002.50.22Bird, Spottswood, account book, 1892 – 1897, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #22
2002.50.23Bird, Spottswood, letterbook, 1909 – 1912, Baltimore, Md., and King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #23
2002.50.24Bird, William Beverley, account book, 1853 – 1859, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #24
2002.50.25Bird, William Beverley, account book, 1857 – 1871, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #25
2002.50.26Bird (Wm. B.) & Co., account book, 1858 – 1874, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #26
2002.50.27Bird (Wm. B.) & Son, account book, 1869 – 1873, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #27
2002.50.28Bird (Wm. B.) & Son, account book, 1873 – 1881 King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #28
2002.50.29Bird (Wm. B.) & Son, account book, 1876 – 1883, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #29
2002.50.30Bird (Wm. B.) & Son, account book, 1878 – 1880, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #30
2002.50.31Bird (W. B.) & Son, account book, 1880 – 1881, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #31
2002.50.32Bird (W. B.) & Son, account book, 1880 – 1889, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #32
2002.50.33Bird (W. B.) & Son, account book, 1884 – 1886, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #33
2002.50.34Bird & Allen, account book, 1890 – 1892, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #34
2002.50.35Bird & Allen, account book, 1895 – 1906, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #35
2002.50.36Bird & Allen, account book, 1896 – 1899, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #36
2002.50.37Bird & Allen, account book, 1896 – 1908, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #37
2002.50.38Bird & Allen, account book, 1897 – 1903, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #38
2002.50.39Bird & Allen, account book, 1899 – 1902, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #39
2002.50.40Bird & Allen, account book, 1900 – 1908, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #40
2002.50.41Bird & Allen, account book, 1902 – 1904, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #41
2002.50.42Bird & Allen, account book, 1902 – 1908, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #42
2002.50.43Bird & Allen, account book, 1903 – 1908, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #43
2002.50.44Bird & Allen, account book, 1905 – 1913, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #44
2002.50.45Bird & Allen, account book, 1906 – 1907, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #45
2002.50.46Bird & Allen, account book, 1906 – 1914, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #46
2002.50.47Bird & Allen, account book, 1907 – 1909, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #47
2002.50.48Bird & Allen, account book, 1908 – 1912, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #48
2002.50.49Bird & Allen, account book, 1909 – 1910, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #49
2002.50.50Bird & Allen, account book, 1909 – 1917, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #50
2002.50.51Bird & Allen, account book, 1910 – 1912, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #51
2002.50.52Bird & Allen, account book, 1912 – 1913, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #52
2002.50.53Bird & Allen, account book, 1912 – 1915, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #53
2002.50.54Bird & Allen, account book, 1913 – 1919, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #54
2002.50.55Bird & Allen, account book, 1915 – 1916, King & Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #55
2002.50.56Bland (J.T.) & Bro., account book, 1886 – 1890, Shacklefords, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #56
2002.50.57Courtney, Theodore, account book, 1860 October 13 – 1861 September 30, Bruington, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #57
2002.50.58Courtney & Spencer, account book, 1868 – 1874, Little Plymouth, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #58
2002.50.59Courtney (J.W.) & Co., account book, 1831, 1865 – 1869, Little Plymouth, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #59
2002.50.60Courtney (J.W.) & Co, account book, 1855 – 1856, Little Plymouth, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #60
2002.50.61Dudley & Harwood, account book, 1856 – 1862, King and Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #61
2002.50.62Exol Baptist Church, account book, 1889 – 1920, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #62
2002.50.63Exol Baptist Church, minute book, 1908 – 1929, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #63
2002.50.64Fauntleroy, Virginius, account book, 1887 – 1888, Holly Hill and St. Stephen’s Church, Va.VaultBox #45; Folder #64
2002.50.65Fleet, Benjamin, account book, 1838 – 1861, ‘Green Mount’, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #65
2002.50.66Fleet, Benjamin, account book, 1859 – 1875, ‘Green Mount’, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #66
2002.50.67Gwathmey, Alfred Brooke, account book, 1881 – 1884, Walkerton, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #67
2002.50.68King and Queen Packing Co., payroll, 1906 – 1909, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #68
2002.50.69King and Queen Packing Co., payroll, 1918, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #69
2002.50.70King and Queen Packing Co., payroll, 1920, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #70
2002.50.71Lumpkin, Richardson, account book, 1836 – 1863, Newtown, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #71
2002.50.72Martin, William, account book, 1852 – 1858, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #72
2002.50.73Motley Bros., account book, 1877 – 1887, Newtown, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #73
2002.50.74Walker, Bernard H., execution book, 1845 – 1846, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #74
2002.50.75Wise, John D., account book, 1835 – 1846, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #75
2002.50.76Wise, John D., account book, 1845 – 1848, King and Queen County, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #76
2002.50.77Bird, Spottswood, account book, 1889 – 1894, King and Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #77
2002.50.78Bird, William Beverley, account book, 1856 – 1857, King and Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #78
2002.50.79Bird & Allen, account book, 1910 – 1913, King and Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #79
2002.50.80Bird (W.B.) & Son, account book, 1885 – 1893, King and Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #80
2002.50.81Bird (W.B.), & Co., account book, 1858 – 1859, King and Queen Court House, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #81
2002.50.82Courtney, Theodore, account book, 1860 November 26 – 1861 February 1, Bruington, King and Queen Co. Va.VaultBox #45; Folder #82
2002.50.83Kidd, Mrs. Catherine F., account book, 1864 – 1865, King and Queen Co., Va.VaultBox #45; Folder #83
2002.50.84Accounts - Bagby & Gresham – 1841 – 80Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #84
2002.50.85Walkerton Grist Mill – 1848 – 1849 (Personal Account of A.G. Gresham & account of his brother’s death – 1886)Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #85
2002.50.86Account Book (1806 – 1814) of Thomas Todd, Sheriff of King & Queen CountyVaultBox #45; Folder #86
2002.50.87Receipt Book, 1861, from Roderick BlandVaultBox #45; Folder #87
2002.50.88Account Book – 1858 – 1862 ( owner unknown)VaultBox #45; Folder #88
2002.50.89Dr. Bates (1858 – 1864) – LedgerVaultBox #45; Folder #89
2002.50.90Account - Pittman to Bates (Bond) – 1840 (Borrowing money)VaultBox #45; Folder #90
2002.50.91Accounts - Bates PapersVaultBox #45; Folder #91
2002.50.92Account Book – Dr. Thomas J. Bates –1856 (in large Black Book with other Account BooksVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #92
2002.50.95Ledger – Little Plymouth – 1874VaultBox #45; Folder #95
2002.50.96Accounts - R. F. Milby – 1920 – 1921Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #96
2002.50.97Accounts - R.F. Milby – 1903 – 1924, 1918 – 1924, 1931 – 1933VaultBox #45; Folder #97
2002.50.98Accounts - R.F. Milby – 1916 – 1923, 1926 – 1927Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #98
2002.50.100Tobacco Growers Contract Book, Ledger - 1921-1923Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #100
2002.50.104Accounts - Courtney & Spencer, Little Plymouth, 1868Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #210
2002.51.03Account book pages/bonds (1836- ) Thomas Gresham & Richard BagbyVaultBox #45; Folder #103
2002.51.101Three Ledgers – 1913 – 1923, owner unknownVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #101
2002.51.102Ledgers – 1931 – 1937, owner unknownVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #102
2002.53.01Reuben Garnett papers: Bill to Reuben Garnett from Pleasants (1801)VaultBox #67; Folder #01
2002.53.02Reuben Garnett papers: deed 59 ½ acres, Recorded in King & Queen; Book # 57, page 446VaultBox #67; Folder #02
2002.53.03Reuben Garnett papers: Inventory of Estate of John Bagby – 1796VaultBox #67; Folder #03
2002.53.04Reuben Garnett papers: Bill to Reuben Garnett (Guardian) for John T. Garnett’s children – from H.C. BrownVaultBox #67; Folder #04
2002.53.05Reuben Garnett papers: Bill to Reuben Garnett, guardian of John Garnett’s children for tuition – to Andrew Browne and Richard LyneVaultBox #67; Folder #05
2002.53.06Reuben Garnett papers: Samuel Roane to Reuben Garnett (1801) – 2 gals. Rum; chamber pot, etc.VaultBox #67; Folder #06
2002.53.07Reuben Garnett papers: Bond – Carter Woods to Wm Perkins (1800-1811) who assigned to Cary GriggsVaultBox #67; Folder #07
2002.53.08Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben M. Garnett – Appointment as Sheriff of King & Queen County – 1828VaultBox #67; Folder #08
2002.53.09Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben M. Garnett commissioned Sheriff of King & Queen County – 1830VaultBox #67; Folder #09
2002.53.10Reuben Garnett papers: Request for delayed payment of money owed R.M. Garnett by Thomas Tunstall – 1799VaultBox #67; Folder #10
2002.53.11Reuben Garnett papers: 1821-1822 R.M. Garnett paid Dr. Ayors (Ayres?) for treating Betsey Jamison, Mr. Carson, R.Showard, Capt. Hutchinson, & Jas. EubankVaultBox #67; Folder #11
2002.53.12Reuben Garnett papers: Paid – Thomas Noel to Reuben Garnett (1800)VaultBox #67; Folder #12
2002.53.13Reuben Garnett papers: Bill to Dr. ? for Mrs. Garnett’s fractured arm – 1820VaultBox #67; Folder #13
2002.53.14Reuben Garnett papers: Dr. Thomas G. Gordon – Last acc’t and rec’d in full – 19 Jan. 1829VaultBox #67; Folder #14
2002.53.15Reuben Garnett papers: Slaves owned by Reuben Garnett and rented out to people 1817,1818,1819VaultBox #67; Folder #15
2002.53.16Reuben Garnett papers: Account of Mr. Lewis Jeffries to John T. Garnett, 1801VaultBox #67; Folder #16
2002.53.17Reuben Garnett papers: Col. Reuben Garnett – Account with George Gatewood – 1827VaultBox #67; Folder #17
2002.53.18Reuben Garnett papers: Capt. R.M. Garnett, Guardianship of J.T.Garnett’s children, billed by Dr. John Duval (or Du Val) for treating the children & slaves, 1820-1822; 2 receiptsVaultBox #67; Folder #18
2002.53.19Reuben Garnett papers: Bonds: 1) Nathan Shiply & Walter Dunn – 1790 2) John Thacker & Abner Cox – 1792 3) Henry Dunn & Henry Dunn, Jr. – 1796VaultBox #67; Folder #19
2002.53.20Reuben Garnett papers: R.M. Garnett to Joseph Pollard – 1825, for making carriage parts, shoeing horses, etc.VaultBox #67; Folder #20
2002.53.21Reuben Garnett papers: Vincent Meade – Acc’t with R.M. Garnett – 1800 – buttons, brandy, brown linenVaultBox #67; Folder #21
2002.53.22Reuben Garnett papers: R.M. Garnett paid $4.00 to Wm. Brown for returning “run-away negro” belonging to John T. Garnett’s orphansVaultBox #67; Folder #22
2002.53.23Reuben Garnett papers: Tax Bill to R.M. Garnett from Robt. B. HillVaultBox #67; Folder #23
2002.53.24Reuben Garnett papers: Appointment for Lieutenant in 5th Regiment, 14th Brigade, 4th Division of Militia in Essex County – 1804 (R.M. Garnett)VaultBox #67; Folder #24
2002.53.25Reuben Garnett papers: 1835 – Money Received of Reuben M. Garnett for rent of Tan YardVaultBox #67; Folder #25
2002.53.26Reuben Garnett papers: James Webb to Reuben Garnett about billsVaultBox #67; Folder #26
2002.53.27Reuben Garnett papers: Letter to Col. Reuben M. Garnett about woodVaultBox #67; Folder #27
2002.53.28Reuben Garnett papers: Sept. 4, 1838 - Rec’d of R.M. Garnett for sale of slave …VaultBox #67; Folder #28
2002.53.29Reuben Garnett papers: Transactions of Reuben GarnettVaultBox #67; Folder #29
2002.53.30Reuben Garnett papers: R.M. Garnett paid $15.00 for support of Happy and her childrenVaultBox #67; Folder #30
2002.53.31Reuben Garnett papers: Col. R.M. Garnett paid $12.00 to Breed MareVaultBox #67; Folder #31
2002.53.32Reuben Garnett papers: Bill to Reuben M. Garnett from James Webb (lawyer)VaultBox #67; Folder #32
2002.53.33Reuben Garnett papers: Request to R.M. Garnett for moneyVaultBox #67; Folder #33
2002.53.34Reuben Garnett papers: Transaction – R.M. Garnett, 1840VaultBox #67; Folder #34
2002.53.35Reuben Garnett papers: 1828, Mr. Cole sold corn to R.M. GarnettVaultBox #67; Folder #35
2002.53.36Reuben Garnett papers: 1830 – R.M. Garnett sent money to Farinholt by C. HenshawVaultBox #67; Folder #36
2002.53.37Reuben Garnett papers: 1803 – R.M. Garnett to Lawrence MuseVaultBox #67; Folder #37
2002.53.38Reuben Garnett papers: 1829 – Col. Reuben Garnett – account of M. FauntleroyVaultBox #67; Folder #38
2002.53.39Reuben Garnett papers: R.M. Garnett – tuition & books (cost)VaultBox #67; Folder #39
2002.53.40Reuben Garnett papers: Thos. Eubank – bill from R.M. Garnett – 1807VaultBox #67; Folder #40
2002.53.41Reuben Garnett papers: Benjamin Gaines – guardian of Richard Gaines – 1803 – to sheriff of Essex – signed R. GarnettVaultBox #67; Folder #41
2002.53.42Reuben Garnett papers: Bill of Richard Perriman to R.M. Garnett (1795)VaultBox #67; Folder #42
2002.53.43Reuben Garnett papers: Bill – Capt. Fawell & John Bingy for work doneVaultBox #67; Folder #43
2002.53.44Reuben Garnett papers: Thos. Greenstead & Reuben Garnett bound to Jas. Pollard, exc. For John Pollard, dec., sum of 5 pounds, 12 shillings Va. Currency (Dec. 1806)VaultBox #67; Folder #44
2002.53.45Reuben Garnett papers: Bill 1799 & 1801 – William Lloyd to Reuben GarnettVaultBox #67; Folder #45
2002.53.46Reuben Garnett papers: Thomas C. Mastin pays Muscoe Garnett for work of slaves; “Returned them Xmas Day well clothed” (1797)VaultBox #67; Folder #46
2002.53.47Reuben Garnett papers: Articles Sold of Estate of John Bingey – 1796VaultBox #67; Folder #47
2002.53.48Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben Garnett from John Hill (King Wm.) & from Alexander Sommervail – 1791VaultBox #67; Folder #48
2002.53.49Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben Garnett (1835) proposal and Mrs. Muse’s reply to his proposalVaultBox #67; Folder #49
2002.53.50Reuben Garnett papers: Tax Bills – Reuben Garnett from John Lumpkin – 1829; Whitlock – 1843; Gatewood – 1837VaultBox #67; Folder #50
2002.53.51Reuben Garnett papers: John Willmore (Edmund Taylor, Security) to Reuben Garnett – 1798VaultBox #67; Folder #51
2002.53.52Reuben Garnett papers: Bill – Col. Reuben Garnett to John Belfield for blankets – 1827VaultBox #67; Folder #52
2002.53.53Reuben Garnett papers: Bill – 1842 to Reuben M. GarnettVaultBox #67; Folder #53
2002.53.54Reuben Garnett papers: 1807 – To sheriff of King & Queen for Samuel Allen and Benoni Broach – bail for money owed John P. Pleasants assignees of Reuben GarnettVaultBox #67; Folder #54
2002.53.55Reuben Garnett papers: 1793 – Bills to James Baskett and Abraham Wilson – toolsVaultBox #67; Folder #55
2002.53.56Reuben Garnett papers: Bills to Reuben Garnett from Thos. Greenstad – 1807VaultBox #67; Folder #56
2002.53.57Reuben Garnett papers: 1839 – Reuben Garnett from Wm. Boulware for daughter’s school, signed by Robert PollardVaultBox #67; Folder #57
2002.53.58Reuben Garnett papers: Col. Reuben Garnett – 1840, bill for son’s schooling recv’d by R. RylandVaultBox #67; Folder #58
2002.53.59Reuben Garnett papers: Bill (1814) Reuben Garnett from Elizabeth DavisVaultBox #67; Folder #59
2002.53.60Reuben Garnett papers: R. Garnett rec’d debt from W. Lumpkin for JordanVaultBox #67; Folder #60
2002.53.61Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben Garnett to Alexander Somervail for medicine (1832)VaultBox #67; Folder #61
2002.53.62Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben Garnett – Female School (1859)VaultBox #67; Folder #62
2002.53.63Reuben Garnett papers: Bill of Reuben Garnett to Harrison and Lee Ray Boulware (1837)VaultBox #67; Folder #63
2002.53.64Reuben Garnett papers: Capt. Reuben Garnett on list – 10 muskets, etc.VaultBox #67; Folder #64
2002.53.65Reuben Garnett papers: Rec’d payment of R. Garnett for crossing Dunkirk Bridge – 1844VaultBox #67; Folder #65
2002.53.66Reuben Garnett papers: Bill – Reuben Garnett from Thos. Clarkson for weaving (1829)VaultBox #67; Folder #66
2002.53.67Reuben Garnett papers: Bills to Reuben Garnett from Dr. Dew and Dr. FauntleroyVaultBox #67; Folder #67
2002.53.68Reuben Garnett papers: Misc. receipts from Clerks (King & Queen) 1829, 1828, 1826, 1824, 1839VaultBox #67; Folder #68
2002.53.69Reuben Garnett papers: Ledger pagesVaultBox #67; Folder #69
2002.54.02Bureau of Census: Heads of Families – Virginia – First census of U.S. taken in 1790VaultBox #53; Folder #02
2002.57.01History of Rickahock & HillsboroVaultBox #51; Folder #01
2002.57.02History of “Mount Pleasant” (Pleasant Hill)VaultBox #51; Folder #02
2002.57.03“Along the Trail of My Life” by Alfred Bagby, Jr.VaultBox #51; Folder #03
2002.57.04Speeches by: 1. John Melville Jennings 2005._x0001_. Samuel Bemiss 4. Virginia HallVaultBox #51; Folder #04
2002.57.05“Aunt Isabella” by MFC – 1921-22VaultBox #51; Folder #05
2002.57.06History of King & Queen (to and at time of Independence 1774 – 1776)VaultBox #51; Folder #06
2002.57.07History of Dumfries – 1749VaultBox #51; Folder #07
2002.57.08Bell Vue (notes from 1957)VaultBox #51; Folder #08
2002.57.09Memorial Art of Tidewater Virginia (Tombstones)VaultBox #51; Folder #09
2002.57.101704 – Quit Rent Roll of King & QueenVaultBox #51; Folder #10
2002.57.11Notes on Boyds, “Clifton”, etc by Pitt, TroutVaultBox #51; Folder #11
2002.57.12Our Kentish Ancestors by B. Fleet, 1964VaultBox #51; Folder #12
2002.57.13Archaeology – Brief Relation of Virginia PrehistoryVaultBox #51; Folder #13
2002.57.14King & Queen, Index to Patents, State Land OfficeVaultBox #51; Folder #14
2003.01.01Poems by Rev. Watson R. HarveyVaultBox #43; Folder #81
2003.01.02Coloring Book, Scenes in King and Queen County, Sketches by Sidney KingVaultBox #43; Folder #82
2003.02.01Dr. Garrett Anderson – 2 Pliers for pulling teethStorage
2003.02.02Dr. Garrett Anderson – 1 metal catheterStorage
2003.02.03Dr. Garrett Anderson – 2 pair glasses (nose pinchers) in cases, one blue, one clear with chainStorage
2003.02.04Dr. Garrett Anderson – 1 pair gold wire rim glasses in case (Dr. Rudd)Storage
2003.02.05Dr. Garrett Anderson – 1 pair blue glasses, additional lens holder, extention ear piecesStorage
2003.02.06Dr. Garrett Anderson – 1 pair wire rim shaded glasses – one lens crackedStorage
2003.02.07Dr. Garrett Anderson – “R and JL Bland and Bell” statement – July 2, 1902 or 1901Storage
2003.02.08Dr. Garrett Anderson – Grocery Book with list of suppliesStorage
2003.02.09Dr. Garrett Anderson – Tonic pad with calendar and notes – 1903Storage
2003.02.10Dr. Garrett Anderson – Black satin bow tieStorage
2003.02.11Dr. Garrett Anderson – Wooden weaving needles for making fishnetsStorage
2003.02.12Mrs. Garrett Anderson – Ladies purple glass beads – 30 inchesStorage
2003.02.13Wallet owned by Mrs. Dr. Garrett AndersonStorage
2003.02.14Invitation to marriage of Nannie Fields Bland and W. J. Leigh in folder advertisement for Antikamnia (2 copies)Storage
2003.02.15Vial, Wampole's Quinine Sulfate (empty)Storage
2003.02.16Dr. Garrett Anderson – 1 inch vial Atrophine sulphate (empty)Storage
2003.03.01Barbed wire stretcher – Woodbine, home of W.A. BrowneStorage
2003.03.02Baby chick feeder - Woodbine, home of W.A. BrowneStorage
2003.03.03Shingle splitter – Woodbine, home of W.A. BrowneStorage
2003.03.04Carpet beater – Woodbine, home of W.A. BrowneStorage
2003.03.05Lard renderer – Woodbine, home of W.A. BrowneStorage
2003.04.01Newspaper clipping, New York Times Book Review. Sec. 3. Sunday, Jan. 27, 1924VaultBox #55; Folder #20
2003.05.01Silver coin holderStorage
2003.05.02Silver match holder, 4.5” x 3.5”, hook for chainStorage
2003.05.03Silver notepad for chain 4.5” x 4.5”Storage
2003.05.04Silver holder, probably for handkerchiefStorage
2003.06.01Wooden Mallet, 11” long including handle, purchased in IllinoisStorage
2003.06.02Wooden Mallet, 15” long including handle, purchased in IllinoisStorage
2003.07.011 Box of miscellaneous First Aid and Toiletry itemsStorage
2003.08.01Minute Book of the Perry-Bradley Lumber Co.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #143
2003.09.01Picture of Students at King & Queen C.H. School, 1923VaultBox #42; Folder #40
2003.10.01Copy of letter of Long Island Wood Co. to Barefoot at Favor – steamboat shipmentVaultBox #49; Folder #84
2003.10.02World War II and Your Community (guidebook)VaultBox #54; Folder #66
2003.10.03War of 1812 – Pay RollsVaultBox #54; Folder #69
2003.10.04War of 1812 – Militia UnitsVaultBox #54; Folder #69
2003.11.015x7 black and white picture of Clifton Academy, Dec. 7, 1893VaultBox #42; Folder #39
2003.11.01Clifton Academy photograph & write-up by Elvin Southgate CourtneyVaultBox #42; Folder #39
2003.11.02Enlarged picture digital Kodak 7/26/02 Of Clifton AcademyVaultBox #42;Folder #39
2003.12.01Notice of celebration of Washington’s Birthday, 1866, held by the Washington Literary Society. Inscribed “Compliments of W.L. Broaddus and A. Fred Fleet Univ. of Va. Feb 8, 1866”, from Laneville papersVaultBox #42;Folder #33
2003.13.01Bruington School picture 1911 (students)VaultBox #42; Folder #42
2003.13.02Marriott High School graduation invitation 1914VaultBox #42; Folder #44
2003.13.03Newspaper clipping Marriott School IntercomVaultBox #42; Folder #44
2003.13.04Newspaper Clipping – K&Q Anniversary 1941VaultBox #43; Folder #07
2003.13.05Newspaper Clipping 1962 – Henry Vessels – slave, Holly HillVaultBox #43; Folder #99
2003.13.06Picture Newtown High SchoolVaultBox #42; Folder #43
2003.14.01Walnut dresser, c. 1900-192020th Century Bedroom
2003.14.02Mirror c. 1900-192020th Century Bedroom
2003.15.01Base of Apple Tree Church Baptismal FontDining Room
2003.16.01Copies of obituaries & records from Bible of Maria Seph & Augustine EdwardsVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #30
2003.17.01King & Queen & West Point Telephone Co. stock certificate issued to George W. KerrVaultBox #43; Folder #96
2004.01.01Pages from Guest Registry & 1 Ticket for August 6, 1941, King and Queen County 250th Anniversary Pageant.Vault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #08 E
2004.01.02Newtown High School Banner - “NHS 1914”Storage
2004.01.03Stevensville School Banner – “Stevensville” circa 1915Storage
2004.01.04Picture of class at Newtown School – 1917 (photocopy)Betty G.Box #42; Folder #
2004.01.05Picture of class at Newtown School – 1919 (photocopy)Betty G.Box #42; Folder #
2004.01.06Set of World War I view cards (13) circa 1918Storage
2004.01.07Records of attendance of meeting of K&Q Historical Society 1987 – 1995VaultBox #61; Folder #40
2004.01.08Collection of articles re Mt. Pleasant, Horses, & Hoskins familyVaultBox #58; Folder #15
2004.01.09Letters (copies) written & received by Thomas H. Henley’s family of King & Queen Co. 1849-1885 (genealogy in back of book)VaultBox #49; Folder #85
2004.01.10Antoinette Ryland's notebook of 250th Anniv of King and Queen County. Contains scenarios, preparation notes, correspondence, and schedule with participants, program, etcVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #08 B
2004.01.11Guest Registry used at the K&Q County 250th Anniversary celebration, 1941, notebook and unused pagesArchives Building, in Secretary desk
2004.02.01Courthouse Green – Application for Historic DistrictVaultBox #64; Folder #19
2004.02.02Tavern Museum – Miscellaneous materials on grants: Jessie Ball duPontVaultBox #68; Folder #06
2004.02.03Tavern Museum – Miscellaneous material on construction of museumVaultBox #68; Folder #09
2004.02.04Tavern Museum – Miscellaneous material on K&Q History exhibitionVaultBox #72; Folder #17
2004.02.05Courthouse Green – Materials on Courthouse Green exhibit in MuseumVaultBox #72; Folder #15
2004.02.06Tavern Museum – Materials in preparation for Lynn Perry exhibitionVaultBox #72; Folder #13
2004.02.07Tavern Museum – Dec 8 – Brick DedicationVaultBox #68; Folder #15
2004.02.08Tavern Museum – Volunteer pamphletsVaultBox #72; Folder #14
2004.02.09Tavern Museum – Powerpoint Presentation (printed copy) on fund raising "Who owns the Metropolitan Museum" by Jack SpainVaultBox #68; Folder #13
2004.02.10Tavern Museum – File on B’ ExpansionVault Filing Cabinet
2004.02.11Tavern Museum – File on Air Conditioning in Archive buildingVaultBox #61; Folder #55
2004.02.12Patchwork Quilt – Blue Line, plastic mastersVaultBox #53; Folder #07
2004.02.12Patchwork Quilt – Blue LineVaultBox #53; Folder #08
2004.02.12Patchwork Quilt – Blue Line, camera copyAccessions folder
2004.02.13Materials for Possible use in County History ExhibitAccessions folder
2004.02.14Powerpoint presentation to the Woman's Club written 11/14/2000Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2004.02.15Powerpoint presentation to the Board written 10/17/2000Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2004.02.16DVD video: King & Queen History and Customs, 12:30 minsVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2004.02.17Exhibit Preview - 2000Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2004.03.01Article written by Henry P. Taylor for the K&Q County Historical Society Bulletin “King & Queen and the Mattaponi” (manuscript)VaultBox #65; Folder #17
2004.03.02Letter from Meredith Taylor Averett with 3 pictures from old Walkerton School, 1937VaultBox #65; Folder #16
2004.04.01John Mann Genealogy – 1884; Letter to John Mann (1856) from John TaliaferroVaultBox #58; Folder #09
2004.05.01Certificate from British Red Cross Society & Order of St. John to K&Q Woman’s Club for materials for hospitals WWII 1939VaultBox #43; Folder #89
2004.06.01Bench (3 feet length) used in K&Q Courthouse School 1906 – 1932Log Schoolhouse
2004.06.02Bench (3 feet length) used in K&Q Courthouse School 1906 – 1932Log Schoolhouse
2004.06.03Bench (4 feet length) used in K&Q Courthouse 1906 – 1932Log Schoolhouse
2004.07.01Framed photograph of Lewisville (1967)Hall Top Floor
2004.07.02Framed photograph of Pleasant GroveHall Top Floor
2004.08.01Newspaper article re: death of Miss Blanton, visitor to Walkerton, as a result of eating poison mushrooms in 1930VaultBox #65; Folder #20
2004.09.01Letter from Steve Colvin (pres. Of King Wm. Historical Society) to C. Jones re: Walkerton Bridge (built 1899-1900) newspaper clippingVaultBox #65; Folder #18
2004.09.02Letter from Steve Colvin, 1995 (pres. Of King Wm. Historical Society) to C. Jones re: Walkerton hotel fire (marked as from the Richmond Times, 9 January 1896, 2 photocopies, no banner)VaultBox #65; Folder #18
2004.09.03Letter from Steve Colvin, 1995 (pres. Of King Wm. Historical Society) to C. Jones re: Walkerton newspaper clipping, includes reference to installation of Mizpah Church’s new bell (marked as from the Richmond Times, 25 April 1896, photocopy, no banner)VaultBox #65; Folder #18
2004.10.01Second day Wedding dress of Lelia Dew (Mrs. Mason Washington) of “Plain Dealing”Parlor
2004.10.02Black Velvet Bodice20th Century Bedroom (storage)
2004.10.03Black Shawl20th Century Bedroom (storage)
2004.10.04Photocopies of wedding invitation (Lelia Dew (Mrs. Mason Washington) of “Plain Dealing”), newspaper account, marriage licenseVaultBox #58; Folder #138
2004.10.05Glass Globe containing dried wedding blossoms and pearl crossArchival Storage
2004.11.011931 Navy Georgett wedding dress20th Century Bedroom (storage, dresser)
2004.11.021931 Navy Georgett wedding slip20th Century Bedroom (storage, dresser)
2004.13.01Episcopal Prayerbook, published 1864, belonged to Willianna Winn Irby Bland (1847-1884) & her daughter Alma BlandIn Secretary desk
2004.14.011895 wedding invitation: Eva Bland Roane to Warren W. MitchellVaultBox #43; Folder #86
2004.14.02Notebook containing burial records of Shackelford Chapel CemeteryVaultBox #41; Folder #38
2004.14.035 tax receipts – Bland family 1925VaultBox #43; Folder #85
2004.14.04WWII ration books (16)VaultBox #54; Folder #71
2004.15.01Child’s school chair20th Century Bedroom
2004.15.02Folding rulerStorage
2004.15.031920s lunch boxStorage
2004.16.011919 photograph of K&Q Courthouse area (photocopy)VaultBox #64; Folder #13
2004.18.01Photograph of School House at Mt. ElbaVaultBox #42; Folder #45
2004.19.01Photograph of LewisvilleVaultBox #43; Folder #100
2004.20.01Photograph of Walkerton Public SchoolVaultBox #65; Folder #19
2004.21.01Tray with Coat of Arms of King and Queen CountyStorage
2004.22.01Toddsberry Plat 1937Map CabinetBox #59; Folder #98
2004.22.02Ink BottleLog Schoolhouse
2004.22.03Stick PenLog Schoolhouse
2004.22.04QuillLog Schoolhouse
2004.22.05Lunch BucketLog Schoolhouse
2004.22.06Artificial AppleLog Schoolhouse
2004.22.07SlateLog Schoolhouse
2004.22.08Box of chalkLog Schoolhouse
2004.22.09Six Children’s Books, paper, in a paper folder, 1850’s American ReviewLog Schoolhouse
2004.22.09Appleton’s School Readers – Second Reader 1878 American Book Co.Log Schoolhouse
2004.22.09American Educational Readers. Third Reader, 1873, Iverson Blakeman, TaylorLog Schoolhouse
2004.22.09Comprehensive Spelling, by J.E.Worcester LLD 1884, J.F. FarwellLog Schoolhouse
2004.22.09McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer, 1881. Revised Ed. American Book Co.Log Schoolhouse
2004.22.11Newpaper article (photocopy) re: Glebe in Newtown , Drysdale Parish, built circa 1745VaultBox #41; Folder #44
2004.22.123 photographs (photocopies): Miss Belle Jones, Miss Lucy Jones, and other Jones family members, who attended Eastern View school, plus photo of students at an unknown schoolVaultBox #42; Folder #57
2004.22.13Photograph (copy) of store in 1899, near Owenton, across from Eastern View; used as a school in 1918VaultBox #43; Folder #124
2004.22.14Schoolmaster’s desk used in Eastern View School (restored)Log Schoolhouse
2004.22.15Eastern View School (1890-1905), log school house, moved to K&Q Courthouse Green site.Log Schoolhouse
2004.23.0131 school books 1890 – 1900Log Schoolhouse
2004.26.01Cream & Sugar with top – Buttons and Bows or Holiday pattern in pinkKitchen
2004.27.012 receipts, Sale of Wheat via boats on Mattaponi to Baltimore, March 1858VaultBox #43; Folder #95
2004.28.012 Financial Secretary’s Ledgers of Masons, Lower King&Queen CountyVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #209
2004.28.02Ledger H.S. Bland at Cologne Merchandise orders to wholesale houses 1931-1946Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #205
2004.28.03Ledger H.S. Bland at Cologne Merchandise orders to wholesale houses 1914-1930Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #206
2004.28.04Day Book 1904Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #208
2004.28.05Ledger H.S. Bland at Cologne Ledger 1914-1926Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #207
2004.28.06Ledger H.S. Bland at Cologne Inventory 1925, 1926, 1927Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #204
2004.28.07Buggy Whip and standCarriage House
2004.28.08Federal Narcotics Record Book Dr. W.W. Bennett 1915-1918VaultBox #53; Folder #05
2004.28.091912 Miller & Rhoads order by Mrs. W.W. Bennett nee Grace Post; 1914 J.W. Marshall Oyster letterhead and note to Dr. Bennett; 1913 John Milby Receipt for Lumber;1908 W.W. Bennett tax receiptVaultBox #43; Folder #103
2004.28.10Deed 1835, Conklin to AdamsVaultBox #59; Folder #93
2004.28.11Deed 1838, Conklin to AddamsVaultBox #59; Folder #94
2004.28.12Deed 1871, Tucker to PostVaultBox #59; Folder #95
2004.28.13Deed 1880, Wright and Barnes to PostVaultBox #59; Folder #97
2004.28.14Deed 1895, Adams to PostVaultBox #59; Folder #96
2004.31.01The Keys of Colonial Virginia, genealogy of the Key family of Truhart, Va.VaultBox #58; Folder #131
2004.32.01The Lumpkin Family of Virginia, Georgia and MississippiVaultBox #58; Folder #130
2004.32.02Genealogy - Minor, Scales, Cottrell and Gray FamiliesVaultBox #58; Folder #129
2004.32.03Lumpkin Family of King and Queen CountyVaultBox #58; Folder #128
2004.33.013 Puzzle Maps/Geography Games 1900-1920Storage
2004.34.01Account Book of Annie M. ShackelfordVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #104
2004.35.01Account Book near Walkerton 1916Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #105
2004.36.01Account Book J.T. Barefoot Store, Favor (other Favor account books at VHS)Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #112
2004.37.01Tethering BlockCarriage House
2004.38.01Podium for SpeakersLog Schoolhouse
2004.38.02Fireplace Light for SchoolhouseLog Schoolhouse
2004.38.03Three Wall Sconces for SchoolhouseLog Schoolhouse
2004.38.04Locks for SchoolhouseLog Schoolhouse
2004.38.05SchoolhouseLog Schoolhouse
2004.38.06Purbeckian StoneLog Schoolhouse
2004.39.01Babydoll carriageHall Top Floor
2004.40.01Pair of cast iron andironsLog Schoolhouse
2004.42.01Handmade wooden bench for schoolhouseLog Schoolhouse
2004.42.02Handmade mantle for schoolhouseLog Schoolhouse
2004.43.01Two Millstones from Trice's Mill, on loan from Robert F. NormanFront lawn
2004.44.01Three files of miscellaneous materials on King and Queen County Historical Society from files of David Nelson SuttonArchives Bldg
2004.44.02Print of King & Queen Courthouse, #99/500 by Richard Athersone Genders, signedLibrary
2005.01.01Wool and cotton hand-woven bedspread, 1879, red, blue, beige, Longest family20th Century Bedroom
2005.02.01Copy of letter written to Gulie Griggs Williams by Olive Bagby from ChinaVaultBox #49; Folder #89
2005.02.02Article on Agriculture in K&Q County, Richmond Times Dispatch June 1957VaultBox #43; Folder #104
2005.02.03Picture of Farmer’s Market, RichmondVaultBox #40; Folder #35
2005.02.04McCalls Magazine July 1908VaultBox #56; Folder #33
2005.02.05Magazine, Rural Virginia, Vol 13, No. 1, Nov. 1958VaultBox #56; Folder #32
2005.03.01Photograph of Griggs’ StoreVaultBox #40; Folder #37
2005.03.02Postcard print of Barefoot Barn, Favor, VA.VaultBox #40; Folder #36
2005.04.01Original picture of Walkerton School (2 room), circa 1908VaultBox #42; Folder #48
2005.04.02Original picture of Marriott High School, 1911 (with markers)VaultBox #42; Folder #46
2005.04.02Original picture of Marriott School 1941VaultBox #42; Folder #47
2005.04.03Original picture of little Walkerton School (2 room) circa 1905VaultBox #42; Folder #48
2005.05.01Sweater Stretcher from home of Dr. M.H. Harris, West Point, VA20th Century Bedroom
2005.06.01Contains definitions and introductory remarks, fundamental operations,algebraic fractions, equations, square root and radicals, formation of powers an Algebra text book: Elements of Algebra by Charles Davies, A.S. Barnes and Company of New York (1873). Previously owned by Sarah B. Isbell, 1855, Hanover County.Archives Building, in Secretary desk
