For Researchers

Researchers will find an extensive collection of books on King and Queen County history and the families that lived here, supplemented by books on surrounding counties. An archive of portraits, pictures, letters, maps, copies of certain official records and artifacts provide an interesting mix to augment the formal written history of the county and its peoples.

For Genealogy

King and Queen County was formed in 1691 and, although the county records were burned twice in its history, there is still an immense treasure of information from the colonial era on. Take a closer look.


Ten permanent exhibits cover the museum itself and the surrounding area. The visitor will experience the county’s history through the eyes of its residents. There is also a room dedicated to exhibits that change every few years in order to bring new perspectives on county history. Exclusive online exhibits can also be found on this website.

Plan a Visit

A trip to the museum is well worth the effort. It is a gem located deep into a rural landscape that is both picturesque and interesting --- a destination that will be relaxing, informative, and entertaining.