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King & Queen Historical Society


Founded in 1953, the King and Queen County Historical Society is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization formed to promote the interests of King and Queen County and its history through:

  • Collecting and Processing Manuscripts and other Materials Pertaining to the History of King and Queen County, Virginia.
  • Promoting the Writing of the History of the County.
  • Preserving, Restoring, and/or Marking Historic Sites, and
  • Sponsoring and Presenting Exhibits and Programs of Educational and Historical Interest for the Welfare of all of the People of the County.
  • Restoration of the Fary Tavern Building and creation of the Courthouse Tavern Museum.
  • Reconstructing the Eastern View log schoolhouse on the Museum grounds.
  • Constructing the carriage house on the Museum grounds to display a buggy and the old Stevensville Post Office facade.
  • Landscaping of the Courthouse Tavern Museum grounds.
  • Restoration and re-hanging of the Courthouse Portraits.
  • Establishment of the King and Queen Courthouse Green Historic District.
  • Placement of new Virginia Historical Highway Markers.
  • Publication of Old Houses of King and Queen County by Virginia D. Cox and Willie T. Weathers, 1973.
  • Publication of Land and Heritage in the Virginia Tidewater: a History of King and Queen County by Barbara Beigun Kaplan, 1993.
  • Reprinting of A Patchwork Quilt: Lifestyle in King and Queen County, Virginia, 1910-1920 by Louise Eubank Gray.
  • Installation of a computer system for archives and membership management.
  • Excavation of the colonial Donald Robertson School site.
  • Writing and publication of King and Queen County history.
  • Creating an Video History of King and Queen through video interviews.
  • Operation and continued development of the Courthouse Tavern Museum.

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