2005.07.01Long Island Wood Co. original letter 1912VaultBox #49; Folder #90
2005.07.02Long Island Wood Co. original letter 1913VaultBox #49; Folder #90
2005.07.03K&Q Court Letter re: J.T. Barefoot 1937VaultBox #49; Folder #91
2005.07.04List of persons convicted of Felony and Petit Larceny 1887VaultBox #66; Folder #64
2005.07.05Miscellaneous Clippings and Programs, events held in K&QVaultBox #43; Folder #106
2005.07.06K&Q 250th Anniversary, 1941VaultBox #43; Folder #87
2005.07.07Article about Dr. Inman JohnsonVaultBox #43; Folder #105
2005.07.082 Smyrna Church Histories 1957 & 1982 2 Smyrna Church Dedication Service Programs: 1949VaultBox #41; Folder #42
2005.07.09Collection of items relating to Jr. Woman’s Club 1938-1952VaultBox #43; Folder #107
2005.07.10Collection of items relating to Home Demonstration Club and K&Q Fair 1938 – 1946VaultBox #43; Folder #108
2005.07.11Tract: Biography of an old Country Church St. Paul’s 1838-1971 by Mary Virginia HaileVaultBox #41; Folder #41
2005.08.01Wedding Invitation Nannie Fields Bland to W..J. Leigh, 1878 at Airville, K&Q CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #110
2005.08.02Bill of Sale Capt. Jno Wright (oyster business Staten Island) to Wm Nickles, Plainview 1853VaultBox #43; Folder #109
2005.08.0416 School Books used in K&Q schools late 1800s to early 1900sLog Schoolhouse
2005.09.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, June 2005 (Sears, Roane, Nuttall, Hughes Family Letters, Land Tax Records)Library
2005.09.02Book: The Writings of Richard A. Roane: A Sanctified Believer by L. Roane HuntVaultBox #58; Folder #132
2005.09.03The Roane Family of Virginia by Herbert Snipes Turner, edited by L. Roane HuntVaultBox #58; Folder #132
2005.09.04The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, June 2006 (Philyaw-Wiatt-Ward, Gloucester-Jamestown Connection, Jones-South, Williams)Library
2005.10.01Framed Picture of The Ridge, home of Wallace McGeorge Family, near Bruington, VAHall Top Floor
2005.11.01Poster (photocopy) of Virginia Steam Navigation Co. Nov. 18, 1907, schedule for the steamer LouiseVaultBox #61; Folder #123
2005.12.01Stevensville Post Office – Wooden interior office facadePost Office
2005.12.02Apron from Stevensville Post Office, blue, no decoration or logoPost Office
2005.12.03Post Office Poster - Chart for First Class and Standard Mail Rates, Effective July 1, 1996 - from Stevensville Post OfficeVaultBox #76; Folder #90
2005.12.04Post Office Poster, Postal Rates and Fees, from Stevensville Post OfficeVaultBox #76; Folder #91
2005.12.05Post Office checklist for non-scanning delivery units, from Stevensville Post OfficeVaultBox #76; Folder #92
2005.12.06Treatment of Undeliverable Third Class Bulk Business Mail,from Stevensville Post OfficeVaultBox #76; Folder #92
2005.12.07card - Keep the Mail Safe, from Stevensville Post OfficeVaultBox #76; Folder #93
2005.12.08Poster - Principled Leadership, from Stevensville Post OfficeVaultBox #76; Folder #94
2005.12.09poster - Second Notice, from Stevensville Post OfficeVaultBox #76; Folder #95
2005.12.10Rubber Stamp Racks (2) from Stevensville Post OfficePost Office
2005.12.11Shelf rack, from Stevensville Post OfficePost Office
2005.13.01Walnut trundle bed with mattress19th Century Bedroom
2005.14.01Blue Line of Mrs. Hutchinson’s map of old houses of K&Q CountyArchives Building, in Secretary deskBox #61; Folder #42
2005.14.02Newspaper Clippings: 1) Louise Gray, Book Signing for Patchwork Quilt, Oct 27, 2002 & 2) Restoration of Tavern for museum 3) memorial bulletinVaultBox #61; Folder #41
2005.14.03Richard Lumpkin's Ciphering Book, begun 8-25-1813Vault (oversized)Box #42; Folder #49
2005.15.01Scrapbook compiled by Ann BurtonVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #12
2005.15.02Scrapbook compiled by Ann BurtonVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #13
2005.15.03Scrapbook compiled by Ann BurtonVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #14
2005.15.043 certificates for Postmaster at Elsom P.O.: John Y. Burton, 1897 & 1902; Annie Burton, 1940.Map CabinetBox #43; Folder #111
2005.16.01Photograph of Griggs’ Store, as restored 2005VaultBox #40; Folder #40
2005.17.01Hymnal: On Joyful Wing, 1886 (belonged to Dr. Bennett’s wife)In Secretary desk
2005.17.02Songbook: Cradle Songs, printed in GermanyIn Secretary desk
2005.17.03Corr Genealogy. with photocopies of amnesty oath, june 1865, paroles from Appomattox; receipts from 1850s including one for sale of a slave, Thomas "Violet" and child, in 1859 to Elijah WalkerVaultBox #58; Folder #111
2005.17.03Descendants of Isaac & Murnerve Jones – Reunion of Jones Family by Robin LawsonVaultBox #58; Folder #113
2005.17.03Atkins family document copies, early 19th centuryVaultBox #58; Folder #137
2005.17.04W.W. Bennett Appointment Book, 1909VaultBox #53; Folder #06
2005.17.05Humphey Treatment of Disease, owned by W.W. BennettVaultBox #53; Folder #07
2005.18.01Steriopticon with cardsParlor
2005.18.02Unfinished knit coverlet by Martie Owen, copied from 19th century original19th Century Bedroom
2005.19.01Va. Farm Bureau 1976 Bicentennial Farm Register (chart)VaultBox #43; Folder #120
2005.19.02Bicentennial Farms (brochure)VaultBox #43; Folder #120
2005.19.03King & Queen County Historical Society Commemorative Exercises (program 1975 Independence Bicentennial)VaultBox #61; Folder #45
2005.19.04Tour of homes of K&Q, October 1975VaultBox #43; Folder #121
2005.19.05Automobile Decal K&Q, 1978, with Coat of ArmsVaultBox #43; Folder #122
2005.19.06Newspaper clipping, Jane’s Wardrobe, paper dolls from newspaper, late 1930sVaultBox #55; Folder #22
2005.19.07Newspaper clipping, Thalhimer Bros. Receipt of Betty Henley 1898 sewing itemsVaultBox #55; Folder #22
2005.19.08Sears Roebuck postcard ad for homesVaultBox #55; Folder #22
2005.19.09Magazine, Farm Journal - 1939VaultBox #56; Folder #35
2005.19.10Magazine, The Farmer - 1866VaultBox #56; Folder #34
2005.19.11American Treasury of Facts - 1886. Almanac information for the year 1886 including Census of 1880 with full election tables. American Treasury of Facts - 1886.VaultBox #56; Folder #60
2005.19.12Magazine, The Southern Planter – Sept. 1857VaultBox #56; Folder #36
2005.19.13King William County pamphlet – undatedVaultBox #56; Folder #08
2005.20.01Framed Certificate for Master Mason Roderick Bland, jr. 1875Parlor
2005.21.04“Land Records contain Maiden Names” newspaper articleVaultBox #55; Folder #21
2005.23.01Seed sowerStorage
2005.23.02ScytheBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2005.23.03Iron hoeBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2005.23.04Soldering ironBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2005.23.05Muskrat stretcherBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2005.23.06Grain sifterBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2005.23.07Manual cultivatorPost Office
2005.23.08Pressure cookerDining Room
2005.23.09Dogwood maulStorage
2005.23.10Well pulleyKitchen
2005.23.11Sausage grinderDining Room
2005.23.12Fireplace pot hangerBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2005.23.13Fireplace pot hangerBack Hall, 2nd Floor
2005.23.14Hay hookBack Hall, 2nd Fl
2005.23.15Shoe formStorage
2005.24.01Tin Mold - 7x5.5 in., 5 in. deepKitchen
2005.24.02Glass plate – 10 in.Kitchen
2005.25.01Bible records - Minor family, copies of Births and Deaths, with Family Tree ChartVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #29
2005.25.02Rumford stock order book, B.O. Minor Store at BiscoeVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #113
2005.25.031941 account book, B.O. Minor Store at BiscoeVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #113
2005.25.041942 inventory book, B.O. Minor Store at BiscoeVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #114
2005.25.051923-1925 receipt book book, B.O. Minor Store at BiscoeVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #114
2005.25.061925 inventory book, B.O. Minor Store at BiscoeVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #114
2005.25.071946 cash book, B.O. Minor Store at BiscoeVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #116
2005.25.081931-34 cash book, B.O. Minor Store at BiscoeVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #116
2005.25.091944-46 account book, B.O. Minor Store at BiscoeVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #115
2005.25.101944-45 day book, B.O. Minor Store at BiscoeVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #115
2005.26.01Letter to D.H. Bland – 1941 – Post Office Inspector concerning war emergenciesVaultBox #43; Folder #119
2005.26.024 oaths to Post Office Dept.: Chrystal Leigh Bland – 1925; G.V. Trevilian – 1932; Hunter Lee Fary – 1933;James Chandler - 1936VaultBox #43; Folder #119
2005.27.01Letter mentioning Cleveland election – 1881VaultBox #49; Folder #92
2005.27.02Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: A Grammar Containing Etymology & Syntax 1883 (owner Willie Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.03Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Practical System of Modern Geography 1837 (owner Miss B. Brown)Archives Bldg
2005.27.04Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Holme’s Fifth Reader 1870 (owners Lib & W.A. Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.05Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Swinton: Word Analysis 1880 (owner Willie A. Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.06Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: A New System of Modern Geography 1825,1810 (owners Henry B. Banks, John P. Tucker)Archives Bldg
2005.27.07Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: English Grammar by Thos. Harvey 1868 (owner Freeman Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.08Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: History of the Attempted Assassination of Pres. Garfield 1881Archives Bldg
2005.27.09Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Bullions’s School Grammar 1871 (owners T. Ritchie Bland, Lib Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.10Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Gough’s Arithmetic 1807 (owner John P. Tucker)Archives Bldg
2005.27.11Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Venable: A Practical Arithmetic 1880 (owner A.E. Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.12Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Venable: Elementary Arithmetic 1879 (owners Freeman & Lib Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.13Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Davies: Elementary Algebra 1854 (owner John Bland)Archives Bldg
2005.27.14Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Arithmetic (old, in bad condition, owner Joseph C. Tucker)Archives Bldg
2005.27.15Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Peck: Complete Arithmetic 1883 (owner W.A. Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.16Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Davies: Practical Arithmetic 1878 (owner Alice Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.17Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Blackburn & McDonald: A Grammar sh. History of U.S.) 1879 (owner W.A. Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.18Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Thalheimer: The Eclectic History of the U.S. 1881Archives Bldg
2005.27.19Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: The History of the American Revolution (very old, owners Thomas B. Walden & John T. Tucker)Archives Bldg
2005.27.20Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Jarvis: Young Folk’s Glee Book (old, in bad condition, owned by Anderson & Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.21Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Mason: Third Music Reader 1886Archives Bldg
2005.27.22Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Bardeen: The Song Century Collection for School & Home 1888Archives Bldg
2005.27.23Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Selected Piano Music 1889Archives Bldg
2005.27.24Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Freedley: A Practical Treatise on Business 1852 (Joseph Hatch to Jesse)Archives Bldg
2005.27.25Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Payne’s Business Letter Writer & Commercial Forms 1884-1908Archives Bldg
2005.27.26Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Burkett, Stevens & Hill: Agriculture for Beginners 1903Archives Bldg
2005.27.27Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Ritchie & Caldwell: Primer of Hygene 1915 (owner Libbie Roane, Gressitt School)Archives Bldg
2005.27.28Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Browne, Withers & Tate: Child’s World 2nd Reader 1917Archives Bldg
2005.27.29Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Browne, Withers & Tate: The Child’s World Third Reader 1917Archives Bldg
2005.27.30Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Preston: The Wonder of Creation 1807 (owner John P. Tucker)Archives Bldg
2005.27.31Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: The American Spelling Book 1820 (owner John Richardson)Archives Bldg
2005.27.32Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: The New York Reader 1827Archives Bldg
2005.27.33Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: The New York Reader # 3 1828 (owner James Henry Tucker)Archives Bldg
2005.27.34Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: The New York Reader 1844 (owners Joseph Tucker & MSBP)Archives Bldg
2005.27.35Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: The New York Spelling Book 1867 ( owner Freeman Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.36Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: McGuffey’s Eclectic First Reader 1853 (owner A.F. Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.37Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: McGuffey’s Eclectic Fourth Reader 1853 (owner Lib Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.38Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: McGuffey’s Second Eclectic Reader 1857Archives Bldg
2005.27.39Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: McGuffey’s Third Eclectic Reader 1857 (owner Freeman Post) copy #1Archives Bldg
2005.27.40Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools McGuffey’s Third Eclectic Reader 1857 (owner Freeman Post) copy #2Archives Bldg
2005.27.41Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: McGuffey’s Reading 1880’s (owners Lib & Freeman Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.42Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Hart’s Composition and Rhetoric 1868Archives Bldg
2005.27.43Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: English Grammar 1880’s (owner Lib Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.44Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: The Institutes of English Grammar 1878 (owner Alice Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.45Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Stepping Stones to Literature 1897Archives Bldg
2005.27.46Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Geography 1881 (owner Willie Post)Archives Bldg
2005.27.47Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Fryler’s Higher Geography 1903 (owners 4 Trevilians)Archives Bldg
2005.27.48Textbook, used by members of the Post family in Plainview, Belview, & Gressitt schools: Looseleaf Current Topics 1930 (owners Beverly Green & G. Post jr.)Archives Bldg
2005.28.01Plat of Toddsbury in Newtown district – 1937Map CabinetBox #59; Folder #98
2005.29.01Genealogy relating to Bagby, Baylor, Camm, Campbell, Cosby, Courtney, Gaines, Garlick, Gresham, Herdon, Hill, Jeffries, Mathews, Parker, Pierce, Pollard, Robinson, Rogers, Todd, TownleyVaultBox #58; Folder #133
2005.30.01Photograph – Shacklefords Store & P.O.VaultBox #40; Folder #39
2005.30.02Advertising Card (late 20th century) – Photograph – Thrashing grain (1940, Hanover County)VaultBox #40; Folder #38
2005.32.01History of the 380th Regiment of 80th Division 1917-1919VaultBox #54; Folder #70
2005.32.02Photograph of Archie Pemberton, original photograph, in uniform of the 380th Regiment of 80th Division 1917-1919VaultBox #54; Folder #70
2005.32.03Archie Pemberton, his soldier’s pay recordVaultBox #54; Folder #70
2005.32.04Archie Pemberton, honorable discharge 1919VaultBox #54; Folder #70
2005.33.01The Leftwich Heritage, Fall, 2005VaultBox #58; Folder #134
2005.34.01Woven Egg Basket (old)Kitchen
2005.35.01Manuscript describing Fleet’s (Sower’s, Minor’s) Mill with photographs of Fleet’s, Owen’s and Garnett’s Mill. Paper meal bag from Minor’s Mill.VaultBox #43; Folder #114
2005.36.01Colored voting record, prior to 1904VaultBox #43; Folder #112
2005.36.02Article, 1993, regarding Oliver’s StoreVaultBox #43; Folder #116
2006.01.01Smyrna Church Treasury Book 1948-1950Vault (oversized)Box #41; Folder #43
2006.01.02Favor Post Office and Store Account Books, 1919, 1919,1913 (other Favor account books at VHS)Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #117
2006.02.01Genealogy of the Lewis family from Alfred the Great taken from “A Royal Lineage” by Mrs. Annah Robinson WatsonVaultBox #58; Folder #135
2006.03.01Descendants of Caleb TaylorVaultBox #58; Folder #136
2006.03.02Descendants of William GriggsVaultBox #58; Folder #136
2006.04.01Cotton gloves for handling documentsArchives Bldg
2006.05.01Oak Commode20th Century Bedroom
2006.07.02News article from Country Courier, 1993: “Pleasant Hill High School’s first graduating class celebrates 50 years” & “Old Store to come down”VaultBox #42; Folder #52
2006.07.02News article from Country Courier, 1993: “Old Store to come down” re: Oliver’s Store, K&Q CourthouseVaultBox #42; Folder #52
2006.07.03K&Q Courthouse, framed photograph (copy), 8x12 dated 1919Volunteer Room (bathroom)
2006.07.04K&Q Courthouse, unframed photograph (copy), 5x7 dated 1919VaultBox #64; Folder #13
2006.07.05Newtown School, unframed photograph (copy) 8x12 dated 1915VaultBox #42; Folder #51
2006.07.06Stevensville School, Collage of 4 student group photographs (originals glued onto scrapbook page) dated 1917, 1917,1917, and 1920VaultBox #42; Folder #50
2006.08.01Marriott School Program for play, signed by students (1930’s)VaultBox #42; Folder #53
2006.08.02Official Charter No. 50 for Ruritan National, Sept 1, 1938, listing 27 charter membersVaultBox #43; Folder #117
2006.09.01Photograph (copy) of students of Stevensville High School, 1916VaultBox #42; Folder #54
2006.10.01Letter from Thomas Kenningham telling of trip to New York on Schooner to Family in King and Queen, 1888VaultBox #49; Folder #93
2006.11.01Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben Garnett of Peach Grove, King & Queen CountyVaultBox #67; Folder #70
2006.11.02Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben Garnett - House AccountsVaultBox #67; Folder #71
2006.11.03Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben Garnett – Blacksmith ShopVaultBox #67; Folder #72
2006.11.04Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben Garnett – Army Medical Excuse, Dec 15, 1861VaultBox #67; Folder #73
2006.11.05Reuben Garnett papers: Garnett’s Grist Mill, Owenton, Va, Miller’s Tally Account Book 1867VaultBox #67; Folder #74
2006.11.06Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben Garnett – deed from John N. Ryland and wife “Lyns Mill”VaultBox #67; Folder #75
2006.11.07Reuben Garnett papers: Joseph Pollard, Hanover: Waites to Pollard – Judgement: John White vs. David Blackwell Feb 3 1787VaultBox #67; Folder #76
2006.11.08Reuben Garnett papers: George W. Banks, Capt. Essex Cavalry 4th Division, 4th Regiment, Expense AccountVaultBox #67; Folder #77
2006.11.09Reuben Garnett papers: Ms. Lucy Ann Hutcherson 1825-1829 in account with George W. GatewoodVaultBox #67; Folder #78
2006.11.10Reuben Garnett papers: King & Queen Co.– Misc. Receipts, etc.VaultBox #67; Folder #79
2006.11.11Reuben Garnett papers: Misc. Receipts, etc.VaultBox #67; Folder #80
2006.11.12Reuben Garnett papers: Correspondence from Bernard Todd to Thomas Todd, Elizabeth Todd to Thomas Todd, etc.VaultBox #67; Folder #81
2006.11.13Reuben Garnett papers: Correspondence relating to Bernard P. ToddVaultBox #67; Folder #82
2006.11.14Reuben Garnett papers: Correspondence from Christopher Todd to Thomas W. ToddVaultBox #67; Folder #83
2006.11.15Reuben Garnett papers: Correspondence from Philip Todd to William ToddVaultBox #67; Folder #84
2006.11.16Reuben Garnett papers: Correspondence to Thomas W. Todd, wife Eliza & AccountsVaultBox #67; Folder #85
2006.11.17Reuben Garnett papers: Correspondence relating to Thomas W. ToddVaultBox #67; Folder #86
2006.11.18Reuben Garnett papers: Correspondence relating to Thomas Todd, Reuben Garnett, Philip Gatewood, partners in Ohio 1000+ acres (Erie Canal location)VaultBox #67; Folder #87
2006.11.19Reuben Garnett papers: Correspondence relating to Joseph ToddVaultBox #67; Folder #88
2006.11.20Reuben Garnett papers: Correspondence relating to Philip ToddVaultBox #67; Folder #89
2006.11.21Reuben Garnett papers: Correspondence from Joseph Todd to Thomas W. Todd 1819-1827VaultBox #67; Folder #90
2006.11.22Reuben Garnett papers: The estate of Musco G. Hunter to Sam Ayre, executor of Wm Ayres, dec’d 1817-1818; The legatees of Levin Ayres, dec’d, to Sam Ayres, admin.VaultBox #67; Folder #91
2006.11.23Reuben Garnett papers: Certificate belonging to the estate of Liven Ayres, deceasedVaultBox #67; Folder #92
2006.11.24Reuben Garnett papers: Vouchers belonging to the estate of William Ayres, deceasedVaultBox #67; Folder #93
2006.11.25Reuben Garnett papers: Reuben M. Garnett purchases BricksVaultBox #67; Folder #94
2006.11.26Reuben Garnett papers: John Muscoe Garnett 1819-1885, In MemoriamVaultBox #67; Folder #95
2006.12.01Photo (copy) of Henry P. Taylor, Jr. in front of Shepherd’s store/post office, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #22
2006.12.02Newspaper clipping relating to history of Shepherd’s Store, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #22
2006.12.03Typed transcripts of seven letters sent to Lucy Turner (Mrs. George Stacy) 1861-1864VaultBox #49; Folder #94
2006.13.01Beulah Holiness Academy 1918-1919 catalogueVaultBox #42; Folder #55
2006.13.02Beulah Academy Commencement invitation 1927VaultBox #42; Folder #55
2006.15.01King and Queen Fair Association Secretary’s Book of Minutes: 1939-1947VaultBox #43; Folder #118
2006.18.01Wool carder (one of a pair)Storage
2006.18.02Flat IronChanging Exhibits Room
2006.18.03Flat IronChanging Exhibits Room
2006.18.04Ironing board, National Wash Board Co. (all wood with original label)20th Century Bedroom
2006.18.05Wicker Laundry BasketStorage
2006.18.06Basket (1)Kitchen
2006.18.06Baskets (15 to be sold)Storage
2006.18.07Butter Dish, round cut glassDining Room
2006.18.08Lemon Juice SqueezerKitchen
2006.18.09Lemon Juice SqueezerKitchen
2006.18.10Metal strainerKitchen
2006.18.11Small wooden hammerKitchen
2006.18.12Small wooden hammer, bell shapedKitchen
2006.18.131 biscuit cutter of 3Kitchen
2006.18.141 biscuit cutter of 3Kitchen
2006.18.151 biscuit cutter of 3Kitchen
2006.18.16wooden rolling pinKitchen
2006.18.17wooden spoonKitchen
2006.18.18Plaited basketKitchen
2006.18.20metal dipperKitchen
2006.18.21metal dipper, slottedKitchen
2006.18.22large metal forkKitchen
2006.18.23large spoonKitchen
2006.18.24large spoon, slottedKitchen
2006.18.25Canning PotStorage
2006.18.26Canning FunnelsKitchen
2006.18.27Biscuit cutterStorage
2006.18.28Shoe awlBack Hall, 2nd Floor
2006.18.29Tack PullerBack Hall, 2nd Floor
2006.18.30Wooden rolling pinKitchen
2006.18.31Dipper for CanningStorage
2006.18.32Hand wisk broomStorage
2006.18.33Metal graterStorage
2006.18.34Metal graterStorage
2006.18.35Metal graterStorage
2006.18.36Flat Iron20th Century Bedroom
2006.19.01Marriott School Bell prior to 1940 (labelled: The C.S. Bell Company, Hillsboro, Ohio No. 20 Yoke)Log Schoolhouse (outside)
2006.21.01Diary of Charles Roane & disc (transcript)VaultBox #57; Folder #06
2006.21.02Calendar (1906) advertising H&H Bland & Trevilian, General Merchandise, Plainview, Va.VaultBox #43; Folder #125
2006.21.03Apron, approx 1920, hand-made and embroidered20th Century Bedroom (dresser)
2006.21.04Forestry Club Program, 1961VaultBox #43; Folder #127
2006.21.05Richmond Public Schools honor cards (2) awarded to Chrystal Leigh 1896, 1897VaultBox #42; Folder #58
2006.21.06Frame for K&Q Courthouse printLibrary
2006.21.07250th Anniversary program, King & Queen Co. 1941VaultBox #43; Folder #126
2006.21.08Clyde Vaughan, Jr., reported killed while fighting in France WWII (newspaper article)VaultBox #54; Folder #72
2006.21.09The Boat to Baltimore (newspaper clipping & copy, July 23, 1942)VaultBox #55; Folder #23
2006.21.10K&Q Women Parade (newspaper clipping & copy, c. 1970)VaultBox #55; Folder #23
2006.21.11Local newspaper clippings for Shacklefords (March 1943, June 1943), Cologne (no date), & Oak Shade (May 1942)VaultBox #55; Folder #23
2006.24.01Marriott School class photograph 5x7 circa 1934VaultBox #42; Folder #59
2006.24.02Marriott School class photograph 2x4 1933-1934VaultBox #42; Folder #59
2006.25.01Rosenwald Schools, notes collected by Historical Society for special projectVaultBox #42; Folder #60
2006.26.01Photographic prints collected for special display project K&Q schools: Green Brier School (2 4x6, color photos); Mount Zion School (2 4x6, color photos); Stevensville School (2 5x7, b&w copies); Pleasant Hill (1 5x12, b&w copy); Marriott School (1 5x7, b&w copy); Centerville ( 1 4x7, 1 4x10.5 b&w photo copies) ; Gressitt (1 3.5x5 color photo); List of students in Centerville School class photo of 1932; pages of 39 mini-pictures printed from the CD. Also Edgehill, Mt. Olive Training School, Ruffin School.VaultBox #42; Folder #61
2006.26.02Digital Photographs on CD collected for special display project K&Q schools: Green Brier School (2 4x6, color photos); Mount Zion School (2 4x6, color photos); Stevensville School (2 5x7, b&w copies); Pleasant Hill (1 5x12, b&w copy); Marriott School (1 5x7, b&w copy); Centerville ( 1 4x7, 1 4x10.5 b&w photo copies); Gressitt (1 3.5x5 color photo); List of students in Centerville School class photo of 1933. Also Edgehill, Mt. Olive Training School, Ruffin School.Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2006.27.01Dunkirk Bridge, news article & map by John Rennolds printed in the Rappahannock Times March 1970VaultBox #55; Folder #24
2006.28.01Photocopy and transcript of deed dated 1810 from Dickey Shepherd to Robert B. Semple together with notesVaultBox #59; Folder #99
2006.29.01Biscoe Store & Post Office - original photograph of interior & B.O. MinorVaultBox #40; Folder #42
2006.30.01Little Plymouth Academy (private) photocopy, students and teachers, one identified as Carlisle BlandVaultBox #42; Folder #62
2006.30.02Shanghai Store & Post Office, photograph 1891 (copy) with Harry Bland, Charley Bland, J.W. Carlton, Bernard Carlton, Wellie, Irvington Carlton, Charles T. BlandVaultBox #40; Folder #43
2006.31.01Framed newspaper articles on King & Queen Schools (Mini page)Volunteer Room
2006.32.01Sandstone Hammer Stone, Native American artifact found at CanterburyStorage
2006.33.01Account Book, 1879-1883 (Cumnor, presumably)Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #118
2006.33.02Account Book, 1883-1886 (Cumnor, CC Vaughan)Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #119
2006.33.03Account Book, 1886-1887 (Cumnor, CC Vaughan)Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #120
2006.33.04Account Book, 1887-1889 (CC Vaughan)Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #121
2006.33.05Postmasters Account Book , Cumnor 1915-1918 (CC Vaughan)Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #122
2006.33.06Post Office Registered Mail Register, Cumnor 1923-1929 (CC Vaughan)Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #123
2006.33.07Parry’s Buggies, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1904 CatalogVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #124
2006.33.08Accounts for Post Office Carlton’s Store, William Hoskins, 1887-1892Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #125
2006.33.09Account Book, 1920, W.R. Courtney on coverVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #126
2006.33.10Account Book, 1915, unidentifiedVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #127
2006.34.01Flint point, Paleoindian Period (15,000-8000 B.C.), Clovis style, framed with 2 newspaper articles, describing its discovery in 1934Storage
2006.35.01Spinning WheelHall Top Floor
2006.35.02Blacksmith tongsHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2006.35.03Hilling hoe – no handleHistory Exhibit, Panel #02
2006.35.041850 Census King William & King & Queen Counties by Wayne LowersVaultBox #43; Folder #128
2006.35.05List (photocopy) of children and grandchildren of Ella Minor and handwritten copyVaultBox #58; Folder #140
2006.35.06Account book 1927-1934 M.E. Loving, Salvia, VirginiaVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #128
2006.35.07Purchase Order Ledger for store, 1934-38 T.O. Minor, M.E. LovingVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #129
2006.35.08Newspaper clipping, Saturday Evening Post, 1908VaultBox #55; Folder #25
2006.35.09Report on audit, King & Queen County 1935VaultBox #43; Folder #129
2006.35.10Handwritten arithmetic text, name inside may be Richard Fewe, Culpeper, 1878VaultBox #42; Folder #63
2006.35.11Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 6, Number 1 - May/June, 1997Library
2006.35.12School Board Expense Book, 1918-1921 including payments to teachersVaultBox #42; Folder #64
2006.35.13Clerk’s Book, School Board, 1912-1918VaultBox #42; Folder #65
2006.35.14Newtown District School Minutes, 1870-1896VaultBox #42; Folder #67
2006.35.15School Board Accounts, 1927-1932VaultBox #42; Folder #68
2006.35.16Fifty (50) Deeds of Trust for benefit of George Minor, from early 1900’sVaultBox #66; Folder #100
2006.35.17Checks for Training School Building, 1922 drawn on account of C.H. Martin & Co.VaultBox #42; Folder #66
2006.35.18Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 6, Number 2 - August/September 1997Library
2006.36.01Print of King and Queen Courthouse, framed, #87/500 by R. GendersStorage
2006.39.01Genealogy - James M. Pollard, 1842-1898 manuscript prepared Richard O. Baldwin, Jr.VaultBox #58; Folder #139
2006.42.01King & Queen County Historical Society Minute Book #1, 1953-1973In Secretary desk
2006.42.02King & Queen County Historical Society Minute Book #2, 1973-1977 (includes 1970 lease of the Clerk's Office)In Secretary desk
2006.42.03King & Queen County Historical Society Minute Book #3, 1977-1984In Secretary desk
2006.42.04King & Queen County Historical Society Minute Book #4, 1985-1997In Secretary desk
2006.42.05King & Queen Historical Society secretary’s notes for minutesVaultBox #61; Folder #46
2006.42.06Blue Line (text) for original printing of Old Houses of King & QueenArchives Building, in Secretary deskBox #61; Folder #48
2006.42.07Blue Line (text and map) for reprint of Old Houses of King & QueenVaultBox #61; Folder #49
2006.42.08Clippings, Reviews, Correspondence pertaining to Old Houses of King & QueenVaultBox #61; Folder #50
2006.42.09Box of notes containing research for Old Houses of King & QueenArchives Building, in Secretary deskBox #61; Folder #51
2006.42.10List of documents (owned by K&Q HS) microfilmed by the Va. Historical Society in 1987VaultBox #61; Folder #47
2006.42.11Negative of Mrs. Hutchinson’s King & Queen map. From the collection of Elizabeth H. Hutchinson of "Westwood", Walkerton, VAArchives Building, in Secretary deskBox #44; Folder #13
2006.42.12Walkerton Post Office Money Order Book 1893-1910Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #130
2006.42.13King & Queen Historical Society: Courthouse Green Historic District ApplicationsVaultBox #64; Folder #19
2006.42.14King & Queen Historical Society: Tavern Grant from stateVaultBox #68; Folder #07
2006.42.15King & Queen Historical Society: Tavern ConstructionVaultBox #68; Folder #16
2006.42.16King & Queen Historical Society: Tavern Exhibits, Wallpaper, FurnishingsVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2006.42.17King & Queen Historical Society: Tavern Sidewalk ConstructionVault Filing Cabinet
2006.42.18Copies of Virginia Historical Society Records referencing King & Queen CountyVaultBox #61; Folder #59
2006.42.19Tavern Museum: Power Point fund raising presentationVaultBox #68; Folder #13
2006.42.20Tavern Museum: Lynn Perry ExhibitVaultBox #72; Folder #13
2006.42.21Accessions Committee inventory notebooks ( two ledgers, one spiral notebook and two 3-ring notebooks)Vault Filing Cabinet 1st drawer
2006.42.22Notes on preparation of index to first 50 Bulletins, original of Index and loose leaf notebookVault Filing Cabinet 1st drawer
2006.42.23History of King & Queen (True Relations) (three copies) by Edwin CoxVault Filing Cabinet 1st drawer
2006.42.24Patchwork Quilt page layout negativesArchives Building
2006.42.25Complete set of King & Queen Historical Society Bulletins (1-85)Vault Filing Cabinet 1st drawer
2006.42.26Lady’s FanArchives Building, in Secretary desk
2006.42.27Video for School presentations (3 copies)Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2006.42.28Video for Tavern – 1st approved cut, no musicVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2006.42.29Video for Tavern – 2nd approved cut, 11/26/02 with sound & musicVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2006.42.30Video for Tavern Exhibits (Cinebar) – Oversized tape, copyright 2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2006.42.31Photograph: Martha T. Owen, Carey Hall, and Olive Bagby (Circuit Court Officers), newspaper clipping photo of Carey Hall in records roomVaultBox #43; Folder #113
2006.42.32Dr. Inman Johnson’s speech to King&Queen County Historical SocietyVaultBox #61; Folder #43
2006.42.33Dedication, memorial to county men who lost their lives in WWI and WWIIVaultBox #61; Folder #44
2006.42.34Coleman Family CemeteryVaultBox #43; Folder #91
2006.42.35Walden Family (1872) (large Bible in grey box on shelf)Vault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #23
2006.42.36Photocopy of article from the Filson Club Historical Quarterly – Ancestry of Gen. George Rogers ClarkVaultBox #58; Folder #116
2006.42.37Picture, mill interiorVaultBox #40; Folder #05
2006.42.38Letter from W.W. Bird to ? (no date) re selling wood.VaultBox #49; Folder #82
2006.42.39Descendants of William B. GriggsVaultBox #58; Folder #114
2006.42.40Deed to TavernVaultBox #59; Folder #61
2006.42.41Washington Literary Society University of Virginia – given by C.H.RylandVaultBox #42; Folder #33
2006.42.42Photographs & obituaries – Blands, Kitty Lassiter, Albert Orgain, tombstones moved from Belmont Farm to Shackelfords Chapel;VaultBox #40; Folder #33
2006.42.43Bible Records – Roanes, Blands, Andersons, Harts, Spencers, Collins, Taliaferros, TreviliansVault (oversized)Box #48; Folder #27
2006.42.44Roane Family ChartVaultBox #58; Folder #10
2006.42.45Tax Bill, John W. Street. 1853VaultBox #43; Folder #132
2006.42.46Dr. Thomas J. Bates, Power of Attorney from heirs of Robert S. Bates 20 January 1888VaultBox #66; Folder #65
