Log Schoolhouse I: King and Queen Moves Log Schoolhouse (November 2003)

Deputies and Troopers escorted the move of the top of the Eastern View Schoolhouse on Monday, November 24, from Eastern View Farm near Newtown to King and Queen Court House. The King and Queen County Historical Society is moving the 1870–1880s era log schoolhouse to be used in connection with the Courthouse Tavern Museum. The log schoolhouse, probably one of the first public schools in King and Queen County, has been donated by Ms. Marion Minor, owner of Eastern View Farm in King and Queen County to the Historical Society on condition that it be moved to be used as part of the Courthouse Tavern Museum. The schoolhouse has been dismantled, the logs moved, and rebuilding the 16-by-14-foot structure has already started on the site behind the Museum. It will be used principally as a demonstration building in connection with programs at the Museum.

It has been a real community effort. Brownie Bevan of St. Stephen's Church developed the plan for moving and is supervising the demolition and rebuilding, all by volunteers. Wood Preservers, Inc. has donated the replacement poles being used to replace rotten logs that could not be reused. DJG, Engineers, Architects and Surveyors of Williamsburg have donated the surveys and plans necessary for the county approvals for locating the building behind the Museum. A grant from the Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation of West Point is supporting necessary purchases. Betty Gwathmey and Allison Stoneham have supervised food preparation and serving at the work sessions "to keep everyone motivated." Sheriff Bobby Walton organized the Department of Transportation required three-vehicle escort. Norman Company, Contractors, has arranged for the donation of a crane to place the top back on the schoolhouse once it is complete.