School Activities - Civil War Presentations

Ms. Carol Lowry, a King and Queen Elementary School (KQES) teacher and King and Queen County Historical Society member, in cooperation with the King and Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum, made the Civil War era in King and Queen County come alive for the 4th and 5th grades at KQES on March 25 and for the 4th grade at Lawson-Marriott Elementary School on April 26. To spark student interest she combined personal family history, artifacts, and anecdotes with highlights and pictures from local, state and national history covered in the Standards of Learning.  Flags, uniforms, insignias, weapons, spies, military leaders, local units, and music of both sides were covered. Ms. Lowry displayed reproduction Confederate and Federal uniform coats and hats, and two children wore them for display.  They viewed a segment of The History Channel documentary "Civil War Terror" that happened in King and Queen County. Local civilian life was included with women’s dresses, shoes, and accessories displayed. The interactive experience held the students’ attention throughout the presentation. They left with smiles and a better understanding of the Civil War.