2006.42.47Copy of a will, writer unnamed, heirs are his children & grandchildren: Elizabeth Gouldman, Phebe Gouldman, Horace Welford Parker, Mary Gouldman, Thomas Pitts; sons Richard and John appointed executors, dated 29 March 1855VaultBox #50; Folder #42
2006.42.48Lynn Perry Exhibition posters, 2 sets (one used and faded, other set original condition) 7 posters: “Steamboats”, “Sailing Along with Lynn Perry”, “Lynn Perry Waterman”, “Schooners, Sloops, Bug-Eyes & Skipjacks”, “Diagram of a Schooner”, “To Baltimore and Back”, “Other Vessels on the Mattaponi”Archives Building, in Secretary desk
2006.42.49Lynn Perry Exhibition Artifacts including exhibit labels, rope samples, sail clothArchives Building, in Secretary desk
2006.42.49aLynn Perry Exhibition Artifacts 4 audiotapes: Lynn Perry interview, cassette tapes marked Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 1 and 2Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2006.42.50Lynn Perry & A. L. Van Name video tapeVaultBox #63; Folder #02
2006.42.51Delinquent Land Book 1901-1912Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #133
2006.42.52Delinquent Land Book 1884-1889Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #134
2006.42.53Accounts for Lands Sold for nonpayment of taxes, purchased by Commonwealth 1875-1959Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #135
2006.42.54Delinquent Land Book 1927, 1933-1963Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #136
2006.42.55Accounts for Delinquent Levies on Tangible Personal Property, etc. 1992-1997Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #137
2006.42.56Accounts for Nonpayment of Taxes – Land purchased by other than Commonwealth 1886-1959Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #138
2006.42.57Delinquent Land Book 1916-1926Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #139
2006.42.58Accounts for Collection of Delinquent Levies on Real Estate 1963-1983Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #140
2006.42.59Letter from Mrs. Minnie Crouch describing her home “Dripping Spring”, descended from Peter DeShazoVaultBox #49; Folder #95
2006.42.60Account Book of Albert Gresham, 1890-1899Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #141
2006.42.61Kay papers: Bills and receipts from 1850’s, 1860’sVaultBox #43; Folder #133
2006.42.62Ledger Book: Receipts for District War Tax Stamp Receipts, Postage Stamps, War Savings, Stamped Inventories 1917-1919Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #131
2006.42.63Tac Account Book, Benjamin Pollard, Sheriff, 1821 (photocopies)Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #132
2006.42.64Video tape marked "Schooner", provenance unknownVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2006.42.65Transcript of Bible record of Robert Gaines Howerton (1817-1899),VaultBox #48; Folder #28
2007.01.01Invitation to 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hall 1946VaultBox #43; Folder #131
2007.01.02Checks and receipt dated 5-11-29 for 1922 automobile purchased by G. V. TrevilianVaultBox #43; Folder #130
2007.01.03Roderick Bland family genealogy (computer copy) & photocopy of handwritten account by Boothe BlandVaultBox #58; Folder #142
2007.01.04Calvert (Home School) Material ordered by Mrs. R.P. Hart for use in teaching her daughter in King & Queen County in 1928VaultBox #42; Folder #69
2007.01.051956 newspaper clipping with photo of Buena Vista School pupils in 1925VaultBox #42; Folder #21
2007.04.01Milton, home of Luther Bagby and his wife, Mable Johnson, six photographs and historyVaultBox #40; Folder #44
2007.04.02Milton, home of Luther Bagby and his wife, Mable Johnson, one photographHall Top Floor
2007.05.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, October 2006 (Confederate Monument, 132 Gloucester Men Honored, Elmira Prison Camp)Library
2007.05.02The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, December 2006 (Agricultural Association, George & Rebecca Emerson, West Point, West, Puller, Lewis, Thornton)Library
2007.05.03The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, June 2007 (Jamestowne Ancestors, Steamship Wharves, Mobjack Bay, Willis, Page, Lewis)Library
2007.06.01Memorial to Temple Boschen Clark (died 1983) written by Eleanor Mitchell SmithVaultBox #58; Folder #144
2007.07.01Life of Col. Richard Johnson, 1629-1699VaultBox #58; Folder #145
2007.08.01The Leftwich Heritage, Volume 14, Fall 2006VaultBox #58; Folder #134
2007.08.02Essay: “Proposed Investigation of the Leftwich Old Hall Site”VaultBox #58; Folder #134
2007.09.01Tea StrainerKitchen
2007.09.02Nutmeg graterDining Room
2007.10.01Oster Hand Hair ClippersHall Top Floor
2007.10.02Envelope mailed in 1941, stamped with King & Queen 250th Anniversary design, 1691-1941VaultBox #43; Folder #126
2007.10.03Jacob’s Ladder (toy)Hall Top Floor
2007.11.01Hand-crank telephone (1940’s) owned by W. G. Beane, officer of King&Queen and West Point Telephone Co.Dining Room
2007.11.02Stirrup (brass, broken)Storage
2007.12.01German Shot gun/rifle (side by side) – 18th century, hand-madeParlor
2007.13.01K&Q County Circuit Court SealDining Room
2007.13.02Two-hole punch from CourthouseStorage
2007.14.013 Confederate Bills ($5, $10, $100) authenticity not verifiedStorage
2007.15.01Artifacts from Old Church United Methodist Church foundation digStorage
2007.16.01Eyeglasses, one pair, from the Washington familyStorage
2007.16.02Eyeglasses, one pair, small oval lensesStorage
2007.17.01Constitution of Virginia, blue paper bound amended 1928, printed 1937, studied by Florence Gressitt Roane at Pleasant Hill High SchoolVaultBox #42; Folder #70
2007.17.02John Mann autobiography, 1884 (photocopies of the handwritten document and a transcription) and a 2007 letter containing further Mann genealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #146
2007.18.01Shipping statement: on board schooner “Alphabet”, William R. Wurley, master, pine wood shipped by by W.S. Roane, 1887 from Shepherd’s Warehouse to Baltimore, original & copyVaultBox #45; Folder #142
2007.18.02Miller & Rhoads Art Needlework Dept. stamping patterns (for embroidery)VaultBox #71; Folder #01
2007.18.03Singer Sewing Machine statement (J.W. Vaughan, agent) & envelope addressed to Maria Bland, 1884 original & copyVaultBox #71; Folder #02
2007.18.04Bill from R. H. Macy Bill to Mrs. Garrett Post for curtains, 1901, original & copyVaultBox #71; Folder #03
2007.18.05Recipes for keeping butter and beef, Mrs. Garrett Post, originalVaultBox #71; Folder #04
2007.18.06Letter to Ms Wright from G. Trevilian, on W.J. Leigh stationery, on store business, 1881 original & copyVaultBox #71; Folder #05
2007.18.07Advertising card, The Commercial Fire Insurance Company, W. J. Leigh, agent, Plain View original & copyVaultBox #71; Folder #06
2007.18.08Advertising card, Oysterman’s Home, Plain View original & copyVaultBox #71; Folder #07
2007.18.09Advertising ink blotter, The Commercial Fire Insurance Company, W. J. Leigh, agent, Plain View original & copyVaultBox #71; Folder #08
2007.18.10Officers of the King and Queen County Fair (original, undated)VaultBox #43; Folder #134
2007.18.11Community Connections, A directory of Resources for the King and Queen Community, 1997VaultBox #43; Folder #135
2007.18.12H.S. Bland, Federal Income Tax Return, 1937 (original)VaultBox #71; Folder #09
2007.18.13Shackelfords Chapel United Methodist Church Sesquicentennial Celebration 1857-2007VaultBox #41; Folder #57
2007.18.14Wedding Invitation from Mr. and Mrs. Roderick Bland, Floye Belle Bland to J.D. Odell, 1886, at Buena VistaVaultBox #71; Folder #10
2007.18.15Two Bills of Sales from V.E. Leigh, Plain View, 1905, originals, 1 to Giles Crowder, 1 to Willie Riglinsburg (with minutes of The Ladies Parsonage Society written on the back of these pages)VaultBox #71; Folder #11
2007.20.011 glass quart milk bottle from Sunny Side Dairy (1930s)Dining Room
2007.21.01Collection of original color photographs of buildings in Walkerton (11 photos) and King & Queen (18 photos), taken in 1968 by Henry P. TaylorVaultBox #40; Folder #61
2007.22.01Albums containing newpaper clippings of obituaries, births, and birthdays 1994-2007 of King & Queen residentsVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #15
2007.22.02Albums containing newpaper clippings of weddings and anniversaries 1994-2007 of King & Queen residentsVault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #16
2007.22.03Postcard photograph of O.T. Custalow “Hos-ki-no-wa-na-ah” (autographed)VaultBox #40; Folder #63
2007.22.04Postcard photograph of O.T. Custalow “With Bow & Arrow”VaultBox #40; Folder #63
2007.23.01Bolster made by Nannie Weston of Deltaville20th Century Bedroom
2007.24.01Genealogy, family of Dr. Horace Fogg, born 1801 (Payne, Fogg & Armistead), including transcriptions from the Payne family bible & photocopies of Caroline Co. Marriage RegisterVaultBox #58; Folder #147
2007.25.01U.S. Army Officer’s SwordStorage
2007.26.01King & Queen Historical Society Index for issues 51-100, original loose pages & one bound copyVaultBox #61; Folder #52
2007.27.02North Bank, 1898, copy of black & white photoVaultBox #40; Folder #62
2007.27.03Nannie Burke of North Bank, copy of black & white photoVaultBox #40; Folder #62
2007.27.04Newspaper clipping, “Dunkirk Bridge”, Rappahannock Times: March 15, 1979 (photocopy)VaultBox #55; Folder #24
2007.30.01War Time Saving Secrets, booklet, 1943VaultBox #56; Folder #37
2007.30.02From Yuletide to Yuletide 1903 calendar inscribed to Irene Wright from the Ladies Home JournalVaultBox #71; Folder #12
2007.30.03Post card addressed to Mrs. S.M. Richardson, Plain View from Olive Bagby, 1957, photo of Gretna GreenVaultBox #71; Folder #13
2007.30.04Post Card addressed to Miss Ellie Noel, Bon Air, Virginia, 1902, print of An Old Dominion LinerVaultBox #71; Folder #14
2007.31.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, December 2007 (Scoutmaster John Deal, Andrew J. Andrews, Tax Records, "Paradise", "Ginny")Library
2007.33.01The Leftwich Heritage, Volume 6, 1998VaultBox #58; Folder #66
2007.33.02“Ralph Leftwich The Emigrant” by Derek WhitfieldVaultBox #58; Folder #66
2007.37.43Virginia Highway Historical Markers , published 1931. From the collection of Elizabeth H. Hutchinson of "Westwood", Walkerton, Virginia.VaultBox #53; Folder #10
2007.37.66Recollections by Bathurst Browne Bagby, M.D. (paperback) Anecdotes of everyday life in King and Queen County, VirginiaVaultBox #53; Folder #12
2007.37.194Recollections by Bathurst Browne Bagby, M.D. (paperback, signed) Anecdotes of everyday life in King and Queen County, Virginia.VaultBox #53; Folder #12
2007.37.211Declaration of Independence, a facsimile of a working version of the documentVaultBox #56; Folder #59
2007.37.212Taylor and Caldwell, Incorporated Minute Book 1930-1972 (covering all years from initial or organization meeting April 26, 1930 to liquidation adopted April 6, 1972)VaultBox #74; Folder #22
2007.37.213Sanders new Series. The School Roader. Third Book, published 1867, inscribed (front) Buena Vista, King and Queen Co. Va. Dec 20th 03. Sunday Evening (and back) Miss Bessie S. Vaughan. Cologne, King and Queen Co. Va, Dec 20th 1903Archives Building, in Secretary desk
2007.37.214Practical Arithmetic. Ray's Arithmetic, Part Third, inscribed (front) Tony Dunton (back) Mazie Vaughan at HomeArchives Building, in Secretary desk
2007.37.215The New Normal Mental Arithmetic by Edward Brooks, A.M. inscribed (front) Batthis, Chester, Sh (back) Miss Emmie (?), Mary BlandArchives Building, in Secretary desk
2007.37.216A Practical System of Book-keeping by Ira Mayhew A.M., 1851 inscribed (front) Sarah Cummings, Battle CreekArchives Building, in Secretary desk
2007.37.217Harvey's Elementary Grammar and Composition, 1880. inscribed (front and back) Mazie Bland Vaughan, Buena Vista, Va.Archives Building, in Secretary desk
2007.37.218Harper's Series of School and Family Readers, School and Family Series by Marcius Willson, 1861. inscribed (front ) Aldis A. Dunton, Jr.Archives Building, in Secretary desk
2007.37.259Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 2, Number 3 - November/December 1993Library
2007.37.261Virginia Cavalcades, Spring 1950 thru Autumn 2002, some copies missingLibrary
2007.37.262Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 3, Number 4 - February/March 1995 (duplicate of library copy)VaultBox #58; Folder #141
2007.37.263Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 4, Number 1 - May/June 1995 (duplicate of library copy)VaultBox #58; Folder #141
2007.37.264Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 5, Number 1 - May/June 1996Library
2007.37.265Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 8, Number 1 - May/June 1999Library
2007.37.266Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 8, Number 2 - August/September 1999Library
2007.37.267Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 8, Number 3 - November/December 1999Library
2007.37.268Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 8, Number 4 - February/March 2000Library
2007.37.269Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 9, Number 1 - May/June 2000Library
2007.37.270Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 9, Number 2 - August/September 2000Library
2007.37.271Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 9, Number 3 - November/December 2000Library
2007.37.272Tidewater Virginia Families: A Magazine of History and Genealogy - Volume 9, Number 4 - February/March 2001Library
2008.01.01Envelope (printed stationery from Hotel Walker, W.H. Walker, proprietor, Walkerton), postmarked Jan 23, 1906 Lester Manor, addressed to Mr. J.S. Walker (Mr. Singleton Walker), c/o Standard Paper Mfg Co., Richmond, VirginiaVaultBox #65; Folder #23
2008.01.02Clarkson family tree, photo copyVaultBox #58; Folder #148
2008.03.01Account Book of Thomas N. Gresham, Commissioner of Revenue, King & Queen, 1861Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #144
2008.03.02The Child’s World Fourth Reader owned by Luenna Eubank, K&Q Courthouse SchoolIn Secretary desk
2008.03.03Child’s History of the United States 1845In Secretary desk
2008.03.04Surveying – owned by George T. Bouleware 1856In Secretary desk
2008.03.05Uranography – owned by George T. Gresham 1846In Secretary desk
2008.04.01School desk chair used by Evelyn Heston ThurstonLibrary
2008.04.02Beulah Holiness Academy - Evelyn Thurston’s Report CardVaultBox #42; Folder #71
2008.04.03Beulah Holiness Academy – Class of 1926 Commencement announcement with Evelyn H. Thurston’s cardVaultBox #42; Folder #71
2008.05.01Ledger, H.S. Bland Store, 1905-1909Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #145
2008.05.02Inventory Book, H.S.Bland StoreVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #146
2008.05.03Purchase Book 1903-1909Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #147
2008.05.04Letter to H.S. Bland from H.P. Taylor, re: Selective Service Law 1940VaultBox #49; Folder #96
2008.05.05Letter to K&Q Farm Bureau members from Latane Trice, re: cost of operation 1977VaultBox #49; Folder #97
2008.05.06Letter to Cologne Post Master from Postal Inspector, Richmond, re: closing Cologne Post Office 1964VaultBox #49; Folder #98
2008.06.01K&Q Ruritan Club group photo of members c. 1943-44Map CabinetBox #70; Folder #01
2008.06.02K&Q Ruritan Club certificate of original Charter (#50), 1953Map CabinetBox #70; Folder #02
2008.07.01The Leftwich Heritage, Fall, 2007; Summer 2008 (#16)VaultBox #58; Folder #134
2008.08.01VCU Magazine, Spring 1981, article “Walkerton Portraits” featuring Gary SangeVaultBox #43; Folder #59
2008.09.01Gems from Flora owned by Jane Sears (Robert Bland family), containings hand-written entries made by her friends, c. 1854-1856VaultBox #53; Folder #13
2008.09.02Bland genealogy, hand-written original and copy, descendants of John Bland of London England (author unacknowledged)VaultBox #58; Folder #149
2008.09.03Major Roderick Bland biography, hand-written original and copy (author unacknowledged)VaultBox #58; Folder #149
2008.09.04Pin Cushion, circa 1900, 6 by 12 inches20th Century Bedroom
2008.10.01Home Demonstration Club Yearbook 1948VaultBox #56; Folder #38
2008.10.02Home Demonstration Club Yearbook 1949VaultBox #56; Folder #38
2008.10.03Home Demonstration Club Yearbook 1950VaultBox #56; Folder #38
2008.10.04Pamphlet, “The Easiest Way To Iron a Shirt”VaultBox #56; Folder #38
2008.10.05Marriage certificate (certified copy and photocopy of certified copy) of Maria Frances Roane (daughter of William Schyler Roane) and Joel Jonah Bland, October 1864, issued in King and Queen CountyVaultBox #58; Folder #150
2008.11.01K&Q County vehicle decal, 1978VaultBox #43; Folder #122
2008.11.02Historical Society Correspondence, etc. prior to 1970To be cataloged
2008.12.01Indexing Software, purchased and used to index the BulletinsVault Filing Cabinet 1st drawer
2008.13.01Account book from Walkerton store belonging to Albert G. Sale of North Bank 1838-1871Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #148
2008.13.02Account book from Walkerton store belonging to Albert G. Sale of North Bank1840Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #149
2008.13.03Account book from Walkerton store belonging to Albert G. Sale of North Bank 1840Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #150
2008.13.04Account book from Walkerton store belonging to Albert G. Sale of North Bank 1841Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #151
2008.15.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, June 2008 (Boy Scout Troop 111, Dixons/Robins Mill, Roane, Davenport, Hibble, Cox, Fairfield)Library
2008.16.01Notebook of information relating to Indian Artifacts in John Smith ExhibitVaultBox #72; Folder #01
2008.16.02Poster: Chiefs of United Indians of Virginia from United Indians of VirginiaArchives BuildingBox #72; Folder #02
2008.16.03Posters: First People The Early Indians of Virginia from Dept of Historic Resources (7 copies)Archives Building, in Secretary deskBox #72; Folder #03
2008.17.01Posters designed for John Smith Exhibit: 1) The Native American Presence 4) How do we know where John Smith went on this trip? 5) John Smith 6) Jamestown Colony 7) Capture Route Maps 8) John Smith Capture Route NarrativeArchives Building, in Secretary deskBox #72; Folder #04
2008.17.02John Smith Exhibit Poster: Chesapeake Bay in John Smith’s Time published by National GeographicArchives Building, in Secretary deskBox #72; Folder #05
2008.17.03John Smith exhibit source materials – Capture RouteVaultBox #72; Folder #06
2008.17.04John Smith exhibit source materials - JamestownVaultBox #72; Folder #07
2008.17.05Pamphlets and publications relating to John Smith exhibitVaultBox #72; Folder #09
2008.17.06Narratives for John Smith ExhibitVaultBox #72; Folder #10
2008.17.07Correspondence relating to John Smith exhibitVaultBox #72; Folder #11
2008.17.08John Smith exhibit source materials – Native AmericansVaultBox #72; Folder #08
2008.17.09John Smith’s Shallop Rendezvous August 2007 DeltavilleVaultBox #72; Folder #12
2008.18.01Account Book, C.C. Vaughan Store, Cumnor 1890-1891Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #152
2008.18.02Account Book, C.C. Vaughan Store, Cumnor 1904-1908Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #153
2008.18.03Account Book, C.C. Vaughan Store, Cumnor 1905-1908Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #154
2008.18.04Day Book, C.C. Vaughan Store, Cumnor 1908-1912Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #155
2008.18.05Account Book, C.C. Vaughan Store, Cumnor 1912-1915Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #156
2008.18.06Index Book, C.C. Vaughan Store, CumnorVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #157
2008.18.07Account Book, C.C. Vaughan Store, Cumnor 1906-1932Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #158
2008.18.08Account Book, C.C. Vaughan Store, Cumnor 1928-1937Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #159
2008.18.09Money Order Book, C.C. Vaughan Store, Cumnor 1921Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #160
2008.18.10Receipt from heirs of J.M. Jeffries to C.C. Vaughan, 1891, cash payment for purchase of Spring Farm (photocopy of original pasted inside of ledger 45.158)VaultBox #45; Folder #161
2008.18.11Statement of Mattaponi Church fire and parsonage building, 1928 (photocopy of original pasted inside of ledger 45.152)VaultBox #45; Folder #162
2008.18.12Index Book, C.C. Vaughan Store, CumnorVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #163
2008.19.01King&Queen Courthouse directional sign located on Route 14 for Tavern Museum and Historic District made by Curtis Mason, King WilliamDenton Property
2008.20.01Graves family treeVaultBox #58; Folder #151
2008.21.01Letter on Pollard & Bagby Investment Corp stationery from Albert W. Pollard, President, to Mr. W.G. Beane Jr. of King&Queen regarding proxy statement for King and Queen and West Point Telephone Co.VaultBox #43; Folder #77
2008.21.02Envelope containing notes and other documents relating to King and Queen and West Point Telephone Co.VaultBox #43; Folder #26
2008.22.01Courthouse Green Historic District, Application for state and national registration, 1998 (3 copies) and Janet Averill's Building ReviewVaultBox #64; Folder #19
2008.22.02Courthouse Green Historic District; consents from landowners, presentation to Board of Supervisors, joint letter of intentions, other documents used to develop the application for historic status, 1998VaultBox #64; Folder #20
2008.22.03Courthouse Green Historic District, photocopies of plats, maps, photos, and other documentation presented in application for historic status, 1998VaultBox #64; Folder #21
2008.22.04Courthouse Green Historic District, publications used in application to register as a historic site, 1998VaultBox #64; Folder #22
2008.22.05Tavern Museum Building Review and Investigation by Janet Averill September 1998VaultBox #68; Folder #04
2008.22.06Tavern Museum Building Renovation 1998, Building Review and Investigation by Janet Averill, Building Permit, Certificate of Liability Insurance, Preproposal Conference, Public Notice Ad for Bids, Budget, Task Force Agenda, Task Force Reports, request to DHS for matching funds, Invoices, Certificate for substantial completion, Approval for Certificate of OccupancyVaultBox #68; Folder #05
2008.22.07Tavern Museum Building Renovation Jesse Ball duPont Grant Proposal for matching grant 1999, newspaper articles re: awarding of grant 1999, program evaluation 2000, other correspondence and literatureVaultBox #68; Folder #06
2008.22.08Tavern Museum Building Renovation Virginia State Grant, photocopy of Grant application, undated, photocopy of grant agreement 6/25/1999, related correspondence and publicationsVaultBox #68; Folder #07
2008.22.09Tavern Museum Building Renovation Construction documents with Art & Architecture, project understanding/contract, floor plansVaultBox #68; Folder #08
2008.22.10Tavern Museum Building Renovation construction documents with Norman Construction Inc, 1999/2000, Project Proposal, Contract, Change Orders, Project Directory, Schedule of ValuesVaultBox #68; Folder #09
2008.22.11Tavern Museum Building Renovation, installation of utilities 1999, proposal from Howell's Heating and Air for plumbing and HVAC, Specifiations form Cocoon Cellulose, Chairlift manual, Library alarm system, wireless Security System specs, Tristate Electrical lighting fixtures, Colonial Plating Shop message, Museum interior budget, Southern Woodworking InvoiceVaultBox #68; Folder #10
2008.22.12Tavern Museum Building Renovation Research on Utilities 1999, lighting, heating, air conditioningVaultBox #68; Folder #11
2008.22.13Tavern Museum Building Renovation Correspondence, mainly between Jack and Norman Construction, Art and ArchitectureVaultBox #68; Folder #12
2008.22.14Tavern Museum Presentations by Jack Spain, including "Who Owns the Metropolitan Museum" and K&QHS annual meetingVaultBox #68; Folder #13
2008.22.15Tavern Museum original Brochure by Beth ParishVaultBox #68; Folder #14
2008.22.16King & Queen County Historical Society Archives Building air conditioning installation 2001, proposal, contract with Boyer, building permitVaultBox #61; Folder #55
2008.22.17Dedication of brick sidewalk, Dec. 8, 2002, and sponsorsVaultBox #68; Folder #15
2008.22.18King & Queen County Historical Society Archives Building repair 2006VaultBox #61; Folder #56
2008.22.19Tavern Museum Building improvements 2007, windows, elevator chair, shuttersVaultBox #68; Folder #16
2008.22.20Tavern Museum Exhibits start-up promotional material, master plan for exhibits with working documents, video overview, brochure credites, naming opportunities, volunteer recruiting, Antiques Road Show K&Q style, press release for preview openingVaultBox #72; Folder #14
2008.22.21Courthouse Green history panel working documentsVaultBox #72; Folder #15
2008.22.22Tavern History panel text and object sources for Panels Life, Liberty and Pursuit of HappinessVaultBox #72; Folder #16
2008.22.23History Panel Exhibits, time line, summary of notes of meeting with Black Community, inventory of items in exhibits, working lists, descriptions, artwork, Virginia Historical Soc. literature, The Story of Virginia, Church Parishes of K&Q County, exhibit design proposal from Art and Architecture (2 copies)VaultBox #72; Folder #17
2008.22.24Acknowledgements of gifts and loans for Museum Exhibits 2000VaultBox #72; Folder #18
2008.22.25Antique Tools in King and Queen County, object descriptions for first changing exhibitVaultBox #72; Folder #19
2008.22.26Tavern and Archives Inventory, sorted by "Room" column, 2002VaultBox #72; Folder #20
2008.22.27Louise Gray, book signing for "a Patchwork Quilt", 2002, photos by Ellen WhiteVaultBox #40; Folder #73
2008.22.28King & Queen County maps; 1997 VDOT highway map; Historic K&Q Historic County (4 copies); Tavern Museum Brochure; Parks and Facilities (2 copies); A Day in the Country, Garden Club Tour, 2005VaultBox #44; Folder #14
2008.22.29Newspaper clipping, Carroll Lee Walker "Man works to preserve buildings" May 22, 2005VaultBox #55; Folder #30
2008.22.30Tavern Open House, December 2007, photos by Jack and Mary SpainVaultBox #40; Folder #74
2008.22.31Dahlgren Tour November 19, 2008, photos by Jack and Mary Spain, and itinerary, Endowment Fund tourVaultBox #40; Folder #75
2008.22.32Article re: Essex Museum: "Museum Receives Newspaper Account of Union Occupation", article undated, without banner; Newspaper datelined Washington, April 17, 1862VaultBox #56; Folder #57
2008.22.33Program from the 250th Anniversary of the founding of King William County (2nd copy)VaultBox #56; Folder #08
2008.22.34Original photograph of teachers and students at Buena Vista School owned by Louis Bland, given by Minor TrevilianVaultBox #42; Folder #21
2008.22.35Letter from Mrs. R.C. MacGillivray, 1980, to Elizabeth Johnson about Bland familyCan't find!
2008.22.36Walkerton Fire Department Turkey Shoot Poster, 1973, 2 copies; Historical Society treasurer's notes on backVaultBox #65; Folder #33
2008.22.37Historic Roads of Virginia, A Brief History of the Roads of Virginia 1607-1940 by Nathaniel Mason Pawlett; photocopied from Library of VirginiaVaultBox #56; Folder #61
2008.22.38Antiques Forum Tour Brochure, 2008; tour includes Dixon in K&Q CountyVaultBox #56; Folder #62
2008.22.39Letter from Jane Cluverius Wiles re: Fauntleroy and Cluverius genealogy and possessions, response to Tavern Museum request for items to build collectionVaultBox #58; Folder #165
2008.22.40Email from VDOT re: Aylett Bridges, December 2000VaultBox #43; Folder #146
2008.22.41Aerial Photograph of the Fish Hatchery, StevensvilleVaultBox #74; Folder #09
2008.22.42William Hugh Wyatt, veteran of WWII, photocopy, undatedVaultBox #54; Folder #81
2008.22.43Newspaper clipping, Alinda Uzel visits the West Point Rotary August 2005VaultBox #55; Folder #32
2008.22.44Newspaper clipping, Travellers Rest, K&Q County, Country Courier (undated)VaultBox #55; Folder #33
2008.22.45Photograph of a painting of the Tavern MuseumVaultBox #40; Folder #76
2008.22.46email from Sandra Dennis to Jack Spain re: Cooke family who owned Benvenue, mentions the cemetery thereVaultBox #58; Folder #168
2008.22.47List of items from the K&Q Historical Society collection, copied by the Virginia Historical Society in1987, and indexed in the VHS collection.VaultBox #61; Folder #59
2008.22.48Audio Tape of Charles H. Ryland, K&Q Annual Meeting at LanefieldVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2008.22.49Diskette: K&Q Inventory modified for websiteVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2008.22.50Diskette: K&Q Museum Library Collection as of 10-10-07Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2008.22.51"The Middle Peninsula, Virginia's Pearl" by Sally Mills, a special photo issue, Virginia Wildlife February 1998VaultBox #55; Folder #41
2008.22.52Carey C. Hall collection for K&Q Courthouse History, article K&Q 1774-1776, photocopyVaultBox #64; Folder #27
2008.22.53Carey C. Hall collection, documents relating to the Courthouse (Edmund Tunstall) deed: a photocopy of deed, a letter from Mrs. A.P. Gwathmey, a list of deedbook references to the Courthouse propertyVaultBox #64; Folder #29
2008.22.54Carey C. Hall collection, photocopy of Caroline Jones' description of the K&Q Courthouse School from her book From Fifty-two to Two.VaultBox #64; Folder #30
2008.22.55Carey C. Hall collection, two newspaper articles: Shopping at the Country Store One Hundred Years Ago, by Kathleen Allen; Prize-Winning Sketch, about James T. BlandVaultBox #64; Folder #31
2008.22.56Dedication of the Administration Building and Courthouse Building, K&Q County, 1997: Invitations (2), Programs (3) and newspaper articles with photo of Tavern (before 1997)VaultBox #64; Folder #32
2008.22.57Invoice from Willys Motors, Inc. for a car (Willys Sedan) sold to R.F. Milby of Shacklefords, March 26, 1931VaultBox #74; Folder #19
2008.22.58The Village of King & Queen Courthouse by Carey C. Hall (published in Bulletin #8, 1960)VaultBox #64; Folder #33
2008.22.59Letters to Alma Bland re: collection of Funds for the Confederate Monument, 1904-1913VaultBox #64; Folder #26
2008.22.60Carey C. Hall collection: 250th Anniversary of K&Q County, Robert B. Tunstall address & programVaultBox #64; Folder #28
2008.22.61Tavern Lease, unsigned, 1999VaultBox #68; Folder #23
2008.22.62REA 2000 Annual Report "Created with Cooperation"VaultBox #74; Folder #21
2008.22.63Tavern Museum Volunteers & Volunteer Literature, 2000VaultBox #68; Folder #24
2008.22.64King & Queen Courthouse Post Office Exhibit Info - 2001VaultBox #72; Folder #22
2008.22.65King & Queen Courthouse, references in the Historical Record, used for Exhibit, 2001VaultBox #72; Folder #23
2008.22.66Exhibits material - Samples for Life (3 panels), Liberty (3 panels) and Pursuit of Happiness (3 panels), 2001VaultBox #72; Folder #24
2008.22.67Video Tour of the Tavern: correspondence with Cinnebar 2001VaultBox #68; Folder #25
2008.22.68Video Tour of the Tavern: Script Development 2001VaultBox #68; Folder #26
2008.22.69Video Tour of the Tavernl: Invoices for Equipment, 2001VaultBox #68; Folder #27
2008.22.70Video Tour of the Tavern: News Articles, 2001VaultBox #68; Folder #28
2008.22.71Tavern Renovation: Norman Construction, 2002VaultBox #68; Folder #29
2008.22.72Documents for publishing A Patchwork Quilt, 2002VaultBox #68; Folder #30
2008.22.73Eastern View Log Schoolhouse History, 2002VaultBox #68; Folder #31
2008.22.74Eastern View Log Schoolhouse, letter of gift from Marian Minor 2003, 2 copies of lease (unsigned), photo and site mapVaultBox #68; Folder #32
2008.22.75Eastern View Log Schoolhouse, Board of Supervisors 2003VaultBox #68; Folder #33
2008.22.76Eastern View Log Schoolhouse, zoning variance 2003VaultBox #68; Folder #34
2008.22.77Eastern View Log Schoolhouse, log cabin technologyVaultBox #68; Folder #35
2008.22.78Eastern View Log Schoolhouse, assembly 2003VaultBox #68; Folder #36
2008.22.79Eastern View Log Schoolhouse, vouchers, expenses, suppliers, 2003VaultBox #68; Folder #37
2008.22.80Eastern View Log Schoolhouse, Museum Council report, August 2003VaultBox #68; Folder #38
2008.22.81Eastern View Log Schoolhouse, correspondence 2003-2004VaultBox #68; Folder #39
2008.22.82Eastern View Log Schoolhouse grand opening October 2004VaultBox #68; Folder #40
2008.22.83Eastern View Log Schoolhouse newspaper articles 2004VaultBox #68; Folder #41
2008.22.84Eastern View Log Schoolhouse project photographs 2004VaultBox #68; Folder #42
2008.22.85Eastern View Log Schoolhouse stationery by Tere PistoleVaultBox #68; Folder #43
2008.22.86Museum collections - Management Literature; Collections Policy, 2004VaultBox #68; Folder #44
2008.22.87Museum Endowment Fund Tour: Knights of the Golden Horseshoe 2005VaultBox #68; Folder #45
2008.22.88Website material 2006 (Norma Pierce, developer)VaultBox #68; Folder #46
2008.22.89Website material - Content - 2006 (Norma Pierce, developer)VaultBox #68; Folder #47
2008.22.90Website material on CD, 2007 (Norma Pierce, developer)Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2008.22.91Website material on CD, 2007 - 1) museum inventory, 2) library Catalog (Norma Pierce, developer)Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2008.22.92Website material on CD, 2007 Inventory insert (Norma Pierce, developer)Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2008.22.93Website material on CD, 2007 King and Queen Index (Norma Pierce, developer)Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2008.22.94Website material on CD, 2007 Donald Robertson dig (Norma Pierce, developer)Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2008.22.95Website material on CD, 2007 website files (Norma Pierce, developer)Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2008.22.96Museum Endowment Fund Tour: Dahlgren's Route 2008VaultBox #68; Folder #48
2008.22.97Brick sidewalk, purchase of bricks, inscriptions, installation anddedication 2002VaultBox #68; Folder #49
2008.22.98Proceedings of the Virginia Historical Society Annual meeting December 30, 1899VaultBox #56; Folder #69
2008.22.99Museum plan, preliminary sketches, 2001VaultBox #68; Folder #50
2008.22.100Pamphlet, The Early Post Offices of King William County, Virginia, 1825-1968VaultBox #56; Folder #70
2008.22.101Alumni of Rappahannock Academy establish scholarship, Southside Sentinel article, 2005, with photos of school buildings and Prof. W.E. RobinsonVaultBox #42; Folder #76
2008.22.102Photo Reverend R.W. Lawson, founder of King & Queen Training SchoolVaultBox #40; Folder #88
2008.22.103King & Queen County Historical Society Jack Spain correspondence regarding Lewis and Benvenue cemeteries, 1998VaultBox #61; Folder #71
2008.22.104King and Queen County Fair program, October 27, 1939; held at Stevensville SchoolVaultBox #43; Folder #174
2008.22.105Docent Information, suggested policiesVaultBox #68; Folder #51
2008.22.106Instructions for assembling speaker standVaultBox #68; Folder #52
2008.22.107Photographs of Museum Exhibits, including Tool ExhibitVaultBox #68; Folder #53
2008.22.108Photos from the 1970's; Chapultepec, Farmville, Goshen, Liberty Hall, and PlainviewVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2008.22.109The Story of Virginia: Becoming Equal. Teacher Guide and Curriculum Unit; Brown V. board of Education: 50 Years of Integration; The Civil Rights Movement in Virginia; published by The Virginia Historical Society, 2005VaultBox #42; Folder #104
2008.22.110Board Training for Small Museums: Museum Board Member Handbook, literature from a workshop sponsored by The Virginia Association of Museums.
