King and Queen Historical Society produces Schools Coverlet (September 2007)

The King and Queen Historical Society is selling a King and Queen Schools Coverlet that features sketches of thirteen early King and Queen County public schools and the Courthouse Tavern Museum superimposed over an outline of the County, framed by the names of many other county schools. The thirteen schools that are sketched are Newtown, Green Briar, King and Queen Training, Walkerton, Marriott, Church Hill, Stevensville, Court House, Centerville, Buena Vista, Pleasant Hill, Plain View Prospect, and Eastern View Log Schoolhouse.

Commissioned by the Historical Society and created by Mill Street Design, the coverlet comes in two color schemes: green and natural and black and natural. It is 100 percent cotton, two-layer Jacquard woven, pre-shrunk, color fast, machine washable and made in the U.S.A. It is a perfect gift for family members and friends — an interesting conversation piece that makes an instant keepsake. The cost is $45, plus postage of $7 (plus sales tax of $2.25 for delivery or pick-up in Virginia). It may be purchased by mailing a check to the Society at P.O. Box 129, King and Queen C.H., VA, 23085-0129, or on line at the Society’s website.