2008.22.111Pamphlet: Virginia History in Documents 1621-1788: transcriptions of 10 documents beginning with An Ordinance and Constitution for a Council and Assembly in Virginia, July 24,1621 and last, Form of Ratification of the Constitution, June 25, 1788. Published by the Library of Virginia, 1974Map CabinetBox #56; Folder #71
2008.22.112Memorandum expressing the present intent of the Board of Supervisors as to the development of the Tavern Building as a museum, undated, signed by R.C. Rogers, Chairman BoS, and Jack Spain, President K&Q Co. Historical SocietyVaultBox #68; Folder #54
2008.22.113Undated inventory of King & Queen County Historical Society booksVaultBox #61; Folder #73
2008.22.114Courthouse Green Historic District 1998, Virginia Landmarks Registration: letters of congratulations, Certificate of listing, brochure of plaque suppliersVaultBox #64; Folder #34
2008.23.01Framed certificate issued by United States Department of Commerce licensing Clarence W. McGeorge as chief engineer on steam vessels March 25, 1938Back Hall, 2nd Floor
2008.24.01Soap Shaker (for dish washing)Kitchen
2008.24.02Wire whisk #1Kitchen
2008.24.03Wire whisk #2Kitchen
2008.26.01Newspaper clipping: “King & Queen” by Lawrence Latane III about Stevensville and Jones’ Store, Richmond Times-Dispatch July 26, 1987VaultBox #43; Folder #03
2008.26.02Newspaper clipping: “Walkerton: Rural Suburbia” by Martha C. Riggs, “Walkerton: Rural Suburbia” Rappahannock Times June 22, 1989VaultBox #65; Folder #09
2008.26.03Newspaper clipping: Letter to the editor from Martha Taylor Owen, in response to June 22, 1989 article “Walkerton: Rural Suburbia” Rappahannock TimesVaultBox #65; Folder #09
2008.26.04Newspaper clipping: Walkerton and the Mattaponi by Gene Snead, Rappahannock Times (no date)VaultBox #65; Folder #09
2008.29.01Account of the marriage of Nannie Page Anderson and John H. Mauck at Shackelford’s Chapel transcribed from an article in the West Point Star newspaper, July 1890VaultBox #58; Folder #152
2008.29.02Bible entry for the marriage of Nannie Page Anderson and John H. Mauck July 8, 1890 (photocopy)VaultBox #58; Folder #152
2008.30.01Rough sketch of water lines at Tavern MuseumVaultBox #68; Folder #01
2008.33.01Sale family papers - Loyalty Oath July 7, 1862 original 1 page, B. (Benjamin) Sale sworn to CSA, on back: permission to visit King & Queen Cty, July 1862VaultBox #52; Folder #03
2008.33.02Sale family papers - Letter July 19th, 1863, original 1 page, Dear Mother, from your son Jno. C.S. (Channing Sale) from Chaffin's Bluff "afraid Lee worsted at G'burg".VaultBox #52; Folder #02
2008.33.03Sale family papers - Letter July 22, 1863 transcription, typed, Dear Mother, from Johnson's Island, Ohio, telling of capture at Gettysburg, 3rd of July, from IrvingVaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.04Sale family papers - Letter Aug 2nd, 1863 original 1 page, Dear Willie, from your Bro, J.C.S. (Channing Sale) Chaffin's BluffVaultBox #52; Folder #02
2008.33.05Sale family papers - Letter Sept. 27, 1863, transcription, typed, 1 page, Dear Willie, from brother J.C. (Channing) Sale, camp on Stono River 4 miles below CharlestonVaultBox #52; Folder #02
2008.33.06Sale family papers - Order, June 7th, 1864, original 1 page, from Col. Charles W. Hill 128th Ohio Infantry re: POW responsibility for damage to government property.VaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.07Sale family papers - Letter, July 11, 1864, transcription, typed, 1 page, My Dear Boys, from your father, A.G. Sale, North Bank, describing Federal raid on North BankVaultBox #52; Folder #04
2008.33.08Sale family papers - Letter, July 31, 1864, original, 1 page, Dear Benjamin, from A. G. Sale ("Pa"), King & Queen, addr to Benja P. Sale, ChimborazoVaultBox #52; Folder #04
2008.33.09Sale family papers - Letter, August 2, 1864, transcription, typed, 1 page, Dear Mother, "confinement in Prison is a dull life", from son J.I. Sale (Irving), Johnson's Island, Lake ErieVaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.10Sale family papers - Letter, Sept. 20th, 1864, original 1 page, Dear Benja, from J.C.S. (Channing) at North Bank, news of Pa's deathVaultBox #52; Folder #02
2008.33.11Sale family papers - Letter, Nov. 28, 1864, original, 1 page, to Lt. James I. Sale Co H. 53rd Va, Prisoner of War, Johnson Island, from J. Cogbill re: washing machineVaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.12Sale family papers - Pay Voucher March 24, 1865, original 1 page, paid to Jas. I. Sale 2nd LT Co. H 53rd Va, 1 June, 1863 - 31 May,1864VaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.13Sale family papers - Original newspaper clipping, provisions to be sent to Confederate prisoners, in Northern prisons, enclosed in letter fr. Channing SaleVaultBox #52; Folder #02
2008.33.14Sale family papers - Poem, original, partial 2 pages, poem entitled "Johnson Island Ohio The Friends I Had When Here" handwritten on back of printed programVaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.15Sale family papers - Permission, original, 1page, Private Benj. Sale, Co B 4th Va Battallion, from General Hospital, June 5 1862 to stay at a private homeVaultBox #52; Folder #03
2008.33.16Sale family papers - Card, printed 2 colors, original, words to song "God Save Our Men" by Mary M. North, Herndon, VAVaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.17Sale family papers - Text, transcription, typed, bio of Lewis Addison Armistead, & description of Johnson Island Prison, written by J. I. Sale's mother..VaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.18Sale family papers - Original photograph, marked Dr. Channing Sale ''for my mother"VaultBox #52; Folder #02
2008.33.19Sale family papers - Original photograph, marked Benjamin Pollard SaleVaultBox #52, Folder #03
2008.33.20Sale family papers - Original photograph, marked Irving SaleVaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.21Sale family papers - Calling card, printed, 3 colors, Lt. J. Irving Sale Co. H 53rd Va Regiment, with U.S. and Confederate FlagsVaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.22Sale family papers - Letter, January 10, 1849, original, 1 page, A.G. Sale, from J.O. Pollard (K.W. Courthouse) regarding servant Robert hired to Tho. RobinsonVaultBox #52; Folder #11
2008.33.23Sale family papers - Letter, January 6, 1863, original, 1 page, A.G. Sale, from Sylvester Prince regarding servant Martha, hired by A.G. SaleVaultBox #52; Folder #11
2008.33.24Sale family papers - Letter, June 24, 1864, original, 1 page, A.G. Sale, from Alice B. Aylett, Montville, regarding 2 servants lent to save wheat cropVaultBox #52; Folder #11
2008.33.25Sale family papers - Promise to pay, original, due B.H. Turner 23 November 1843 signed Lawrence MuseVaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.26Sale family papers - Promise to pay, original, due Robert Sale (brother of A.G. Sale), January 1832, signature torn offVaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.27Sale family papers - Receipt, original, Sale and Hill paid Clerk, K&Q County for Dunn subpoenas, contingency, and dismissionVaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.28Sale family papers - Receipt, original, Albert G. Sale to Mildred Perryman, May 1837 for weavingVaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.29Sale family papers - Receipt , original, through A.G. Sale, signed Garnett & Pollard, August 14, 1840VaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.30Sale family papers - Due, original, W.H. and A.G. Sale from D.M. Kenzie, May 25, 1840VaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.31Sale family papers - Essex Gounty court order, original, Edwin Upshaw owes Albert G. Sale, 16 February 1846VaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.32Sale family papers - Due, original, Albert G. Sale to S.P. Wilson, billed March 28, 1860, paid April 19, 1861VaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.33Sale family papers - Receipt, original, Albert G. Sale purchased from R.H. Burnes, January 5, 1858 & paidVaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.34Sale family papers - Receipt, original, M.C. Chilton purchase from R.H. Barnes, May 14,1859 payment by S. HollandVaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.35Sale family papers - Account 1858, original, A. G. Sale papers, Presque Isle Farm, King William, VAVaultBox #52; Folder #06
2008.33.36Sale family papers - Account 1837, original, A. G. Sale papers, Slaughter & ThomsonVaultBox #52; Folder #06
2008.33.37Sale family papers - Account ,1860, original, A. G. Sale papers, Edward Crouch to W.H. & A.G. SaleVaultBox #52; Folder #06
2008.33.38Sale family papers - Tax receipt 1841, original, W.H. & A.G. Sale, King & Queen CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #05
2008.33.39Sale family papers - Tax receipt 1845 & 1846, original, A.G. Sale, King & Queen CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #05
2008.33.40Sale family papers - Account, 1860, Edward Crouch to W.H. & A.G. Sale for pocket knife, etc.VaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.41Sale family papers - Tax receipt 1872, original, Albert.G. Sale, King & Queen CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #05
2008.33.42Sale family papers - Tax receipt 1846, original, A.G. Sale, King William CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #10
2008.33.43Sale family papers - Tax receipt 1858, original, A.G. Sale, T.C. Moore and J.T. Wormley, King William CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #10
2008.33.44Sale family papers - Tax receipt 1859, original, Temple C. Moore and A.G. Sale, King William CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #10
2008.33.45Sale family papers - Tax receipt 1871, original, A.G. Sale estate, King William CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #10
2008.33.46Sale family papers - Tax receipt 1872, original, A.G. Sale estate, King William CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #10
2008.33.47Sale family papers - Receipt 1858, recording fees for A.G. Sale and Temple C. Moore from Wormley, King William CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #10
2008.33.48Sale family papers - Court document, Nov. 1823, original, A.G. & W.H. Sale, Thacker Muir suit, New Kent Circuit Court order to pay witness RobertVaultBox #52; Folder #07
2008.33.49Sale family papers - Court document, Spring 1825, original, A.G. & W.H. Sale, Thacker Muir suit, New Kent Circuit Court order to pay witness RobertVaultBox #52; Folder #07
2008.33.50Sale family papers - Court document, Fall 1825, original, A.G. & W.H. Sale, Thacker Muir suit, New Kent Circuit Court order to pay witness RobertVaultBox #52; Folder #07
2008.33.51Sale family papers - Court document, January 1857, A. G. & W.H. Sale, Thacker Muir suit, New Kent Circuit Court order to pay witness RobertVaultBox #52; Folder #07
2008.33.52Sale family papers - Promise to pay, original Henley & Sale, Jos. H. Robins, May 1843VaultBox #52; Folder #09
2008.33.53Sale family papers - Post card photograph - Confederate veterans 1908, Soldiers Monument at Buckingham C.H. card addr. to Miss Alice Miller, Howardsville, VirginiaVaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.54Sale family papers - Postcard text, original, General Order No. 2, July 5, 1887, Comrades of Pickett's Division, addressed to J. Irving Sale, Ayletts P.O. King William, Va,VaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.55Sale family papers - Rations payment receipt Dec. 21, 1862, original Lt. Jas. I. Sale for Nov. 1st and 4th (single rations) 11 days and Nov 5 & 36th (double rat)VaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.56Sale family papers - School documents 1855, original, James Irving Sale - University of Virginia grades Jan & Feb 1855, mailed to Albert G. Sale, WalkertonVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.57Sale family papers - Booklet 1855-56, original, Catalog for University of Virginia 1855-1856 sessionVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.58Sale family papers - Receipt October 2, 1855, original, James Irving Sale, University of Virginia tuitionVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.59Sale family papers - Receipt January 10, 1856, original James Irving Sale - University of Virginia tuitionVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.60Sale family papers - Account, original, James Irving Sale - purchases at division of mother's estate April 1879 (on back: literature for Elmington Classical and Military School where Irving Sale is listed as instructor)VaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.61Sale family papers - Letters 1875-1898, transcription, typed, James Irving Sale - Six testimonials for J. Irving Sale and his wife from various people regarding his fitness as teacherVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.62Sale family papers - Letter, Sept. 1, 1894, original, from William F. Fox, on behalf of J Irving Sale to the Board of the Male Orphan AsylumVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.63Sale family papers - Letter, Sept. 6, 1894, original, Chas. P. Rady, Richmond City School Board, on behalf of J. Irving Sale to the Male Orphan AsylumVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.64Sale family papers - Account, July 1912, original, Statement of pension due to J. Irving Sale from Commonwealth of VirginiaVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.65Sale family papers - War records, photocopy, Pvt. John Channing Sale, began service October 31, 1861, Capt. Bagby's company (later Co. K)VaultBox #52; Folder #02
2008.33.66Sale family papers - Receipt, 7 January 1868, original tuition paid by William H. Sale for his bro. Albert Sale at Aberdeen Academy, session 1867-1868VaultBox #52; Folder #12
2008.33.67Sale family papers - Bond, Dec. 15, 1856, photocopy, re: William Blackburn and James Ray Micon bond to pay Commonwealth of VA for James C. Burke propertyVaultBox #52; Folder #16
2008.33.68Sale family papers - Letter, undated, original, to Ernest from J. C. B. Burke, re: purchase of 62 acres (prob. Mr. Burke's copy to self)VaultBox #52; Folder #16
2008.33.69Sale family papers - Letter, Oct. 18, 1894, original, to M.C. Burke from W.A. Williams, re: land surveyVaultBox #52; Folder #16
2008.33.70Sale family papers - receipt Sept. 6, 1867, original, from A. Fred Fleet to J. Irving Sale for crossing at DunkirkVaultBox #52; Folder #23
2008.33.71Sale family papers - Tax receipt 1871, original, Mary A.Sale, King & Queen CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #14
2008.33.72Sale family papers - Tax receipt, 1872, original, Mary A. Sale, King & Queen CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #14
2008.33.73Sale family papers - Tax receipt, 1874, original, Mary A. Sale, King & Queen CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #14
2008.33.74Sale family papers - Tax receipts, original, 1867, King & Queen County: Mary A. Sale & William H. SaleVaultBox #52; Folder #14
2008.33.75Sale family papers - Receipt, September 20, 1873, original, for Col. J.C. Johnson from J.I. Sale bond against Mary A. Sale signed by Ro B. DouglasVaultBox #52; Folder #14
2008.33.76Sale family papers - Letter, 28 Feb. 1867, original, to Mary Ann Sale from S. Griffin Fauntleroy re: bond of Dr. MooreVaultBox #52; Folder #14
2008.33.77Sale family papers - Excerpts, transcribed by hand, Robert Pollard Account Book entries 1826-1834 re: Mary Ann Pollard, daughter of Benjamin PollardVaultBox #52; Folder #14
2008.33.78Sale family papers - Letter, 1870, original, to My dear Lou, from cousin James PollardVaultBox #52; Folder #15
2008.33.79Sale family papers - Letter Oct. 6, 1902, original, to Miss Nannie Burke (My dear child) from cousin R.L. Martin (My dear child)VaultBox #52; Folder #15
2008.33.80Sale family papers - Letter Nov. 9, 1870, original, to Miss M. Lou Sale from Jos. W. Shackford, Aberdeen SchoolVaultBox #52; Folder #15
2008.33.81Sale family papers - Original newspaper clipping, funeral notice for Chastine PendletonVaultBox #52; Folder #15
2008.33.82Sale family papers - Funeral notice for Virginia Terrel (heroic war nurse at Chimborazzo Hospital), also Alfred BroaddusVaultBox #52; Folder #15
2008.33.83Sale family papers - Poem, 1925, transcription, typed, by C. Wirt Trainham, Marshall, VA "UNKNOWN and KNOWN"VaultBox #52; Folder #15
2008.33.84Sale family papers - Letter, Jan 4, 1869, original, dear Willie, signed S.P.B. about social activitiesVaultBox #52; Folder #15
2008.33.85Sale family papers - Envelope (empty) 4-13-1885, original, addressed to Mrs. E.W. Pendleton, Richmond, postmarked Lovett, Virginia. Note on back: Ella Pendleton: daughter of Albert G. Sale and mary Ann PollardVaultBox #52; Folder #15
2008.33.86Sale family papers - Calling cards (2), original, printed 'Albert G. Sale'VaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.87Sale family papers - Recipe, original, for medicine to make a child pukeVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.88Sale family papers - Puking device, original, used to deliver medicine to make a child pukeVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.89Sale family papers - Baptism certificate May 27, 1894, original, Margaret Logan Sale, Emmanuel Ch. Buckingham CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #31
2008.33.90Sale family papers - Confirmation Certificate, May 27, 1894, original, Mr. J.I. Sale, Emmanuel Church, Buckingham CountyVaultBox #52; Folder #31
2008.33.91Sale family papers - Letter, November 11, 1870, original with envelope, to Miss Mary Lou Sale, North Bank, from Leah, re: unable to participate in her weddingVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2008.33.92Sale family papers - Bill, original, October 23, 1857, A.G. Sale from Richard Moore for 2 navy caps, paid April 3, 1858VaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.93Sale family papers - Receipt, original, Richmond Examiner from A.G. Sale 31 October, 1853, 1 year subscriptionVaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.94Sale family papers - Receipt, original, October 13, 1857, from A.G. Sale to Harold MuncyVaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.95Sale family papers - Promise to Pay, original, Howard Clarke from Albert G. Sale, 9 June 1855VaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.96Sale family papers - Receipt, original, from Mr. Thomas T. Garrett paid to Henry F. Broaddus Jan 1, 1843VaultBox #52; Folder #08
2008.33.97Sale family papers - Receipt, original, from Mr. Sale by J.S. Davis for Medical Services, May 20, 1856VaultBox #52; Folder #17
2008.33.98Sale family papers - Account James I. Sale with B.D. Pitts & Co. for Coat, etc, March 1856VaultBox #52; Folder #17
2008.33.99Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale bought of Richard Moore, Richmond, June 1857VaultBox #52; Folder #17
2008.33.100Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale paid on account B.D. Pitts & Co., April 1857VaultBox #52; Folder #17
2008.33.101Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale bought from Darracott, Harris & Co., Richmond, October 13, 1857VaultBox #52; Folder #17
2008.33.102Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale bought from Thomas J. Starke, January 5, 1858VaultBox #52; Folder #18
2008.33.103Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale bought from William Shinault by H. N. Broaddus, April 25, 1858VaultBox #52; Folder #18
2008.33.104Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale with B.D. Pitts & Co. per William L. Saunders May 15,, 1858VaultBox #52; Folder #18
2008.33.105Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale with William D. Quarles, July 13,, 1858VaultBox #52; Folder #18
2008.33.106Sale family papers - Receipt, Irving Sale bought of R. B. Garnett & Bro., December 18, 1858VaultBox #52; Folder #18
2008.33.107Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale from John H. Pitts for Philip B. Pitts, December 24, 1858VaultBox #52; Folder #18
2008.33.108Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale to Caroline Sheriff Jos. M. Seay for Property & Income Tax., 1858VaultBox #52; Folder #18
2008.33.109Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale to John Hagen for Sulky got of Law. Muse, Esq., February 25, 1859VaultBox #52; Folder #19
2008.33.110Sale family papers - Account, James I. Sale with Garnett & Pollard for shoes, etc., April-September 1859VaultBox #52; Folder #19
2008.33.111Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale to Benjamin Fleet for medicine, July 1859VaultBox #52; Folder #19
2008.33.112Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale by J.B. Moore for R. A . Fox, for tuition to singing school, Sparta, July 18, 1859VaultBox #52; Folder #19
2008.33.113Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale for coats, etc, July 27, 1859VaultBox #52; Folder #19
2008.33.114Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale paid to King & Queen County Sheriff Watkins for tax on watches, 1859VaultBox #52; Folder #19
2008.33.115Receipt, James I. Sale to Jos. Ryland for H.C. James, att'y for Gory & Powell. for Boots, etc., July 8, 1859VaultBox #52; Folder #19
2008.33.116Sale family papers - Account, James I. Sale paid to L.H. Robinson, Tappahannock, Nov. 1859 through Feb. 1860VaultBox #52; Folder #20
2008.33.117Sale family papers - Receipt, J. I. Sale to Wm. G. Wortham for Water Boots, January 6, 1860VaultBox #52; Folder #20
2008.33.118Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale to Alfred A. Healy, Jr. Baltimore for watch repair, etc. April 11, 1860VaultBox #52; Folder #20
2008.33.119Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale to Davis Jones, Jr. for tobacco, etc., June 8, 1860VaultBox #52; Folder #20
2008.33.120Sale family papers - Receipt, Mr. Sale from Geo. L. Nicolson, Dr. for visit and medicine, August 21, 1860VaultBox #52; Folder #20
2008.33.121Sale family papers - Account, John I. Sale bought of Darracott, Harris & Co., Richmond cloth, August 30, 1860 - April 1861VaultBox #52; Folder #20
2008.33.122Sale family papers - Receipt, J. Sale bought of John W. Garlick, Apothecary,for Medicines, August 30, 1860VaultBox #52; Folder #20
2008.33.123Sale family papers - Receipt, James I. Sale to Geo. E. Shackelford & Bro., November 5, 1860VaultBox #52; Folder #20
2008.33.124Sale family papers - James Irving Sale, due to Robert Healy April 12, 1861; note at bottom: teacher's payVaultBox #52; Folder #21
2008.33.125Sale family papers - James Irving Sale, Received by L.H. Robinson March 1, 1861VaultBox #52; Folder #21
2008.33.126Sale family papers - James Irving Sale, paid to O & S.S. Gresham, January 1, 1861VaultBox #52; Folder #21
2008.33.127James Irving Sale account paid to Robert H. Stiff, February 22, 1861 by Mr. Ro. HealyVaultBox #52; Folder #21
2008.33.128James Irving Sale, Account and Receipt to Dr. Douglas Pitt for medicines March 17, 1861 to June 1, 1862VaultBox #52; Folder #21
2008.33.129James Irving Sale, bought from Darracott & Harris April 19, 1861VaultBox #52; Folder #21
2008.33.130James Irving Sale, correspondence with John H. Doby about shirt buttons, debt, etc, April 17, 1861VaultBox #52; Folder #21
2008.33.131James Irving Sale, Received of R. Healy Sr. by Douglas Pitt March 1, 1862VaultBox #52; Folder #21
2008.33.132James Irving Sale, Promise to pay H.C. Timberlake May 20, 1862VaultBox #52; Folder #21
2008.33.133James Irving Sale, Promise to pay William G. Pollard, May 20,1862VaultBox #52; Folder #21
2008.33.134James Irving Sale, Account with C.C. Walter, 1865 paid August 20, 1867, for watch repairVaultBox #52; Folder #22
2008.33.135James Irving Sale, bill Baltimore Agricultural Aid Society for seed, October 2, 1865VaultBox #52; Folder #22
2008.33.136James Irving Sale, to George Bagby March 8, 1866VaultBox #52; Folder #23
2008.33.137James Irving Sale, promise to pay E.S. Pollard, March 30, 1866VaultBox #52; Folder #23
2008.33.138James Irving Sale, Received by J. R. Caldwell for account of Rich'd Jeffries, May 8, 1866VaultBox #52; Folder #23
2008.33.139James Irving Sale, correspodence about grain & note to Agricultural Aid, Baltimore, September 22, 1866VaultBox #52; Folder #23
2008.33.140James Irving Sale, receipt from P.G. Hill, October 7, 1866VaultBox #52; Folder #23
2008.33.141James Irving Sale, received by Garnett & Pendleton by G.R. Waring, January 10, 1867VaultBox #52; Folder #24
2008.33.142James Irving Sale, Account with Acree & Son and E.S. Acree, August 1867-August 1868VaultBox #52; Folder #24
2008.33.143James Irving Sale, Received by Larkin S. Garnet, King Willliam, March 19, 1868VaultBox #52; Folder #25
2008.33.144James Irving Sale, Account with Jno. N. Hill, October 1868 - February 1869VaultBox #52; Folder #25
2008.33.145James Irving Sale, Account for Saddle paid to Andrew & Paul, May 9, 1869VaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.146James Irving Sale, Account with James L. Avis, Harrisonburg, March 6,1869 - May 12, 1869VaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.147James Irving Sale, Bar tab with with H. Waesche, May 28, 1869VaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.148James Irving Sale, Account, Benj. Owens to Henry Hunter, threshing rye, July 1869 and J.I. Sale Account to Henry Hunter, Rye and Corn, 1869VaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.149James Irving Sale, sold corn, wheat, rye September 1869 to J.M. ParrVaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.150James Irving Sale, bought of William W. Cox, October 10, 1869VaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.151James Irving Sale, Account to L.J. Chappell for ox wheels & axle, October 10, 1869VaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.152James Irving Sale, Account with R.G. Turner & Co. October 1869 - January 1, 1870VaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.153James Irving Sale, Account with William D. Pollard & Co., November 1869 - April 1, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.154James Irving Sale, sold corn by S.S. & B.F. Gresham, for Meredith, December 17, 1869VaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.155James Irving Sale, Purchase boots, etc. for Henry D. Prince, December 1869VaultBox #52; Folder #26
2008.33.156James Irving Sale, Account with Robert G. Turner & Co., January 1, 1870 - December 2, 1870VaultBox #52; Folder #27
2008.33.157James Irving Sale, Account with Gresham & Shanks, January 7, 1870VaultBox #52; Folder #27
2008.33.158James Irving Sale, Account with Gresham & Shanks, January 11, 1870 -September 23, 1870VaultBox #52; Folder #27
2008.33.159James Irving Sale, receipt, paid to William W. Cox, February 21, 1870VaultBox #52; Folder #27
2008.33.160James Irving Sale, receipt, paid on account of J.H.C. Jones for his father's estate, May 21, 1870VaultBox #52; Folder #27
2008.33.161James Irving Sale, receipt, paid for registered letter to R. G. Turner & Co. Richmond, May 31, 1870. G. C. Leigh, Postmaster, AylettVaultBox #52; Folder #27
2008.33.162James Irving Sale, receipt, P.D. Caldwell, August 26, 1870VaultBox #52; Folder #27
2008.33.163James Irving Sale, bought from Gresham & Shanks, Norfolk, September 23, 1870VaultBox #52; Folder #27
2008.33.164James Irving Sale, receipt, paid to R.B. Nunn const. for repair, November 28, 1870 - August 10, 1870VaultBox #52; Folder #27
2008.33.165James Irving Sale, receipt, paid to Richmond Whig, C. T. Danforth, for card publishing, May 21, 1871VaultBox #52; Folder #28
2008.33.166James Irving Sale,"Money is awful scarce" from P.D. Caldwell, May 17,1871VaultBox #52; Folder #28
2008.33.167James Irving Sale, paid George William Pollard for drawing teeth, July 14, 1871VaultBox #52; Folder #28
2008.33.168James Irving Sale, paid on account with Spiller, July 14, 1871VaultBox #52; Folder #28
2008.33.169James Irving Sale, paid to W.W. Sale, July 14, 1871VaultBox #52; Folder #28
2008.33.170James Irving Sale, paid to G.C. Leigh, July 14, 1871VaultBox #52; Folder #28
2008.33.171James Irving Sale, letter, "check enclosed", paid for grain by J. M. Parr & Son, Baltimore, September 14, 1871VaultBox #52; Folder #28
2008.33.172James Irving Sale, owes to George C. Leigh, December 18, 1871VaultBox #52; Folder #28
2008.33.173James Irving Sale, account with P.D. Caldwell, January 3, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.174James Irving Sale, account with W.T. Samuel, January 24, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.175James Irving Sale, account with Sale & Saunders, April 1, 1871 - April 27, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.176James Irving Sale, note, owed to Mr. S. Walker for shop account - April 2, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.177James Irving Sale, I. J. Sane [sic] paid Mr. S. S. Walker for shop account of Mrs. A. Sale - April 2, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.178James Irving Sale, paid William Dew, April 20, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.179James Irving Sale, paid R. B. Garnett, April 20, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.180James Irving Sale, paid G.C. Leigh, April 20, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.181James Irving Sale, account April 20-May 24, 1872, paid G.C. Leigh, August 9, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.182James Irving Sale, paid J.E. Bland, Little Plymouth, July 1, 1872VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.183James Irving Sale, paid for registered letter to Jas. E. Bland at Little Plymouth, February 1, 1873, G. C. Leigh PostmasterVaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.184James Irving Sale, letter from B.B. Douglas, May 30, 1874, about decree returned at April term of K&Q Circuit Court, money owedVaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.185James Irving Sale, account June 16, 1875, note to J.T. Caldwell, paid in full.VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.186James Irving Sale, paid to W.F. Bland through J.C. Crouch, January 13, 1876VaultBox #52; Folder #29
2008.33.187Metes and Bounds for unnamed property bound by Chappells, William Lowry, Kidd, and Mattaponi Riber, undated, part of James Irving Sale papersVaultBox #52; Folder #30
2008.33.188James Irving Sale papers, Debts due Me from Capt. Treadway, Sgt. Graves, William Mitchell, George Tuck, Giv Short, William Allen, Tucker, G. Crow, Harvey Bray, Capt. Ben Farinholt, Lt. Ligon, William H. Burroughs. On reverse: Rebel navy: Petty Officer 191, Com 383, Seamen 899, undatedVaultBox #52; Folder #01
2008.33.189James Irving Sale , partial letter about sale of property and debts to be settled (McCorky & Co., Capron & Co., and others), J. I. Sale Special Commissioner appointed by the court., undatedVaultBox #52; Folder #30
2008.33.190James Irving Sale. demand note payable to John Hagan, February 18, 1859VaultBox #52; Folder #19
2009.02.01Commemorative stamp "King and Queen 250th anniversary", made of metal (to be inked and applied to envelope), All King and Queen Courthouse mail was stamped with this on August 6, 1941VaultBox #43; Folder #126
2009.02.02Diamond shaped paper admissions ticket to King and Queen County Anniversary celebration August 6, 1941, for Mr. John D. HutchinsonVaultBox #43; Folder #126
2009.02.03Post card (4 cents) announcing meeting of King and Queen Development Association, 1964, unaddressed, sent by R. C. Gwathmey, Secy-Treas.VaultBox #43; Folder #137
2009.03.01Receipt from Walkerton Hardware and Service Store, November 19, 1951, sold 1 model 675 Duo Therm Oil Heater with tank, etc. to John D. Hutchinson. marked paid in full Feb 18, 52 W. D. Draine.VaultBox #74; Folder #01
2009.03.02Receipt from Walkerton Hardware and Service Store, Jan 12, 1952, sold 1 model 675 Duo Therm Oil Heater with tank, etc. to John D. HutchinsonVaultBox #74; Folder #01
2009.03.03Owner's operating instructions Duo Therm Oil Heaters, models 575, 675VaultBox #74; Folder #01
2009.04.01Virginia 100 Years Ago, compiled by Skipp Whitson, assembled from Scribner's 1872 and Harper's 1871, copyright 1976VaultBox #56; Folder #58
2009.05.01Gold plated West Clock pocket watch, owned by Wilbur White19th Century Bedroom
2009.05.02Color photograph of Bruington Baptist Church, circa 2008;8.5x11VaultBox #41;Folder #01
2009.06.01Correspondence between R.C. Gwathmey and Jeff O'Dell, Architectural Historian regarding Mud Chimney at Noel Farm, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #40; Folder #21
2009.08.01Documents found in King & Queen County Historical Society filing cabinets pertaining to Publication of Old Houses,VaultBox #61; Folder #57
2009.08.02Stamp Moistener, white porcelainParlor
2009.08.03K&Q Historical Society membership rosters: 1961, 1962, undatedVaultBox #61; Folder #58
2009.08.04King & Queen County Historical Society Correspondence relating to the wainscoting in the Archives Building - 1965-1967 - gift of Mrs. James A. Burroughs (Virginia Longest Burroughs)VaultBox #61; Folder #61
2009.08.05Correspondence re; Mary Sue Dew estate, benefitting the King & Queen County Historical Society, 1976-1977VaultBox #61; Folder #62
2009.08.06Correspondence with Mrs. Dudley Diggs (Caroline Semple Fleet), 1964; Fleet, Semple,Ryland genealogyVaultBox #58; Folder #170
2009.08.07Examples of King & Queen County Historical Society StationeryVaultBox #61; Folder #63
2009.08.08King & Queen County Historical Society 1963 Restoration of the "Old Clerk's Office" including the 1960 lease; Kirby Foundation grant, 1973; Nelson Sutton gift, 1967; duPont gift, 1963VaultBox #61; Folder #64
2009.08.09King & Queen County Historical Society By-laws1961,1962, 1963VaultBox #61; Folder #65
2009.08.10King & Queen County Historical Society Correspondence relative to publication and sale of Green Mount (the book), 1962-1965VaultBox #61; Folder #66
2009.08.11King & Queen County Historical Society Correspondence concerning Donald Robertson's Legacies (Bible, etc)VaultBox #61; Folder #67
2009.08.12Description of Smithfield and its ownersVaultBox #58; Folder #171
2009.09.01The Walkerton Bridge, produced by VDOT in 1993, video tape copied from originalVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2009.09.02The Walkerton Bridge, produced by VDOT in 1993, DVD copied from original tapeVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2009.10.04CD containing JPGs, scanned photographs from Historical Society Archives, used to produce 3 photo albums: Old Homes, Old Churches and Commerce in King and Queen CountyLibrary
2009.10.05CD containing JPGs, scanned photographs from Historical Society Archives, used to produce 3 photo albums: Old Homes, Old Churches and Commerce in King and Queen County, copy #2Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2009.11.01Tuck's Zag-Zaw Picture Puzzle, British madeHall Top Floor
2009.12.01Special Repairs Catalog, McCormick - DeeringVaultBox #56; Folder #39
2009.12.02Extra parts list Buckeye Grain Drills, catalogVaultBox #56; Folder #40
2009.12.03Deering Repair Parts, catalogVaultBox #56; Folder #41
2009.12.04Repair parts catalog, 1922VaultBox #56; Folder #42
2009.12.05Sale contract price schedule 1930VaultBox #56; Folder #43
2009.12.06Sale contract, 1938VaultBox #56; Folder #44
2009.12.07Price List, McCormick DeeringVaultBox #56; Folder #45
2009.12.08Special Repairs, no. 28, catalogVaultBox #56; Folder #46
2009.12.09Special Repairs, no. 29, catalogVaultBox #56; Folder #47
2009.12.10List Prices, McCormick-Deering, 1938VaultBox #56; Folder #48
2009.12.11Special Repairs catalog, No. 38VaultBox #56; Folder #49
2009.12.12Repairs Catalog, No. 28 wVaultBox #56; Folder #50
2009.12.13Special Repairs catalog, no. 25VaultBox #56; Folder #51
2009.12.14Oliver Tractor Implements catalogVaultBox #56; Folder #52
2009.12.15Kerosene Tractor, etc., manualVaultBox #56; Folder #53
2009.12.16Catalogue and Price List of Repair International HarvesterVaultBox #56; Folder #54
2009.12.17Dept. of Agriculture & Immigration of VA June 1940 Bulletin #382;Strip CroppingVaultBox #56; Folder #55
2009.13.01Photo Class of 1947, King and Queen Training School in the background, 11 students identified by name (copy 1). Thelma Holmes (Boxley), Mildred Banks, Rachel Meade (Harvey), Elizabeth Hill (Harvey), Daisy Beverly, Angolia Colins, Alease Taylor, James Newbill, Andrew Braxton, Paul Corbin Holmes, Melvin RoaneVaultBox #40; Folder #65
2009.13.02Class of 1947, King and Queen Training School in the background, 11 students identified by name (copy 2, photocopy). Thelma Holmes (Boxley), Mildred Banks, Rachel Meade (Harvey), Elizabeth Hill (Harvey), Daisy Beverly, Angolia Colins, Alease Taylor, James Newbill, Andrew Braxton, Paul Corbin Holmes, Melvin RoaneVaultBox #40; Folder #65
2009.13.03Class of 1947, King and Queen Training School in the background, 11 students identified by name (copy 3, photocopy ) Thelma Holmes (Boxley), Mildred Banks, Rachel Meade (Harvey), Elizabeth Hill (Harvey), Daisy Beverly, Angolia Colins, Alease Taylor, James Newbill, Andrew Braxton, Paul Corbin Holmes, Melvin RoaneVaultBox #40; Folder #65
2009.13.04Class of 1947, King and Queen Training School in the background, 11 students identified by name (copy 4, framed reprint ) Thelma Holmes (Boxley), Mildred Banks, Rachel Meade (Harvey), Elizabeth Hill (Harvey), Daisy Beverly, Angolia Colins, Alease Taylor, James Newbill, Andrew Braxton, Paul Corbin Holmes, Melvin RoaneHall Top Floor
2009.14.01Article "New Morning Star Baptist Church Preserves Historic Greenbriar Training School in King and Queen County." published in "The Disciple" August 2008VaultBox #41; Folder #46
2009.15.01Artifacts found in the yard at the Bagby House in Stevensville, boxed. Includes buttons, pieces of glass, etc.Archival Storage
2009.15.02Correspondence (photocopies) re: Bagby home in Stevensville: between Olive Bagby to Mr. J.R. Fishburne, 1967;VaultBox #58; Folder #155
2009.15.03An account of a search for Bagby ancestors in England and Wales by Pleasant H. Bagby, Richmond, VA, Nov. 20, 1978 , includes 19th and 20th century genealogy of Fleet connection.VaultBox #58; Folder #155
2009.15.04Bagby Genealogy, Maryland, Virginia and Kentucky, begins with John Bagby, born in Great Britain in 1618, landed in Jamestown in 1636. Includes a poem "The Sage of King & Queen" to Mr. William F. Bagby on his ninetieth birthday by Miss Margaret T. Rudd of Richmond, undated.VaultBox #58; Folder #155
2009.16.01Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville January 1904Archives Building
2009.16.02Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville January 1902Archives Building
2009.16.03Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1902Archives Building
2009.16.04Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1904-1966Archives Building
2009.16.05Roll of White Voters Registered at Newtown 1964Archives Building
2009.16.06Roll of White Voters Registered at Newtown 1905Archives Building
2009.16.07Roll of White Voters Registered at Newtown 1904Archives Building
2009.16.08Roll of White Voters registered at Newtown 1904Archives Building
2009.16.09Roll of White Voters registered at Clark's Precinct, Newtown District since 1964Archives Building
2009.16.10Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Newtown 1904Archives Building
2009.16.11Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Newtown 1902-1905Archives Building
2009.16.12Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Newtown 1904Archives Building
2009.16.13Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1905Archives Building
2009.16.14Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Stevensville 1903Archives Building
2009.16.15Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Stevensville 1904Archives Building
2009.16.16Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Stevensville 1912-1937Archives Building
2009.16.17Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Buena Vista 1902Archives Building
2009.16.18Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Buena Vista 1904Archives Building
2009.16.19Roll of White or Colored Voters Registered at Newtown 1904Archives Building
2009.16.20Roll of White Voters Registered at Buena Vista, Little Plymouth 1902Archives Building
2009.16.21Roll of White Voters Registered at Buena Vista, Little Plymouth 1924Archives Building
2009.16.22Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Newtown 1964Archives Building
2009.16.23Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Stevensville 1904Archives Building
2009.16.24Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1902Archives Building
2009.16.25Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1915Archives Building
2009.16.26Roll of White Voters Registered at Buena Vista 1905-1916Archives Building
2009.16.27Roll of White Voters Registered at Buena Vista 1904-1964Archives Building
2009.16.28Roll of White Voters Registered at Buena Vista 1905-1957Archives Building
2009.16.29Roll of White Voters Registered at Newtown 1889Archives Building
2009.16.30Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Newtown 1889Archives Building
2009.16.31Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1918Archives Building
2009.16.32Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Carlton's Store Stevensville 1904Archives Building
2009.16.33Roll of White Voters Registered at Newtown 1889Archives Building
2009.16.34Blank voter registration bookArchives Building
2009.16.35Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1927, 1930's, 1940'sArchives Building
2009.16.36Roll of White Voters Registered at Little Plymouth, Buena Vista 1904Archives Building
2009.16.37Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1964Archives Building
2009.16.38Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Stevensville 1964Archives Building
2009.16.39Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Little Plymouth, Buena Vista 1964Archives Building
2009.16.40Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Buena Vista 1902Archives Building
2009.16.41Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Stevensville 1927Archives Building
2009.16.42Roll of White Voters Registered at Buena Vista 1964Archives Building
2009.16.43Roll of White Voters Registered at Newtown 1914Archives Building
2009.16.44Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1902Archives Building
2009.16.45Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Stevensville 1940Archives Building
2009.16.46Roll of All Voters Registered at Clarks, Newtown 1904Archives Building
2009.16.47Roll of Transferred White Voters Registered at Carlton's Store (undated, spiral notebook)Archives Building
2009.16.48Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1902Archives Building
2009.16.49Roll of White Voters Registered at Buena Vista 1904Archives Building
2009.16.50Roll of Colored Voters Registered at Stevensville 1964Archives Building
2009.16.51Roll of White Voters Registered at Stevensville 1964Archives Building
2009.16.52Roll of Voters Registered at Newtown 1964Archives Building
2009.16.53Roll of Voters Registered at Buena Vista 1964Archives Building
2009.16.54Roll of Voters Registered at Buena Vista 1964Archives Building
2009.16.55Box of loose voter registration cardsArchives Building
2009.16.56Binder of voter registration cardsArchives Building
2009.16.57Box of Correspondence relating to Registration & Absentee Voting, etc. (1 of 2)Archives Building
2009.16.58Box of Correspondence relating to Registration & Absentee Voting, etc. (2 of 2)Archives Building
2009.17.01Three photographs (copies) of river traffic thought to be in the Walkerton area, one 3 master under sail, two of a boat under power, early 1900sVaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.17.02Photo, Two women, identified on reverse as Mrs. Alma Draine and Louise Luckin, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.17.03Photo of a cow "Belle", with Ben Walker and unknown woman, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.17.04Photograph of Haybattle, horses and William Humphrey Walker (father), Edgar Allen, and sons Ben Walker, Gordon Walker and William Walker, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.17.05Photo of Footbridge at Walkerton Mill, constructed after the mill dam broke - 1939VaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.17.06Photo of Walkerton School, teacher Mary Acree, c. 1928VaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.17.07Photo of Gordon Walker and (?) Albert Waddey with fish, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.17.08Photo of Bertha and Lina Walker, Walkerton Garage and Ivan Clark Funeral Home in the background, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.17.09Ox cart, with Herndon Mitchell home in background next to the Walkerton Mill Pond, before the dam broke, 1913-1920VaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.17.10Photo of fish and child.,1920's, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.17.11Langford's Store, 1967, in building that was formerly Shepherd's Store (1920-1950s). The early Post Office was at the right front window. this photo shows the shadow of location of Walkerton Post Office (1940s-1950s)attached to the building at the rear of the building, P.O. Department demanded removal from general store and it was moved to the attached room with separate entrance.VaultBox #65; Folder #29
2009.18.01Photocopy , Edmund Pendleton Biography by David John Mays, excerpt relevant to Donald Robertson.VaultBox #60; Folder #14
2009.18.02Photocopies of Virginia Department of Historic Resources maps of the area with Donald Robertson School location markedVaultBox #60; Folder #14
2009.18.03Photocopies of Overview of Virginia Department of Historic Resources, Historic Preservation Outreach chart, Donald Robertson School siteVaultBox #60; Folder #14
2009.18.04Photocopy of James Madison The Virginia Revolutionist by Irving Brant, excerpts relevant to Donald Robertson.VaultBox #60; Folder #14
2009.18.108Marriage Certificate of James M. Minor and Florence E. Edwards, September 11, 1926VaultBox #58; Folder #243
2009.19.01Notebook belonging to Alice Post, containing Birth and Death dates for many many people, 1874 to 1923VaultBox #58; Folder #191
2009.19.02Pierce's Memorandum and Account Book, calendars for 1892-1893 with entries of hand-written poemsVaultBox #56; Folder #68
2009.19.03Photocopy of pages from THE HUGUENOT, publication No. 14 1947-1949, Shackelford genealogy,VaultBox #58; Folder #192
2009.19.04Shackelford genealogy written by Alease Roane 2007 (photocopy)VaultBox #58; Folder #192
2009.20.01The Techgram, second memorial pictorial, December 15, 1945, features two K&Q natives: John A. Wilson, class of 1939, St. Stephens Ch. VA and H.C. Vaughan, class of 1943, Stevensville, VaVaultBox #54; Folder #87
2009.23.02Photocopy of notice of meeting of Farmers Educational and Co-operative Union of America, Virginia Division, signed by J. C. BlandVaultBox #74; Folder #20
2009.24.01Video of John and William Wedderburn burial stone taken August 2008 in King and Queen Co. VirginiaVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2009.24.02Four color photos of marker at burial site of John and William Wedderburn, at site of former Stratton Major Parish ChurchVaultBox #41; Folder #51
2009.24.03"A Ramble among the Dead", a copy of an account of a walk through the graveyard at tie site of the former Stratton Major Parish church, also the site of the first Poroporone Church, describes the tombstone of John and William Wedderburn.VaultBox #41; Folder #52
2009.27.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, December 2008, (DNA-Generic Genealogy, Ware Neck Merchants, Timberneck Farm, Carmines Island)Library
2009.28.01Tape of video oral history interview, Fred Holmes, Tape 1, June 20, 2002Vault
2009.28.02Tape of video oral history interview, Fred Holmes, Tape 2, June 20, 2002Vault
2009.28.03Tape of video oral history interview, Elizabeth Minor, June 20, 2002Vault
2009.28.04Tape of video oral history interview, Mary Monroe, June 20, 2002Vault
2009.28.05Tape of video oral history interview, Mary Prince, June 20, 2002Vault
2009.28.06Tape of video oral history interview, Brownie Bevan, June 20, 2002Vault
2009.28.07Tape of video oral history interview, Ethel Baylor, June 25, 2002Vault
2009.28.08Tape of video oral history interview, Caroline Jones,#1, June 25, 2002Vault
2009.28.09Tape of video oral history interview, Caroline Jones,#2, June 25, 2002Vault
2009.28.10Tape of video oral history interview, Elizabeth Brooks, #1, June 27, 2002Vault
2009.28.11Tape of video oral history interview, Elizabeth Brooks, #2, June 27, 2002Vault
2009.28.12Tape of video oral history interview, Alyce Candia, June 27, 2002Vault
2009.28.13Tape of video oral history interview, Carey Hall, June 27, 2002Vault
2009.28.14Tape of video oral history interview, Martha Michaux, # 1, June 27, 2002Vault
2009.28.15Tape of video oral history interview, Martha Michaux, #2, June 27, 2002Vault
2009.28.16Tape of video oral history interview, Virginia Ruffin, June 27, 2002Vault
2009.28.17Tape of video oral history Interview, Virginia Ruffin, & Elizabeth Brooks, June 27, 2002Vault
2009.28.18Tape of video oral history Interview, Louise Gray, June 27, 2002Vault
2009.28.19Tape of video oral history Interview, Latane Trice, June 25, 2002Vault
2009.28.20Tape of video oral history Interview, David Butler, November 14, 2002Vault
2009.28.21Tape of video oral history Interview, Rittenhouse Jones, November 14, 2002Vault
2009.28.22Tape of video oral history Interview, Diane Parsons, November 14, 2002Vault
2009.28.23Tape of video oral history Interview, Reverend Puffenbarger, November 14, 2002Vault
2009.28.24Tape of video oral history Interview, Katherine Showalter, November 14, 2002Vault
2009.28.25Tape of video oral history Interview, Bernard Walton, November 14, 2002Vault
2009.28.26Lynn Perry: Interview before his K&Q interviews 10/15/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2009.28.27Lynn Perry: K&Q interview Tape 1 10/15/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2009.28.28Lynn Perry: K&Q interview Tape 2 10/15/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2009.28.29Tape of video oral history Interview, Howard Walker, October 15, 2002Vault
2009.28.30Tape of video oral history Interview, Bill Brown, November 6, 2002Vault
2009.28.31Tape of video oral history Interview, Alexander King, November 6, 2002Vault
2009.28.32Tape of video oral history Interview, Elizabeth Ramsey, November 6, 2002Vault
2009.28.33Tape of video oral history Interview, Joe Walton, November 6, 2002Vault
2009.28.34Tape of video oral history Interview, Charles Williams, November 6, 2002Vault
2009.28.35Tape of video oral history Interview, Jacob Dabney, November 11, 2002Vault
2009.28.36Tape of video oral history Interview, Winnifred Shacklefords, November 11, 2002Vault
2009.28.37Tape of video oral history Interview, William Gwathmey, June 23, 2003Vault
2009.28.38Tape of video oral history Interview, Temple Ryland, Tape 1, June 23, 2003Vault
2009.28.39Tape of video oral history Interview, Temple Ryland, Tape 2, June 23, 2003Vault
2009.28.40Tape of video oral history Interview, William Rilee, Tape 1, June 23, 2003Vault
2009.28.41Tape of video oral history Interview, William Rilee, Tape 2, June 23, 2003Vault
2009.28.42Tape of video oral history Interview, Edmonia Coleman, June 24, 2003Vault
2009.28.43Tape of video oral history Interview, Betty Gwathmey, June 24, 2003Vault
2009.28.44Tape of video oral history Interview, Dickie Seward, June 24, 2003Vault
2009.28.45Tape of video oral history Interview, Russell Williams, June 24, 2003Vault
2009.28.46Tape of video oral history Interview, Anna "Rose" Clark, June 30, 2003Vault
2009.28.47Tape of video oral history Interview, Martha Davis, June 30, 2003Vault
2009.28.48Tape of video oral history Interview, John Jones, June 30, 2003Vault
2009.28.49Tape of video oral history Interview, Nokomis Lemons, tape #1, June 30, 2003Vault
2009.28.50Tape of video oral history Interview, Nokomis Lemons, tape #2, June 30, 2003Vault
2009.28.51Tape of video oral history Interview, Lily White, tape #1, June 30, 2003Vault
2009.28.52Tape of video oral history Interview, Lily White, tape #2, June 30, 2003Vault
2009.28.53Tape of video oral history Interview, Evelyn Boschen, August 6, 2003Vault
2009.28.54Tape of video oral history Interview, Thomas Campbell, August 6, 2003Vault
2009.28.55Tape of video oral history Interview, William Wyatt, August 6, 2003Vault
2009.28.56Tape of video oral history Interview, James Croxton, January 12, 2005Vault
2009.28.57Tape of video oral history Interview, Minne-ha-ha Custalow, January 12, 2005Vault
2009.28.58Tape of video oral history Interview, Anne Richardson, January 12, 2005Vault
2009.28.59Tape of video oral history Interview, James Alsop, January 18, 2005Vault
2009.28.60Tape of video oral history Interview, Wilhemina Baughan, January 18, 2005Vault
2009.28.61Tape of video oral history Interview, Abigail Collins, tape 1, January 18, 2005Vault
2009.28.62Tape of video oral history Interview, Abigail Collins, tape 2, January 18, 2005Vault
2009.28.63Tape of video oral history Interview, Elizabeth Harvey, January 18, 2005Vault
2009.28.64Tape of video oral history Interview, Ann Mitchell Ransone, January 18, 2005Vault
2009.28.65Tape of video oral history Interview, Minor Trevilian, January 18, 2005Vault
2009.28.66Tape of video oral history Interview, Porter Vaughan, January 18, 2005Vault
2009.28.101Tapes of video History Interviews.Vault
2009.29.01Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Ollie Alsop 01/18/2005Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.02Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Mary Banks 06/25/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.03Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Wilhemina Baughan 01/18/2005Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.04Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Ethel Baylor 06/25/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.05Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Elizabeth Brooks 06/27/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.06Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Billy Brown 11/06/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.07Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Thomas Campbell 08/06/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.08Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Alyce Candia 06/27/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.09Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Anna "Rose" Clark 06/03/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.10Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Edmonia Coleman 06/24/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.11Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Abigail Collins, Disk A 01/18/2005Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.12Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Abigail Collins,Disc B 06/03/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.13Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: James Croxton 01/12/2005Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.14Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Jacob Dabney 11/06/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.15Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Martha Davis 06/03/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.16Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Louise Gray, Disk A 06/27/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.17Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Louise Gray, Disk B 06/27/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.18Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Betty Gwathmey 06/24/03Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.19Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: William Gwathmey 06/23/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.20Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Carey Hall 06/27/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.21Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Elizabeth Harvey 01/18/2005Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.22Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Fred Holmes, Sr., Disk A 06/20/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.23Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Fred Holmes, Sr., Disk B 06/20/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.24Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Caroline Jones, Disk A 06/25/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.25Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Caroline Jones, Disk BVault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.26Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: John Jones 06/30/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.27Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Rittenhouse Jones 11/14/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.28Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Alexander King 11/06/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.29Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Martha Michaux, Disk A 06/27/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.30Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Martha Michaux, Disk B 06/27/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.31Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Elizabeth Minor 06/20/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.32Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Mary P. Monroe 06/202002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.33Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Mary Prince 06/20/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.34Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Rev. Puffenbarger 11/14//2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.35Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Ann Ransone 01/18/2005Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.36Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: William Rilee, Disc A 06/23/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.37Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: William Rilee, Disc BVault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.38Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Virginia Ruffin 06/27/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.39Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Temple Ryland, Disk A 06/23/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.40Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Temple Ryland, Disk BVault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.41Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Dickie Seward 06/24/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.42Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Winifred Shackleford 11/14/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.43Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Minor Trevilian 01/18/2005Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.44Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Porter Vaughan 01/18/2005Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.45Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Howard Walker 10/15/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.46Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Bernard Walton 11/14/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.47Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Joe Walton 11/06/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.48Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Lily White, Disk A 06/30/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.49Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Lily White, Disk B 06/30/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.50Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Charles Williams 11/06/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.51Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Russell Williams 06/24/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.52Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: William Wyatt 08/06/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.53Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Diane Parsons 11/14/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.54Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Latane Trice 06/25/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.55Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: David Butler 11/14/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.56Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Evelyn Boschen 08/06/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.57Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Brownie Bevan 06/20/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.58Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Katherine Showalter 11/14/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.59Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Elizabeth Ramsey 11/06/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.60Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Lynn Perry, Disk A 10/15/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.61Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Lynn Perry, Disk B 10/15/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.62Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Lynn Perry, Disk C 10/15/2002Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.63Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Anne Richardson 01/12/2005Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.64Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Minne-ha-ha Custalow 01/12/2005Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.29.65Video history interview, DVD copy of tape: Nokomis Lemons 06/30/2003Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.30.01Video History edited from tape of original interviews: K&Q Indian Oral History 07/17/08 (41:58)Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.30.02Video History edited from tape of original interviews, K&Q Native Americans, FinalVault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.30.03Video History edited from tape of original interviews, K&Q Native Americans, Short Version (29:11)Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.30.04Video History edited from tape of original interviews, approval copy 4/21/09: Black Schools in King and Queen County.Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.30.05Video History edited from tape of original interviews, final master: White Education in King and Queen CountyVault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.30.06Video History edited from tape of original interviews, dvd 4/9/09: White Education in King and Queen CountyVault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.30.07Video History edited from tape of original interviews, K&Q Native American Oral History Rough Cut 10/10/07Vault Filing Cabinet 3rd drawer
2009.31.01Scanned slides of Old Houses of King and Queen on CDVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2009.32.01CD containing pictures of Newtown, Chenault family in 1940 and 1948, William Thombs Chenault farm.Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2009.33.01Plans for Gateways & Trails 2000 K&Q Courthouse, Phase IIArchives Building, in Secretary desk
2009.33.02Essay: "The Continental Flag" (publisher unknown), a description of the flag of the rebelling colonies, May 1776 to June 1777VaultBox #54; Folder #90
2009.34.01Carriage House display: Horse-drawn buggy purchased by Tom Trice, used by Latane Trice (he gave Caroline Gwathmey a ride to the Walkerton School); restored by Brownie Bevan.Carriage House
2009.34.02Carriage House display: 8 color photos of restored buggyVaultBox #68; Folder #22
2009.34.03Carriage House display: 1 photo of buggy manufacturer's tag (Virginia Buggy Co. Franklin, Va)VaultBox #68; Folder #22
2009.34.04Carriage House display: 3 black and white photocopies of photo of buggyVaultBox #68; Folder #22
2009.34.05Sketch of proposed Tavern Museum buggy shedVaultBox #68; Folder #22
2009.35.01Cash drawer, wooden, used at Shepherds Store and Post Office, Walkerton, Va.Post Office
2009.36.01Thirteen envelopes addressed to K&Q County Post Offices 1880's to 1942Post Office
2009.36.02Six envelopes addressed to K&Q County Post Offices 1880's to 1942, not used in Post Office ExhibitVaultBox #43; Folder #172
2009.36.03Stamp Album for the purchase of Unites States War Savings Bonds booklet, 1944, partially filled by Martie Taylor (Owen) of WalkertonVaultBox #54; Folder #73
2009.37.01Horse Harness (new) bought from St. Mary's County Maryland Amish CommunityCarriage House
2009.37.023 horseshoe hooks made by Brownie BevanCarriage House
2009.37.031 woven-fabric bridleCarriage House
2009.37.041 lead ropeCarriage House
2009.38.01Small metal box with floral design (green, pink, cream) found in small green metal cabinet in museum officeParlor
2009.39.01Pair of leather riding boots19th Century Bedroom
2009.39.02Bootjack19th Century Bedroom
2009.39.03Saddlebag19th Century Bedroom
2009.40.01Teacher's Printing Kit, block letters, numbers and symbols and a note "Used during the 1920s - 1940's. Introduced in teacher preparation classes in the Virginia Normal Schools".Hall Top Floor
2009.41.01Dress form for use in display of costumes and clothingStorage
2009.42.01Dress (sheer beige fabric with lace trim, high waist) worn by Annie Bernard Walker Williams (Mrs. Robert Emmett Williams, Carolyn's grandmother) of Mt. Elba Farm, Walkerton. Date is estimated to be 1910-1920.Parlor
2009.42.02Mannequin for Dress owned by Annie Bernard Walker Williams (Mrs. Robert Emmett Williams, Carolyn's grandmother) of Mt. Elba Farm, Walkerton. Form is labelled Hall Borchert Dress Form Mfrs NY & Chicago. Date is estimated to be 1910-1920.Parlor
2009.42.03Dust cover for Annie Williams' dressStorage
2009.43.01Split Seat McClellan SaddleCarriage House
2009.43.02Bit (rusted, found in yard at Mt. Elba)Carriage House
2009.43.03Wooden tool, unknown use, oldest part made with 18th century nails.Carriage House
2009.44.01Courthouse Portraits: Notebook, 1988, before restorationVaultBox #64; Folder #14
2009.44.02Courthouse Portraits, Restoration: Notebook, correspondence, records of donationsVaultBox #64; Folder #15
2009.44.03Courthouse Portraits Restoration: Notebook, collection of notes re: portraitsVaultBox #64; Folder #16
2009.44.04Courthouse Portraits Restoration: photographs of restored portraits and their location.VaultBox #64; Folder #17
2009.45.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society of Virginia. June 2009, (Achilles High School, Confederate Navy, Taliaferro, Smith)Library
2009.46.01Leftwich Heritage, Summer, 2009, Vol 17VaultBox #58;Folder #134
2009.47.01Bulletin of Historical Society of West Point, Vol. 1, No. 2, Oct. 2008VaultBox #56;Folder #56
2009.47.02Bulletin of Historical Society of West Point, Vol. 2, No.1, April 2009VaultBox #56;Folder #56
2009.47.03Bulletin of Historical Society of West Point, Vol. 2, No.2, October 2009VaultBox #56;Folder #56
2009.47.04Bulletin of Historical Society of West Point, Vol. 3, No.2, October 2010VaultBox #56;Folder #56
2009.47.05Bulletin of Historical Society of West Point, Vol. 4, No.2, October 2011VaultBox #56;Folder #56
2009.48.01History of West Point Christian Church, April 26, 2009VaultBox #41; Folder #45
2009.49.01Horse Harness used on horses in lower King and Queen CountyCarriage House
2009.49.023 windows, installed in Carriage house, originally from an old house in King and Queen County belonging to Minor TrevilianCarriage House
2009.49.03DAR application of Mary Spencer Eubank, containing Spencer and Bland genealogy, photocopyVaultBox #58; Folder #180
2009.49.04Scrapbook of Louise Gayle Bland, documenting family living at Buena Vista Store at Cologne, from 1903Vault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #17
2009.49.05Virginia Revolutionary Publick Claims and their genealogical value, compiled and transcribed by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten: 21 pages of King and Queen citizens who had claims (photocopy,)VaultBox #58; Folder #181
2009.50.01Genealogical information of the Hart family: Biography of Rev. Joseph W. Hart (1848-1914) , minister at Mattaponi Baptist Church; Descendants of Thomas F. Hart (1811-1867) (Photocopies of text provided by Arthur Thomas Hart III)VaultBox #58; Folder #190
2009.51.01Androck Turbine beater (kitchen utensil) 1920-1930can't find
2009.52.01Cedar frame for Carriage House Photo DisplayPost Office
2009.53.01Author's copies (2) of an article "James Madison and His Ties to King and Queen County" written by Marian T. Minor, with bibiliography, genealogy and copies of background source articles.VaultBox #58; Folder #189
2009.55.01Newspaper article about C. Porter Vaughan, Jr.VaultBox #55; Folder #42
2009.56.01Carriage House BuildingCarriage House
2009.56.02Materials relating to the re-zoning, building and dedication of the Tavern Museum Carriage house and Stevensville Post Office restoration.VaultBox #68; Folder #20
2009.56.03Four photographic prints of the Chelsea stage coach, owned by Jerry Walker, stored at Locust Grove taken in 2008VaultBox #40; Folder #80
2009.56.04Four digital photographic prints on CD of the Chelsea stage coach, owned by Jerry Walker, stored at Locust Grove taken in 2008Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2009.57.01Case table from the Stevensville Post OfficePost Office
2009.58.01Wooden Stool for Stevensville Post Office restoration in the Carriage HousePost Office
2009.58.02Photos of Carriage house construction at the Tavern Museum and the Carriage at BewdleyVaultBox #68; Folder #18
2009.60.01Framed print of King and Queen Courthouse, artist Philip L. Frisbee, 1963Office
2009.61.01National Register Nomination for Providence plantation and farm, Newtown area (source: U.S. Dept of the Interior, National Park Service website); early owners were Dr. and Mrs. William and Susan Dew; currently owned by Mr. and Mrs. Harold and Laura Stuart.VaultBox #58; Folder #169
2009.63.01History of Shackelfords Chapel, located in lower King and Queen County, written in 1985 by Dorothy P. Fary (photocopy)VaultBox #41; Folder #55
2009.64.01W. S. Roane 1809 account with J.J. Bland relating to lumber business 1 page. Original papers.VaultBox #43; Folder #167
2009.64.02W. S. Roane 1885 receipt for axles from Hunter Sims & Co. 1 page. Original papers.VaultBox #43; Folder #168
2009.64.03W. S. Roane 1877 account with Bland & Bro store 1 page. Original papers.VaultBox #43; Folder #169
2009.64.04W. S. Roane 1907 account of estate sale 5 pages. Original papers.VaultBox #43; Folder #170
2009.65.01Certificates from Daughters of the American Revolution and Children of the American Revolution for member Louise Palmer Jefferson. Applications document her descent from John Pendleton, a member of the House of Burgesses from King and Queen County.Archives Building, in Secretary desk
2010.01.01History of Beulah Church 1899-2009VaultBox #41; Folder #53
2010.02.01Membership Book of the Methodist Circuit, 1859-1912, including Mann's, Providence, Mizpah, Lebanon, Paces, and Shepherds churches.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #164
2010.03.01Clippings and photos relating to the Walkerton Library, c. 1980-1987VaultBox #65; Folder #37
2010.05.01Photographs (38) of the Dedication of the Carriage House at the Tavern Museum taken by Walton Beale EvansVaultBox #68; Folder #18
2010.05.02Photo of the King & Queen County Historical Society School CoverletVaultBox #61; Folder #60
2010.06.01The Dragon Run: A Step into the Past, a Strategy for the FutureLibrary
2010.07.01King William Historical Society BulletinsVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2010.08.01Child's chair made of oak with split oak bottomParlor
2010.08.02white china chamber pot20th Century Bedroom
2010.09.01National Registry Nomination for ProvidenceVaultBox #58; Folder #169
2010.10.01Materials on the book Old Houses of King and Queen County and other papersVault (box in office)
2010.10.99Mostly full set of Bulletins thru #51, in good condition, save for resaleStorage
2010.11.01Math and Latin text books from Stevensville School used by J.T. Barefoot, Porter Vaughan, Mary T. Barefoot, Robert Barefoot, Vernell BarefootArchives Building, in Secretary desk
2010.12.01Air Warden Service tie tack, belonged to J. T. BarefootStorage
2010.12.02Ruritan Club pin, belonged to J. T. BarefootStorage
2010.12.03Photocopy of Address of the Virginia House of Burgesses to the King of England, 1772VaultBox #49; Folder #107
2010.14.01Photograph of the Walkerton Bridge over the Mattaponi, c. 1996VaultBox #65; Folder #36
2010.15.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, December 2009 ("Free" People of Colour; Rigau; Dunston; Clements;James)Library
2010.18.01Computer Disk published by Petersburg Region Tourist BureauLibrary
2010.18.02Magazine published by Petersburg Tourist Region 2010VaultBox #56; Folder #67
2010.20.01Lady's Slip, worn by a lady in the Post family19th Century Bedroom
2010.26.11Newspaper clipping, Wedding announcement (transcription) describing the double wedding of the McGeorge twins on January 2, 1913. Carrie Waller McGeorge married Malcolm Clopton Burke. Bessie Wallace McGeorge married Alfred Peachy Gwathmey.VaultBox #55; Folder #26
2010.31.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, June 2010 (James Maury Fontaine; Blake;Foster;Lamberth;Page)Library
2010.31.02The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, December 2010 (CW Reminiscence;Driver;Oliver;Hogg(e) DNA; Hughes)Library
2010.32.02Photo of King and Queen Court House with Carey Hall, Olive Bagby, and Martie OwenVaultBox #43; Folder #113
2010.34.01Bulletin of the Historical Society of West Point, Va. newsletter April 2010VaultBox #56; Folder #56
2010.35.012 photos of minstrel show held at Marriott School late 1940, one is a blackface weddingVaultBox #43; Folder #168
2010.35.02photo of Junior Woman's Club membersVaultBox #40; Folder #85
2010.36.01Horseshoe found in Walkerton on the site of the old livery stable on Walkerton Landing RoadCarriage House
2010.38.01Bill to Mr. Wickliff Boulware from T. M. Henley, D.D.S. for dental work in 1864VaultBox #43; Folder #171
2010.39.01Letter addressed to Miss Rosalie Bland, Shackleford, Va. from Gilbert Burnet Lewis re: preservation of graves of Confederate soldiers, 1946VaultBox #49; Folder #105
2010.39.02Letter addressed to Mr. Jemmie G. Bland, Shackleford, Va. from Annie, 1871VaultBox #49; Folder #104
2010.39.03Indenture November 1845 between John Summerson, E.T. Newcomb and his wife Mary Newcomb, and Levi PittsVaultBox #46; Folder #88
2010.39.04Minutes of a meeting to establish a Masonic Lodge, Shacklefords, 1874VaultBox #43; Folder #162
2010.39.05Letter to Miss Alma Bland, Shacklefords, from Russell B. Gill, 1938, about Centreville AcademyVaultBox #42; Folder #97
2010.39.06Notes on Centreville Academy including early supporters, description of Mr. Gogerty's murder at the school, undated, unsignedVaultBox #42; Folder #97
2010.39.07Letter to Miss Florence Wright , Plain View, from J.F. Bland, 1887, thank you for a floral offeringVaultBox #49; Folder #106
2010.39.08Virginia' s Heritage by Henry P. Taylor, 1968VaultBox #74; Folder #18
2010.39.09One program for the 250th Anniversary of K&Q County; two programs for the Pageant, 1941VaultBox #43; Folder #163
2010.39.10King & Queen County Historical Society ,Corey Award, 1967, newspaper articlesVaultBox #61; Folder #68
2010.39.11Four bearer notes, $100.00 each, signed by Robert Pollard Jr. Clerk, 1864VaultBox #43; Folder #164
2010.39.12Receipt for property taxes, Roderick Bland, 1885VaultBox #43; Folder #164
2010.39.13Prints of Mattaponi Church, King & Queen County; Fontainbleau, King William County; & Westover, Charles City CountyVaultBox #40; Folder #82
2010.40.01CD containing photos of King and Queen Courthouse GreenVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2010.41.01C.W.Samuel, accounts for Agricultural Goods, bought and sold 1905-1931 (including a pea huller, fruit trees, harrow, cow, chickens and eggs, contract with Stansbury Canning Co., 1918 and small account book for money paid to hired people).VaultBox #78; Folder #01
2010.41.02C.W. Samuel, accounts for cutting, hauling wood (Barefoot & Son, George Babyak, C.C. Caldwell, J.S. Robinson)VaultBox #78; Folder #02
2010.41.03Samuel Family, receipts and bills, domestic and personal expenses, 1906-1930 including stove, furniture, clothes, funeral markerVaultBox #78; Folder #03
2010.41.04C.W. Samuel, accounts for paint, linen, twine, hardware, 1910-1930VaultBox #78; Folder #04
2010.41.05C.W. Samuel, transportation expenses for buggy (Richmond Buggy and Wagon Co.,1903), Parts (Kelley-Rucker Hardware, 1922-1927), Ford car service (Richmond Motor Co.,1926), Registration (1930)VaultBox #78; Folder #05
2010.41.06Wedding Announcement: Marie Semple Minter married Ambrose Buford Acree, March 3, 1917VaultBox #78; Folder #06
2010.41.07Samuel Family, Wooden beads in Liberty Tailoring Society envelopeVaultBox #78; Folder #07
2010.41.08Samuel Family, Cards and letters 1916-1921VaultBox #78; Folder #08
2010.41.09Samuel family photographs (unidentified)VaultBox #78; Folder #09
2010.41.10C.W. Samuel, Receipts for newspaper subscriptions: The West Point News (1913 and 1917) and Southside Sentinel (1926)VaultBox #78; Folder #10
2010.41.11C. W. Samuel, Court accounts, King William County, 1892, 1894, 1903VaultBox #78; Folder #11
2010.41.12C.W. Samuel, money order receipts 1907-1914VaultBox #78; Folder #12
2010.41.13C.W. Samuel, insurance receipts, 1915VaultBox #78; Folder #13
2010.41.14C.W. and F.L. Samuel, accounts and correspondence for medical services, 1906-1934VaultBox #78; Folder #14
2010.41.15C.W. Samuel, business correspondence 1904-1930VaultBox #78; Folder #15
2010.41.16Florence L. and C.W.(Charles) Samuel, receipts for taxes, King and Queen County 1914-1931VaultBox #78; Folder #16
2010.41.17C.W. Samuel, cancelled checks drawn on Southside Bank, Walkerton, 1923, 1924, 1929 with book of blank checksVaultBox #78; Folder #17
2010.41.18C.W. and F.L. Samuel, Deed of Trust, Southside Bank, Tappahannock, 1919-1922VaultBox #78; Folder #18
2010.41.19C.W. and F.L. Samuel (with W.F. Duling), notes with Southside Bank, Walkerton, Aylett and Tappahannock,1912-1930VaultBox #78; Folder #19
2010.41.20Samuel Family, Pollard and Bagby Mortgage Notes, CDs, 1923-1930VaultBox #78; Folder #20
2010.41.21C. W. Samuel, Notes and receipts held/paid by non-banking interests 1881-1921VaultBox #78; Folder #21
2010.41.22Samuel Family, Brochures, Business Cards, etc.VaultBox #78; Folder #22
2010.41.23Samuel Family, Correspondence, empty envelopesVaultBox #78; Folder #23
2010.42.01Personal letters between Charles Hill Ryland and Betsy Fleet, 1977-1996, includes obituaries for Betsy Moore Fleet (1996), Mary Louisa Fleet (1995) and Reuben Hollis Fleet (19750VaultBox #49; Folder #108
2010.42.02Letter from Charles Hill Ryland and Fred Fleet, 1861 (photocopy) about religion, and cover letter from Charles H. Ryland to Frederick J. Anderson, 1994, upon gift of original letter to Virginia Baptist Historical SocietyVaultBox #49; Folder #109
2010.42.03Letter from J.W. Fleet, to John M. Garmett, 1862 (photocopy), and cover letter from Charles H. Ryland to Betsy Fleet, 1992VaultBox #49; Folder #110
2010.42.04Green Mount Farm correspondence between Charles H. Ryland and Betsy Fleet, 1975-1988VaultBox #49; Folder #111
2010.42.05Leadership at Culver Academy, photo of an article in Phi Delta Gamma Magazine and letter from Charles Hill Ryland to Betsy Fleet, Summer 1991VaultBox #49; Folder #112
2010.43.01Virginia Public School Register for Colored School, Stevensville District , K&Q County, Eliza Reade, Teacher, 1886-1892VaultBox #42; Folder #74
2010.44.01Resolution presented by the King and Queen County Historical Society in memory of Temple RylandVaultBox #61;Folder #53
2010.44.02Resolution presented by the King and Queen County Historical Society in memory of Minor TrevilianVaultBox #61;Folder #53
2010.44.03Resolution presented by the King and Queen County Historical Society 10/24/2011 in memory of Caroline Gwathmey JonesVaultBox #61;Folder #53
2010.45.01Leftwich Heritage, volume 18, Summer 2010VaultBox #58;Folder #134
2010.45.02Leftwich Heritage, volume 19, Summer 2011VaultBox #58;Folder #134
2010.45.03Leftwich Heritage, volume 20, Summer 2012VaultBox #58;Folder #134
2010.45.04Leftwich Heritage, volume 21, Summer 2013, pg 15-28 describes trip to K&Q County in 2012, including a stop at the Tavern Museum, and a ride by the site of the Leftwich Patent near CrouchVaultBox #58;Folder #134
2010.46.01Clothes wringer, metal and woodDining Room
2010.46.02Butter churn, owned by the Langford family of Stevensville, VADining Room
2010.47.01Cast Iron string holder from Coldwater Post Office, and Mascot Post Office after Coldwater Post Office closedPost Office
2010.49.01Child's dress, white, eyelet panels, 19th Century20th Century Bedroom
2010.50.01Courtroom Portraits: Folder collected by Larry Grahl while president of King and Queen County Historical Society 2007-2009: Courtroom PortraitsVaultBox #64; Folder #18
2010.50.02Old Church: Folder collected by Larry Grahl while president of King and Queen County Historical Society 2007-2009VaultBox #41; Folder #50
2010.50.03Broaddus property: Folder collected by Larry Grahl while president of King and Queen County Historical Society 2007-2009VaultBox #61; Folder #70
2010.51.0115 original bearer notes, King and Queen Courthouse, 1861VaultBox #43; Folder #160
2010.51.02list of wills and other documents prior to 1861, found in Chancery suits filed in the Clerk's officeVaultBox #43; Folder #161
2010.52.01Board of Election papers filed by election candidates 1970
2010.52.02Board of Election papers filed by election candidates 1971
2010.52.03Board of Election papers filed by election candidates 1975
2010.54.01Metal object, rusted, probably a door handle or gate hingeCarriage House
2010.55.01Landscape drawing of King and Queen Court House Master Plan for T-21grant for Courthouse Green improvements, September 2000Vault
2010.55.02Minutes of Technical Advisory Team Meeting #1, K&Q Courthouse Project , 2000VaultBox #64; Folder #25
2010.56.01Doll baby carriage, wicker, painted blue, vintage 1920'sHall Top Floor
2010.56.02Tricycle, metal with leather seat, rubber tires, tag on front illegible: "The Gendron W__ Pic__, Toledo, USA", vintage 1920s-1930sHall Top Floor
2010.56.03Potty Chair, white, wicker-like, vintage 1920s - 1930sBathroom-Top Floor
2010.57.01School Board budgets ranging from 1941 through 1970s
2010.58.01Woman's Club history with pamphlets, reports, letters, etc. from approximate years of 1931-1955VaultBox #43; Folder #159
2010.58.02Woman's Club history 1942-1943, rough copy by Mrs. H.S. Bland, historianVaultBox #43; Folder #173
2010.59.01Mannequin for vintage clothingParlor
2010.62.01Photographs of The Mount, Dunkirk, VA, built by William Todd (photocopies), 5 exterior and 3 interior shotsVaultBox #40; Folder #81
2010.63.01Santa Claus SuitWallace Mahanes
2010.64.01Mizpah United Methodist Church: "Celebrating 125 Years of Ministry", WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #06
2010.65.01Framed plat of Courthouse lot, 1940Library
2010.66.01Diskette Box, for storage of diskettes in the Archives or LibraryVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2010.67.01Register of deaths for K&Q County 1864, Commissioner of Revenue: P.E. Lipscomb 1864Vault (oversized)Box #43; Folder #136
2010.69.01Membership ledger, King and Queen County Historical Society, 1957-1962, original recordsVault (oversized)Box #61; Folder #72
2010.70.01Trademark Registrations for 8 Taylor & Caldwell brands; trademark registration for R.D. Griggs Summer Sweet brand.VaultBox #65; Folder #25
2010.70.02Taylor & Caldwell Food, Inc correspondence relating to copyrights of canned food labels, 1969-1972VaultBox #65; Folder #26
2010.70.03Taylor & Caldwell Food, Inc., can labels (16 varieties plus blanks), in saleman's notebookVaultBox #65; Folder #27
2010.73.011908 Sears catalog20th Century Bedroom
2010.74.01Scrapbook made by W.S. Courtney of Little Plymouth, VA, Civil War Veteran, buried at Olivet Church with his wife Alice.Vault (oversized)Box #47; Folder #18
2010.75.01Photo of Mr. Oliver's store before the Administration Building was built.
2010.75.02Photographs, inventory of rooms in the museum, 2009
2010.75.03Proposed floor plan, 1st Floor, Tavern Museum
2010.75.04Proposed floor plan, 2ndFloor, Tavern Museum
2010.77.01Correspondence (transcripts) re: wheat thrasher: G. Washington to Thomas King, Todds Bridge 1798; G. Washington to Thomas Martin, K&Q county, 1797; G. Washington to Thomas C. Martin, 1798VaultBox #69;Folder #01
2010.77.02W.B. Bird & Son Advertising CardVaultBox #69;Folder #02
2010.77.03Walker Hawes letter (transcript), Poplar Grove, 1843, local & family news, includes a description of Dunkirk.VaultBox #69;Folder #03
2010.77.04Pryer, Boyd, Hawes, Lipscombe: Personal correspondence 1829-1870, includes Articles of Agreement made and entered into for the year 1856 between John Washington and Mary A. Hawes, both of King and Queen Co, regarding Poplar Grove.VaultBox #69;Folder #04
2010.77.05Business documents relevant to Poplar Grove, including slaves owned by Mary A. Hawes and P.E. Lipscomb, 1858, 1866VaultBox #69;Folder #05
2010.77.06P.E. Lipscomb, Soldier's Passport from Chimborazo hospital, Richmond, to King & Queen county, Va. (name written as Priv. G.E. Lipscombe), 1864VaultBox #69;Folder #06
2010.77.07Lipscomb family division of personal property 1916, & monies 1935VaultBox #69;Folder #07
2010.77.08Will of Richard Croshaw, K&Q County, 1667 (York County), transcriptVaultBox #69;Folder #08
2010.77.09Will of Thomas Mack Gehee, 27 July 1727, King William Co. Va, transcriptVaultBox #69;Folder #09
2010.77.10Will of Col. William Aylett, died 1733, King William Co. Va., transcripts (2 copies)VaultBox #69;Folder #10
2010.77.11Will of John Lipscomb, King William Co., Va, 1776, transcripts (2 copies)VaultBox #69;Folder #11
2010.77.12Will of Walker Hawes, 1850 (hand-written copy)VaultBox #69;Folder #12
2010.77.13Lewis, Washington, and Wright genealogyVaultBox #69;Folder #13
2010.77.14Lipscomb & Hawes genealogy chartsVaultBox #69;Folder #14
2010.77.15Spencer of Cople genealogy (Anne Spencer married Samuel Hawes)VaultBox #69;Folder #15
2010.77.16Pollard genealogy, Joseph Pollard (K&Q) married Priscilla Hoomes (Caroline)VaultBox #69;Folder #16
2010.77.17Lipscomb correspondence, re: Lipscomb, Hawes, Pryor genealogyVaultBox #69;Folder #17
2010.77.18Bayley, Barnwell of South Carolina, genealogyVaultBox #69;Folder #18
2010.77.19Suzanne de Neufville DAR Application, 1967, Aylett, Walker, Hawes genealogyVaultBox #69;Folder #19
2010.77.20Sallie Branch Lipscomb Dew DAR Application, 1914, Hawes genealogyVaultBox #69;Folder #20
2010.77.21T. W. Lipscomb, Jr. newspaper clippings 1902 - 1982VaultBox #69;Folder #21
2010.77.22T. Walker Lipscomb, III, newspaper clipping with photo, Civil War items belonging to P.E. LipscombVaultBox #69;Folder #22
2010.77.23Obituaries for Frances Bird Lipscomb, died 1847; Philip Pryor Lipscomb, died 1935; P.E. (Philip Emmet) Lipscomb, died 1910; Imogen Hawes Lipscomb, died 1916VaultBox #69;Folder #23
2010.77.24Thomas Walker Lipscomb (1875-1943), letters of introduction from C.H. Ryland & R. E. Gaines, University of Richmond, 1896VaultBox #69;Folder #24
2010.77.25Accounts, Inventory lists, for Mary A. Hawes for years 1832 - 1871; includes receipts for education of Eugene Hawes, accounts book.VaultBox #69;Folder #25
2010.77.26King William Courthouse, history booklet, 1963VaultBox #69;Folder #26
2010.77.27Mattaponi Church, photograph, Lipscomb family collectionVaultBox #69; Folder #27
2010.77.28Bruington Church, Lipscomb family collection, photograph (incorrectly identified on reverse as Exol)VaultBox #69; Folder #28
2010.77.29Lipscomb family photos: Imogen Hawes Lipscomb (3 photos), Philip Emmet Lipscomb (2), Imogen & Philip Emmet Lipscomb (1), Poplar Grove around 1936 (2), Sarah Branch Thomas Lipscomb (1st wife of Philip Lipscomb, mother of Philip Emmet Lipscomb) (copy), Frances B. Lipscomb (2) (died 1948), Mary Lipscomb (20 (Mrs. Moreland Oliver), T. W. Lipscomb (1875-1943), Hawes Lipscomb with wife Marie and nephew Walker Lipscomb.VaultBox #69;Folder #29
2010.77.30Lipscomb family collection, school girl photos, identity unknownVaultBox #69;Folder #30
2010.77.31P.E. Lipscomb, Co. F. 8th Reg. Va Cavalry, Essex Light Dragoons, W. H. F. Lee's Brigade to J.B. Stuarts Division June 2, 1863 - January 10, 1864 - journal and accounts,VaultBox #69;Folder #31
2010.77.32Phillip Pryor Lipscomb: School Portrait, Photo of house in Richmond, VAVaultBox #69;Folder #32
2010.77.33Formal Portraits: Thomas Walker Lipscomb, Sr., Frances W. Lipscomb, T.W. Lipscomb with sons Walker and Raymond, Sallie Lipscomb DewVaultBox #69;Folder #33
2010.77.34Raymond Lipscomb, class picture (c. 1910), Rome Georgia, Marie Goethin's School (2 copies)VaultBox #69;Folder #34
2010.77.35Raymond & Walker Lipscomb, school pictures, New Mexico Military Institute, Roswell, New Mexico, 1915-1917VaultBox #69;Folder #35
2010.77.36Raymond Lipscomb "History of America's Part in the World War"VaultBox #69;Folder #36
2010.77.371918 Yearbook: The Bronco, from New Mexico Military InstituteVaultBox #69;Folder #37
2010.77.381919 Yearbook: The Bronco, from New Mexico Military InstituteVaultBox #69;Folder #38
2010.77.391922 Yearbook: Coloradoan, from University of ColoradoVaultBox #69;Folder #39
2010.77.40Raymond & Walker Lipscomb, University of Colorado, Chi Psi Fraternity, Boulder Colorado, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VAVaultBox #69; Folder #40
2010.77.41Lipscomb Family, informal photos, visiting Colorado and other places in the West 1914-1916VaultBox #69;Folder #41
2010.77.42Lipscomb family, begins Saturday, August 5, 1916; journal of a trip West.VaultBox #69;Folder #42
2010.77.43Raymond Lipscomb, letters, Cards, Photos: Europe 1923, 1924VaultBox #69;Folder #43
2010.77.44Lipscomb family, Our Trip to Europe, 1923VaultBox #69;Folder #44
2010.77.45Raymond Lipscomb documents: call to military duty, 1942; Will, March 1983; Birth Certificate, 1904VaultBox #69;Folder #45
2010.77.46Thomas Walker Lipscomb, Jr. (born 1901) and Raymond Lipscomb (born 1903), formal photographsVaultBox #69;Folder #46
2010.77.47Raymond Lipscomb, newspaper articles: 1929, 1937, 1939, 1960VaultBox #69;Folder #47
2010.77.48Photographs of Phillip Emmet Lipscomb and his wife Imogene Hawes Lipscomb in a hinged frame.Parlor
2010.77.49Lipscomb Collection, tinted photo, Mrs. T.W. (Frances) Lipscomb, Sr. with Raymond and T.W. Lipscomb, Jr.Vault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #48
2010.77.50Lipscomb Collection, original photograph (two copies), Mrs. T.W. (Frances) Lipscomb, b. 1880, d. 1879, Asheville, NCVault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #49
2010.77.51Lipscomb Collection, original photograph, marked Barefoot Boy is Raymond Lipscomb, taken about 1910, Marie Goethius School, Rome, GAVault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #50
2010.77.52Lipscomb Collection, original photograph, Walker Lipscomb, Jr. and Raymond Lipscomb, Chi Psi Fraternity (Fall 1921)Vault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #51
2010.77.53Lipscomb Collection, original photograph, Raymond Lipscomb, Chi Psi Fraternity (Fall 1925)Vault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #52
2010.77.54Lipscomb Collection, original photograph, T.W. Lipscomb, b. 1875, d. 1943Vault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #53
2010.77.55Lipscomb Collection, original photograph, Raymond LipscombVault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #54
2010.77.56Lipscomb Collection, original photograph, Raymond LipscombVault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #55
2010.77.57Lipscomb Collection, original photograph, Thomas Walker Lipscomb, Jr.Vault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #56
2010.77.58Lipscomb Collection, original photograph, Pryor Lipscomb, son of P.E. and Imogen Hawes LipscombVault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #57
2010.77.59Lipscomb Collection, A day at the Doctor's (6-16-66) or How to Relieve Tension, a story by Raymond Lipscomb sent to his brothers and sisters.Vault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #58
2010.77.60Invitation to Hon. T.W. Lipscomb, Mayor of Rome Georgia, to the Celebration of The Centennial of the Incorporation of St. Louis, 1909Vault (oversized)Box #69; Folder #59
2011.01.01Quilt Face, sewn, signed by women associated with King and Queen County, and others not identifiable: Martha A. Fleet, Sally B. Ryland, Sarah B. Haymes, Mattie or Hattie Fleet, M.E. Haymes, L.M. Bartlett (Alabama), Susan F. Ryland, ...Roy, Sarah R. Clark, Dorothea F. Walker19th Century Bedroom
2011.01.02Account of the quilt face and the family who owned it, from Mary Hill Fleet of Pickle Hill/ Green Mount to Randolph P. Brown (husband of Mrs. Brown who donated the quilt face), written by Ernest MasonVaultBox #58; Folder #186
2011.01.03List of signatures on the Fleet quilt faceVaultBox #58; Folder #186
2011.01.04Obituary of Helen McNeely BrownVaultBox #58; Folder #186
2011.02.01Photograph (copy) of the Ryland family of Roseville, King William County, VA. Photo includes 2 women who contributed to the quilt face: Sally Browne and Susan F. Ryland (Mrs. Fox), 2 photcopiesVaultBox #40; Folder #91
2011.03.013 color photographs of Lt. George Lively of Chapultapec, King & Queen County, memorabilia including his portrait in uniform, family portraits, and his uniform, CSAVaultBox #40; Folder #66
2011.04.01Letter from Cooperative Extension Work in Agriculture and Home Ec., Virginia about forestry and marking demonstration, 1941VaultBox #74; Folder #16
2011.05.01Fire Insurance Survey, 1957, on K&Q Courthouse, with description of Courthouse campusVaultBox #64; Folder #24
2011.06.01The Farmer's Wife, a magazine for farm women, December 1920Map CabinetBox #55; Folder #30
2011.07.01Biographical sketch of Joshua Taliaferro, 1885-1992VaultBox #58; Folder #184
2011.08.01Tree Planting info collected by Bill Saunders of the Virginia Department of Forestry, used in preparation of History Exhibit, addressed to Vernon TrevilianVaultBox #74; Folder #15
2011.09.01Biographical Sketch of Estelle Williams Chapman, born in King and Queen County 1892-1967VaultBox #58; Folder #183
2011.10.01Articles and Correspondence regarding the Woman's Club 1970-1976, projects in the areaVaultBox #43; Folder #158
2011.11.01Immanuel Chapel, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #21
2011.11.02Immanuel Church, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #21
2011.11.03Union Hope Baptist Church, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #22
2011.11.04Old Church (interior), Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #23
2011.11.05Zion Baptist Church, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #24
2011.11.06Bruington Baptist Church, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #25
2011.11.07Graveyard at Shackelford's Chapel, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #26
2011.11.08King and Queen Courthouse, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #27
2011.11.09Tavern at King and Queen Courthouse, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #28
2011.11.10Tavern at King and Queen Courthouse, brick and frame house, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #29
2011.11.11Green Mount Home School for Young Ladies, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #30
2011.11.12Dunkirk Plat, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #31
2011.11.13Rappahannock Indian School, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #32
2011.11.14Nokomis Fortune Lemons, United Rappahannock Tribe, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #33
2011.11.15Aberdeen Academy, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #34
2011.11.16The Grange Building, Bruington, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #20
2011.11.17Little Plymouth Store, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #35
2011.11.18Mill in Newtown, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #36
2011.11.19Ball Lumber Company, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #37
2011.11.20Hite Saw Sharpening Shop, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #38
2011.11.21Tobacco Barn, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #39
2011.11.22Trice Sand and Gravel Company, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #40
2011.11.23Roane Blacksmith Shop, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #41
2011.11.24Taylor and Caldwell Food, Inc. stationery, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #42
2011.11.25Civil War Artifacts, Barbara Kaplan photo; found by Robert R. Harper in King and Queen CountyVaultBox #73; Folder #43
2011.11.26Historical Marker 'Where Dahlgren Died', Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #44
2011.11.27Dragon Run, Barbara Kaplan photoVaultBox #73; Folder #45
2011.11.28Stone from Corbin's Church (New Church), Barbara Kaplan photo; with John HartVaultBox #73; Folder #46
2011.11.29King and Queen Courthouse plat 1840, photocopy, Barbara Kaplan photo; survey by Robert F. StubbsVaultBox #73; Folder #47
2011.11.30Taped interview re: Black History of K&Q, August 14, 1991; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.31Taped interview with William Todd Henley & Elvira Henley, June 19, 1992; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.32Taped interview with Carey Hall, June 19, 1992; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.33Taped interview with Claiborne Courtney and Louise Courtney, June 22, 1992; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.34Taped interview with Travis Ruffin and Virginia Ruffin, July 2, 1992; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.35Taped interview with Carroll Minor and Elizabeth Minor, July 7, 1992; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.36Taped interview with Kathleen Bland Cottle, July 1992; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.37Taped interview with Elizabeth Allen Snead, July 1992; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.38Taped interview with Virginia Bland Hart & Minor Hart Trevilian, July 1992; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.39Taped interview with Lettie Walker and Jerry Walker, July 1992; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.40Taped interview with Elvin Riley, undated; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.41Taped interview at K&Q Courthouse with Rappahannock Native Americans, August 25, 1991; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.11.42Diskette, contains (MS Word documents): 1) transcript of interview with members of King & Queen County Native American Community, August, 1991 and 2) Notes on interviews with various King & Queen County citizens, summer 1992; Barbara KaplanVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.12.02Photograph of Eugene Henshaw, born in King and Queen County in 1832VaultBox #40; Folder #79
2011.13.01Notes on Virginia, Number 51, 2007. Contains an article "Tracing the Yorktown Campaign of 1781-1782", by Robert A. Selig, p. 47; also has a photograph & paragraph on Marriott School, page 34. (3 copies)VaultBox #43; Folder #09
2011.15.01Genealogy information regarding the Estes (Estis) family, lived in Stevensville 1720VaultBox #58; Folder #182
2011.16.01Gilmer map, 1863, reproduction, covering areas of Essex, King & Queen (upper end to courthouse) and King William.Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #30
2011.17.01Original and photocopy of article from Virginia Cavalcade, Winter 1980, by Betsy Fleet, "Maria Louisa Fleet and the Green Mount Home School for Young Ladies"VaultBox #42; Folder #96
2011.18.01Photocopies, internet material, of papers on Dawson Cooke, Deputy Clerk, King & Queen County, who served as a midshipman in the Virginia Navy during the Revolutionary War 1776-1777, together with information on schooners. Served on "Liberty" schooner, 'Gloucester', a row galley, "Futherance" a snow rigVaultBox #54; Folder #86
2011.19.01Spiral bound book 'Encounters with the British in Virginia during the War of 1812' published by The Society of the War of 1812 in the Commonwealth of VirginiaVaultBox #54; Folder #80
2011.19.02Spiral bound book 'War of 1812 Veteran Burials at St. John's Episcopal Church Graveyard, Richmond'VaultBox #54; Folder #80
2011.19.03'War of 1812 Veteran Burials in Virginia' (CD-Rom) published by The Society of the War of 1812 in the Commonwealth of VirginiaVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.20.01Photographic prints relating to land use from the early 1900's, Hillsboro, Taylor & Caldwell & WalkertonVaultBox #74; Folder #13
2011.20.02Digital photos relating to land use from the early 1900's, Hillsboro, Taylor & Caldwell & Walkerton, on CDVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.21.01Garrett family of Stevensville, genealogy with chartVaultBox #58; Folder #159
2011.21.02Garrett family of Stevensville photographs on CD.Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.22.01Articles on the Mattaponi River on the Latane Trice Bridge at Walkerton, 1996 (The Walkerton Bridge)VaultBox #55; Folder #39
2011.22.02Newspaper clipping, Carroll Lee Walker, and preservation in the Walkerton area "Longing for Home", 2005VaultBox #55; Folder #30
2011.24.01The First Black Churches, a paragraph with sketches, clipped, no attributionVaultBox #41; Folder #49
2011.25.01Religious Herald, News Journal of the Baptist General Association of Virginia, with article on William Gwathmey including a picture of the Tavern MuseumVaultBox #55; Folder #38
2011.25.02Photocopy of Chain Ferry real estate transactions 1800-1847, Vincent Hart (1800-1832), Jeremiah Hart (1832-1846), Robert Hart (1847)VaultBox #59; Folder #100
2011.26.01Newspaper articles relating to Thelma Sutton Paulin, wedding and polioVaultBox #55; Folder #37
2011.26.02Thelma Sutton Paulin: Valedictory Speech given at Pleasant Hill High School, 1941VaultBox #42; Folder #95
2011.26.03Thelma Sutton Paulin: 2 report cards from Pleasant Hill High School 1940VaultBox #42; Folder #95
2011.27.01CD Rack for Video History CollectionLibrary
2011.28.01U.S. Mail Bag from 1940's, 1950'sPost Office
2011.29.01Papers regarding Hillsboro Family Cemetery: layout of the graves, names, dates on tombstonesVaultBox #58; Folder #178
2011.29.02Genealogy chart of Dr. Samuel Straughan Henley and Robinette Pendleton, of HillsboroVaultBox #58; Folder #179
2011.30.01Southern Almanac, 1929VaultBox #56; Folder #65
2011.30.02Advertising Thermometer for Temple B. Clark, Tombstones & Markers, Walkerton, Va, 194820th Century Bedroom
2011.30.03Booklet, Common Forest Trees of Virginia, 1936VaultBox #56; Folder #66
2011.31.01Photographs of King & Queen Courthouse and Mattaponi Church, 1928,printed from the internet site of University of Virginia Library, from the Jackson Davis CollectionVaultBox #40; Folder #78
2011.32.01Biography of Reverend James H. HolmesVaultBox #58;Folder #153
2011.34.01Picture Postcard of Chief Custalow and Princess White Feather, taken at Jamestown, undatedVaultBox #40; Folder #77
2011.35.01CD with photos of Green Mount, the video portion of the Pistole's talk at the April 2011 Quarterly meeting of the Historical SocietyVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.36.01Paper by Susan Snead on Eleanor Roosevelt's letter to Mrs. Henry M. Robert, Jr, regarding Marian AndersonVaultBox #58;Folder #154
2011.36.02Photocopy of biographical information on Marian Anderson (born in 1897, Philadelphia) whose grandmother was a Holmes from King & Queen County, from Marian Anderson, A Singer's Journey by Allan KeilerVaultBox #58;Folder #154
2011.37.01Sheep grazing at HillsboroVaultBox #74; Folder #14
2011.37.02Virginia Henley Gill at Hillsboro with horsesVaultBox #74; Folder #14
2011.38.01Turner M. Overton, WWII MIA in the Phillippines, his military recordVaultBox #54; Folder #85
2011.39.03Pamphlet, The Algonquin Trace A York River Water Trail: Upon the Mattaponi, Pamunkey, and York Rivers by Sally Mills, 2002VaultBox #56; Folder #64
2011.41.01Photograph Album, King and Queen County, 1992, taken as part of the research for Land and Heritage in the Virginia Tidewater, for Barbara Kaplan: Newtown areaVaultBox #73; Folder #14
2011.41.02Photograph Album, King and Queen County, 1992, taken as part of the research for Land and Heritage in the Virginia Tidewater, for Barbara Kaplan: St. Stephens & Bruington areaVaultBox #73; Folder #15
2011.41.03Photograph Album, King and Queen County, 1992, taken as part of the research for Land and Heritage in the Virginia Tidewater, for Barbara Kaplan: St. Stephens and Walkerton areaVaultBox #73; Folder #16
2011.41.04Photograph Album, King and Queen County, 1992, taken as part of the research for Land and Heritage in the Virginia Tidewater, for Barbara Kaplan: Walkerton & Stevensville areaVaultBox #73; Folder #17
2011.41.05Photograph Album, King and Queen County, 1992, taken as part of the research for Land and Heritage in the Virginia Tidewater, for Barbara Kaplan: King and Queen Courthouse and Mattaponi areaVaultBox #73; Folder #18
2011.41.06Photograph Album, King and Queen County, 1992, taken as part of the research for Land and Heritage in the Virginia Tidewater, for Barbara Kaplan: The Dragon and Bellevue areaVaultBox #73; Folder #19
2011.42.01Religious Herald newspaper, Vol. 184 # 16, August 15, 2011 containing an article '"Caroline of Canterbury" by Fred AndersonVaultBox #55; Folder #36
2011.44.01Recognition awarded to the King & Queen County Historical Society by the Garden Club of Middle Peninsula, lettered and drawn by Ann Chenowith.Library
2011.45.01Genealogy listing (photocopy, computer generated list) of the forebears and descendants of Colonel Edwin Motley of King and Queen CountyVaultBox #58; Folder #162
2011.46.01Genealogy of MacFarland and Bowman families, 10 volumes. Includes many K&Q names: Broach(e), Longest, Hutchinson, Lumpkin, Jeffries, Bates, and many moreVault
2011.47.01Photograph (copy) of Chatham Hill in King & Queen County, with members of the Walker familyVaultBox #40; Folder #67
2011.47.02Photograph (copy) of Chatham Hill in King & Queen County, with members of the Walker familyHall Top Floor
2011.48.01CD containing scanned (PDF) K&Q H.S. Bulletins #1-109 (original)Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2011.48.02CD containing scanned (PDF) K&Q H.S. Bulletins #1-109 (copy # 1)Vault Filing Cabine 2nd drawer
2011.48.03CD containing scanned (PDF) K&Q H.S. Bulletins #1-109 (copy # 2)Library
2011.49.01"Skeeter" Yearbook of West Point High School 1916 (photocopy)VaultBox #42; Folder #94
2011.50.01Article from Tidewater Review, November 16, 2005, regarding 1905 murder of R.E. GressittVaultBox #55; Folder #35
2011.50.02Appointment of Roderick Bland, Major in Virginia Militia 1843: 9th Infantry Regiment, 14th Brigade, 4th Division (original)VaultBox #54; Folder #84
2011.51.01Cabbages and Kings, by O. HenryIn Secretary desk
2011.55.01Files maintained by Jack Spain in creation of Video History tapes, includes committee meetings, list of persons interviewed, and releases/permissions.VaultBox #68; Folder #02
2011.55.02Indexes to oral histories created by VCU student together with instructions on how to display. Toshiba Owner's Manual.VaultBox #68; Folder #03
2011.56.01Wooden exterior door, side entrance to the Tavern Museum Dining Room.Dining Room
2011.57.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, June 2011 (Tax Record Publication; Robins;Sutton; Bland Letter;DAR)Library
2011.57.02The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, September 2011 (People of Color; Court Minutes 1859-1867)Library
2011.57.03The Family Tree Searcher, December 2011 (Seawell's Ordinary; Big Island; Porteus)Library
2011.58.01House & Home Magazine, May /June 2011 (copy 1), article on Rosenwald Schools with photos of schools in the Northern NeckVaultBox #42; Folder #77
2011.58.02House & Home Magazine, May /June 2011(copy 2), article on Rosenwald Schools with photos of schools in the Northern NeckVaultBox #42; Folder #77
2012.01.02Archaeological Investigation of the Donald Robertson School site, King & Queen County, VA, copy 2, by James River Institute for Archaeology, Inc.VaultBox #60; Folder #12
2012.01.03Archaeological Investigation of the Donald Robertson School site, King & Queen County, VA, copy 3, by James River Institute for Archaeology, Inc.VaultBox #60; Folder #12
2012.01.04Archaeological Investigation of the Donald Robertson School site, King & Queen County, VA, copy 4, by James River Institute for Archaeology, Inc.VaultBox #60; Folder #12
2012.02.01Notes, Articles and Books on Essex CountyVaultBox #56;Folder #57
2012.03.01Pamphlet, the First Tidewater Agricultural Fair, West Point, Virginia held September, 1948VaultBox #74; Folder #02
2012.03.02Pamphlet, the Second Annual Tidewater Agricultural Fair, West Point, Virginia held September, 1949VaultBox #74; Folder #03
2012.03.03Pamphlet, the Third Annual Tidewater Agricultural Fair, West Point, Virginia held September, 1950VaultBox #74; Folder #04
2012.03.04Pamphlet, the Fourth Annual Tidewater Agricultural Fair, West Point, Virginia held September, 1951VaultBox #74; Folder #05
2012.03.05Pamphlet, the Fifth Annual Tidewater Agricultural Fair, West Point, Virginia held September, 1952VaultBox #74; Folder #06
2012.03.06Pamphlet, the Sixth Annual Tidewater Agricultural Fair, West Point, Virginia held September, 1953VaultBox #74; Folder #07
2012.03.07Pamphlet, the Seventh Annual Tidewater Agricultural Fair, West Point, Virginia held September, 1954VaultBox #74; Folder #08
2012.04.01The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America published by the U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1964VaultBox #56; Folder #59
2012.05.01Notebook binder containing notes & other papers used in the preparation of the article on William Boulware for the K&Q Co. H.S. Bulletin published January 2012.VaultBox #75; Folder #01
2012.06.01The Bottles and Fragments, as shown in a "Catalog of Ivor Noel Hume Bottle Collection, 1650-1976", dated September, 2011, as follows: 60 bottles numbered 1-59 and 61; 11 fragments numbered 1B, 19B, 35B, 42B, 44B, 60A-E and part of 29 (not separately numbered); (two pieces pieces shown in picture 45 not included).Changing Exhibits Room
2012.06.02William Rogers pottery bowl, 1720-1740Changing Exhibits Room
2012.06.03Bottle seals and bottle fragments (excluding 1726 Braxton seal on loan to King and Queen Co. Historical Society from Marian Bean), as shown in photo attached hereto and made a part of this Exhibit A.Changing Exhibits Room
2012.06.04Four large photographic framed prints of bottles by Kenneth Smiegowski.Changing Exhibits Room
2012.06.05Two large paintings by Jim Thomas: one of Braxton's Newington home, and one of the landing site at Newington.Changing Exhibits Room
2012.06.06Carved Stone, dated 1724, from the Newington siteChanging Exhibits Room
2012.06.07DVD playerChanging Exhibits Room
2012.06.08Miscellaneous lights and cords used to enhance display of the collectionChanging Exhibits Room
2012.06.09Large painting of bottles by Christopher MizeChanging Exhibits Room
2012.06.10Interview of Ivor Noel Hume on DVDChanging Exhibits Room
2012.07.01Genealogy of Biscoe family of Biscoe Post Office, King & Queen County, with photo c. 1913 and Richard Sale Davis, Postmaster of BiscoeVaultBox #58; Folder #173
2012.08.01School Board Ledger containing Balances, monthly for July 1960-June1970; Accounts for School Funds (All, State, Other); Accounts for Admin, School Board Compensation; Clerical; Postage, Telephone; Title I.Vault (oversized)Box #99; Folder #01
2012.08.02School Ledger: Public School Expenditures for K&Q County from July 1, 1928 to June 30, 1934Vault (oversized)Box #99; Folder #02
2012.08.03School Board Ledger: Letters from State Board of Education 1942-1944; State School Fund Accounts 1922-1949; County School Fund Accounts 1922-1949; Other School Fund Accounts 1922-1949Vault (oversized)Box #99; Folder #03
2012.08.04School Board vouchers, census info, correspondence, teachers' contracts, reports to the state, covering decades 1920's, 1930's, 1940'sVaultBox #99; Folder #04
2012.08.030School Board Vouchers July 1961 - June 1963Vault
2012.09.01Pamphlet: the Story of Todds Bridge-Dunkirk by James Mason Grove, published 1983VaultBox #56; Folder #63
2012.10.01Museum FlagPorch
2012.11.01Interview of Ivor Noel Hume on DVD, titled "The Evolution of Bottles"Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2012.12.01Booklet: "William Boulware: Journal of 1863" compiled by Anne Ryland Sica. Includes a transcript of his Journal, a list of books in W.B.'s library, his eulogy of Prof. Thomas R. Dew (K&Q 1846) and other writings and correspondence related to William Bouleware. Includes her comments on Bulletin article on same subject.Vault (oversized)Box #80; Folder #01
2012.13.01Newspaper article: "The Burial of Latane' on Exhibit" published in the Rappahannock Times, 1983VaultBox #55; Folder #34
2012.14.01Apple Tree Church Sundial, marked "The Gift of Coll. James Taylor to ye Uper church of St. Stevens [sic] 1715" restored in 2011 by Andrew Baxter of Bronze et. al, LTD., with funds collected the King and Queen County Historical Society.Dining Room
2012.14.02Appletree Church Sundial Conservation Report with photographs of the conservation process by Andrew Baxter of BRONZE et al, Ltd. performed in 2011VaultBox #64; Folder #23
2012.14.03Terry Ammons with the Sundial Exhibit he designed for the Tavern Museum, June 2012VaultBox #64; Folder #23
2012.15.01Newington Revealed, Ivor Noel Hume narrative, DVDVault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2012.15.02Archaeological Investigation of a Broken Wine Bottle Deposit at Newington, Site 44KQ0006, King and Queen County, Virginia by James River Institute for Archaeology, Inc. October 2011Library
2012.15.03Photographs (17) of the 10th Anniversary of the Tavern Museum, May 2011.VaultBox #68; Folder #19
2012.16.01Order appointing Judges & Commissioners of Election April 25, 1896, Executor J.C. Eubank SheriffVaultBox #66; Folder #66
2012.16.02Pamphlet: Seventeenth Annual Year Book of the Junior Woman's Club of King and Queen County, 1948-1949VaultBox #43; Folder #154
2012.16.03King and Queen Junior Woman's Club, notice of appointment of new officers, c. 1954VaultBox #43; Folder #154
2012.16.04Tuberculosis Association Christmas Seal Sale, letter (Mrs. James Chandler, local chairman), stamps, and greeting paperVaultBox #43; Folder #153
2012.16.05U.S. Treasury Department Citation to Selective Service System, Virginia Local Board No. 65 in appreciation of patriotic cooperation with the U.S. Savings Bonds Program (undated)VaultBox #43; Folder #155
2012.16.06Award of Merit by K&Q Co. Chapter American National Red Cross to Mrs. William Roane in recognition of loyal service in the 1949 Red Cross Fund signed Douglas S. Mitchell (chapter chairman) and Antoinette Ryland (Fund Chairman)VaultBox #43; Folder #156
2012.16.07Invitation to Mrs. Frank Roane, an informal reception honoring The Pleasant Hill Faculty September 19 (no year)VaultBox #43; Folder #156
2012.16.08Program, Commencement Exercises, Pleasant Hill High School, 1964VaultBox #42; Folder #93
2012.16.09Notice to Farmers in the County from James B. Norment County Agent (VPI Cooperative Extension) and a list of members of the County Agricultural Board and Commodity Committee, March 5, 1954VaultBox #43; Folder #156
2012.16.10Letter to T. Franklin Fary from Carey C. Hall notifying Mr. Fary of his election to honorary membership in the Central K&Q Volunteer Fire Department, October 22, 1971VaultBox #43; Folder #157
2012.16.11Letter to Mr. Carey C. Hall, Mr. Franklin Fary from George Roane, Pastor and J.R. Parson, Clerk of Zion Baptist Church, thanking them for a gift of land for their cemetery, April 6, 1962VaultBox #43; Folder #157
2012.16.12Photograph of Franklin Fary, 1940/1950VaultBox #43; Folder #157
2012.16.13Wedding announcements: Mary Elizabeth Oakes m. Hunter Lee Fary, 1942VaultBox #58; Folder #174
2012.18.01Photograph of Thornberry (copy of original owned by Ball Lumber Company)Hall Top Floor
2012.19.01Photo Album of the Donald Robertson dig, 2011VaultBox #60; Folder #13
2012.20.01School Bell owned by a teacher in the Henley or Sutton Family and used in a K&Q SchoolDining Room
2012.20.02The Elson Readers Book Seven (inscribed Virginia Henley; Bennie Gentry S.H.S)In Secretary desk
2012.20.03Elson Grammar School Reader Book Three (inscribed John Hoskins Henley, Hillsboro, Va.)In Secretary desk
2012.20.04Elson Grammar School Reader Book Four (inscribed John Hoskins Henley, Stevensville)In Secretary desk
2012.20.05Riverside Literature Series Silas Marner The Weaver of Raveloe (inscribed William Beane S.H.S; William Todd Henley S.H.S.; Virginia B. Henley Stevensville)In Secretary desk
2012.20.06The Smith McMurry Language Series First Book, (inscribed Morris Sutton)In Secretary desk
2012.20.07The Music Hour Second Book (inscribed Harriet R. Taylor Philadelphia with a note in Elvira Sutton Henley's handwriting; inscribed: To Suzzane Colle, Stevensville Post Office, St. Stephens Church Virginia )In Secretary desk
2012.20.08The Pageant of America, Vol II The American Spirit in Letters (stamped Marriott School Library)In Secretary desk
2012.20.09Patent medicine: Peoples Quality Boric Acid Powder U.S.P. (Peoples Drug Store)
2012.20.10Patent medicine: Sweet Oil Emollient (Carrol)
2012.20.11Patent medicine: Peoples Quality Castor Oil USP XI (Peoples Drug Stores)
2012.20.12Patent medicine: Spirits of Turpentine (Reliable Brand))
2012.20.13Patent medicine: Empty Bottle, no label, "SaniGlas" with ozs and ccs marked
2012.20.14Patent medicine: Peoples Quality Flowers of Sulphur N.F. (Peoples Drug Store)
2012.20.15Patent medicine: Powdered Boric Acid U.S.P. (Reliable Brand)
2012.20.16Patent medicine: Hand Labeled: Warm & use 4 drops in ear every 4 hours
2012.20.17Eye Cup, clear glass
2012.20.18Shad or Herring Net with flat cork floats (from Hillsboro)Storage
2012.20.19Pressure cooker manufactured by National Northwestern Steel Iron WorksDining Room
2012.21.01CD containing scanned images of original Civil War documents in the K&Q County Historical Society archives.Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2012.22.01CD/DVD A conversation with Lynn Perry (I could not get this to play on the office computer)Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2012.23.01Framed photograph of Pleasant Hill School, with student body and teachers, 1947 (owned by Anna Burton Modr)Hall Top Floor
2012.24.15Pleasant Hill High School Class Ring, 1961, owned by Ryland AmmonsArchival Storage
2012.24.16Pleasant Hill High School program from Classes of 1931-1964 Reunion held October 20, 1990VaultBox #42; Folder #89
2012.25.01Color photograph of Hillsboro, riverside view, 1974VaultBox #40; Folder #68
2012.25.02Color photograph of Hillsboro, kitchen wing, 1974VaultBox #40; Folder #68
2012.25.03Color photograph of Hillsboro, brick storehouse, 1974VaultBox #40; Folder #68
2012.26.01Marlborough, early 1995, one and a half miles northwest of Mascot, K&Q County, color photograph by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #40; Folder #69
2012.26.02Marlborough, early 1995, one and a half miles northwest of Mascot, K&Q County, color photograph by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #40; Folder #69
2012.26.03Marlborough, November 1979, one and a half miles northwest of Mascot, K&Q County, color photograph by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #40; Folder #69
2012.26.04Marlborough, November 1979, one and a half miles northwest of Mascot, K&Q County , black and white photograph by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #40; Folder #69
2012.26.05Marlborough, November 1979, one and a half miles northwest of Mascot, K&Q County, black and white photograph by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #40; Folder #69
2012.26.06Marlborough, November 1979, one and a half miles northwest of Mascot, K&Q County, black and white photograph by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #40; Folder #69
2012.26.07Marlborough, November 1979, one and a half miles northwest of Mascot, K&Q County, black and white photograph by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #40; Folder #69
2012.26.08Stevensville High School, Fall 1969, black and white photograph by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #42; Folder #75
2012.26.09Stevensville High School, Fall 1969, black and white photograph by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #42; Folder #75
2012.26.10Ino Store and Post Office, Fall 1969, K&Q County, black and white photograph by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #40; Folder #69
2012.26.11Photo Thomas Jeffries' Store, Fall 1969, near Little Plymouth, K&Q County by Walter Beale EvansVaultBox #40; Folder #69
2012.26.12Mascot, view facing toward the southwest, 1907, K&Q County, copy of a black and white photograph by Oscar NeffVaultBox #40; Folder #69
2012.27.01Newsclipping, "Home of the Signer", Tidewater Review, about Carter Braxton, published in 2012VaultBox #55; Folder #27
2012.28.01Newspaper article about Franklin Fary: "Millionaire who mooched crackers: Tight in life, King and Queen 'character' left $3.4 million scholarship legacy for rural teens" January 28, 1999VaultBox #55; Folder #28
2012.28.02Newspaper article about Franklin Fary: "Eccentric Millionaire Leaves $3.4 Million in Scholarships for Teens, February 11, 1999VaultBox #55; Folder #28
2012.29.01Display board containing 18 undated photos of K&Q Schools(including 8 Rosenwald Schools): Buena Vista, Centerville, Edgehill, Stevensville, Church Hill, Hockley, Plainview Prospect, K&Q Training, Ino, Greenbrier, Pleasant Hill, Bruington, Newtown, Rappahannock Indian, Marriott (photo and drawing), WalkertonVault
2012.29.02Display board containing 18 photos of students of K&Q Schools: Buena Vista 1916-1917; Centerville, 2 undated; Mascot, 1916; K&Q Courthouse, 1916; Clifton Academy 1893; Walkerton, 1937,1908; Marriott, 1933, 1934; St. Stephens, 1908; Cumnor, 1905; Stevensville, 1916 and undated; Line Pine, 1922; Bruington, 1911; Providence, 1905; K&Q Training School, 1946; Owenton, 1896-97; Ruffin, undated; Newtown, 1917Vault
2012.29.03Display board with copies of K&Q Map, 2 sizes, facsimile of the inside cover of the book Green MountVault
2012.29.04Two photographs of the Boarding School at Beulah (undated, photocopies)VaultBox #40; Folder #70
2012.30.01Framed pastel portrait of Lt. George P. LivelyArchives Building
2012.30.02Framed pastel portrait of Deborah Roane Lively and son, (probably Reverdy) copied from a daguerreotypeArchives Building
2012.30.0312 pieces of gold Braid from one of Lt. George Lively's uniformsArchives Building
2012.30.04Eagle coat button from Lt. George Lively's uniform (BM: Waterbury Button Company Extra)Archives Building
2012.30.05Daguerreotype of Deborah Roane Lively and son, presumed to be Reverdy (copied in pastel painting in collection), in half case.Archives Building
2012.30.06Coin purse owned by Deborah Roane LivelyArchives Building
2012.30.07Indianhead penny, 1862, found in coin purse owned by Deborah Roane LivelyArchives Building
2012.30.08Ball button given to Lt. George Lively by a soldier from his uniform (BM: Maurice Bourbon Paris)Archives Building
2012.30.09Brass button from Deborah Roane Lively's dressArchives Building
2012.30.10Daguerreotype of Deborah Roane Lively, in half case.Archives Building
2012.30.11Daguerreotype of unknown person, unclear likenessArchives Building
2012.30.12Daguerreotype of three ladies, identity unknownArchives Building
2012.30.13Eagle belt buckle picked up by Lt. George Lively during the Civil War (#345 and letter 'P' stamped on back)Archives Building
2012.30.14Chestnuts (2), connection to George P. Lively unknownArchives Building
2012.30.15Display case containing George Lively artifactsArchives Building
2012.30.16George Lively and his wife Deborah Roane, King & Queen County residents: Census Records, Burial at Shackelfords ChapelVaultBox #58; Folder #160
2012.30.17Laboda correspondence, search for George Lively descendants through his sons Reverdy Lively and Knox Kent LivelyVaultBox #58; Folder #161
2012.30.18Documents relative to the history of the 16th Virginia Infantry during the Civil War (photocopies from VHS): special orders dated Richmond, June 2, 1861; special orders dated Chaffins Farm, Dec 4, 1863; Co E 18th Reg VA Volunteers, undatedVaultBox #54; Folder #75
2012.30.19Certificate of Detail as Agriculturalist (original) from Bedford Virginia, posting bond to avoid conscription due to his profession, signed by capt. Southall B. Shelton of the 26th VirginiaVaultBox #54; Folder #76
2012.30.20Letter (original) to Miss Callie Brandon of Campbell County, Virginia, from 1st Lt. A.M. Brooks of the 26th Virginia, 1862VaultBox #49; Folder #101
2012.30.21Lt. George P. Lively, CSA, Commission June 5, 1861 (photocopy) with copies of his records in the 26th Virginia InfantryVaultBox #54; Folder #77
2012.30.22"Reminiscence" of a High Private in the Rear Rank of the Confederate States Army, by James H. Fleming, April 9th 1924 (volunteer in Company F, 26th Virginia Regiment) photocopy from VHSVaultBox #54; Folder #78
2012.30.2326th Virginia Regiment, CSA, excerpts from published materialVaultBox #54; Folder #79
2012.30.24Edward Tuttle Letters 1862-1865, photocopies from Emory University Library, details from his service in the 26th Virginia RegimentVaultBox #49; Folder #99
2012.30.25Frederick Wolfe letters (30) written to Sarah E. Thrift of Plainview, King and Queen County, Va., 1861-1865, while serving in 26th Virginia Regiment; 2 letters from Sarah to Frederick; 1 letter Dear Mother ; letter fragments (all photocopies from VHS)VaultBox #49; Folder #100
2012.31.01Clay wide-mouthed lidded crock, 7.5 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide, dark brown glazed on top half, lid is clay, sun-burst pattern, dark brown, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.02Clay wide-mouthed lidded crock, 7.5 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide, dark brown glazed on top half, lid is clay, dark brown with tan ring, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.03Clay wide-mouthed lidded crock, 10 inches tall, 6 inches wide, gray glazed with blue flower design painted front and back, stamped with a 'T' inside a circle on one side and a five-pointed star on the other side, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.04Clay wide-mouthed lidded crock, 7 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide, grayish brown, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.05Clay jug with 1.5 inch pour spout, 10 inches tall, 7 inches wide at bottom, wire and wooden handle attached to clay loops, grayish brown, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.06Clay jug with 1.5 inch pour spout, 7.75 inches tall, 5.75 inches wide at bottom,clay handle loops (but no handle attached), light tan, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.07Clay jug, 1.5 inch mouth, 9 inches tall, 5.25 inches wide at bottom,one clay handle loop, stencilled in dark brown "E.V. Zirckel, Wines & Liquors 1821 - Canton Ave, Baltimore, - Md.", dark brown upper, tan below, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.08Clay jug, 1.75 inch mouth, 13 inches tall, 8 inches wide at bottom,one clay handle loop, stencilled in blue "2." with modest decoration, pale grayish tan, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.09Clay jug, 1.5 inch mouth, 10.75 inches tall, 6 inches wide at bottom,one clay handle loop, gray, stained from dark contents, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.10Clay jug, 1.5 inch mouth, 9 inches tall, 11 inches wide at bottom,one clay handle loop, tan (form top set on top of crock), from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.11Clay jug, 1.5 inch mouth, 10.5 inches tall, 6.75 inches wide at bottom,one clay handle loop, light gray (form top set on top of crock), from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.12Clay jug, 1.5 inch mouth, 10 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide at bottom,one clay handle loop, dark brown top, light gray below, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.13Clay jug, 1.5 inch mouth, 11 inches tall, 7 inches wide at bottom,one clay handle loop, dark brown top, light gray below (form top set on top of crock), from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.14Clay jug, 1.5 inch mouth, 9 inches tall, 5.5 inches wide at bottom,one clay handle loop, tan (form top set on top of crock), from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.15Clay jug, 1.25 inch mouth, 9 inches tall, 5.25 inches wide at bottom,one clay handle loop, medium brown top, light brown bottom, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.31.16Howe 'Army-Navy' portable scales, used primarily at military induction centersPost Office
2012.31.17Clay jug, 1.25 inch mouth, 7.5 inches tall, 6 inches wide at bottom,one clay handle loop, grayish brown, from the home of Lulie Greenstreet PrinceDining Room
2012.32.01Pressure Cooker ManualDining Room
2012.33.0110 photographs of "Ty-Hir" in Llantilio Pertholey, Wales, home of John Lewis who emigrated to King and Queen County and is buried in the Lewis Cemetery.VaultBox #40; Folder #71
2012.34.01Record of interview with Calder Loth upon his inspection of the Prince Home in Bruington, August 25, 2012, taken by Jack SpainVaultBox #43; Folder #138
2012.35.01Stove pipe hole (flue) cover, from Auburn Farm, c. 1950.Kitchen
2012.37.01Biographical information on Moses Brown, born c. 1810 on Goshen Plantation, and his King and Queen family; written by his great-great grandson Roger Brown.VaultBox #58; Folder #158
2012.37.02Extract of Census Records relating to Moses Brown and his family (1880, 1920, 2930)VaultBox #58; Folder #158
2012.41.001Lynn Perry Album I, Page 1 Business Cards, marine historical resourcesVaultBox #75; Folder #001
2012.41.002Lynn Perry Album I, Page 2 Addresses, marine historical resourcesVaultBox #75; Folder #002
2012.41.003Lynn Perry Album I, Page 3 - two negatives, sailing shipsVaultBox #75; Folder #003
2012.41.004Lynn Perry Album I, Page 4 - unnamed sailing boatVaultBox #75; Folder #004
2012.41.005Lynn Perry Album I, Page 5-6 two photos of Lynn Perry at the tillerVaultBox #75; Folder #005
2012.41.006Lynn Perry Album I, Page 8 Photo Vacation Schooner "Mystic Clipper" Mystic, CT (from an unnamed publication)VaultBox #75; Folder #006
2012.41.007Lynn Perry Album I, Page 9 photo (original) and text Schooner "North Carolina", built 1856, Dorchester, Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #007
2012.41.008Lynn Perry Album I, Page 10 photo (original) and text Texas Co. Pier, West PointVaultBox #75; Folder #008
2012.41.009Lynn Perry Album I, Page 11 Photo (original) and text Schooner "Lewis Taulane", built 1876, Bridgeton, N.J., docked at Texas Company Dock, West PointVaultBox #75; Folder #009
2012.41.010Lynn Perry Album I, Page 12 - Photos (original and copy) and text Schooner "Black Bird", built 1876, City Island, N.Y.VaultBox #75; Folder #010
2012.41.011Lynn Perry Album I, Page 13 - 2 photos (originals) and Text of Lynn, his brother Dal, and his sister Mary PerryVaultBox #75; Folder #011
2012.41.012Lynn Perry Album I, Page 14 Photo (original) and text "E. Warren Edwards" steam boatVaultBox #75; Folder #012
2012.41.013Lynn Perry Album I, Page 15 text, Captain Will Marsh on the Schooner "Florence A"VaultBox #75; Folder #013
2012.41.014Lynn Perry Album I, Page 16 Drawings (clipped from unknown published source) of Sailing Ropes, PulliesVaultBox #75; Folder #014
2012.41.015Lynn Perry Album I, Page 17 photo (copy) Schooner "Florence A", built 1890, Cherryfield, Me.VaultBox #75; Folder #015
2012.41.016Lynn Perry Album I, Page 19 photograph and copy of an unnamed sailing shipVaultBox #75; Folder #016
2012.41.017Lynn Perry Album I, Page 20 three photos (two original, 1 copy) Schooner "Charles G. Joyce", built 1882, Baltimore, Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #017
2012.41.018Lynn Perry Album I, Page 21 two photos (originals) Schooner "L.E. Williams"VaultBox #75; Folder #018
2012.41.019Lynn Perry Album I, Page 23 photo (copy) Schooner "L.E. Williams", built 1875, Wicomoco, Md., passing through a drawbridgeVaultBox #75; Folder #019
2012.41.020Lynn Perry Album I, Page 24 photo (copy) and text Schooner "Charles G. Joyce", 1929 trip to BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #020
2012.41.021Lynn Perry Album I, Page 25-26 photo (copy) and text Schooner "W.H. French", built 1895, Berkely, Va., 1929 trip to BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #021
2012.41.022Lynn Perry Album I, Page 27 three photos (one original, 2 copies), one negative, and text "Schooner Bohemia", built 1884, St. Michael's, Md., 1929 trip to BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #022
2012.41.023Lynn Perry Album I, Page 28 photo and text, Baltimore Harbor, 1929 trip to BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #023
2012.41.024Lynn Perry Album I, Page 29-33 Photograph and Text - Canton Box Lumber Co., Canton Flats 1929, 1929 trip to BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #024
2012.41.025Lynn Perry Album I, Page 34 Text, 2 photos Schooner "Josephine Wimsatt", built 1891, Milford, Del., 1929 trip to BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #025
2012.41.026Lynn Perry Album I, Page 35 two photographs, Schooner "D.J. Ward", built 1882, rebuilt 1910, Salisbury, Md., and "John W. Bell", built 1848, New York, NY, 1929 trip to BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #026
2012.41.027Lynn Perry Album I, Page 36-38 Text, 1 photo Schooner "Steihen Chase", built 1876, Dorchester Co., Md., 1929 trip to BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #027
2012.41.028Lynn Perry Album I, Page 39, 1 photo, boys in a rowboat,VaultBox #75; Folder #028
2012.41.029Lynn Perry Album I, Page 40, Text, 1 photo Schooner "Bill Nye", built 1893, Madison, Md., 1929 trip to BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #029
2012.41.030Lynn Perry Album I, Page 41 Text, 1929 trip to BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #030
2012.41.031Lynn Perry Album I, Page 42 Text, going up the Mattaponi from West Point to Walkerton with load of empty cans and coal, Summer 1930, on the schooner "Stephen Chase"VaultBox #75; Folder #031
2012.41.032Lynn Perry Album I, Page 43 2 photos Schooner "Chesterfield", built 1878, Talbot Co., Md., and deckhandVaultBox #75; Folder #032
2012.41.033Lynn Perry Album I, Page 44 2 photos Schooner "W.Jl Mathews", built 1882, Madison, Md., and clipping photo of the J.W. Marshall Oyster Co., West Point, Va.VaultBox #75; Folder #033
2012.41.034Lynn Perry Album I, Page 45 Text, Summer 1930, West PointVaultBox #75; Folder #034
2012.41.035Lynn Perry Album I, Page 46 Text and 1 photo "Phillips" (example of ship under both sail and power)VaultBox #75; Folder #035
2012.41.036Lynn Perry Album I, Page 47 2 photos Schooners "W.J. Mathews" built 1882, Madison, Md. and "Lula M. Phillips" built 1877, Oxford, Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #036
2012.41.037Lynn Perry Album I, Page 48 Text, Ships at West PointVaultBox #75; Folder #037
2012.41.038Lynn Perry Album I, Page 49 3 photos Schooner "Minnie T. Phillips"VaultBox #75; Folder #038
2012.41.039Lynn Perry Album I, Page 50 3 photos Schooner "Mildred", built 1872, Accomack Co., Va.VaultBox #75; Folder #039
2012.41.040Lynn Perry Album I, Page 51 3 photos Schooner "Fannie Insley", built 1883, Dorchester Co., Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #040
2012.41.041Lynn Perry Album I, Page 52 2 photos, 1 original and 1 enlargement, Schooner "Chesapeake", built Mundy Point, Va., photo taken in 1940 by Bill Powell, Engineer; 1 photo of Schooner "Kate Darlington", built 1889, Baltimore. Md., towed by tug "James E. LeeVaultBox #75; Folder #041
2012.41.042Lynn Perry Album I, Page 53 2 photos Schooner "Columbia, F.C.", built 1874, Mundy Point, Va.VaultBox #75; Folder #042
2012.41.043Lynn Perry Album I, Page 54 1 photo, 1 enlargement, Schooner "Virginia Carroll", built 1884, Pokomoke City, Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #043
2012.41.044Lynn Perry Album I, Page 55 1 photo Schooner "Levi B. Phillips.", built 1892, Cambridge Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #044
2012.41.045Lynn Perry Album I, Page 56 2 photos, Schooner "Ida B. Conway", built 1873, Nanticoke, Md., and Schooner "Minnie T. Phillips" built 1873, Baltimore, Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #045
2012.41.046Lynn Perry Album I, Page 57 1 photo Schooner "Gracie May" built 1909, Seaford, Del.VaultBox #75; Folder #046
2012.41.047Lynn Perry Album I, Page 58 3 photos, 2 views, Schooner "Sarah C. Conway", built 1872, Baltimore Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #047
2012.41.048Lynn Perry Album I, Page 59 3 photos Schooner "Betty I. Conway", built 1866, Stony Point, NYVaultBox #75; Folder #048
2012.41.049Lynn Perry Album I, Page 60 1 photo Schooner "Federal Hill", built 1856, Baltimore, Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #049
2012.41.050Lynn Perry Album I, Page 61 3 photos, Schooner "Elwood", built 1874. Dorchester Co., Md.; Schooner "Edward L. Martin", build 1882, Sussex, Del.; Schooners "Minnie T. Phillips", and "Levi B. Phillips", built 1892, Cambridge, Md., waiting to load at the Texas Pier, West Point, Va.VaultBox #75; Folder #050
2012.41.051Lynn Perry Album I, Page 62 2 photos Schooner "Ruth Decker", built 1876, Port Jefferson, NY and "Thomas J.Seward", built 1873, Dorchester Co., Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #051
2012.41.052Lynn Perry Album I, Page 63 2 photos Schooner "Maggie", built 1871, Dorchester Co., Md. and 1 photo of Museum display with ship's name board "Robert McClintock", etal.VaultBox #75; Folder #052
2012.41.053Lynn Perry Album I, Page 64 Text describing Schooner "Maggie" and 1 photo Schooner "Robert McClintock", built 1858, Norwalk, Conn.VaultBox #75; Folder #053
2012.41.054Lynn Perry Album I, Page 65 1 photo Schooner "Kate H. Tighman" in Urbanna Creek, built 1881, Wicomico Co., Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #054
2012.41.055Lynn Perry Album I, Page 66 1 photo Schooner "Murray Van Diver", built 1875, Havre de Grace, Md., 1 photo Schooner "Harriet C. Whitehead", built 1892, Waterford, Conn.VaultBox #75; Folder #055
2012.41.056Lynn Perry Album I, Page 67 Photocopy of article from the Sun Magazine, Septermber 17,1972: 'Giving up the Captaincy of the "R.E. Powell" for a Young Woman' by Capt. Claude V. HughesVaultBox #75; Folder #056
2012.41.057Lynn Perry Album I, Page 68 1 photo Schooner "Thomas B. Schall", built 1882, Baltimore, Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #057
2012.41.058Lynn Perry Album I, Page 69 1 magazine clipping, photo of a pineapple trader "Clemmie Travers."; 1 photo of 4-masted ship, inscribed on the back: "G.A. Kohles"VaultBox #75; Folder #058
2012.41.059Lynn Perry Album I, Page 70 1 photo taken at Richmond, Va., Schooner "Maine", built 1886, Bath, Me.; text on ship chandlers in BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #059
2012.41.060Lynn Perry Album I, Page 71 1 photo, Schooner "The Maine", as she looked in 1940 on the Mattaponi.VaultBox #75; Folder #060
2012.41.061Lynn Perry Album I, Page 72 text, sailing the "Maine" on the Mattaponi to Newington to load lumber, 1940VaultBox #75; Folder #061
2012.41.062Lynn Perry Album I, Page 73 2 photos Schooner "William L. Franklin", built 1871, Baltimore, Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #062
2012.41.063Lynn Perry Album I, Page 74 1 photo Schooner "Willliam L. Franklin", edited from photo, p. 75VaultBox #75; Folder #063
2012.41.064Lynn Perry Album I, Page 75 1 photo Schooner "Willliam L. Franklin"VaultBox #75; Folder #064
2012.41.065Lynn Perry Album I, Page 76 1 photocopy Schooner "Edward V. Hendrixon", built 1901, Milford, Del.VaultBox #75; Folder #065
2012.41.066Lynn Perry Album II, Pages 1-2 original photo Schooner "Albert F. Paul", built 1917, Milford, Del. with magazine clippings (photocopy) of Gazette article by David Cowan with photo: "Lincoln woman's memories of growing up on ship buried beneath Atlantic Ocean".VaultBox #75; Folder #066
2012.41.067Lynn Perry Album II, Pages 3,4,5 1 original photograph Schooner "Doris Hamlin", built 1919, Harrington, Maine, and another view of the ship in a newspaper clipping.VaultBox #75; Folder #067
2012.41.068Lynn Perry Album II, Page 6 1 photograph Schooner "Edna Hoyt", in 1930s, Baltimore was the Home Port.VaultBox #75; Folder #068
2012.41.069Lynn Perry Album II, Page 7 1 photograph Schooner "Robert", also known as "John A. Curtis" built 1874, Laurel, Delaware. 1 photograph Schooner "Josephine Wimsatt", formerly "May & Ann Beswick", built Milford, Del, 1891VaultBox #75; Folder #069
2012.41.070Lynn Perry Album II, Page 8 1 photograph Schooners "Lydia Middleton" and "Chas. G. Joyce", "Lydia Middleton" built 1875, Barnegat, N.J.VaultBox #75; Folder #070
2012.41.071Lynn Perry Album II, Page 9 1 photograph Schooner "Virginia", originally built two-masted, 1857, Dennisville. N.J. as "James Diverty"; rebuilt two-masted, 1888, Sharptown, MD, as "John Q. Ferguson"; re-built three-masted as "Virginia"VaultBox #75; Folder #071
2012.41.072Lynn Perry Album II, Page 10 1 photocopy of original page, Schooner "Josephine Wimsatt", 2 views (for one view, see page 7)VaultBox #75; Folder #072
2012.41.073Lynn Perry Album II, Page 11 3 photographs Ram "Kinkora", formerly "Chas. L. Rohde", formerly Chas. T. Strann", built 1891, Sharptown, MDVaultBox #75; Folder #073
2012.41.074Lynn Perry Album II, Page 12 1 photograph Ram "Grace G. Bennett" built 1893, Bethel, DelawareVaultBox #75; Folder #074
2012.41.075Lynn Perry Album II, Pages 13,14 1 photograph "Levin J. Marvel", Oxford MD; 1 photograph 3 masted schooners "George Bennett" & "Levin J. Marvel", Oxford MDVaultBox #75; Folder #076
2012.41.076Lynn Perry Album II, Page 15 1 photograph Ram "Jennie D. Bell" built 1898, Bethel, Del. and Ram "Edward R. Baird, JR", launched 1903, Bethel, Del.VaultBox #75; Folder #076
2012.41.077Lynn Perry Album II, Page 16-19 Article "Victory Chimes, a Centennial Celebration" by Alix T. Thorne, Sea History 93, Summer 2000VaultBox #75; Folder #077
2012.41.078Lynn Perry Album II, Page 20-21 9 photographs Ram "Victory Chimes" launched 1900, Bethel, Delaware, formerly "Edwin and Maud"VaultBox #75; Folder #078
2012.41.079Lynn Perry Album II, Page 22,23 4 photographs Ram "Edwin and Maud"VaultBox #75; Folder #079
2012.41.080Lynn Perry Album II, Page 24 2 photographs Ram "B.P. Gravenor" , built 1893 at Sharptown, MD, formerly known as "James M. Margrave", and later as "Mayfair"VaultBox #75; Folder #080
2012.41.081Lynn Perry Album II, Page 25 2 photographs "Victoria Chimes"VaultBox #75; Folder #081
2012.41.082Lynn Perry Album II, Page 26-32 6 original photographs Ram "Levin J. Marvel" , 2 photocopies only, built 1891 at Bethel, DEL, with article "A Three-Master Meets Her Match on Chesapeake Bay" by Cliff GoodallVaultBox #75; Folder #082
2012.41.083Lynn Perry Album II, Page 33 text only, on "The Ram", designed and built by J.M.C. Moore at Bethel, Delaware, with a list of 27 Rams with name, date, and where built for each.VaultBox #75; Folder #083
2012.41.084Lynn Perry Album II, Page 34,35 photocopy of drawing by A.L. Van Name "W.J. Mathews", and description, built 1882 at Madison, MD, formerly known as "Dorchester"VaultBox #75; Folder #084
2012.41.085Lynn Perry Album II, Page 36 2 photographs Bugeye "Sophia A. Duram" , built 1902 at Baltimore, MDVaultBox #75; Folder #085
2012.41.086Lynn Perry Album II, Page 37 photo caption with no photo Ram "Corapeake", built 1894 at Bethel, Del., formerly "Ivy Blades" (orphan page)VaultBox #75; Folder #086
2012.41.087Lynn Perry Album II, Page 38 2 photographs Schooner "John L. Martino", built 1890 at Phippsburg, Me., formerly known as Winnegance"VaultBox #75; Folder #087
2012.41.088Lynn Perry Album II, Page 39 2 photographs Ram "Clarance A. Holland", built 1893 at Bethel, Del.VaultBox #75; Folder #088
2012.41.089Lynn Perry Album II, Page 40 2 photographs Schooner "Esther Melbourne", loading in West Point about1928VaultBox #75; Folder #089
2012.41.090Lynn Perry Album II, Page 41 1 photograph (photcopy only) Schooner "William Linthicum", built 1894 at Church Creek, Md, and 1 photograph Schooner "R.B. White", built 1912 at Millbridge, Me.VaultBox #75; Folder #090
2012.41.091Lynn Perry Album II, Page 42 1 photograph Schooer "L.E. Williams", built 1909 at Wicommico, Md.VaultBox #75; Folder #091
2012.41.092Lynn Perry Album II, Page 43 1 photograph entitled "Chesapeake Bay"VaultBox #75; Folder #092
2012.41.093Lynn Perry Album II, Page 44 1 photograph Schooner "Wyoming", built 1909 at Bath, Me.VaultBox #75; Folder #093
2012.41.094Lynn Perry Album II, Page 45 1 photograph, identified as "Elizabeth W", 1944, Chesapeake BayVaultBox #75; Folder #094
2012.41.095Lynn Perry Album II, Page 46 photocopy of clipping powerboat "Lula M. Phillips", built as Schooner "Annie M. Leonard" in 1877 at Oxford, Lynn Perry writes "frequent loads to West Point loading at Texaco Dock, Mattaponi River", Captain George Carlton.VaultBox #75; Folder #095
2012.41.096Lynn Perry Album II, Page 47 clipping (photcopy) "Fertilizer Capital of the World" about BaltimoreVaultBox #75; Folder #096
2012.41.097Lynn Perry Album II, Page 48 Clipping (photocopy) "Load her til she tilts" about lumber schooners, with photographVaultBox #75; Folder #097
2012.41.098Lynn Perry Album II, Page 49 clipping (photocopy) "Edward L. Martin", built 1882 in Sussex County, Del., a pineapple schooner, shown loaded with cordwoodVaultBox #75; Folder #098
2012.41.099Lynn Perry Album II, Page 50 clipping (photocopy) recreational Sailboat on the York River off West Point, Virginia Chamber photoVaultBox #75; Folder #099
2012.41.100Lynn Perry Album II, Page 51 3 photographs Schooner "Dunham Wheeler", built at Bath, Me.VaultBox #75; Folder #100
2012.41.101Lynn Perry Album III, Page 1 photocopy of a photograph: "Rope Ferry over Mattaponi River, from West Point, King William Co, Va., to "Shackleford's Landing, in King and Queen Co., conveying the United States Mail and Passengers", original source unknown.VaultBox #75; Folder #101
2012.41.102Lynn Perry Album III, Page 2 1 photograph Southern Transportation Company Tug "Kenmore"VaultBox #75; Folder #102
2012.41.103Lynn Perry Album III, Pages 3,4,5 1 photograph (2 versions, one close-up) and text Barge "Albemarle", built 1902 Milford, Delaware, owned in 1919 by Southern Transportation Co. of Chesapeake City, Del.VaultBox #75; Folder #103
2012.41.104Lynn Perry Album III, Page 6 2 photographs. unknown barge and barge "Albemarle", built 1902, Milford, Del., owned 1919 by Southern Transportation CompanyVaultBox #75; Folder #104
2012.41.105Lynn Perry Album III, Page 7 newspaper article "Commercial Sail Disappears from Virginia Waters" with photo of pungy "James A. Whiting" oil painting by Louis Feuchter, publication unknownVaultBox #75; Folder #105
2012.41.106Lynn Perry Album III, Page 8 1 photo of unidentified sailing shipVaultBox #75; Folder #106
2012.41.107Lynn Perry Album III, Page 9 3 photographs 2 sailboats, 1 power boat, unidentifiedVaultBox #75; Folder #107
2012.41.108Lynn Perry Album III, Page 10 4 photographs pungy "Amanda F. Lewis" built 1884, Madison, Md. and pungy "Lady Maryland" designed by Thomas Gillmer to be used as a living classroom on the ChesapeakeVaultBox #75; Folder #108
2012.41.109Lynn Perry Album III, Page 11 1 photograph bugeye "J.W. Wilson" built 1907 Salisbury MD, photo taken Denmead's Ry, West PointVaultBox #75; Folder #109
2012.41.110Lynn Perry Album III, Page 12 Letters between Lynn D. Perry , Arthur Van Name, and Calvert Marine Museum, August 1992, and July 1992, subject Dr. Van Name's marine drawingsVaultBox #75; Folder #110
2012.41.111Lynn Perry Album III, Pages 13, 14 1 photograph Tug "James E. Lee", built 1897 at Portsmouth, Va. owned and operated by Mr. Smither of West PointVaultBox #75; Folder #111
2012.41.112Lynn Perry Album III, Page 15 photocopy of clipping with photograph titled "Loaded Barge on Navigable Mattaponi at Aylett"VaultBox #75; Folder #112
2012.41.113Lynn Perry Album III, Page 16 1 newspaper clipping, photograph "1929 photo shows Petersburg Boat Harbor, once busy with freighters and schooners", Collection of Howard D. BrownVaultBox #75; Folder #113
2012.41.114Lynn Perry Album III, Page 17 1 photograph Tug "Claribel", built 1875 at Belleville, N.J., owned by Mr. Smither of West Point and later by The Chesapeake Corp. of Va.VaultBox #75; Folder #114
2012.41.115Lynn Perry Album III, Page 18 1 photograph and 1 postcard Norfolk Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co, Norfolk, Va.VaultBox #75; Folder #115
2012.41.116Lynn Perry Album III, Pages 19, 20 4 photographs of enginesVaultBox #75; Folder #116
2012.41.117Lynn Perry Album III, Page 21 1 photograph unidentified boat in harbor, and cllipping of drawing demonstrating rope configurationsVaultBox #75; Folder #117
2012.41.118Lynn Perry Album III, Page 22 2 photographs of engines, 1 photograph of lighthouse, 1 clipping demonstrating ropes and pulleys attached to anchorVaultBox #75; Folder #118
2012.41.119Lynn Perry Album III, Page 23 1 photograph of a yawl boat, one photograph of engines, one clipping with drawing of yawl boat under the stern of vesselVaultBox #75; Folder #119
2012.41.120Lynn Perry Album III, Page 24 1 photograph marked "Pride of Baltimore", under sail, and marked on back N.Y. 7/4/1992, Robert J. LewisVaultBox #75; Folder #120
2012.41.121Lynn Perry Album III, Page 25 1 photograph of engine used to hoist anchor and sails, one drawing of cabine and water barrel on a poop deckVaultBox #75; Folder #121
2012.41.122Lynn Perry Album III, Page 26 newspaper clipping titled "After a century's use, Sallie Bramble is left high and dry" with photographs "Detail of the bow of the bugeye Sallie L. Bramble", "Capt. Wilson Todd with a model of the boat" and "The Sallie L. Bramble, a century-old bugeye that dredged oysters for decades..." Sun Staff, undatedVaultBox #75; Folder #122
2012.41.123Lynn Perry Album III, Page 27 1 photocopy of clipping, photograph "Geneva May maneuvers in Tangier Sound, 1970", skipjack, built 1908 Wenona, MarylandVaultBox #75; Folder #123
2012.41.124Lynn Perry Album III, Page 28 2 photographs Bugeye "Edna Lockhart", at St. Michaels, MDVaultBox #75; Folder #124
2012.41.125Lynn Perry Album III, Page 29 2 photographs Skip Jack at St. Michaels, MDVaultBox #75; Folder #125
2012.41.126Lynn Perry Album III, Page 30 2 photographs Staten Island Oyster Skiff at St. Michaels, MDVaultBox #75; Folder #126
2012.41.127Lynn Perry Album III, Page 31 newspaper article "Goodbye to Bay Steamers and Boat Trains", photographs of Steamer "City of Richmond" and a line of buses at train station in West Point in the 1920sVaultBox #75; Folder #127
2012.41.128Lynn Perry Album III, Pages 32,33 photocopy of newspaper article "1913 Packet Plows Bay in Farewell" with photo of steamer "City of Richmond"VaultBox #75; Folder #128
2012.41.130Lynn Perry Album III, Pages 33-39 Recollections of Mr. A.T. Donnell of West Point recalling the steamship "Louise" on the Mattaponi with photographs (photocopies) of the "Louise" docked at Aylett & West Point, the "Commodore Bartlett" at West Point, and an aerial view of West Point, undated, river in the backgroundVaultBox #75; Folder #130
2012.42.01Genealogy, descendants of John Adolphus and Ann Eliza Garrett of Marlborough, near Mascot, Va.VaultBox #58; Folder #163
2012.42.02Photocopies of photographs of John Adolphus Garrett (1832-1912) and Ann Eliza Garrett (1842-1912) of Marlborough, near Mascot, Va.VaultBox #58; Folder #163
2012.42.03Photocopies of 9 photographs of Marlborough, near Mascot, Va., home of John Adolphus and Ann Eliza GarrettVaultBox #58; Folder #163
2012.43.01Register of names of some of the servants, with birth dates from 1801 to 1859 (photocopy of a document found at Green Mount)VaultBox #58; Folder #164
2012.43.02Photocopy of a photograph of Arch Brown, a fiddler.VaultBox #40; Folder #72
2012.43.03Photograph portraits (photocopies) of Fleet family members, Dr. Benjamin and Maria Louisa Wacker Fleet and their children Lou, Florence, Bessie, Fred and Benny; from the Green Mount photo collection.VaultBox #40; Folder #106
2012.43.04Photograph portraits (photocopies) of 8 children, identified as: Bettie Had___ (Lexington, Missouri); Gannia Waddell (Lexington, Missouri); Annie Fleet Wilson (Norfolk, Virginia); Elise Timberlake (Vicksburg, Mississippi); Louise Smith (Lexington, Missouri); "I think this is a picture of Annie Flood", Lexington, Missouri; Frank Steele (Richmond, Virginia); Janie Steele (Richmond, Virginia). From the Green Mount photo collection.VaultBox #40; Folder #106
2012.43.05Transcript entitled "The Raiders in King and Queen-A Youth Murdered-Another Badly Wounded", a report of the death of Benny Fleet written shortly after the event.VaultBox #43; Folder #192
2012.43.06Letter to Albert G. Sale of Walkerton from the University of Virginia, reporting the standing of his son Mr. James I. Sale in 1855; Riddle attached: the fish that swallowed JonahVaultBox #52; Folder #13
2012.44.01"Walkerton Bridge" published by Historic American Engineering Record published 1962VaultBox #65; Folder #31
2012.45.01A list of Isabel Elliott Howell (teacher at Rappahannock Institute 1855, 1858) papers available at the Tennessee State Library and ArchivesVaultBox #42;Folder #90
2012.46.01Facsimile of Vite 'Em In Brand, Black Eyed Peas, King and Queen Canneries, WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #32
2012.47.01Pamphlet: Virginia's Heritage;The Farmer's Problem, and a Postscript, by Henry P. Taylor of Walkerton, VirginiaVaultBox #61; Folder #31
2012.48.01Immanuel Church, HistoryVaultBox #41; Folder #47
2012.49.01Transcription of undated (early 1810's) will of Edwin MotleyVaultBox #50; Folder #43
2012.49.02letter from an attorney to Lucy T.D. Acree (1930) regarding legacy connected to Edwin Motley will written in the early 1810s.VaultBox #50; Folder #43
2012.50.01Promotional flyer; "King and Queen County, a Community Profile" printed by Virginia Power, 1993 (5 copies)VaultBox #43; Folder #144
2012.51.01Copyright to Hutchinson Map of King & Queen County, 1973VaultBox #61; Folder #54
2012.52.01Newspaper clipping, Obituary, Gertrude Elizabeth "Minnie Ha-Ha" Custalow, November 13, 2012VaultBox #55; Folder #29
2012.53.01Book of Land Book entries for King & Queen County, 1801-1806, transcribed from the originals at VSL with correspondence to Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson regarding the transcription service.VaultBox #43; Folder #145
2012.54.01Department of Historic Resources Inspection of the Tavern Museum Report 2012VaultBox #68; Folder #17
2012.56.01Article from Discover Richmond publication 2008/2009: "Stop, Look and Listen - Take time to enjoy scenic route in King and Queen County" by Katherine CalosVaultBox #55; Folder #31
2012.56.02Article from Discover Richmond publication 2008/2009: "Reservation Preservation - King William tribes keep their culture alive by sharing traditions" by Katherine CalosVaultBox #55; Folder #31
2012.57.01Photographs of CSA veterans' graves at Shackelfords Chapel: Lt. Alonzo Atkins, Pvt. James Thomas Bland, Pvt. Robert Vincent Hart, John Z. GayleVaultBox #54; Folder #82
2012.59.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, June 2012 (Teagle; Dunston; Z.T. Whiting; Clack)Library
2012.59.02The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, December 2012 (Thornton, Robins, Hogg, Cemeteries, Deans)Library
2012.60.01Artifacts from the 2012 Donald Robertson dig, Box #1Storage
2012.60.02Artifacts from the 2012 Donald Robertson dig, Box #2Storage
2012.60.03Artifacts from the 2012 Donald Robertson dig, Box #3Storage
2013.01.01Lady's side saddle stirrup19th Century Bedroom
2013.01.09Pencil SharpenerArchives Building
2013.02.01Virginia Farm Bureau Bicentennial Farm Register, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980 and blank registration formVaultBox #43; Folder #150
2013.02.02Virginia Episcopalian, Winter 2012: "If Walls Could Talk" by Emily Cherry about partnership of Rappahannock Indian Baptist Church partnership with the Diocese of Virginia (Episcopal) to preserve the church buildingVaultBox #41; Folder #48
2013.02.03Map of Dalhgren's Raid on Western Henrico, photocopy, by Dr. H. Douglas Pitts, from article in Henrico County Historical SocietyVaultBox #44; Folder #15
2013.02.04"King & Queen Anniversary Is Celebrated" by Overton Jones, 1941 article, Richmond Times-DispatchVaultBox #43; Folder #151
2013.02.05"Walkerton Mill to be Home" article in Rappahannock Times, 1972VaultBox #65; Folder #34
2013.02.06"Coat of Arms Presented", article in Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1976VaultBox #55; Folder #34
2013.02.07Envelopes (2), with K&Q 250th Anniversary stamp, postmarked King & Queen C.H. VA, Aug 6, 1941VaultBox #43; Folder #151
2013.02.08Memorial Service for Edward Washington White, November 21, 1969 at Zion Baptist church, Cumnor, VaVaultBox #58; Folder #172
2013.02.09King and Queen County, Virginia, its Churches and Religious Life 1691-1791 by John A. RylandVaultBox #41; Folder #20
2013.02.10Newtown, Virginia, photocopy of National Register of Historic Places: maps, photos, text descriptionVaultBox #43; Folder #152
2013.02.11Map of King and Queen County, printed 1908Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #16
2013.02.12King & Queen County Historical Society , "Deserved Accolades" , Richmond Times-Dispatch editorial, 1966, Albert B. Corey AwardVaultBox #61; Folder #68
2013.02.13King & Queen County Historical Society ,"King, Queen Society Wins History Award" Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1966, Albert B. Corey AwardVaultBox #61; Folder #68
2013.02.14Index of Material in the Files of the K&Q Historical Society, 1960; Elizabeth Hutchinson copyVaultBox #61; Folder #69
2013.04.01Diary of Bernard Humphrey Walker, MD, of Stevensville, Dec. 1902 - May 1905Vault (oversized)Box #57; Folder #08
2013.04.02Diary of Bernard Humphrey Walker, MD, of Stevensville, May 1908 - Aug. 1909Vault (oversized)Box #57; Folder #09
2013.04.03Diary of Bernard Humphrey Walker, MD, of Stevensville, Apr. 1911 - May 1913Vault (oversized)Box #57; Folder #10
2013.05.01Accounts for Inventory, B.O. Minor, Biscoe, Va. Feb. 2, 1933Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #166
2013.05.02Accounts, B.O. Minor, Biscoe, Va. 1934, 1935Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #167
2013.05.03Order Book beginning Feb. 22, 1920 and Accounts 1932-1934, B.O. Minor, Biscoe, Va.Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #168
2013.05.04Accounts for Inventory, B.O. Minor, Biscoe, Va. cover missing, undatedVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #169
2013.05.05Cash , B.O. Minor, Biscoe, Va. Jan 29, 1935 - Dec 31, 1937 with Accounts, including deposits, August 24,1936 -November 1937Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #170
2013.05.06Accounts for Inventory, B.O. Minor, Biscoe, Va., cover missing, undatedVault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #171
2013.05.07Customer Accounts, B.O. Minor, Biscoe, Va. 1920-1924Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #172
2013.05.08Customer Accounts, B.O. Minor, Biscoe, Va. 1935-1940Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #173
2013.05.09Customer Accounts, B.O. Minor, Biscoe, Va. 1928-1930Vault (oversized)Box #45; Folder #174
2013.05.10Statement of repairs by Ivan Clark's Garage, Walkerton, for B.O. MinorVaultBox #74; Folder #11
2013.06.01Postcard (photocopy) addressed to Miss M.B. Foster, Oxalis P.O. , Va, 1909VaultBox #49; Folder #102
2013.06.02Letter (photocopy) to My Dear Cousin, from Cousin Fannie Foster, Miss Cara E. Burkley,dated 1905 from Oxalis, VirginiaVaultBox #49; Folder #102
2013.06.03Postcard (photocopy) addressed to Miss M.B. Foster, Oxalis P.O. , Va, 1909; Letter (photocopy) to My Dear Cousin, from Cousin Fannie Foster, Miss Cara E. Burkley,dated 1905 from Oxalis. Two receipts (photocopies) to M.A. Foster of Oxalis (100 yards across Bruington) from National Medicine Co., 1909VaultBox #49; Folder #102
2013.07.01Newspaper clipping, "Marriott School Returns to King & Queen County", Country Courier, January 2013; Caroll Lee Walker giftVaultBox #55; Folder #30
2013.07.02"Captain Thomas Dew Commemoration'" Country Courier, November 2012, War of 1812VaultBox #54; Folder #83
2013.08.01"Old Grads of Aberdeen Return to Campus for Reunion". Transcription with photographs of the classroom building and Blanche Johnson (a former cook) with Straughan Robinson (a former pupil), from the Richmond News Leader Friday July 26, 1946VaultBox #42;Folder #91
2013.08.02Latane Trice Stationery for Swansea FarmVaultBox #74; Folder #10
2013.08.03Yorktown Bicentennial, 1981: Latane Trice's records and correspondence regarding his participation in the jousting tournamentVaultBox #43; Folder #147
2013.08.04Yorktown Bicentennial, 1981: Latane Trice's invitations, correspondence, and newspaper articlesVaultBox #43; Folder #148
2013.08.05Tappahannock 400 Year Anniversary, 1982: Latane Trice's correspondence and documents regarding jousting tournamentVaultBox #43; Folder #149
2013.09.01photographs (color, original), Taylor and Caldwell Factory, Walkerton September 1958VaultBox #74; Folder #12
2013.09.02photographs (4, color, original), Auburn Farm, uncultivated field in the 'Land Bank', Walkerton September 1958VaultBox #74; Folder #12
2013.09.03photographs (2, color, original), Soybeans, September 1958VaultBox #74; Folder #12
2013.09.04photographs (1 color, original), apple tree, Walkerton August 1958VaultBox #74; Folder #12
2013.09.05photographs (1 color, original), young beans, Walkerton June 1958VaultBox #74; Folder #12
2013.09.06photograph (1 black and white, original), Meredith's ducks, Auburn Farm barnyard, Walkerton, c. 1936VaultBox #74; Folder #12
2013.09.07photograph (1 black and white, original), Irrigation, unknown location, dateVaultBox #74; Folder #12
2013.09.08photograph (1 black and white, original), Deer Hunters (Ben Owen facing camera), King and Queen County, 1964VaultBox #74; Folder #12
2013.10.01Annual Contract , school year 1977-1978, with King and Queen County, for teaching positionVaultBox #42;Folder #92
2013.11.01Broad Axe used in King & Queen County by Covossa Elwood Edwards of the Forge in hewing railroad ties in the early 1900sBack Hall, 2nd Floor
2013.11.02Scythe used by the Minor Family, Biscoe.Dining Room
2013.15.02Biographical information on Marian Anderson, born in Philadelphia, grandparents from King and Queen County, Va.VaultBox #58; Folder #175
2013.16.01Photo copy of a letter from Mr. James Hugh Henry III of 'Pleasant Hill' to Mary E. W. Quarles, 1841VaultBox #49; Folder #103
2013.16.02Letter from Mr. James Hugh Henry III of 'Pleasant Hill' to Mary E. W. Quarles, 1842VaultBox #49; Folder #103
2013.16.03Letter from Mr. James Hugh Henry III of 'Pleasant Hill' to Mary E. W. Quarles, 1857VaultBox #49; Folder #103
2013.16.04Letter from Mr. James Hugh Henry III of 'Pleasant Hill' to Mary E. W. Quarles, 1858VaultBox #49; Folder #103
2013.17.01Genealogy of the Dew family of Dewsville, King and Queen County, compiled by Ernestine Dew White (scanned copy)VaultBox #58; Folder #79
2013.18.0117 photographs of Gibson family tombstones and 6 photographs of other tombstones of the extended familyVaultBox #58; Folder #176
2013.18.02Photocopies of marriage licenses, census and other records relating to the Gibsons and extended familyVaultBox #58; Folder #176
2013.19.01A Post Family Chart published in Ancestry Quarterly Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County, Florida (Volume XLVII, No. 2 )VaultBox #58; Folder #177
2013.19.02Article: "Captain Adrian Post: Peaches and Oysters" by Jethro Meriwether Hurt, III, published in two installments in Ancestry Quarterly Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Palm Beach County, Florida (Volumes XLVII, No. 2 and XLVIII, No. 2)VaultBox #58; Folder #177
2013.20.01Grahl African Art Collection, digital images saved on CD, exhibit, 2008Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2013.20.02Grahl African Art Collection, digital images saved on CD (2nd copy)LibraryCD Rack
2013.20.03Grahl African Art Collection, digital images printedVaultBox #40; Folder #83
2013.21.01Two newspaper articles (January 2013, Richmond Times-Dispatch) on the book 'Mapping Virginia' by William C. Wooldridge, published by University of Virginia Press in 2012VaultBox #55; Folder #40
2013.21.02Sale family papers - Johnson's Island - the Confederate Prisoners There. (An article from the Daily Dispatch, August 1863 and reprinted in Richmond Times-Dispatch feature, August 2013)VaultBox #52; Folder #01
2013.22.01Genealogy of George Pendleton family who lived in King & Queen County, Bienvenue (Benvenue) Plantation, Family Tree and Index to Letters (original document saved digitally on the Office Computer d:\DigitalPhotosAndArchives\fwpendletoncourtneyletters)VaultBox #58; Folder #187
2013.23.01Newspaper article about the gift of the Donald Robertson Bible from Mrs. Catherine Shepherd to the Virginia Historical SocietyVaultBox #60; Folder #15
2013.23.02Photograph (photocopy) of Henry P. Taylor with the Donald Robertson BibleVaultBox #60; Folder #15
2013.24.01Newspaper articles from the Tidewater Review describing sites included on the 2013 Garden Tour in King & Queen County: Belle Vue, Shackelfords Chapel, Trevillian Home, Kempsville, Homeview.VaultBox #43; Folder #165
2013.24.02Guidebook: Garden Club of Virginia 80th Historic Garden Week, April 20-27, 2013VaultBox #43; Folder #165
2013.24.03Brochure: Garden Club of Virginia 80th Historic Garden Week, April 20-27, 2013VaultBox #43; Folder #165
2013.24.04Ticket: Garden Club of Virginia 80th Historic Garden Week, April 20-27, 2013VaultBox #43; Folder #165
2013.26.01Pleasant Hill High School 1964 Graduation Announcement cards, for Helen Mae Carter and Judy Carol MilbyVaultBox #42;Folder #98
2013.26.02Pleasant Hill High School Handbook 1954-1955VaultBox #42;Folder #99
2013.26.03Minutes and Roll of the Community League of Buena Vista School 1932-1933VaultBox #42;Folder #100
2013.26.04Minutes and Roll of the Community League of Buena Vista School 1933-1934VaultBox #42;Folder #100
2013.26.05Home Demonstration Club Yearbook 1950, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #71; Folder #15
2013.26.06Home Demonstration Club Yearbook 1951, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #71; Folder #15
2013.26.07Home Demonstration Club Yearbook 1952-53, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #71; Folder #15
2013.26.08Home Demonstration Club Yearbook 1954, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #71; Folder #15
2013.26.09Home Demonstration Club Yearbook 1955, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #71; Folder #15
2013.26.10Home Demonstration Club Yearbook 1956, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #71; Folder #15
2013.26.11Junior Woman's Club Yearbook 1949-50, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #166
2013.26.12Junior Woman's Club Yearbook 1952-53, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #166
2013.26.13Junior Woman's Club Program, dedicated to graduating members, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #166
2013.26.14Miss King and Queen Pageant program, sponsored by the Junior Woman's Club, June 18, 1965VaultBox #43; Folder #166
2013.26.15Empty envelope printed King and Queen Junior Woman's ClubVaultBox #43; Folder #166
2013.26.16Fact and Story Readers, Book Four by Suzzalo, Freeland, McLaughlin, Skinner, 1931, Delmas Gayle imprinted on back pageIn Secretary desk
2013.26.17Folk Tales From Many Lands by Hazel Gertrude Kinscella, 1934. Buena Vista Graded School, 1934 written inside frontIn Secretary desk
2013.26.18The Girl Next Door by Dorothy Baruch and Elizabeth Montgomery. Pleasant Hill High School stamped inside frontIn Secretary desk
2013.26.19Streets and Roads, Teachers Edition by William S. Gray and Lillian Gray, 1946-47. Stamped Pleasant Hill High School and L. A. Wright written inside.In Secretary desk
2013.26.20Peoples of Other Lands by G. R. Bodley 1932. Pleasant Hill High School stamped on title page, Property of Centerville School Library written inside front coverIn Secretary desk
2013.26.21New Geography Book One by Alexis Everett Frye,1917. Edmond Roane, Alice & Nettie Lee Walton, Centerville School written inside front cover, Miss Alice Virginia Walton written on table of contents page, Roberta Roane written inside back coverIn Secretary desk
2013.26.22New Geography Book Two by Wallace W. Atwood,1920. Lavinia Anne Roane, Gressitt, Buena Vista High School written inside front coverIn Secretary desk
2013.26.23Copysheet titled ''Pioneers" found in New Geography Book TwoVaultBox #42;Folder #101
2013.26.24Alphabet card for letter "R" found in New Geography Book TwoVaultBox #42;Folder #101
2013.26.25Photograph of Santa Claus marked on the back: 4-H Club Party at Pleasant Hill High School, December 24, 1948VaultBox #43; Folder #73
2013.27.06Froe, used to split a block of wood into shingles, from 'Eastern View", Owenton, K&Q CountyStorage
2013.27.07Pickaroon, used to control the motion of logs as they floated in the river as it flowed down stream, from "The Forge:", Dunkirk, K&Q CountyStorage
2013.27.08Ice Pick, used to remove pieces of ice from the ice pond for storage in the ice house, from "Eastern View", Owenton, K&Q CountyStorage
2013.27.09Quilt, in the "Drunkard's Path" pattern, made by Martha Thomas Minor (1868-1944) for Mattie "Sis" Pearl Minor (born 1891) when she was married in 191120th Century Bedroom (storage)
2013.27.10Child's dress, white, with scalloped hem and shoulder buttons, made by Mattie Minor Bailey for her children Gainelle, Louise, and Bernice after 191120th Century Bedroom
2013.27.11Child's dress, white, plain with shoulder buttons, made by Mattie Minor Bailey for her children Gainelle, Louise, and Bernice, after 191120th Century Bedroom
2013.27.12Child's dress with lace inserts made by Mattie Minor Bailey for her children Gainelle, Louise, and Bernice, after 191120th Century Bedroom
2013.27.13Child's Bonnet made by Mattie Bailey for her daughter Bernice May (Bailey) Mortimer20th Century Bedroom
2013.27.14Half Petticoat owned by Bernice May (Bailey) Mortimer20th Century Bedroom
2013.27.15Sun Bonnet owned by Bernice May (Bailey) Mortimer20th Century Bedroom
2013.27.16Hand-made doll owned by Bernice May (Bailey) Mortimer20th Century Bedroom
2013.27.17Tidewater Herring Roe can label, product distributed by Taylor and Sledd, with historical ties to Taylor and Caldwell Inc, in WalkertonVaultBox #65; Folder #35
2013.27.18Bernice May (Bailey ) Mortimer, biographical information, together with information about the quilt and other itemsVaultBox #58; Folder #188
2013.27.19Storage box for vintage textile items20th Century Bedroom (sstorage)
2013.28.01The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, June 2013 (Baptist Churches, William Southern, Fary)Library
2013.28.02The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, December 2013 (Gloucester Hall, 5th Va. Cav., Clayton)Library
2013.28.03The Family Tree Searcher, Gloucester Genealogical Society, June 2014 (Browne - Roane, Doctor Garland Seawell)Library
2013.29.01A Tidewater Morning, a collection of short stories by William StyronLibrary
2013.29.02Shadrach, VHS tape, originalLibraryCD Rack
2013.29.03Shadrach, VHS tape, copyLibrary
2013.30.01Hair comb, larger, made of gutta percha, made in the South, circa 1865Parlor
2013.30.02Hair comb, smaller, made of tortoise shell, made in the South, circa 1865Parlor
2013.31.01Diploma awarded to Ethel Lelia Armstrong (Watkins) from The Public High School of Biscoe, Virginia, 1914Hall Top Floor
2013.31.02St. Stephens Church meeting notes (photocopy), February 2, 1888 (?), notes of a meeting, with list of attendees: Mrs. Dollie Baskel, Lucy A. Cook, Geary Wilson, Susan A. Wilson, Adeline Watkins, Miss Lillian Simpkins, M. E. Wilson, M. L. Fleet, M. B. Councill, Mr. C. L. Wilson, Wm. Long, Wm. J. Watkins, Edwn Watkins, Mr. Jack Hogge, Mr. Herbert Hogge, J.S. Wilson, J.W. Wilson, Goletcher Baskel, Willie Fleet, J. C. Councill, Geo. M. Councill, Pastor, Wm. Gwathmey, Mr. Garlick. Subject of meeting: passing of 2 resolutions (text of resolutions not included). Notes written on Aberdeen Academy stationery.VaultBox #41; Folder #54
2013.31.03Photo of the framed diploma awarded to Ethel Lelia Armstrong (Watkins) from The Public High School of Biscoe, Virginia, 1914VaultBox #40; Folder #86
2013.31.04Photo of Louise Watkins Jones with the framed diploma awarded to her mother, Ethel Lelia Armstrong (Watkins), from The Public High School of Biscoe, Virginia, 1914VaultBox #40; Folder #86
2013.32.01One pair brass candlesticks, bell in the base, leaf designDining Room
2013.32.02One pair brass candlesticks, plain, marked made in JapanDining Room
2013.33.01Annual Reports of the Tavern Museum, 2000-2012VaultBox #68; Folder #21
2013.33.02Flash drive containing photos of miscellaneous Museum events approx. 2008-2013Vault Filing Cabinet 2nd drawer
2013.35.01Photocopy of a photograph of Newington before the 1893 fireVaultBox #40; Folder #84
2013.39.01Metal tool box, not old, for storage of small itemsStorage
2013.43.01Ox yoke, with augured holes, made by Tommy CarterCarriage House
2013.43.02Ox yoke, bark-covered, carved ends; for breaking Young Oxen; Phil and Beaver MinorCarriage House
2013.43.03Document box, hand painted design on top, yellow bird on front; from B.O. Minor store, owned by Bennett O. Minor , Owenton, Va., of "Eastern View Farm"19th Century Bedroom
2013.43.04Family bible records of Bennett O. Minor, married Mattie T. Minor 1868, Owenton, Va., of "Eastern View Farm"VaultBox #48; Folder #31
2013.43.05Horse-hair lap robe, belonged to Covossa E. Edwards of "The Forge Farm", Owenton, Va.Storage
2013.45.01Cotton cloth with lemon decoration for use as table cloth19th Century Bedroom
2013.46.01Tavern Museum sign, hand-crafted, hand-painted, installed on the light post in the front lawnFront lawn
2013.47.01Map of Dixie, published by The Geographical Publishing Company, Chicago Illinois, exclusively for Southern Ruralist, The South's Foremost Farm paper, Atlanta Georgia, 1924Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #18
2013.47.02Map of King & Queen County,printed with roads and land contours, with hand-written notes of old places (prototype #1 of Elizabeth Hutchinson's map of Old Houses)Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #19
2013.47.03Map of King & Queen County,printed with roads and land contours, with hand-written notes of old places (prototype #2 of Elizabeth Hutchinson's map of Old Houses)Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #20
2013.47.04Map, Excelsior Series, published by the Geographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois, 1924, 2-sided: one side is the United States and Alaska, with a list of 104 National Trunk Highways numbered to correspoond withn numbers shown on map, and with a list of principal radio broadcasting stations; other side is The World on the Mercator Projection, with photographs of World Leaders (Calvin Coolidge, USA) and routes for mail steamers and submarine cables.Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #21
2013.47.05Map of The United State of America, published by the National Geographic Magazine, 1946, marked Woodville, Miss, where mama went to teach school. Lewis cousins there now.Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #22
2013.47.06Map of King and Queen and King William Counties Primary and Secondary Highways, VDOT, 1953, with names of places in both counties inked in by hand.Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #23
2013.47.07Original 1972 Elizabeth Hutchinson Map of King and Queen county marked with Old Houses, labelled "was wrapped Dec. 1987"Map CabinetBox #44; Folder #24
2013.47.08Accreditation Stevensville High School, 1936-1937VaultBox #42;Folder #105
2013.47.09Newspaper clipping mentioning John Pollard, Locust Cottage (undated, no beginning, no end)VaultBox #55; Folder #45
2013.47.10Newspaper clipping, "Old Colonial Homes Along the Mattaponi" by Dr. Bernard H. Walker, undatedVaultBox #55; Folder #46
2013.47.11Printed card describing Mattaponi ChurchVaultBox #41; Folder #59
2013.47.12Program, Services of Memorial for Deacon John Augustus Broaddus, 1891-1981, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Bruington, VirginiaVaultBox #41; Folder #60
2013.47.13Notes King & Queen County: for $100.00, August 1864; Note for $10, 1861, payable to John R. BagbyVaultBox #43; Folder #175
2013.47.14Map showing Washington's Burgess Route thru King William County, printed compliments West Point Kiwanis ClubVaultBox #44; Folder #25
2013.47.15Account of John F. Sadler with L.S. Farland, 1853VaultBox #45; Folder #175
2013.47.16Account of Miss Sallie M. Billup with Farland & Co., 1854VaultBox #45; Folder #176
2013.47.17Account of John F. Sadler with L.S. Farland, 1859VaultBox #45; Folder #177
2013.47.18Account of John F. Sadler with J.L. Boughton, 1854VaultBox #45; Folder #178
2013.47.19Account of John F. Sadler with Joshua L. Boughton, 1856VaultBox #45; Folder #179
2013.47.20Account of John F. Sadler with J.L. Boughton & Co., 1855VaultBox #45; Folder #180
2013.47.21Account of Sallie M. Billups with Farland & Co, 1854VaultBox #45; Folder #181
2013.47.22Account of John F. Sadler with John P. Young & Co., 1858VaultBox #45; Folder #182
2013.47.23Account of J. F. Sadler with L.S. Farland, 1859, 1860VaultBox #45; Folder #183
2013.47.24Account of J. F. Sadler with L.S. Farland, 1860, 1861VaultBox #45; Folder #184
2013.47.25Account of J. Ferdinand Sadler with L.S. Farland, 1861,1862VaultBox #45; Folder #185
2013.47.26Account of J. F. Sadler with R.A. Cauthorn, 1860VaultBox #45; Folder #186
2013.47.27Account of John F. Sadler with Boughton & Co, 1858VaultBox #45; Folder #187
2013.47.28Account of Elder Ro. Y. Henley with Courtney & Todd, undatedVaultBox #45; Folder #188
2013.47.29Account of John F. Sadler with Boughton Co., 1859VaultBox #45; Folder #189
2013.47.30Account of John F. Sadler with L.S. Farland, 1856VaultBox #45; Folder #190
2013.47.31Account of John F. Sadler with L.S. Farland for R.A. Cauthorn, 1857VaultBox #45; Folder #191
2013.47.32Account of John F. Sadler with L.S. Farland, 1855VaultBox #45; Folder #192
2013.47.33Account of John F. Sadler with J.L. Boughton, 1856VaultBox #45; Folder #193
2013.47.34Account of John F. Sadler with Richard Saunders, 1855VaultBox #45; Folder #194
2013.47.35Account of John F. Sadler with Joshua L. Boughton, 1857VaultBox #45; Folder #195
2013.47.36Account of John F. Sadler with L.S. Farland, 1858VaultBox #45; Folder #196
2013.47.37Account of John F. Sadler with Richard Saunders, 1856, 1857VaultBox #45; Folder #197
2013.47.38Account of John F. Sadler with J.L. Boughton, 1857VaultBox #45; Folder #198
2013.47.39Account of John F. Sadler with L.S. Farland, 1860VaultBox #45; Folder #199
2013.47.40Letter (original), containing extracts from a journal: "In 1570, Dr. Thomas Walker a gentleman wrote in this journal", when he "made a journey to Hot Springs" written on stationery from The Homestead, Hot Springs, VirginiaVaultBox #49; Folder #114
2013.47.41Letters (original) from Alfred Bagby to Hon. Thomas J. Bates, 1938, about Robert Beverley of Beverley Park and familyVaultBox #49; Folder #115
2013.47.42Letter (original) from Hattie Bell Gresham to Mrs. C.C. Caldwell, 1941, about Dewsville and Mantapike (Forest Hill)VaultBox #49; Folder #116
2013.47.43Note by W.W. Daingerfield, 1884, and letter to R.Y. Henley (originals) from Wm. A . SaundersVaultBox #49; Folder #117
2013.47.44Letter and accounts (originals) re: a bill from Wm. D. Wright to J. Ferdinand SadlerVaultBox #49; Folder #118
2013.47.45Will (printed transcript) of Mary Washington dated 1788VaultBox #50; Folder #45
2013.47.46Newspaper clipping, social column, Bruington, August 1923, Southside SentinelVaultBox #55; Folder #47
2013.47.47Christmas in King & Queen House Tour, 1976, sponsored by the Woman's Club; newspaper clippings about places on tour; Old Church, Cedar View, Windwood, Aspen Grove, Buena Vista, Shackelfords Chapel, and Plain ViewVaultBox #43; Folder #181
2013.47.48Newspaper clipping "Leonard Reynolds, Profile of a Man and his Time", 1984, Rappahannock TimesVaultBox #55; Folder #49
2013.47.49Newspaper clipping "Pageant of the Rappahannock", 1940, from the Virginia Club WomanVaultBox #55; Folder #50
2013.47.50Newspaper clippings 1) "Walkerton Bridge Topic During Public Meetings", Rappahannock Times 1984 2) "Bridge Issue, Stopping up the River at Walkerton concerns " (undated), 3) "Up a Creek", flood in Walkerton (undated)VaultBox #55; Folder #51
2013.47.51"The First permanent English Settlement in America and the First Legislative Assembly in America", pamphlet published by APVA, 1944VaultBox #56; Folder #72
2013.47.52Manuals for DeLaval Cream Separator No. 12 & Home Comfort Range, built by Wrought Iron Range Co.VaultBox #71; Folder #18
2013.47.53"Jamestown National Historic Site", text with map, a National Park Service publication, 1948VaultBox #56; Folder #74
2013.47.54Advertising bill for Dietz Books "Little visits with the men & women who gave you your heritage"VaultBox #56; Folder #75
2013.47.55Collier Family Genealogy, Charles Collier,1660-1735, of Porto Bello, King and Queen CountyVaultBox #58; Folder #195
2013.47.56Plants of Colonial Garden, George Washington National Birthplace, April 1938, with diagram of a Colonial Garden and list of plantsVaultBox #71; Folder #16
2013.47.57Advertising poster with photograph of J.L. Evans store at Mascot, 1907Map CabinetBox #40; Folder #90
2013.47.58Bagby genealogy, James Bagby of JamestownMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #196
2013.47.59Temple genealogy, Joseph Temple and Ann Arnold, by J. Henley WalkerMap CabinetBox #58; Folder #197
2013.47.60Photostatic copies of 3 plats of Walkerton, 1847, related to Thacker Muire suit, showing T. Muire's lot, A.G. Sales store and wharf, stable, mill, mill dam and pond.Map CabinetBox #59; Folder #101
2013.47.61Invoices and accounts related to printing of Mrs. Hutchinson's map, 1972, Virginia Reproduction & Supply Co. and The Williams Printing Co.VaultBox #45; Folder #201
2013.47.62Length of hair weavingStorage
2013.47.63Hill and Robinson genealogy, letter from Mrs. J.H. Potts, 1938VaultBox #58; Folder #198
2013.47.64The Religious Herald, December 24, 1981, articles "Bruington receives Painting of First Pastor" and "Robert Baylor Semple Is Still Remembered"VaultBox #41; Folder #61
2013.47.65Essay by William E. Trout "The Dragon Swamp Navigation", with card addressed to Norm Thompson, dated 1971VaultBox #43; Folder #177
2013.47.66Negatives, film only, photos of local churches; Immanuel; Old Church; Fleeton Church; Vauter's Church, Essex; St. Johns, Warsaw; Farnham Church; St. Peters Ch., Oak Grove, Westmoreland; organ at St. Peter'sVaultBox #41; Folder #62
2013.47.67The Virginia Historical Chronicle, Volume 1, Number 4, April 1975, Highlights of K&Q and surrounding counties, article "Religion in King & Queen", "Civil War in King & Queen", "Griggs Dairy"VaultBox #55; Folder #53
2013.47.68Program for dinner, January 24, 1967, at which Albert B. Cory Award is presented to the K&Q County Historical Society by the American Association for State and Local HistoryVaultBox #61; Folder #74
2013.47.69Map of Bicentennial House Tour,1975, sponsored by the Woman's Club, with newspaper articles about the places on the tour: Whitehall, Claymont, Hillsboro, Holly Hill, Peach Grove, Old Town HouseVaultBox #43; Folder #178
2013.47.70Article about Peach Grove, Owenton, on house tour sponsored by St. Paul's Episcopal Church, undatedVaultBox #55; Folder #54
2013.47.71Census of 1810, King and Queen County, extracted data, partial listVaultBox #43; Folder #179
2013.47.72William Claiborne, Eminent Son of King William County, by Elizabeth Hawes RylandVaultBox #58; Folder #199
2013.47.73Families who lived at North Bank, 1722; Camm, Cluverius, Pollard, Sale, BurkeVaultBox #58; Folder #200
2013.47.74Letter from Garnett Ryland, "Places photographed by State conservation and Development Commission"VaultBox #43; Folder #180
2013.47.75Popular Songs of the A.E.F. (American Expeditionary Force), Y.M.C.A. 1918VaultBox #56; Folder #77
2013.47.76Information For the Homeseeker and Investor compiled by Dr. B.H. Walker, Stevensville, Va., 1906VaultBox #43; Folder #11
2013.47.77Brochure for Christmas in King & Queen House Tour sponsored by the Woman's Club, 1968 with places on the tour: Canterbury, Whitehall, Locust Grove, J. Handley Wright's, Edgewood, J.H. Ball Jr. (Brewington)VaultBox #43; Folder #182
2013.47.78Receipt from Southern Female Institute, Richmond, 1870, for tuition of Miss Josie HenleyVaultBox #42;Folder #106
2013.47.79Letter from Jessie Ball duPont to George M. Grasty, 1940, W&L, congratulations on being made Phi Beta KappaVaultBox #42;Folder #107
2013.47.80Protest made by R. D. Bland Sr. against moving the school from Centerville to Buena Vista, as proposed by B.F. Bland, January 1861.VaultBox #42;Folder #108
2013.47.81K&Q County Tax Receipt of Bettie Scott and Ben Braxton, 1898VaultBox #43; Folder #183
2013.47.82Letter from Works Progress Administration (WPA) to Mrs. J.D. Hutchinson about documentation of places of interest.VaultBox #43; Folder #184
2013.47.83Letters from Beverley Fleet, and others, to Mrs. J.D. Hutchinson, regarding research into K&Q History project by the Woman's Club 1937-1939VaultBox #43; Folder #185
2013.47.84Report of the Original Preliminary Independence Bi-Centennial Planning Committee for King & Queen County, 1972VaultBox #43; Folder #186
2013.47.85Circuit Court Order, 1944, directing photo-duplication of certain records of the CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #187
2013.47.86List of burying grounds in King & Queen CountyVaultBox #43; Folder #188
2013.47.87Esso War Map II: A Second War Map (2 copies)VaultBox #44; Folder #26
2013.47.88Accounts: Dr. Thos. Latane & Captain W.T.Haynes, Agts., to sell Smithfield land in a/c with King & Queen Co. School Board as found by A.G. Gresham, special agent, 1894-1904VaultBox #45; Folder #202
2013.47.89Newspaper clippings, undated: Dr. B.H. Walker, Personal Recollections of the Civil War; Dr. B.H. Walker, the Old Home Guard of K&Q County; Meeting at Smyrna Church; K&Q Artillery Company, Captain Bagby's Account of its work at Seven Pines, Richmond T-D; other fragmentsVaultBox #55; Folder #55
2013.47.90Mrs. J.D. Hutchnson, miscellaneous correspondence, 1950sVaultBox #49; Folder #119
2013.47.91Newspaper clipping, A Marvelously Happy Life: Mrs. Edwin (Pete) Cox's Story, Rappahannock Times, 1984VaultBox #55; Folder #56
2013.47.92newspaper clipping: 1857 Snowstorm in Halifax, VirginiaVaultBox #55; Folder #57
2013.47.93A Guide to Gloucester County, Virginia, Historical Manuscripts 1651-1865, a catalog of archives published by Virginia State Library, 1976VaultBox #56; Folder #78
2013.47.94Garrett family genealogy, Marlborough, near Mascot; Robert Garrett of ScotlandVaultBox #58; Folder #201
2013.47.95Letter fragments, from C.C. Vaughan, 1937, describing Jeffries family (Tabb, Pollard, Haynes) regarding ownership of Spring Farm, Strawberry Hill, Bell AirVaultBox #58; Folder #202
2013.47.96Letter from Mrs. John Littlepage Ingram regarding her connections to K&Q County: Garlick, Temple, Walker, Hill, Elliott, 1941VaultBox #58; Folder #203
2013.47.97King & Queen County Historical Society , Letter from A. Fleet Dillard to Mrs. John D. Hutchinson, regarding Old Clerk's Office, 1957VaultBox #61; Folder #75
2013.47.98Constitution of the K&Q County Historical Society, working copy, undated; & letter from Henry P. Taylor, president, 1961, regarding constitutional issuesVaultBox #61; Folder #76
2013.47.99Receipt of Payment of Easement between Virginia Electric Co. and John D. Hutchinson, 1948VaultBox #74; Folder #24
2013.47.100Forgotten Companions: The First Settlers of Spotsylvania Co. and Fredericksburg Town (with notes on early land use) by Paula S. Felder, undatedVaultBox #74; Folder #25
2013.47.101Apple Tree Church Historical Marker, 1987, newspaper clippingsVaultBox #55; Folder #48
2013.47.102Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson Collection on Places and Homes, Source material, notes and drafts, Volume ILibrary
2013.47.103Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson Collection on Places and Homes, Source material, notes and drafts, Volume IILibrary
2013.47.104Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson Collection on Places and Homes, Source material, notes and drafts, Volume IIILibrary
2013.47.105Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson Collection on Places and Homes, Source material, notes and drafts, Volume IVLibrary
2013.47.106Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson Collection on Places and Homes, Source material, notes and drafts, Volume VLibrary
2013.47.107Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson Collection on Places and Homes, Source material, notes and drafts, Volume VILibrary
2013.47.108Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson Collection on Places and Homes, Source material, notes and drafts, Volume VIILibrary
2013.47.109Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson Collection on Places and Homes, Source material, notes and drafts, Volume VIIILibrary
2013.47.110Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson Collection on Places and Homes, Source material, notes and drafts, Volume IXLibrary
2013.47.111List of places mentioned in Frances Baylor Hill's diaryVaultBox #57; Folder #01
2013.47.112Jamestown 350th Anniversary Committee appointed by the Board of Supervisors, April 6, 1955Vault
2013.47.113Bicentennial Committee Commemorative Exercises, October 12, 1975, programVaultBox #61; Folder #45
2013.47.114Presentation of the Coat-of-Arms, May 9, 1967, Program and newspaper articleVaultBox #43; Folder #191
2013.47.115Mrs. Hutchinson's notes on Beulah Baptist ChurchVaultBox #41; Folder #53
2013.47.116Churches and Parishes in K&Q County, a time line of events 1649 - 1820VaultBox #41; Folder #63
2013.47.117Mount Zion Baptist Church, Dunbrooke, Essex County, a brief historyVaultBox #41; Folder #64
2013.47.119"Unusual Masonic Pin", account related by Charles DeShazo, published in Virginia Masonic Herald, 1963, originally belonged to Charles W. Porter of Stevensville, presented to Copeland DeShazo.VaultBox #43; Folder #193
2013.47.120History of King and Queen County, article by Dr. M.H. Harris, 1941VaultBox #43; Folder #194
2013.47.121Sketch of King & Queen County, by Mrs. John D. (Elizabeth) Hutchinson (undated)VaultBox #43; Folder #195
2013.47.122Letter from Elizabeth Hawes Ryland (transcript) to Editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch, undated, regarding Ingleside, Hanover; Carter BraxtonVaultBox #49; Folder #120
2013.47.123Letter to Mrs. J.D. Hutchinson from The Valentine Museum, 1958, regarding the Native American canoe found by G.G. KirbyVaultBox #49; Folder #121
2013.47.124Letter to Mrs. J.D. Hutchinson, 1964, from Woodford B. Hackley, Virginia Baptist Historical Society, with information about the Samuel Tunstall 1876 bequest to Richmond CollegeVaultBox #49; Folder #122
2013.47.125Letter, May 1844? (original) to Miss Betty Walker of Mt. Elba from Jas. A Haynes, an invitationVaultBox #49; Folder #123
2013.47.126Will of Harry Gaines of Providence, died 1789 (transcript)VaultBox #50; Folder #46
2013.47.127Hillsboro during the war, a little girl's experiences during the war, written by Josie Henley Ellyson, 1937VaultBox #51; Folder #16
2013.47.128Roster of Virginia Militia Ninth Regiment, Captain Thomas Hoskins, Colonel William Boyd April 1813 - December 1814 (transcript, source undetermined)VaultBox #54; Folder #88
2013.47.129Newspaper clipping "Burial [of Latane] painting loaned [by Judge John E. DeHardit] indefinitely to Museum of the Confederacy", undatedVaultBox #55; Folder #34
2013.47.130Newspaper clipping "Here lived a States Righter" about Judge Spencer Roane, d. 1822, Richmond News Leader, Sept. 4, 1956VaultBox #55; Folder #58
2013.47.131Newspaper clipping "Rappahannock Indians Open Museum" published Rappahannock Times, June 28, 1979VaultBox #55; Folder #59
2013.47.132Newspaper clipping, "Rylands [Robert Temple] Celebrate 50th Anniversary" married 1929, undatedVaultBox #55; Folder #60
2013.47.133Newspaper clipping "John Garland Pollard our next Governor", Richmond Times-Dispatch, January 12, 1930VaultBox #55; Folder #61
2013.47.134Magazine clipping "Social Register of Virginia's Biggest Trees" from Virginia Forests, Winter 1972 - 73 (photocopy)VaultBox #55; Folder #62
2013.47.135Newspaper clipping "King & Queen couple restoring 19th Century Woodville", Tidewater Review, undated, Bill and Mary StacyVaultBox #55; Folder #63
2013.47.136Newspaper clippings regarding Dr. A.W. Lewis, "Family tradition drew rural doctor back to Aylett", Richmond News Leader, September 28, 1984; Country Doctor, Rappahannock Times,July 26, 1984VaultBox #55; Folder #64
2013.47.137Genealogy, Coleman Family: Coleman Town, Jones Bridge; Nunn, Pynes, CroweVaultBox #58; Folder #212
2013.47.138Genealogy, letter to Elizabeth Hutchinson from Nanon L. Carr, March 1958, regarding William Todd Livingston, d. 1778VaultBox #58; Folder #213
2013.47.139Genealogy, family of Samuel Peachy Ryland and Catherine Gaines Hill of NorwoodVaultBox #58; Folder #214
2013.47.140Genealogy, Judge Edmund Pendleton m. Sarah Pollard of Oakley; Philip Pendleton, 1st recorded owner of Pickle Hill; William Pendleton, Pleasant GroveVaultBox #58; Folder #215
2013.47.141Genealogy, Fox family of King & Queen and King William: Tyler's Quarterly Magazine (photocopy, undated); Letter from Emily Spurgeon, October 1974VaultBox #58; Folder #216
2013.47.142Genealogy, Thomas Nunn m. Sally Pendleton, 1777VaultBox #58; Folder #217
2013.47.143Genealogy, program for the Nunn family reunion at Bruington Baptist Church, 1973VaultBox #58; Folder #218
2013.47.144Genealogy, Samuel Hoskins Family: "Mount Pleasant" by Thomas H. Warner (Chaney, Broocke, Vasse, Warner) and "Hoskins of Virginia" by Kate Waring Hoskins WarnerVaultBox #58; Folder #219
2013.47.145Genealogy, Robert Baylor Semple of Mordington, born at Rose Mount, biographical sketch with transcriptions of original sourcesVaultBox #58; Folder #220
2013.47.146Genealogy, Miller family of York Woods, notes made by Elizabeth HutchinsonVaultBox #58; Folder #221
2013.47.147Genealogy, Clarkson family of Maple Valley, notes by Elizabeth Hutchinson Sept. 1955VaultBox #58; Folder #222
2013.47.148Genealogy, Pollard & Bagby families of Stevensville: Elizabeth Hutchinson's notes; letter of receipt of Bagby papers (1953, Miss Olive Bagby sent to UVA Alderman Library, for photographing)VaultBox #58; Folder #223
2013.47.149Genealogy, Fauntleroy and Todd families, notes by Elizabeth Hutchinson, includes a wheel chart starting with Col. Moore Fauntleroy (b. 1611-1617) m. Mary Hill (d before 1663); m Catherine Griffin in 1664VaultBox #58; Folder #224
2013.47.150Genealogy, Judge Spencer Roane familyVaultBox #58; Folder #225
2013.47.151Genealogy, Thomas Garnett, came to Gloucester in 1610VaultBox #58; Folder #226
2013.47.152Genealogy James Semple family of Rose Mount, came to Virginia from ScotlantVaultBox #58; Folder #227
2013.47.153Genealogy, Information about my Family by Walter Sherwood ReynoldsVaultBox #58; Folder #228
2013.47.154Genealogy, A Brief Sketch of the Walker Family by Elizabeth Hawes Ryland; A bio of Thomas Walker (no source)VaultBox #58; Folder #229
2013.47.155Genealogy of William Todd familyVaultBox #58; Folder #230
2013.47.156Bible Records from Rosevilla (Davis, Mann, Taliaferro, Sutton, Winston, Wright and Gee)VaultBox #58; Folder #231
2013.47.157Genealogy Major Philip Rootes of RosewallVaultBox #58; Folder #232
2013.47.158Genealogy Joseph Temple m. Ann Arnold. Includes photostat copy of bible records, 1761 - 1780; transcript of William Temple's will, April 23, 1835; tombstones at St. Paul's Church and memorial tablets.VaultBox #58; Folder #233
2013.47.159Transcription of a Letter from William Taliaferro, to Laura, undated, describing places near Newtown including Park Farm, The Hermitage, Frog Hole Crossing; Martin, Boulware, Broaddus, Ryland, Jones Bates; Civil War destruction (Newtown and Traveler's Rest) and the wounding of William, his grandfather, when he rode with Benny Fleet, 1864; Dahlgren's death.VaultBox #43; Folder #196
2013.47.160Letter to the members of the King and Queen Historical Society, October 30, 1959, from Henry P. Taylor, president, proposing renovation of the Old Clerk's OfficeVaultBox #61; Folder #80
2013.47.161Mrs. Hutchinson's notes on Todd's Warehouse andother tobacco storehouses (Milford, Aylett, Mantapike, Shepherd's, Quarles', Williams', Walkerton, Turner'sVaultBox #74; Folder #27
2013.47.162"Lively Days on the Mattaponi River" by Wesley (W.D.) Draine, 1963, describing Steamboats: Elm City and Louise; Captains Betts, Eaton, Haynes and Stone.VaultBox #65; Folder #39
2013.47.163Duplicate notes from Elizabeth Henley Hutchinson's notebooks on K&Q placesVaultBox #43; Folder #197
2013.47.164Genealogy Carlton & Tooms Family of Walnut SpringVaultBox #58; Folder #234
2013.47.165Genealogy Thomas Dew Family of Dewsville, NewtownVaultBox #58; Folder #235
2013.47.166Genealogy Owen Gwathmey family of CanterburyVaultBox #58; Folder #236
2013.47.167Genealogy Charles and Columbia Gresham family of MantuaVaultBox #58; Folder #237
2013.47.168Genealogy John Muscoe Garnett Family, LanefieldVaultBox #58; Folder #238
2013.47.169Description of a mud chimneyVaultBox #40; Folder #21
2014.02.01Photograph of Newtown High School class, 1920's; identifed: Ernest Edwards, Sr., Elsie Minor, Florence Edwards, Mr. Garnett (Principal), James Madison, Sr., Gay Minor NelsonVaultBox #42;Folder #103
2014.02.028 wooden pencil manufactured by Empire Pencil Co, World's Best Pencil ValueParlor
2014.03.01List of the Founders of Zion Baptist Church, formed in 1866, and a list of members in 1869.VaultBox #41; Folder #58
2014.04.01Cloister Milk Company Bottle Crate20th Century Bedroom
2014.06.01Ox Yoke, with bow retension pins, used at Belle VueCarriage House
2014.07.02Amended index to "Green Mount" (2012 edition)VaultBox #53; Folder #09
2014.07.03Transcripted newspaper article, source unidentified, contemperaneous account of the 1864 Dahlgren Raid, the death of Benny Fleet, and the wounding of Willie TaliaferroVault
2014.08.01Six Richmond Times-Dispatch newspaper clippings March 2014 thru April 2014, reprinted from the 1864 Daily Dispatch regarding Dahlgren's death and aftermath in K&Q.VaultBox #55; Folder #43
2014.11.01Photocopies of Envelope addressed to Robert Foster, 1909, Walkerton, from the Stansbury Canning Company with a letter to 'our growers"VaultBox #74; Folder #23
2014.11.02Photocopies of Envelope addressed to Tom Gardner, 1945 Walkerton, from the War Food Administrator, K&Q Courthouse, with a letter "Dear Farmer" and a list of the Community Committeemen of K&Q CountyVaultBox #74; Folder #23
2014.12.01Newspaper article April 2014, about Locust Grove, Walkerton, VA, owners Jerry and Cecky Ropelewski and 2013 conservation easementVaultBox #55; Folder #44
2014.12.02Newspaper article about Green Mount and caretakers Larry and Tere Pistole, April 2014VaultBox #55; Folder #44
2014.14.01Virginia Cavalcade 1951 (Summer)Library
2014.14.02Virginia Cavalcade 1962 (Autumn)Library
2014.14.03Virginia Cavalcade 1963 (Winter)Library
2014.14.04Virginia Cavalcade 1963 (Spring)Library
2014.14.05Virginia Cavalcade 1963 (Summer)Library
2014.14.06Virginia Cavalcade 1963 (Autumn)Library
2014.14.07Virginia Cavalcade 1974 (Winter)Library
2014.14.08Virginia Cavalcade 1986 (Autumn)Library
2014.15.01Genealogy for Henry Lawson Biscoe, and his granddaughter Sadie BiscoeVaultBox #58; Folder #173
2014.16.01Original photo, child with a tricycle, identified as Garland Davis, Coldwater, VA, 1862VaultBox #40; Folder #89
2014.16.02Indenture - Bond (photocopy) written for purchase of slaves, 1825, by Samuel Fauntleroy, payable to William Ferguson, Thomas Ferguson, Thomas Ferguson (deceased), and James Ferguson for purchase of Elijah, Elvira, Carter and MariaVaultBox #46; Folder #89
2014.16.03Will of Robert Boyd, August 30, 1820 (photocopy), describes transfer of slaves, money and other property to family members, wife Frances BoydVaultBox #50; Folder #44
2014.16.04Will of Robert B. Boyd, May 1838 (photocopy), children Mary Francis & Roberta Byrd BoydVaultBox #50; Folder #44
2014.17.01Framed photo of Ruritan Club members (copy of original 1938 photo)Library
2014.18.01Documents from Courthouse Green Expansion project, to add Immanuel Church to the C.H. Green area in 2014VaultBox #64; Folder #35
2014.20.01Dr. S. G. Fauntleroy, Dragonville, account reports with First National Bank, 1887 and 1896 (photocopies)VaultBox #45; Folder #200
2014.20.02Deed of indenture of property and slaves Sims, Robin, Tom, Nat, Will, Yellow Lucy, Fanny, and children, between Anthony Gardener of K&Q and William Waring of Essex, 1814 (photocopy)VaultBox #46; Folder #90
2014.20.03Indenture - Contract for sale of slaves Rose, Lavinia, Rachel, between M. G. Fauntleroy and Moore G. Fauntleroy, 1827 (photocopy)VaultBox #46; Folder #91
2014.20.04Indenture - Contract for hire of a slave, Jim Lockley, between M.C. Claybrook and George Daniel, 1861 (photocopy)VaultBox #46; Folder #92
2014.20.05Dr. and Mrs. S.G. Fauntleroy, receipt from Wilson Palmer & Co., Baltimore, 1888 and note from Purcell, Ladd & Co., Richmond, 1884 (photocopies)VaultBox #71; Folder #17
2014.21.01Virginia and the Virginia County, published September 1951, page 14 article by Mrs. J.D. (Elizabeth) Hutchinson, "King and Queen, The Shoestring County"VaultBox #56; Folder #76
2014.22.01Newspaper article "Storied estate due new chapter" April 27, 2014, Richmond Times Dispatch, about Green Mount, Larry and Tere Pistole, and the Fleet familyVaultBox #55; Folder #52
2014.23.01VDOT: Archealogical and other investigations relating to road improvement, Canterbury Road, between Whitehall and Canterbury, giving evidence of Native American presence in the area, as well as later habitationVaultBox #43; Folder #176
2014.24.01Ice box crisper, from Belle VueKitchen
2014.25.01Video tape: The Powhatans: A 17th Century Culture (Department of Historic Resources)Library
2014.25.02Video tape: Archaeology and the Study of Native Americans in Western VirginiaLibrary
2014.25.04From The Country Courier, November 27, 2007, articles about the Pamunkey, Mattaponi, and Rappahannock tribesVaultBox #56; Folder #73
2014.25.05Pamphlet, Chickahominy Tribe, The People of the Coarse Pounded CornVaultBox #56; Folder #77
2014.26.01Plat book 1823 - 1878Map CabinetBox #59; Folder #92
2014.26.02Eastern View Log School House lock & door knob hardware, replaced with new in August 2014Storage
2014.27.01China half-doll, her skirt is a clothes brush20th Century Bedroom
2014.27.02The Child's World, Fifth Reader, Johnson Publishing Co., no pub date. Names inside include Mattie Thomas (Mrs. B.O. Minor), Dabney, Jenette Brown.In Secretary desk
2014.27.03Makers of Virginia History by J.A.C. Chandler; biographies of famous Virginians, includes a reference to Donald Robertson in Ja